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Lucy, you are a waste of space

No doubt like many of you, I received a Christmas email and card in the post from my local member, Lucy Wicks. She chose a very bad time to try to promote herself to me.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who backed and believed in me and the Morrison Government following my re-election for a third term in the May election.

Thank you to my supporters and all those who voted for me. I am looking forward to representing you over the next few years in Canberra and making sure your concerns, issues and needs are heard at the highest levels of government.

I also look forward to ensuring our election commitments including the additional commuter car parking at Gosford and Woy Woy stations and the $70 million Central Coast roads package are delivered.”

Seriously? Carparks? As we burn?

She goes on to talk about her attendance at school presentations and her Christmas card competition before mentioning that “some properties have been adversely affected” by the megafire that has threatened and choked us all for weeks.

Lucy is “so relieved there has been no loss of life or serious injuries.” She then informed us that “the volunteers have been overwhelmed by the donations. They have enough food, snacks and drinks to last some time so residents still wanting to show their support can visit the NSW RFS Donations Page or make an online donation to the NSW RFS Trust Fund or a participating brigade” before urging us to “Be kind to each other and take care.”

Righto. Her government will do nothing other than instigate another inquiry into why the state governments aren’t dealing with this whilst urging us all to do and give more. Meanwhile, she will endorse the underwriting of more fossil fuel burning power stations and more coal mines to funnel profits to foreign shareholders.

I normally treat Lucy with the ignore which she deserves – she is dumb as a post – but this time I just had to respond.

“Please take me off your mailing list.

Your government’s inaction on climate change, your cruelty to asylum seekers, your determination to keep unemployed people in poverty, your failure to act to reform the aged care and juvenile justice systems, your lies about emissions reduction through accounting tricks, your callous dismissal of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, your enabling of water theft…and so many other travesties….make me ashamed of my country.

You wonder why wages are stagnant when wage restraint is your admitted policy. Your unholy war waged against workers having a voice through unionisation has emasculated any chance of workers sharing in the record profits that their labour has produced for the companies for whom they work – companies who then avoid paying any tax to compensate the country for providing a well-educated, skilled and healthy workforce and the infrastructure to support their business.

Your homophobia was writ large in your sycophantic speeches against marriage equality. These people are our children, our brothers and sisters. How dare you make it a priority to ensure that discrimination against them continues.

You have young children. Does your political ambition outweigh any desire to make the world a better place for them?

Look at the bills you prioritise – they are crap. You ignore what the country needs in order to feather your own nest and promote the greed of your donors.

And STOP sending me birthday and Xmas cards at my expense. Don’t you people pay for ANYTHING yourselves?

Oh, and btw, we still don’t have mobile reception. Three elections you have been promising to fix that.

You blocked me from contacting you. I shall return the favour. Leave me alone.

You are a waste of space.”

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  1. Keitha Granville

    Oh how perfect. I wish a Liberal would write to me so I could copy.

    Although our MP is Labor I am sorely tempted to write and complain about the total lack of any kind of opposition we have at the moment. After your example, I just might,

  2. Aortic

    But but but Kaye what about the NBN, religious discrimination bill and the toilet gender issue. And the policies we took to the election on climate change and and and the PM’S return from wherever he was and Barnabys invocation to someone in the sky ( a higher authority apparently) to fix the drought and climate problems. I cannot see how you cannot but be enamoured of these wonderful policies and am praying that you may be enlightened through faith and a lump of coal.

    Kindest Regards

    Lucy Wicks

  3. Presser#1

    Dear Kaye– would you mind terribly if I were to cut and post your letter to my own LNP representative (Steve Irons) since it so perfectly expresses my own views. Waste of Space is the kindest thing one can say about these cruel trogdalytes.

  4. Kaye Lee

    I am more than happy for anyone to cut and paste or add to and use what I wrote. Bombard the bastards.

  5. Lambchop Simnel

    I am surprised you did not choose to mention the most recent examples of their psychotic decision making, re the Darling and water policy and the repulsive power grab inhered within the response to the bush fires.
    As for the rest all repressive with a mentality best expressed through the ROBODEBT arbitrary cruelties that attempted to supercede asylum seeker policy as cause for community outrage

  6. Harry frank

    Kay Lee- a nicely worded labour campaign letter – or should I say your socialist and leftest views do not do anybody any favours

  7. Kaye Lee


    Because this is a marginal electorate, we got the NBN before most. My 94 year old mother got FttP…then Labor lost the election and Lucy gave us FttN. We were forced to sign up to it but they didn’t have the technicians able to deliver it. My business was without EFTPOS, fax, or security for about two months because no-one knew what they were doing. We lost tens of thousands of dollars during that time as I spent literally hundreds of hours trying to sort it out.

    The same thing happened for home. We were given a deadline date to change over. No-one explained that my landline would no longer work if there was a blackout (which are frequent here) and as I mentioned, we don’t get mobile reception despite the fact that I can see Sydney from my verandah. Then they changed their minds so now we have some sort of shared thingo which means our speeds can never get to anything like what we were paying for..

    GRRRRRRRRR….don’t mention the NBN!!!!

  8. Barry Mealia

    What bullshit i have a disability and Lucy wicks and her team has helped me with NDIS and lots of other issues i also asked Labor for help and was given no help from Labor or unions this site is biased and nothing but a leftist attack because the majority of Australians dont believe the human climate change lies and the reason for the intensity of these fires is fuel yes overgrowth that Labor bob carr and the Greens put policys in place that stopped back burning and when Tony Abbott was Prime minister he was out fighting the fires and attacked for not being in canberra governing this site it disgusting and Un Australian

  9. Matters Not


    urging us all to do and give more

    And so they should. After all, it’s essential that the ‘surplus’ be preserved so that that Nation is well prepared for the metaphorical rainy day – which for some strange reason is uncharacteristically late this decade. Besides, as a government we are committed to becoming even smaller while those imbued with the prosperity gospel will inevitably inherit much more of the earth (parched as it may be).

    Barnaby’s on the money with his plea – to have less government in our lives. He will set the good example by resigning in the morrow (via a ‘perfect’ phone call in the Trumpian sense), renouncing his entitlements and returning Vikki to …. But possibly not.

    Gee the trolls are bad tonight.

  10. Kaye Lee


    Perhaps you are unaware that it was Labor that introduced the NDIS. As a business owner who is involved in the delivery of the NDIS, I can tell you that this government has made it extremely difficult for us to do our job. I am not sure why you would be asking “Labor and the unions” to help you when you have a Liberal member representing you. I am glad you have received some help but, being a provider, I can tell you that many many people have been severely disadvantaged by this government’s inept handling of what was a wonderful Labor initiative.

    Your assertion that “the majority of Australians dont believe the human climate change lies” is crap as is the lie that the Greens have stopped back burning. Do you understand that there is only one Greens member in the HoR? Have you ever read Greens policy regarding back-burning?

    And do you seriously believe that Tony Abbott, as PM, was ever near any actual firefighting? Did you ever wonder why the film crews were always on hand?

  11. Kaye Lee


    I find it interesting that I send an email to Lucy and Harry and Barry pop up. I very much doubt that they would be regular readers of this site.

  12. Matters Not

    So what to do about what we might call ‘trolls’. No doubt some come richly clothed in ignorance as is evidenced by their (mis)use of ‘labour’ when referring to the Australian Labor Party (ALP). Then there’s their ‘command of English’ or lack of same. What with ‘wont’ (will not – correctly written as won’t) and don’t (do not – correctly written as don’t).

    But to proceed further would be unkind. So I won’t.

    No doubt Lucy will have much to say about the decline in ‘standards’. Nice to know she’s reading – even if her comprehension is somewhat lacking.

  13. Kaye Lee

    Lucy loves to do the street walk with camera crew in tow. But she sends a minion in first to set stuff up. When the minion came to our business asking if we would would like to be filmed praising her (I am paraphrasing there) we replied that we had several things we would like to discuss with her. Her “advisers” hurried her on past our business. No photo opportunity here.

  14. Matters Not


    loves to do the street walk

    There’s a line there about walking the streets but I won’t touch it for (potentially) legal reasons.

    Nevertheless, she’s reasonable ‘wallpaper’ for TV broadcasts of Question Time. Then there’s the ‘original’ questions asked …

  15. Mr Shevill Mathers

    Kaye Lee, spot on as usual. Look at the Labor government initiatives that the LNP have destroyed, for example-turned the tremendous infrastructure a fibre net work to very home- the NBN turned into an inferior product What we had with ADSL previously, at least back then we had a phone still connected if the Internet if the Internet ADSL failed, now we have this horrendous mix of fibre and old decaying copper where one fails the lot fails, because Turnbull wanted to stuf up a Labor inniative. For this one single reason alone I will never vote Liberal, as for the Nationals, enough said, they make up the numbers to allow Liberal to be in government. The carbon pricing intoduced by Labor but the LNP had to recind this when they came into power, it was incorrectly called carbon tax, but is was reducing emissions, thus making a realcontribution to climate change. The Murray-Darling river system and the government sell of of our vital resources to overseas ownership is a disaster, equivalent to selling the family jewels, and the list goes on, with a PM under the misguided impression that due to a ‘miraacle’, he has been elected to the top office and appears to answer to that ‘higher undeen power. The mix of religion with goverment is really asking for trouble-peoples religious beliefs are a personal matter and has no place in politics. Selling off our various natural resources to overseas countries has increased the cost of utilities-there should be domestic price and an overseas price, however, profit and greed are now the primary driving forces. Morrison’s obsession with coal takes us backwards…

  16. John OCallaghan

    A wonderful response…. well done for speaking the truth to this awful person.

  17. johnyperth

    To Presser#1
    Don’t bother with Steve Irons.
    I always hear from people that write, phone, or, visit Steve’s office, and, his staff always refuse to help out!!
    No replies to letters!!
    So much for our local LNP rep!!
    Every person that gets refused by Steve’s staff then go to the Perth federal member, then, after a couple of letters and a couple phone calls, then, the problem is resolved within a couple of weeks!!
    Steve Irons, just a waste of space!!

  18. Yes Minister

    HEAR HEAR !!! with precious few exceptions, exactly the same comments apply to every oxygen bandit elected official (whether council, state or federal) in Australia. Political parties are merely window-dressing for self-interested grubs of the same ilk. They are for the most part bottom-feeding bloodsucking parasites whose only interests are pandering to the big end of town and keeping their own grubby snouts in the feeding trough.

  19. whatever

    Bravo, Kaye, but I would suggest “sanctimonious speeches against marriage equality” as opposed to “sycophantic”.

  20. Baby Jewels

    Kaye. How nice to be called “leftist.” What a badge of honour. Wear it with pride. I do. Hilarious that it’s given with malice!

  21. Terence Mills

    Meanwhile, if you’ve been waiting for the release of the report by the ‘Drought Envoy’ a certain Barnaby Joyce who was commissioned by the Prime Minister to look into drought in regional areas and to report back to government on what needed to be done, forget it. the Prime Ministers’ Office have declined to release this important report.

    There are some strange aspects of the Drought Envoy’s activities on the ground, that cost some $675,000 and oddly , his report was delivered mainly by text and Whatsapp messages. Even when the Drought Envoy returned to civilisation, he didn’t bother to summarize his findings and recommendations into a written report, even by email.

    The PMO refused a request Freedom of Information for “any correspondence, including text messages and Whatsapp messages” between Joyce and Morrison “regarding his work as drought envoy” by claiming it “would substantially and unreasonably interfere with the prime minister’s functions”.

    The mind boggles : did Barnaby reveal that it’s drier than a dead dingo’s donger out here or did he point to the possibility of bush-fires and the impacts of climate change ?

    You will never know as access to this report has been declined by the same people who wouldn’t tell us where the Prime Minister was spending his holidays and their word is final.

    The reasons for the denial of access to this report came straight out of Yes Minister:

    “Firstly the work of both the prime minister and his staff will be delayed and there are likely to be many unmet demands on their time. Secondly, decisions on which messages will be within the scope of your request are likely to be time consuming. Thirdly, there is a risk of inappropriate or inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information about the prime minister’s activities, discussions or meetings, with any of a large range of people, or on a large range of issues.”

    The request was rejected under section 24(1) of the FOI Act, which allows the decision maker to deny the query by judging it to either substantially or unreasonably interfere with a minister’s ability to carry out their duties.

    Make of that what you will !

  22. Kate Ahearne

    Lovely work, Kaye, Thank you.

  23. Audioio

    My local member, Josh Frydenberg, didn’t send anything. I guess he’s pretending he’s not a Christian fascist.

  24. Linda Jenkins

    Thanks Kaye..I will, with your permission, copy paste and send this to both my state and federal members of parliament. However I have the misfortune to live in a so called “blue ribbon” electorate, so I guess I’ll receive some pathetic response.
    I must admit that I’m proud to be called a lefty too. Last Monday when I got of a bus, some idiot was walking beside me waffling on about not being able to put up Christmas decorations, I replied that’s bullshit!! Feel free to check out my shopping centre, you’ll discover all the decorations are there. Then he started…”this is all because of all the lefties you know, our democracy is at stake”!! I couldn’t bear to listen to another word, so I told him to fck off!! I’ve never told anyone to do that before, the look on his face was priceless 🤣. I’ll be 75 this year, I’ve discovered those 2 words are empowering.
    To Barry Mealia, if you don’t like the the authors or the comments expressed in The AIM network you too can bugger off!!

  25. RomeoCharlie29

    Well done Kaye Lee you gave a lot of us both a good laugh and a potential template for action but best of all, pricked the sensibilities of a few tender trolls.
    Linda Jenkins, your previously unused phrase would have been equally appropriate for Barry, but my sentiments exactly..

  26. Roswell

    Barry, does your keyboard not have a full stop key? (That’s the one that looks like a tiny dot).

  27. crypt0

    Good stuff Kaye.
    re Barry (current record holder for longest unpunctuated sentence) and others of that ilk … Greg Mullins who knows a bit about bush fires did say … “If anyone tells you, “This is part of a normal cycle” or “We’ve had fires like this before”, smile politely and walk away, because they don’t know what they’re talking about.
    Alternately “F#ck off” seems particularly relevant.
    Terence … re the “drought envoy”
    Despite the lack of a report (or anything at all) from aforementioned envoy, you would be pleased to know that Bananaby has had this to say more recently …
    “Barnaby Joyce says he is “sick of the government being in my life” as he urged Australians to respect God, otherwise “we’re going to get nailed”.
    Pretty rich coming from him !
    I’m sure he also sends his thoughts and prayers …
    You know when you got “leaders” of the calibre Australia has, that we’re in deep deep trouble … and the jerks keep getting re-elected … that’s the most depressing part.

  28. Roswell

    Friends back in the US tell me that the weather this Christmas was unseasonably warm.

  29. Roswell

    Linda, good for you. You’re learning. 👍

  30. Wobbley

    To Barry Mealia, eff off back to Turdoch, that’s where all you brain dead trolls belong. Harry Frank, same to you too.

  31. David Stakes

    I did something similar with Craig Kelly my MP, with his annual survey. Probably was binned.

  32. DrakeN

    Fair suck of the sav, folks.

    Barry Mealia did say that he has a disability.

    It seems fairly obvious from his writing as to what that might be.

  33. DrakeN


    Your erudition and articulation are indeed admirable.

  34. Kate Ahearne

    And funnily enough, Harry rhymes with Barry.

  35. Michael Taylor

    I tweeted this earlier but the original had Greg Hunt’s Twitter handle. It was removed (by whom?) a few minutes after tweeting.

    “Greg Hunt can you tell me why blood glucose test strips have gone up from $1.20 to $15? Is penny pinching from pensioners an easy way of achieving your govt’s pie-in-the sky budget?”

  36. Kaye Lee

    “Thousands of diabetic Australians will pay triple the price for blood glucose test strips from this Friday, July 1, following federal government changes to the cost subsidy.

    Australians with type 2 diabetes who don’t require insulin will no longer automatically qualify for a reduced price on the self-test strips.

    All type 2 diabetic patients who are not on insulin will be restricted to an initial six-month supply of subsidised blood glucose test strips before access is restricted. Further subsidised strips would only be available if a doctor or authorised health professional declared them clinically necessary.”

  37. Michael Taylor

    I’m insulin dependent, Kaye.

    Either Hunt has snuck this one through or something went wrong in the pharmacy. I questioned the price, so someone with more seniority came over and swung the computer monitor around to show me that it was indeed $15.

    A month ago I paid $1.20 from the same pharmacy.

  38. totaram

    Blood glucose test strips: Correct me if I am wrong, but the logic of this seems to be that “testing does not help patients control their blood sugar”. This goes against elementary science and engineering which tells us that “if you can’t measure it you can’t control it”. However, in the world of neoliberal spin, anything can be made true.

    In fact, if you are a newly diagnosed T2DM, there is a good chance that with careful adjusting of the digestible carbohydrates in each meal and testing after meals, the blood sugar can be brought very close to normal with minimal medication. Some lucky ones like me are now normal (Hba1c below 5.6%) without any medication at all.
    But I’m sure the GHunt knows better (or rather his spin doctors do).

    Michael Taylor: correction “..pie-in-the-sky budget SURPLUS”. Don’t miss out the crucial word. We all know how important it is.
    Why you are insulin dependent is your business, but if you are T2DM that is a sad state of affairs.

  39. Michael Taylor

    I ran out of characters, but I thought people would know what I meant.

    Now back to diabetes … all those suggestions are well and good, but I have developed a resistance to insulin (including the insulin produced by the body) which puts me in a different boat.

    Beats me though, that despite my resistance to insulin why I still have to inject myself four times a day. (Three times with a quick acting insulin and once with a ‘slow release’ insulin).

  40. LambsFry Simplex.

    This Lucy..It seems she is on the happy clappy list that turned up else where?

  41. Rossleigh

    As Brian Eno said in “Some Of Them Are Old”

    Lucy you’re my girl, Lucy you’re a star
    Lucy please be still and hide your madness in a jar
    But do beware
    It will follow you, it will follow you

  42. totaram

    Michael Taylor: I am not a medical Professional (so you can’t sue me!). However, If you’re insulin resistant, the more resistant you are, the more insulin your body needs. Simple enough. However, do you know that your body is producing enough insulin? (C-peptide test). Otherwise you might be LADA (a late Type1 which is totally different).

    There are many unknowns. However, for some people, like me, insulin sensitivity can be hugely improved by HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). There are many different protocols for doing HIIT depending on your preferences (Internet!) . I now sprint (all out) for 30 secs, recover for 4 minutes and repeat 5 times. It is said that three times is enough. It takes a minimum of 6 weeks for the effects to be seen (they say). You can do it on an exercise bike, or swim etc. (Michael Moseley does that on a bike). And you need to build up gradually (5 second sprint?). Since you are using insulin you need to test regularly to avoid a “hypo” because if your sensitivity improves you need to adjust the insulin dosage downwards.

    I don’t want to write an essay here, especially when there are lots of resources on the Internet, and I am only one who studies the research literature (just like MMT!). Here is a good starting point (huge amount of stuff):

    Discuss with your GP. They are legally constrained to advise you “within the guidelines”, but if you suggest something different, and they are well-informed, they won’t dissuade you. That is how I did it.
    Remember, no one can prevent you from making changes to your diet, or your exercise regimen. No prescriptions required.

    Good luck, and I really hope this helps. There is increasing evidence that T2DM is reversible in many cases. If nothing else, you can stop injecting insulin and survive on oral Metformin or something similar!

  43. Wayne Doyle

    Kaye, you should run against Lucy next election. Seriously. You’d be so much better.

  44. Michael Taylor

    Hi t, I’ve done all the tests. I’m on what’s best for me.

    Sadly I can sprint. But I do lots of walking.

  45. totaram

    MT: Walking is low intensity. High Intensity requires maximum effort for a short time. It is radically different (anaerobic). As I explained, if you leave it to the Medicos they will treat you according to “the guidelines”, which being determined by a highly conservative bureaucratic process are typically 10 years behind the latest research. That is what they say is “best for you”. If I did what was “best for me”, I would be on anything between 4 and 6 medications daily for the rest of my life. Currently, I have only one, for hypertension.
    You need to take your health into your own hands if you want to do better, and a good GP will allow you to do it, especially if it only involves “lifestyle changes” (which are now permitted by the guidelines).

    If you can’t “sprint”, you can do it on an exercise bike. It’s up to you. You have nothing to lose. In the worst case, you won’t get any benefit, but you will become fitter. I’m 74 years old and do what I can to avoid medication, because there are always side-effects. If you are happy to inject insulin 4 times a day, then so be it. It is not good for health if you can avoid it, but as usual, I am the odd one out, claiming all kinds of strange things. I do have a Ph.D. and many research publications in STEM areas, but as we know no one bothers with those things these days. It’s much more effective to rant on twitter, no matter what the content. We have lots of examples on social media of “stable geniuses”!

  46. Lambchop Simnel

    Relentless Americanisation.

  47. flogga

    After promising us coasties ‘more than our fair share’ at the election, Lucy didn’t even bother to send me a Christmas card.

  48. Kaye Lee


    You can have mine.

    I suspect it is because I am a business owner that scores me a guernsey. I get invitations from Lucy to all sorts of stuff but she won’t let me comment on her facebook page, One day I might just take up one of her invitations just so we can have a face to face chat.

  49. Michael Taylor

    totaram, I have other medical issues that prevent me from doing many things, but I won’t go into that here.

  50. paul walter

    Sorry to read of the extent of your problems Michael…am getting older myself and don’t like the side effects of th process, but not quite as challenging as the sort of thing you are discussing.

    That comment at 2.49 was devastating, but sums up what the slimy creatures are up to now they have their boots in people’s necks.

  51. corvus boreus

    This government has already pushed people to suicide by illegally and illegitimately generating false debts then Issuing demands of immediate payment accompanied by punitive threats (with the onus of disproof placed upon the accused).
    All done, of course, against the cautionary advice of those with experience in the front line of welfare provision;
    This government has gleefully flouted laws to steal from It’s own citizens and, through deliberately inhuman incompetence, driven the already disadvantaged into despondent depression and suicidal despair.
    Our general health and welfare are completely external to their equations.

  52. corvus boreus

    Barry Mealie,
    Just to clarify, since you not onlystruggle with simple punctuation but also seem to have trouble with basic facts;
    Back-burning is a tactic in emergency firefighting where a ‘control fire’ is lit in the predicted path of an existing blaze in a desperate attempt to reduce the potential fuel for an onrushing conflagration.
    Controlled hazard reduction burns are a measure employed by landholders and agencies where (usually under permit dependent on appropriate and suitable conditions) small fires are deliberately set as an aiditive tool in both risk reduction and general land management strategies.
    Ascertaining a few the basic facts and understanding the definitive meanings of the words and terms you employ is advantageous towards not looking like an ignorant nut-mutt when choosing to flap one’s gob.

    Ps, Based on the slogans that you brayed, I am guessing that when you ‘read’ the ‘news’ (lips moving), it tends to be one of the Newscorp tabloid (Daily Tele, Herald Sun, Courier Mail), which are produced by Rupert Murdoch, a man who paid out money to officially renounce his Australian citizenship.
    THAT is definitively ‘Un-Australian’

  53. Terence Mills

    I think Barry Mealie is a right wing political ‘bot’ being tested out at Liberal Party HQ : clearly not all the algorithms have been sorted out yet.

  54. corvus boreus

    Terence Mills,
    Possibly, but I wouldn’t rule out an equally plausible explanation for Barry’s incoherent and unpunctuated braying of empty talkback slogans, which is that a passive receptacle for vapid factoids has either been brimmingly overwhelmed or sprung a major leak.

  55. corvus boreus

    For the record, for me Tony Abbott’s efforts as an RFS volunteer automatically earn him my respect and gratitude.
    Such respect is, however, severely diminished by his other (odious) activities, like the fact that he takes money to fly overseas and speak what is either batshit bullshit or blatant lies (like claiming that the world’s oceans are not documentedly rising), and his public expressions of sympathy and support for a convicted paedophile.

  56. Terence Mills


    a passive receptacle for vapid factoids

    Is that the same as a brain-fart ?

  57. Terence Mills


    I have an in-law who has had to move physically three times in twelve months (i.e. from three towns) within regional Queensland due to the lack of ‘slots’ for three times a week dialysis due to a lack of facilities and funding in regional public hospitals.

    There appears to be a crisis building and it’s not clear whether it is the Qld state government or federal funding.

  58. Max Gross


  59. Nexus321

    The thing we have to bear in mind that politicians like the dimwit Lucy are people off the street that want to be politicians for ego reasons and the pension. Notice I don’t mention helping the community. By in large these are untalented people with limited experiences of running anything vaguely complex and yet they are put in ‘control’ of the most complex system we have – the national economy. They have now decided to emasculate the one source of impartial advice – the public service. Given the critical need to understand the role of technology in generating national wealth and that we live in a highly competitive world the current circus of political clowns and supporting institutions are clearly not fit for purpose.

  60. corvus boreus

    Terrence Mills,
    Vis-à-vis your inquiry re ‘a passive receptacle for vapid factoids’.

    I believe the French term is ‘un pot de chambre’.

  61. Barry mealia

    Just shows what scum and liers the leftards are bullying a disabled person but luckily they are a minority they try and spread there venom and bullshit lies because they are small pathetic bad lossers because there so called unlossable election was lost i laugh everyday in your faces because you are losers bill the dill and all your human climate change lies well the majority of Australians dont believe in the human climate change lies thats why yous lost lol and now yous try dirty tactics well labor sent Australia broke in the great depression all the only prime minister That was sacked was Goff Whitlam and the recession we had to have and the highest interest rates and highest taxes and unemployment once again labor and paul Keating lol i love it yous all lost i laugh every day there is no human climate change you lying blind fools and majority of Australians dont believe in it thats why liberals won election they are over the shit lying scum bags labor and leftards ha ha

  62. corvus boreus

    Barry mealie,
    You have my sympathies regarding whatever other disability/ies (beyond the obvious spelling, punctuation and factual comprehension problems) you have been lumbered with.
    However, if you wish to be taken seriously when interjecting into an adult conversations upon serious subjects without exposing yourself to scorn and ridicule, it is advisable to have at least mastered the art of constructing a semi-coherent sentence, let alone the ability to assemble credible evidence into a plausible argument.

  63. Barry Mealia

    Nothing wrong with my facts you leftards want to distort the facts even the election yous claim was unlossable but it was lost the leftards lost and you know why they lost because the majority of Australians dont believe in the human climate change lies we are in a natural cycle its called drought but the fires are extreme because the leftards stopped fuel reductions because of the climate change lies and yous attack a disability person because i have shown the truth and yous attack me because i show up the leftards lies i enjoyed the victory of the silent majority who voted in liberal party and the leftards are still not over there loss you poor bad losers the real truth is there is no human climate change its called natural cycles droughts and flooding rains look up into the sky the sun has its cycles and changes our climate cycles only the brainwashed minority leftards believe in the lies of human climate change well i cant wait to the mini ice age comes this new decade yous will have egg all over your faces its time for you leftards to get over your loss of the election and stop your lies people are a wake up you leftards are responsible for the intensity of these fires with no fuel loads being burnt were are the leftard aboriginal activists who come out on Australia day wanting it stopped were are they now aye they know about the traditional burnings of the lands were are they hiding now most of them are 1% blood anyway yet they dont mind having the lands sold when they get money luckily majority of Australians dont believe in the leftards shit and the fullstops are needed in your mouths to shut your bullshit human climate change lies up us majority of Australians are sick of the lies we voted yous out so go hide in your holes and shut up

  64. Matters Not

    Barry Mealia is simply trying to take the piss. Perhaps it’s best to ignore his efforts so he can then chalk up another failure. He’s accustomed to that – so don’t disappoint.

  65. corvus boreus

    Barry mealie,
    Cheers for another unpunctuated rant, you unstraked futtock.
    You are what we who have served in the armed forces tend to call a WOFTAM.
    Do you type using crayons?

  66. Robert Chillem

    The notion that measly humans can control the power of the sun only discredits you, 0.4 of air has Carbon dioxide in it…….The climate has been changing since the dawn of time, if you done a little historical research into this you would know. The object is to adapt to the changes, for that you need to understand what is really going, but unfortunately humans are so focused on changing the natural environment to suit their own needs.

    Fools, it is just like herding cattle into a truck off to slaughter.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  67. corvus boreus

    Robert Chillem
    Interesting opening salvo.
    Wile-e-coyote creeps up brandishing his Acme-brand petard-on-a-stick thinking ‘when I knock over this bullseye the rest of those dominoes will topple like a house of cards, then voila;…checkmate!’
    Passim dat chillem indeed.

  68. totaram

    cb: Only someone paid to post such drivel would do it. Anyone else would feel too silly to post something that a schoolchild two decades ago could have demolished.

  69. corvus boreus

    I realise that only the contractually obliged or intellectually afflicted would arrive at a discussion weilding such a spittle-moistened, cockle-paper-wrapped bung-wad of shart-bags .

    I admit to self-indulgently exploiting the opportunity of an anti-troll patrol as an excuse to utilise a few potential idioms that are both (like) literally and literarily less rude and crude than they superficially sound (ya know?).

    Take the term ‘unstraked futtock’, which merely refers to a rib of a wooden boat/ship that is deficient in horizontal hull-planks.

    Ps, Mutual ritual nod and bow in the hope of some muchn needed course changes during next year’s part of the journey.

  70. Kaye Lee

    Once again, I find it interesting that Harry and Barry and Richard have stumbled across our site.

    Who alerted the Go Lucy team and are they aware that Lucy lived in Tony Abbott’s Warringah electorate when he chose to parachute her into Robertson against the wishes of local Liberals?

    “Lucy Wicks lives in Warringah, Tony Abbott’s electorate . . . hmm. Wicks nominated on Thursday and was rushed through NRC. Then the vote went to State Executive on Friday. The problem is that our leadership has shown no integrity in this issue. To fix the problem in Dobell, a problem of their own making, they take away the democratic rights of Robertson branch members. We will not stand for these tactics, there are 10 branches in Robertson . . . 10 branches with hundreds of unpaid foot soldiers who will walk away, let Head Office pay for the lot come the Election”.

    Lucy Who?

  71. corvus boreus

    The ‘I love Lucy’ online fanboiz.
    Minion-level-membership includes such loveable characters as Dicky Chillem, Barry Mealie, Harry, Larry, Curly and Moe.
    Climate science denial is essential, basic literacy optional.

  72. Kaye Lee

    In 2013, Lucy held a morning tea with guest speaker Bronwyn Bishop as the main feature. This was the local Liberals reaction….

    “Lucy Wicks was totally uninspiring and seemed like an impressionable kid that didn’t have a brain between her ears. The helpers there all seemed like young Liberals that were nice, but really, did nothing to add any degree of credibility at all. Dressed like they came off a refugee boat. Doesn’t some-one give them a dress code at all? As for Bronwyn, she was the main star and Lucy apart from telling us she worked in a factory in the Central Coast really had nothing to say. And it showed. Bronwyn did all the talking and Lucy shut up which is just as well I think”.

  73. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, there’s no telling where they are from. Twitter trolls, or Facebook trolls perhaps.

  74. Rossleigh


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