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How long must we endure this pompous, self-righteous, entitled dinosaur?

Nothing annoys me more than people who have enjoyed the benefits of this great country seeking to deny them to others.

Take Eric Abetz – please.

Eric migrated from Germany with his parents and five siblings in the early 1960s. Despite his great uncle Otto having been a Nazi who was sentenced to 20 years for war crimes for sending French Jews to the death camps, the Abetzes were welcomed to this country at a time when many Australians were still mourning the loss of so many loved ones in the wars Germany started.

They weren’t victimised because of what some of their countrymen (and relatives) had done. Quite the opposite.

His father, ironically enough, worked on one of Australia’s early attempts at renewable energy – Tasmania’s Hydro Electric Commission. Eric enjoyed a free education at a state school before completing a degree in arts/law which cost him nothing. Thirteen years later, at age 36, he was gifted a Senate seat for Tasmania, filling a casual vacancy left by the resignation of Brian Archer in 1994.

Eric’s brother Peter also jumped on the political gravy train, serving as the Liberal member for Southern River in the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia for 9 years.

So when I heard Eric’s extraordinary attack on Yasmin Abdel-Magied a few days ago, it made my blood boil.

Yasmin was part of a panel at a leadership forum conducted by ANU in Canberra last week. When asked by an audience member if there were alternative forms of government that might work “as western democracies falter”, she applauded the question and said it was assumed the “neoliberalism capitalist project” had worked for everyone.

Abetz took offence and immediately went on Facebook to say Ms Abdel-Magied was “effectively backing Arab dictatorships where forced marriages, genital mutilation and sexuality-based executions are legal and reprehensible”.

“If Ms Abdel-Magied thinks our system of government is so bad perhaps she should stop being a drain on the taxpayer and move to one of these Arab dictatorships that are so welcoming of women.”

Talk about a dog-whistling non sequiter!

This from the man who hails himself as a champion of free speech, speaking endlessly about the need to get rid of section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. During the Senate debate on the matter he said:

“Part and parcel of the freedoms and the society we enjoy today is the underpinning of the virtue of freedom of speech. And, along with that, comes the opportunity for some people to behave in an untidy way from time to time. But that does not mean that the state should step in and stop it.”

But don’t call him a “white conservative” or suggest he is from the “religious right” – he gets most offended.

“If you promote conservative policies, you are immediately demonised and conservative policies are demonised,” he said. “Parliamentarians are intimidated from stating their point of view because they know, no matter how sensibly they present it, it will somehow be misrepresented or a negative picture, negative commentary will be presented. I think the groupthink of the media gallery has got worse as the years have gone by and the concept of a diverse range of opinions or interpretations is now lacking.”

Eric claims to want diversity but, if you are going to speak publicly, you better be a white heterosexual Christian male who thinks all unionists are thugs, environmentalists are “anti-Australian” traitors, and gays are out to destroy families. Oh, and abortion causes breast cancer.

How long must we endure this pompous, self-righteous, entitled dinosaur?


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  1. Freethinker

    He is the biggest barnacle that we have here in Tasmania.

  2. helvityni

    Freethinker, Australia has been good to this barnacle, maybe it’s because he had learnt to speak English…? 🙂

    God only knows what kind of monsters Dutton’s fluent English speakers will bring to Oz…in future.

  3. Freethinker

    That expectations of immigrants to have good knowledge of English is ridiculous when many of our politicians cannot speak well and not have any knowledge of the “Mother Language” in this country.
    What would happen if we were to expect that politicians have some knowledge of some of the aborigines dialects and their culture?
    I guess that we will finishing with a couple of senators, that will be all.
    I would love to see teaching aborigines culture in the schools instead on concentration in some other subjects like religion.

  4. Jan

    I had the misfortune of having sex with Erica one night .I have received great councleling in the past 10 years and the worst is behind me now.

  5. Kyran

    We did have our chance to rid the landscape of this menace.

    “Counsel for Mr Hawkins, John Sackar QC, told the court yesterday he would seek leave to withdraw the petition, after his client received a document showing Senator Abetz had renounced his German citizenship. The renunciation meant Senator Abetz was eligible for election in 2010 and thus could not be challenged in the High Court. But an unrepentant Mr Hawkins said yesterday Senator Abetz’s renunciation was dated March 9, 2010. He said it meant Senator Abetz had been ineligible, because of his dual citizenship, during the 16 years of his political career until that date. “You cannot renounce what you haven’t got, so it means that Senator Abetz was a dual citizen and thus ineligible from 1994 to 2010,” he said.”

    “The Australian Constitution prevents anyone who is a citizen of a foreign country, which includes holding dual citizenship, from being elected to, or sitting in the Australian Parliament. Mr Hawkins said the election of Senator Abetz in 1994, 1998 and 2004 could only have been challenged in a 40-day window after each election. His election in the 2010 election cannot be challenged because he was not a dual citizen at the date of the nomination for the August 21 election. Senator Abetz said he had instructed his legal representatives to seek an order for costs.”


    Respect for the law appears to be something this mob have a problem with, but only under certain circumstance. In a parallel scenario to his vilification (yet again) of Ms Abdel-Magied, are two instances of contempt of court. A muslim failed to stand in court, Ms Moutia Elzahed, and was prosecuted for the contempt. Three ministers questioned the integrity and capacity of the courts, an admitted contempt of court by virtue of their unreserved apology, and go unpunished.

    It appears we will endure this pompous, self-righteous, entitled dinosaur as long as he and his mates write the rules.

    Think Tracy Chapman will be on the list for today.
    Talkin’ bout a revolution.
    Grateful as always Ms Lee. Take care

  6. Terry2

    Christopher Pyne has said marriage equality could become law “sooner than everyone thinks”, implying that the Liberal Party will relax their iron-clad rule against a free vote in the parliament.

    Scott Morrison is adamant that the coalition policy remains a non-binding plebiscite before any vote in the parliament.

    Abbott is calling Pyne disloyal and demanding that the plebiscite be back on the agenda “to keep faith with the electorate”

    The Liberal party is going to tear itself apart and whilst Pyne thinks that the moderates will prevail, the dark forces from the far-right are gathering their numbers to dump Turnbull.

    Can we really afford the luxury of this self obsessed coalition ?

  7. Kaye Lee

    Victorian upper house MP Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins has defected to Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives. In April the two Family First South Australian upper house members also defected to join Bernardi so he now has three sitting state members and is looking for more.

    “Bernardi recently held a lunch with several high-profile NSW Liberals whose attempts to democratise the party’s internal processes were being continually frustrated. The gathering, involving close allies of former prime minister Tony Abbott, is considered a threat to the NSW division of the Liberal party amid fears members will defect if the moderates’ grip on the state party continues.”

    Let’s hope they can all get together in one cesspit. Eric would be a fine addition to Bernardi’s bunch of bigoted homophobes. They can duke it out with Pauline as to who is the most racist.

  8. Jack Straw

    Terry 2
    The Liberal party is going to tear itself apart and whilst Pyne thinks that the moderates will prevail, the dark forces from the far-right are gathering their numbers to dump Turnbull.

    And their hard right back bencher Alan Jones is whipping up a storm and he won’t rest until his puppet boy Tony Abbott is back in charge.

  9. Jaquix

    Good article Kaye and of course the answer to your final question is “As long as the Liberal Party keep putting him up for re-election”. Or, most unlikely, all the dyed in the wool Liberal voters see the light and don’t vote for them. Re Pyne and the latest excitingly tedious instalment of the Libs tearing strips off each other, remember Malcolm during the election campaign (11 long, long months ago) warning voters about the chaos and division in the Labor Party? Thank goodness we don’t have 5 year terms as they do in the UK, we’ll get a chance to toss them out.

  10. 131

    When my son was 15 he worked in our local pizza shop, abetz used to frequent there. It was just after the 1st horrendous abbott budget when erica walked in and said to my son “Where’s the boss?”, (he was out the back having a smoke), to which my son instantly replied “Due to budget cuts we had to let him go!”. A very proud parent moment.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Too funny 131. I wish I had that presence of mind and quick wit when our local member keeps wandering into my business wanting to have a photo shoot. When she asked how we were going, I launched into a tirade about FttN….she left faster than a scalded cat.

  12. diannaart


    Great anecdote.

    Neo-cons just don’t get hypocrisy, yet they do it so well.

  13. Jack Straw

    Diannaart Fundamentalist’s don’t get their own hypocrisies.

  14. Terry2

    Now Turnbull comes out and says that he is tired of repeating himself and a plebiscite is Liberal party policy on marriage equality.

    He ignored a question about whether it was still a non-binding plebiscite [i.e. an opinion poll]. So was Pyne anticipating that a plebiscite 2.0 will be back on the cards, but this time binding on the parliament ?

    Curiouser and curiouser

  15. diannaart

    Jack Straw

    Did I not say neo-cons don’t get hypocrisy? Maybe I imagined typing it.

  16. Jack Straw

    Though; many are Fundamentalist’s are they not?

  17. Aortic

    Pompous, self righteous entitled dinosaur are his good points. His sonorous nasal tones are sufficient for me to have to garner all my self control to prevent myself throwing a house brick at the television. Mind you, Abbott, Pyne, Morrison and Joyce are not far behind. I almost choked on lunch after watching Abbott on the Hadley show accusing Pyne of gross disloyalty casing him great disappointment. Hey Tony he is a politician and you still don’t get it that it is the land of opportunism and fair weather “friends”. As the inimitable Keating said, ” if you want a friend in Canberra, get a dog.”

  18. Kaye Lee

    Bronwyn Bishop might have a word to say about Tony and his loyalty since it was his office who insisted she not apologise and then threw her under a bus when things got sticky. Let’s hope Abbott pisses enough people off that he loses preselection just like Bronnie – or perhaps even better, that he runs and gets beaten in his safe Liberal seat like Howard did.

  19. Christine Farmer

    While he has control of the Liberal Party in Tasmania, which is small, Abetz will retain the top spot on the Liberal senate ticket, and so stay right where he is. It’s likely to be up to the preselection process to remove him, unless something quite extraordinary happens. Maybe the voters will ignore him, but I’m not hopeful.

    Loved 131’s son’s retort! We need more of those.

  20. John

    For all you NSW residents, I just got an invitation to tell Arfur Seenodonors what I think.
    Mmm, federal ICAC?

    The survey is here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X5XGJBM

  21. Lance

    Christopher has Mr Bolt in a quivvering, wobbling , jelly like orgasm of extreme conservative sensual anxiety over the prospect of of Chrissy’s and mr Brandis’s naughty boy daisy chain free speech function teasing their serious righty’ no humour nasty -Turbull disrupters –let the fun begin –que –the little car carring all the clowns to alight centre stage –Honk– Honk–where’s Barnaby and George-double Honk Honk

  22. Michael Taylor

    131, that was brilliant. Please tell your son that he has won a few fans.

  23. Christian Marx

    Neoliberalism IS terrorism. It destroys the Middle class and crushes the poor.

  24. wam

    Short wasn’t singing last year so change is not impossible.

    Of course it is harder for women in Tassie because the boys rule the family first, the libs (although many women could have made the same assumption as me that Erica was a woman) and the diludbransimkims.

    Where are the tassie women? Surely, they can’t all be labor?

    ps I love prime numbers and wonder if your lad could take an advisory job with billy?

  25. Havana Liedown

    What is “the diludbransimkins”?

  26. Keith

    It is almost as though we are witnessing the neo con ideology in action in the LNP … an ideology that has dog eat dog.

    In the last election Abetz had the top position on the Senate ticket, it is the only reason he was elected; he had few votes from below the line voters.

  27. havanaliedown

    Ahh… Di (Natali) Lud(lum) Bran(dt) Sim (who cares?) Kins (ditto). The Greens! If it wasn’t for The Greens and their precious second preferences… well…

  28. cmshowellChris

    John – June 26, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    For all you NSW residents, I just got an invitation to tell Arfur Seenodonors what I think.
    Mmm, federal ICAC?

    The survey is here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X5XGJBM


    Actually, John, you only need to PRETEND to be a NSW resident. Apparently I live just along the road from a fast-food outlet in a northern seaside town, rather than in a different state. I wonder if Arfur is smart enough to match the responses to the electoral roll? (George Cole would’ve spotted the con straight away)

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