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Is this man fit to serve?

By Leonie Saunders

The above tweet goes to the despicably dishonest craven character of this country’s Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce and the all omnipotent mainstream media who chose to remain silent to the detriment of the democratic right of the electorate to be fully informed. The public interest is the licence that we the people bestow to journalists that gives them certain rights of entry to the political domain. It is regrettable that many Press Gallery journalists nowadays fail to understand their professional responsibility is irrevocably harnessed to serving the public interest. Naturally, this includes keeping the we the people abreast of the character of candidates seeking to represent not only their electorate but more broadly, the entire nation. To take the honour bestowed for granted not only mocks the very notion of safeguarding the public interest, it undermines journalism as a profession.

To their shame, Australia’s mainstream news media outlets are complicit in Joyce’s deception. By not shining a light on the hypocrisy of Barnaby Joyce who consistently spruiked Christian family values in the lead up to the same sex marriage plebiscite and then again when he repeatedly pointed out his strong family values in his campaign to retake the seat of New England in the by-election, makes this country’s mainstream news media outlets complicit in deceiving the public by omission. In addition to their complicity they are culpable for furthering the lie when they chose to sit on information that effectively prevented the electorate from making informed choices.

This conspiracy of silence must be judged as media bias undermining the democratic process. The Canberra Press Gallery stood silent while Joyce put himself and his ambitions above his electorate. And to the extent that he quite deliberately took every opportunity to articulate his utmost respect for the people of New England. It has to be said that it is a very dubious respect indeed given that he chose not to trust his constituents enough to be honest and straightforward. Joyce’s failure to be candid lifts the veil on his contempt for the country folk that he purports to respectfully represent. Even though the catalogue of Joyce’s misdeeds is vast, it should not be lost on the electorate that as a consequence of Joyce’s failure to renounce his inherited New Zealand citizenship. Once again Australian tax payers had to foot the bill for yet another expensive by-election.

I suppose the best that one can hope for is that in the coming Federal election Joyce’s reprehensible behaviour stands as a salutary lesson for New England’s ‘small l’ conservatives and swing voters.

It is of significant import to note that prior to the affair with his staffer becoming public knowledge, Joyce’s conservative colleagues and Press Gallery journalist were clearly aware of his contemptuous duplicity. Yet in spite of his dishonesty, politicians and news editors alike continued to protect him by conveniently claiming they were respecting his right to privacy. For me this raises the question as to why journalists chose to believe the public interest justified their relentless incursions into the private life of Julie Gillard, and further back, Cheryl Curnow. Was it misogyny at play or political bias or both? Did misogyny and political bias make the right to privacy of these two woman null and void?

When one examines the various problems that plague our Parliament today, it quickly becomes apparent that over the past several decades postmodernist ideas operating in conjunction with the rise of vacuous journalism as a consequence the 24 hour news cycle, collided with an influx of avaricious self-seeking narcissists entering the political domain. I hold this collision as directly responsible for the sad dramatic decline in the tenor and the substance of Australian political ideas and debate. It is the debasement of Australian democratic institutions by the political and media class has caused the public to distrust the political process.

As for Barnaby Joyce, well he certainly displays all the characteristics of a sociopath. His blatant hypocrisy and his duplicitous behaviour shows him to lack a clear sense of right and wrong. For him, empathy is an alien concept. His manifest lack of integrity is what allows him and others just like him to justify doing whatever it takes to hold on to power. To those of us with a keen eye on day to day events in the political arena, Joyce’s sociopathy is more than evident in the Parliament and elsewhere.

A recent example of this transpired when in an interview on the ABC’s 7.30, Joyce was asked by Leigh Sales about his extra marital affair with a young staffer. The response he gave proved him incapable of taking personal responsibility for his behaviour. That he took no personal responsibility for his abysmal behaviour that will have a lifelong detrimental effect on his current wife and their daughters is unfortunate for his family. Come to think of it, it is unfortunate for our country, too. It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to recognise that Joyce’s behaviour is symptomatic of an over active ego often associated with a narcissistic personality. This further supports the thesis that those with sociopathic personality traits tend to be over represented in politics.

With all things political, there is always more at play than readily meets the eye. Bearing this and the behaviour of Joyce in mind, when applying the blow torch of critical thinking to the overall behaviour of the political elites it should not come as a surprise to find an oversupply of narcissists lurking in the upper echelons of Australian politics. Perhaps the inherent vindictiveness that shows itself in the character of elites dominating this nation’s political and business landscape is a consequence of a distinct lack of diversity in socio-political ranks. Speaking from a rationalist perspective, it has to be considered that whether in opposition or in government the duty of all politicians to serve in the public interest is the root of the problem. Especially for those who believe themselves to be so superior that they are god’s gift to the world.

Obviously, it would be completely absurd for anyone to suggest that Barnaby Joyce is alone when it comes to being underserving of holding a position in high office. That is why scrutiny as to our politician’s integrity is important and for the media to underestimate the significance of this on the public psyche is foolhardy. Like it or not, politicians as decision-makers are role models insofar as they are pivotal to the proper functioning of society. Naturally this makes what they do in public and in private newsworthy.

Though it is true to say the character of our politicians is newsworthy, it matters not a toss so long as right-wing media bias prevents the general public having ready access to accurate information that gives due scrutiny to those issues that go to the character of political elites. Moreover, so long as the public perceives choices at the ballot box are tainted by misinformation including that which is a result of media bias, the public for the most part will remain cynical of politics and its processes. After all, being cheated of the right to be fully informed is to cheat people of their right to express themselves in keeping with the intent and substance of those democratic principles that the great majority of Australians hold so dear. On the upside, so long as democracy in this country is not seen to be done, the rise in public dissatisfaction will increase the momentum for socio-political change. And to that extent, as an activist for revolutionary social, economic, and environmental change, I am honour bound to thank the mainstream media.

Putting my aspirations for a better society aside, there is no excuse for the mainstream media’s conspiracy of silence that cheated the people of New England of their right to make an informed assessment of Joyce’s character before casting their votes. The people of New England – along with the entire population – were manipulated by way of the media forestalling the truth behind Joyce’s PR spin being discovered. The character of our politicians is a matter of utmost importance, but the good people of New England were prevented from seeing the guile of a politician who showed no compunction when blatantly exploiting his family time and time again in the lead up to the by-election. Led by political bias and the arrogant desire to control the flow of information, the mainstream media showed they cannot be trusted and as such are deserving of the public’s contempt.

It was clearly the media’s conservative bias that inspired their conspiracy of silence that saved Joyce from being exposed as creep whose innate duplicity knows no bounds. While it has to be said that having an affair with a much younger staffer exposes Joyce to be a dishonourable man with seriously flawed judgement, it is his manifest lack of integrity – or to be more precise – his innate Machiavellian character that makes him unfit for office, let alone being afforded the distinction of the office as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

Furthermore, that mainstream news outlets saw fit to conceal Barnaby Joyce’s treachery puts the lie to the notion of checks and balances concomitant with the press being afforded the status as the fourth estate. Moreover, it exemplifies the fear that government-controlled funding cuts in the ABC has undermined the public’s democratic right to be fully informed. Those wishing to hold public office have an obligation to the electorate to be open and transparent in both their private and public lives. Again, I reiterate, the public have a democratic right to information that goes to the calibre of a politician’s character.

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  1. helvityni

    No, no, no ! I thought that before I knew anything about his affairs…

    Could we please not be happy with so little, let’s raise the bar a bit. Let’s pay them more if that helps to give us better choices….

  2. Michael Taylor

    Not only is he unfit to serve, but as we’ve seen, the mainstream media is unfit to report the truth.

  3. pierre wilkinson

    This hypocritical philandering buffoon should be sacked and the media held to account.

  4. Clean livin

    Mr Turnbull, how is it that YOUR Border Force Management are stood down, or stand down on their own volition because of behaviour EXACTLY the same as your Deputy PM, yet your deputy is allowed to shrug his shoulders and say it is a “privet matter”?

    Is it because you believe we, the people, have come to expect and accept such low standards from politicians, because of constant, daily lying, misleading, and hypocracy?

    Is it no wonder politicians are held in such low esteem, and sinking lower after Barnaby’s reactions.

    Please explain!

  5. Mal

    Very well said Leonie. I couldn’t help anticipating the mention of physcopath or sociopath in your article. It would be good to see a broad set of standards including ethics born from life experience including greater empathy from all who enter public office. I have witnessed sociopaths in their own little empires of destruction in local government. Many moons ago, I was admonished for pointing the finger at someone else in judgement and was informed that I was in fact, pointing at myself with three fingers. Thanks. Very well composed and written!

  6. Florence nee Fedup

    Once upon a time domestic violence along with child abused was private family business. What’s more it was the wife;s role to ensure it remained so. Those days are gone. Doing the dirty on one’s family is not private business. #auspol

  7. Ellen

    Great read Leonie. @ pierre, how do we hold the media to account, they’re calling all the shots. Exactly how much planning went into keeping the Barnaby story under wraps until after the by-election. The kind of deception the media is using exists because that’s one way that thinking gets used. It’s the lowest way, but still a way. To defeat them using the same style of thinking is a fail before one starts. So, what way forward? Live without an agenda – but how to do that?

  8. diannaart

    In the case of lobster man and the MSM – I hold both equally culpable in attempting and succeeding in fooling the voting public – again.

    The the universe for AIMN – it ain’t perfect, nothing is, but it consistently continues to hold a clear mirror to those with too much power and too little ability.

  9. Terry2

    Alice Workman the Parliament House Bureau Chief for Buzzfeed said yesterday on ABC RN Breakfast that with all the rumuours circulating she and others approached the PM’s office and that of the Deputy PM on several occasions but were told there was nothing going on and they were just muck-raking. So, with no evidence and a government cover up they felt loathe to publish.

    Take what you will from that but there is no doubt that the government wanted to keep this under wraps until after the New England by-election to avoid a voter backlash from those who held genuine christian beliefs in that electorate.

    The trouble is that now the truth has surfaced , it’s the old story Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”

    There was a premeditated, planned campaign to deceive the New England electorate and the Australian public generally and whilst most of us don’t give stuff what a politician does with a consenting staffer we don’t like being lied to (constantly).

    One of the reasons why Joyce was moved from the agriculture portfolio to which he seemed eminently suited was that many in the National Party and in country ares wouldn’t have a bar of him and he certainly wouldn’t be welcome at CWA morning teas !

    Joyce has done the National Party immeasurable damage which will only become apparent when we next go to the polls,later this year or 2019.

    The National Party need to take self preservation measures by taking Joyce out of the leadership and burying him in a portfolio where he is out of the public view and can do no more damage or you could well be seeing the demise of the Nationals and this coalition, of convenience.

  10. Mick quinlivan

    It appears his affair was known of way before the New England bye election but kept secret from the voters.the news was kept secret from all by news limited till the election was out of the way.his girlfriend was moved as his office was dysfunctional… his colleague created a special job for her….which. was not advertised…..look at him sitting in parliament he looked disturbed….maybe he was not well enough for his duties. I think there is a strong case that his parliamentary and ministerial duties were very much effected by his private life

  11. Jaquix

    Even worse, it now emerges that Malcolm Turnbull was complicit in this coverup. He has been in the loop from fairly early on (2016 anyway) when Joyces then COS Hallam told him to tell Turnbull. I would say the two of them hatched the plan to ensure the media coverup continued for the 2016 election, and later the 2017 byelection. Turnbull also approved the “special job” in Canavans office for Ms Campion (a married woman by the way). Then when Canavan resigned the ministry due citizenship saga, she had to go, so Turnbull approved yet another “special job”, this time with Nats Chief Whip Damian Drum. For this second job, she maintained her 6 figure salary, set for the 1st special job (which did not exist before, or after, her appearance there). Similar staff in Drums office were earning $80,000.
    So its clear that Turnbull has been caught with his pants down too. The electorate has the right to be very, very angry. The voters of New England were played for mugs. But so were we. Making sure the media kept mum for the many months theyve known about the affair, is an absolute disgrace and IMO Turnbull behaviour just as bad as Barnabys.
    Dont think Barnaby will survive this, the Nats already restive, how can they have him as their leader? Their voters are supposedly conservative, and I believe many in NE are feeling very angry indeed. Knowledge may not have changed the result, but it would very likely have changed the voting.
    Barnaby and Campion have been living in a property in Armidale, supposedly provided by a donor. Rent unknown, possibly none. Barnaby recorded it on his Register of Interests, with no $$ value.
    Makes you wonder about that $30 million gift to Murdoch doesnt it? I always thought it was for favourable coverage during the next election. But maybe it was really just Hush money?

  12. Mick quinlivan

    Terry2. I think he will not be in the next parliament for much of the reasons you suggest

  13. Jaquix

    Galling also to reflect on the fact that the Nationals only get 5% of the Australian vote, yet get 5 Ministries for 14 members, and allow the Liberals to stay in government. Without them they would be dead in the water. Theyre also holding us all to ransom.

  14. Mick quinlivan

    Oh was the job in Drum’s office specially created too?

  15. Sam

    I heard from someone living in the electorate, that a lot of the people living there already knew about his affairs, didn’t care and voted for him anyway .

    Kind of like how you heard how people in New England thought Bananaby was being unfairly victimised with the original reason for the by election in the first place and wanted to vote even harder for him.

    Maybe the area is full of idiots?

  16. Malibu Mick

    It won’t be the affair that brings Barnaby down it will be the subsequent efforts to move Campion to Canavan’s and Drum’s offices, and the role of the PMO.

    What the daily tele article has done is brought this into the public domain (somewhat belatedly) where it will slowly unravel. It may take time but someone will take a fall for this – my guess it will be Canavan taking one for the team

  17. Kaye Lee

    Barnaby Joyce is living rent-free with the mother of his unborn child in an Armidale townhouse owned by a multi-millionaire ­businessman who is an influential player in New England politics and was once ­accused of trying to bribe Tony Windsor.

    The six-month gift of tenancy, worth about $14,000, was made by self-made local man Greg ­Maguire, who has had business interests in hotels, freight, and dairy and pastoral outfits, as well as a yacht charter enterprise.

    The Weekend Australian ­also understands Mr Joyce’s new partner, former staffer Vikki Campion, was moved with the approval of Malcolm Turnbull’s office to a senior adviser position on senator Matt Canavan’s staff which delivered her a significant pay rise. The salary band for a senior adviser is up to $191,000 a year.

    The move was approved after the relationship became the subject of rumour, prompting Bill Shorten to warn Mr Turnbull the public should be assured there was “nothing untoward”.

    Mr Joyce was handed the keys to the three-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouse when he was removed from parliament after it was found he was a dual Australian-New Zealand citizen.

    Mr Maguire, who has been friends with Mr Joyce for many years, has a long history in New England politics. In 2004, his then friend and independent MP Tony Windsor accused Mr Maguire of attempting to bribe him. Mr Maguire, said to be acting as an intermediary for then Nationals leader John Anderson, told Mr Windsor he had become ineffective as an MP and should “back off” in place of a better candidate.

    “Greg Maguire asked Tony Windsor what it would take for him to consider leaving politics and would he be interested in a diplomatic or trade posting overseas,” Mr Windsor’s campaign manager, Stephen Hall, told a Senate inquiry at the time. “Greg Maguire said that either could be arranged.”

    The matter was referred to the Australian Federal Police, but the case was dropped on the advice of prosecutors who said there was insufficient evidence.

    Mr Maguire organised a fundraising dinner for Mr Joyce’s 2013 election bid that then opposition leader Tony Abbott attended.

  18. Kaye Lee

    Note from the above that Barnaby was given his new pad when he was found to be a dual citizen. It was August when he found out he was a dual citizen, court ruling was October 26 – the by-election was December 2.

  19. kerri

    The media should definitely be held to account given Tony Windsor was posting comments about an unnamed politicians drunkenly chasing some poor teenage girl into the womens toilets in parliament.
    The only good thing about this whole sordid mess is that the member for New England appears to have remained more sober than usual.

  20. wam

    well it certainly wrecked my theory that the media will fall over themselves to print scandal for ratings although maybe a hint from billy oops second wife, burke, oops been there done that, Maybe a green, oops why would they help labor??? A woman, not available for comment?
    Erin Gloria Ryan in 2016
    On December 15, 2011, four male Minnesota state senators called a press conference. Its purpose was to issue a moral rebuke to a woman who wasn’t there, over an extramarital affair she’d had with a colleague. In the ensuing weeks, the four men would force the woman, the state’s first ever female majority leader, to move to an office far from theirs, on a different floor. Nobody would move into her vacant office before the end of the term.
    If somebody named Donna Trump had bragged about sexually assaulting men, would she be the president today? Would a woman who famously cheated on her husband be given a second chance in politics right away?

    ps jaq,
    it is disingenuous to say the nationals only get 5% but true that only labor can rule on its own. The greens hope to eliminate that possibility with people like brandt???

    pps love your use of bi in this case, especially with the photo suggesting no woman would take him??

  21. Roswell

    Sam, nonetheless it would be interesting to see the results of a poll in New England that went something along the lines of:

    Would have you still voted for Barnaby Joyce had you known he was a hypocritical, womanising prick?

  22. Kaye Lee


    Barnaby Joyce issues a statement.

    “Out of consideration for my wife and children, I have decided to resign from parliament forthwith and move from the area. I am sorry to put the people of New England through another erection…oops, I mean election….but Gina has made me an offer I can’t refuse.”

    Ok…not really….but ya never know….

  23. John Fraser

    Comment ……. Rejected by Fairfax media 10/2/2018 :

    “This is a cover up of epic proportions.

    Not to mention the dumping on from the greatest political heights of Australian politics on a faithful wife who spent so much of her life assisting her husband to gain the second highest political office in Australia.

    Prime Minister Turnbull tells Australians that Mrs Natalie Joyce has his deepest sympathy …. where was that “sympathy” on show when he appeared with Barney on the night of the by-election while Mrs Joyce was sitting at home watching the most powerful man in Australia holding Barney’s hand up as the winner, will Turnbull tell Australians he had absolutely no knowledge of the tawdry affair that had been going on since 2016.

    And what were all those other political movers and shakers, who no doubt shook hands and welcomed Mrs Natalie Joyce at the very, very high profile Mid Winter Ball in Canberra in June 2017, what were they thinking when they accepted the free flights from Rex Air to campaign with Barney ……. where were their displays of sympathy ?

    And let’s not even bother with the “no comment” or “its his private life” because you all knew (media included) but by your very silence you encouraged him and disparaged Mrs Natalie Joyce and her 4 daughters.

    Barney whip cracking at the Mid Winter Ball ?

    In my humble opinion the low life should be bull whipped down the main street and thrown out of Canberra.”

  24. John Fraser

    Comment ….. Rejected by Fairfax media 10/2/2018 :

    “The SMH doesn’t even have the guts to defend Mrs Natalie Joyce or her 4 daughters.

    A Deputy Prime Minister of Australia will resign and the SMH will go down in history as the media outlet that failed to investigate and report to the Australian voter.”

  25. John Fraser

    It grieves me to have to say this :

    Congratulations to the Murdoch media for their continuing Articles investigating the unholy mess that Barnaby Joyce has instigated.

  26. Terry2


    These are the results of the 2016 federal election :

    Labor Party 4,702,314 34.7%

    Liberal 3,882,918 28.7%

    Nationals 624,555 4.6%

    Liberal Nationals Qld 1,153,736 8.5%

    Greens 1,385,651 10.2%

    So Qld is essential to the coalition and any leakage spells trouble.

  27. HeatherCam

    I am not out to slam women or anything, but you wonder where Vikki Campion is coming from? She married a fellow journalist (or was soiree-ing up to be married), even a public photo of her with what looked like a wedding band on her ring finger. Perhaps it’s true love. Who knows? Barnaby asking Natalie to marry him was a fronting up and saying “you’ll do”, so I guess that reads as “you’ll do until I find someone else”. 24 years later and 5 daughters, he is in a now more powerful position to get that “better deal” with someone brave (or mad) enough to snap him up. The possibility of heaps more money than a journalist hubby and having to work in the marriage must have looked too inviting. It is pretty easy to put two and two together on both sides. Turnbull kind of helped heaps leading her to the slaughter with offer of six figure specially created job to hide her away from public view. She no doubt found it all very irresistible to not indulge in such sycophantic lifestyle bleeding one’s talent. Turnbull, Gina and all of their wealthy friends are in a world of their own. They believe everyone wants to be like them. At least wealthy Palmer was a more interesting human being. He did not want to join their club. It’s like an ongoing political soap opera all this Joyce stuff..

    Obviously, the voters got sucked in to the not knowing fogout or swamp effect. Tony Windsor piped up saying there were more than one when someone said one staffer. At least he is believable. I miss Tony in politics but so grateful he is still out there on social media. He’s a top Aussie bloke.

  28. margcal

    John FraserFebruary 10, 2018 at 1:50 pm
    It grieves me to have to say this :
    Congratulations to the Murdoch media for their continuing Articles investigating the unholy mess that Barnaby Joyce has instigated.

    On the contrary, Murdoch serves Murdoch, no one else.
    I want to know why Barnaby has been outed now. What is this story a smokescreen for?

  29. Matters Not

    Barnaby, like Tony, has always been concerned with the well-being of female offspring, particularly their potential sexual activity and consequences. Remember the controversy re the introduction of Gardasil, a vaccine which would prevent the spread of human papilloma virus (HPV). To be truly effective, girls must be vaccinated before they become sexually active. Barnaby …

    … insisted MPs should be allowed to debate its “social implications” and that the decision should not be left to the Therapeutic Goods Administration because “they will talk about the therapeutic aspects — they are not there to talk about the psychological implications or the social implications”. Do you ever wonder if there is any conversation about the social implications of Viagra?

    Joyce said: “There might be an overwhelming backlash from people saying, `Don’t you dare put something out there that gives my 12-year-old daughter a licence to be promiscuous’.”

    Yes the dreaded female promiscuity. Further, Barnaby asserted he would be personally very circumspect” to provide a vaccine to girls who were too young to cope with the potential consequences of sexual activity. Of course he was playing to his base and being true to his religious upbringing.

    The historical record shows that: Joyce didn’t make a peep when Gardasil went on the vaccination schedule for boys. Turns out that Joyce didn’t need a vaccination – or even a licence – to be promiscuous.

    Strange how your statements come back to bite you on your a…

    He will always be remembered – but not the way he hoped. Now a historical figure of fun.

  30. New England Cocky

    A few points of clarification about this fine article expressing disgust at the antics of Barnyard Joke the greatet political emabrrassment since Billy MacMahon.

    This coverup by the RAbbott Morriscum Dumbo Turdball LNP misgovernment held both the New England electorate in particular and the whole Australian voting constituency in complete contempt. Turdball know about this philandering in 2016, before the scheduled election … and did nothing!! Having forked out $1.75 MILLION to protect RAbbott in Warringah and maintain government, it was unlikely that Turdball would let a “minor case” of adultery by his No2 Deputy jeopardise his feeble hold on political power and generous Parliamentary Allowances.
    The complicity of Fairfax Media, publishers of the Tamworth Northern Daily Leader and Armidale Express, plus other mastheads in less politically important towns, is legend in New England. Fairfax are fighting a losing battle to remain relevant to the declining businesses in urban regional centres, so in too many instances political criticism by readers is ignored despite the alleged Fourth Estate role for media to hold government accountable.
    Barnyard’s generous landlord is a local Armidale man better known for his commercial dealings than his business acumen. It appears that the archives at the Armidale Express have been sanitised to exclude a small matter in the early 70s that may have been embarrassing.
    The 2005 matter of attempted bribery of Tony Windsor was reported by three respected witnesses and allegedly pushed under the carpet by political mates high in the National Party.
    Will this $14,000 rent free generosity be declared on Barnyard’s political register??
    Will Turdball be held to account for his role protecting Barnyard by Silly Billy Shorten standing up for the right of Australian voters??

    PS Sam … The Campaign Director for the National Party in 2017 election has his own “colourful” personal history which may explain the defamatory election propaganda aimed at Tony Windsor. Remember Support Adultery Vote Joyce becauseTamworth Prefers Adulterers.

  31. Pete Petrass

    One thing I cannot understand is why Labor have not been all over this whole thing. Had this been the Labor deputy opposition leader rooting his staff member the Lieberals would have gone postal on them. The press too.
    I continue to find it truly amazing that this government keep doing whatever they want with zero consequences. When is someone going to be made accountable for their actions???

  32. Kaye Lee

    “Will this $14,000 rent free generosity be declared on Barnyard’s political register??”

    Yes it was reported on January 15 under gifts

    “Post election residual of six months tennancy (sic) on Armidale premises”

  33. Roswell

    They only earn $600,000 a year between them, so it’s only fair that they get free rent.

    Meanwhile, somewhere, some poor lady with two kids and no job has been on the emergency housing waiting list for 5 years.

  34. Glenn Barry

    Yet more impunity from the loathsome LNP – this one however might have a sting in the tail as others have noted, constituents in Nationals electorates might actually question the quality of their political representation on a multitude of aspects.

    Even the stupidest zealot might potentially realise they’re being rorted

  35. Mike Smith

    I have enjoyed many many articles from AIMN over the years but this one by Leonie Saunders nails it.
    Not only thoughtful & succinct but accurately reflecting the feelings of oh so many of us.
    Well done Leonie, it’s nice to know people like you are out there.

  36. Mick quinlivan

    Imagine if Barnaby had been honest with his wife and with the electorate and no cover up was attempted………..there would have been no scandal……now…. the cover-up has brought discredit to the government……wasted tax payers money on two created jobs……..He will need to go now….no longer in parliament and I suspect no longer electable

  37. 245179

    All the players will bunker down, no comment, no comment it’s a private matter bla bla……and canberra will continue. It’s disgusting the contempt they feel for citizens. Joyce’s electorate love him, he’s directed mega dollars their way. “Pork barrelling” is not a new phenomenon, and don’t we know that. Joyce ( rhynharts muppit ) will be selecting wall colours in his new office, next to rhynharts. He’ll probably move in 2021, there’s still unfinished business for him to stitch up. The guy ( our deputy PM ) is indeed a grub, a drunkard grub. “Canberra” the place breeds contemptable human beings. They are on my voting papers, what hope do we have. The daily exposing of wrong doings, only temporarily reins them in, then off they go again. I am lied to on a daily basis and i hate that.

  38. Matters Not

    Nats tend to be judged on what they deliver. Not on lofty principles nor politically correct esoteric processes. Them’s for city wankers. Barnaby knows that. As did Joh.

    Barnaby, in those terms, has an enviably record. Chances are he will be forgiven in the electorates that count. And at so many levels.

    As for inner city wankers, the odium might be over powering. But because they don’t really count – it matters not.

  39. Terry2


    I live in a conservative regional part of North Queensland. The farmer’s wives around here are very single minded when it comes to a stable marriage, the bedrock of their family structures and their farming enterprises.

    They are feeling the hurt and humiliation of Mrs Joyce and her girl’s.

    They expect the National party to take action on Joyce’s leadership or they will simply switch their vote to Pauline.

  40. helvityni

    MN, Terry2,

    I’m an ‘ex-inner-city wanker’, now living in Southern Highlands’ most Liberal township… Neighbours and acquaintances do not agree with me on politics, but they are not happy with Barnaby’s behaviour either, they want him gone…

    So do my Greenie friends here…

  41. wam

    Sorry terry2 your stats are irrelevant because they do not refer to the number of candidates. Sadly this is common practice with most disingenuous green supporters. Some even use such figures as the truth to bemoan the lack of greens in the parliament despite 9/76 being more than 10%.
    Remember ashby’s suggestions for PHON? An extension of the green’s money making from elections?
    Our local green had front page ads?? Private funding???

  42. Sam

    Granted we can’t expect better from Miranda Devine but her recent take on the Bananaby situation was disappointing even for her.

    She put the telegraph front and center as this bastion of journalistic integrity by saying that this story that they broke, had to be told and nuts to the people that said they should have left it alone and given them all privacy.

    In a double whammy she also took a shot at the #metoo movement and offered some defence of Bananaby by saying that if he’d left a pregnant woman to stay with his wife, or made her get an abortion in the midst of the #metoo movement, he’d have been hammered even worse, essentially implying that he made the most noble choice possible in a difficult situation and should be cut some slack.

  43. Marie

    What a sad day for the people of Australia. And the mainstream media collectively shrug their duplicitous conniving shoulders and Turnbull and Co want the people to just ‘move on’. How I smell so many dogs!

  44. Dave G.

    A thought,surely Barnaby is only of use for Gina as long as he is in a position of power.

  45. Glenn Barry

    Dave G. – like Gina’s little mutt on a leash, you’re right his usefulness terminates when his position of power does, then I reckon he’ll be sent to the pound to wait to be euthanased

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