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LNP to Voters: “You Idiots!”

By James Moylan

The LNP still don’t believe they lost the election. The post-election narrative they are now selling to anyone who will listen is all about how everything was on track for an overwhelming LNP triumph, until the nasty and deceitful ALP began lying their heads off about Medicare. Then the stupid public went and believed them!

The LNP politicians and their block-headed followers all really do seem to think that the election was ‘stolen’. The genesis of this narrative can be found in Turnbull’s punch-drunk speech on election night. In this ‘speech’ Turnbull accidentally let all of Australia in on the discussion he’d been having over his dinner table as the results had come flooding in. (I urge everyone to revisit this “speech“. It is most revealing.)

Turnbull commenced by assuring everyone that the DD election was necessary. That the LNP were ethically pure and so were ideologically driven to embark on the course of action that they had adopted – regardless of what the public might think. They really had no option but to call an election.

“It was not a political tactic. It was not designed to remove senators or get a new senate because new senators are better than old senators, or whatever. It was simply this: we need to restore the rule of law to the construction industry.” The LNP had to hold the election. They had been compelled to do so.

“We could have just walked away and said it was all too hard and we weren’t committed to our principles of cleaning up the construction industry and ensuring the rule of law applied: we could have done that.”

But “at the moment the CFMEU has over a hundred officials before the courts on more than a thousand charges of breaching industrial law or agreements.” So the LNP simply had to call an election. After all the very fabric of our society was at stake.

This went down well with his emotionally overwrought blue-blooded audience. They cheered this wonderful new understanding. The true magnitude of the disservice that Australia had done to them all was becoming apparent. Then after two more minutes of disjointed bitching about how evil the CFMEU and the Union movement are Turnbull claimed a narrow victory despite the evil that had been perpetrated against the ruling class.

Remember, at the time of this speech, after midnight on the night of the election, Turnbull was “still fairly confident” that he would be “able to form a majority government” and he announced as much.

Yet it was a victory that had been achieved despite his opponents constantly dragging the campaign into the gutter. The Liberal party had offered to the Australian public the uplands of secure and calm economic management. Yet the public had been the victim of “a scare campaign so dishonest but yet in some quarters so effective that [the ALP] boasted about how skilfully they’d lied and how effectively they had deceived.”

So the narrative was declared. The problem was not with the message but rather with the campaign itself. The ALP Mediscare lie upset voters. GetUp imported hundreds of smelly leftie infiltrators into otherwise pure blue suburbs. The CFMEU bankrolled an evil advertising campaign. The Unions funnelled rivers of tainted cash to the ALP. Then the damned idiot voting public were all duped by a scare campaign. So unfair.

Consider Julie Bishop’s first pasty faced outing since the poll on the 7.30 Report last night. Looking shell-shocked the Liberal stalwart refused to give any ground on their policies. It was all down to dishonesty and trickery. She repeated the same ‘we was robbed’ story we have heard coming from all quarters of the LNP. When Leigh Sales was incredulous that the Deputy PM, like members of the Labor Party, could possibly posses such a cloth-ear regarding the actual concerns of the voting public, Julie Bishop explained that the voting public had simply got it all wrong:

JULIE BISHOP: Well, Leigh, I believed that, for example, our message on backing small business, on creating more job opportunities, on growing our economy, was resonating, particularly in those weeks leading up to the final two critical weeks.

And on the ground, out and about, people were responding very positively and I felt that we were winning the campaign. We were listening, we were responding.

People were concerned about jobs, particularly in the face of the global economic uncertainty. And so I believed our message was right.

But then it must have been right, because Labor switched their campaign overnight. They abandoned their higher taxes, their higher deficits and debt policies. The CFA – the volunteer firefighter matter – was clearly biting in Victoria. And suddenly they abandoned their whole platform and started on the Medicare scare campaign. We can go into that in more detail.

But it was a complete switch and then two weeks of unrelenting, ferocious campaigning to save Medicare, when everybody knew that Medicare was not going to be privatised. In fact, might I say, in a rather devastating interview that you had with Bill Shorten, he was exposed as having concocted it. There was no evidence to say it.

So the voting public were misled – despite the best efforts of both the politicians and the press – they simply bought an evil scare campaign hook line and sinker. The LNP were selling Gods-own-truth and the Labor Party were peddling lies and deceit yet the voters bought the lie. So unfair.

That the polls barely budged during the whole of the campaign period, and that the final result closely reflected what the polls had been saying all during the election campaign, is only one of many unfortunate realities that seem blindingly apparent to all of the voting public yet remain invisible to both the press and the politicians.

So the voting public is obviously at fault. The press and the pollies all agree: The damned ungrateful idiot peasants just can’t seem to recognise a ‘lie’ when it is right in front of their faces! Fools!

In fact it is becoming ever more apparent that the voting public are simply not sophisticated enough to fully understand the consequences of their thoughts and actions when it comes to electing who should lead them. Look at the angst we have caused Mr Turnbull, Mrs Bishop, and all of our caring and deeply empathetic leaders! We have betrayed them utterly.

So on behalf of the voting public I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to the LNP for being so unworthy of your pure intentions and your wonderful campaign and so hurting your feelings.

Now if you have finished with your tantrums please piss off into the pages of history and let some people with a grasp of reality take your place.



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  1. Freethinker

    Perhaps this arrogant “knowing all” politicians would like to remove the right to vote?
    It appears that perhaps for them it is the solution……..
    Dictators have the same idea.

  2. Miriam English

    Of course, repeated efforts to damage Medicare (co-payments, sneaky fees levied on doctors and making it harder and more expensive to get tests) had nothing to do with people thinking Medicare was under attack. And the LNP ripping billions out of our hospitals had nothing to do with it. And those commissioned investigations into how best to dismantle and/or sell off Medicare — that had nothing to do with it either.

    It’s clearly all our fault. We should just believe what the pure-of-heart LNP folks say, regardless of their actions.

  3. Garth

    Whatever an LNP politician says – assume the opposite will happen.

    That’s not meant to be hyperbole.

  4. Möbius Ecko

    And Miriam let’s not forget a $50m enquiry into Medicare with privatisation at the top of the efficiency gains.

    The other doozy they attempted to put over the public was that privatisation of the Medicare payment system and the letting out of the data services was not a privatisation of Medicare.

    What is Medicare if not a medical payment and health data system?

    Just how stupid did they think the public are? Turnbull only abandoned this policy halfway through the election campaign and then doubled down on treating the public as being stupid by pretending that publicly released policy never existed.

  5. Stephen

    They Liberals talk about privatizing Medicare as if was a organization like Telstra with a revenue stream to be sold as a profitable concern. They are being deliberately misleading Medicare does not have a Revenue stream it is a Government body that pays costs, no one would buy it for that reason But if you privatize all the duties and aspects and pay private organizations to preform them at a profit for them that is privatizing Medicare. We are well along the road with Job Search, who can say that has made any difference to the unemployment problems. It has introduced a profit potential into the situation for Job Provider company’s whose first goal is profit not unemployment how many horror stories have we heard about Job Finders abusing their power, and the Government wants to or all ready has give them power to fine and punish job seekers chuck in quotas either official or unspoken and masked as efficiencies and project this onto Medicare scary.

    Of course this also allows the Government to put itself at a remove from the actions after all they didn’t do it the contractors did it nothing we can do. Once you have sold all the public profitable enterprises the next step to swell company coffers and ensure board positions and consultancies is to privatise the core functions of Government. How long before Police prisons are fully privatised some day the big dream would be the armed forces then they will have all power and control and we will be that third world country ruled by elites with all power in their hands,

  6. Lj

    “Now if you have finished with your tantrums please piss off into the pages of history and let some people with a grasp of reality take your place.”
    Last line said it all for me.

  7. paul walter

    People who get James Moylan will love a quick visit to the Guardian live feed, where the ubiquitous, grasping Natasha Griggs has conceded Solomon.

    Other news there has the Guthrie onslaught on the ABC gathering pace with a vicious attack on Catalyst and Dr Maryanne Demasi..

    Not all the counting on remaining marginals looks quite so good, however.

  8. bearbrooke

    Globalisation will eventually frame a world that has no national borders — a framing process that is now unstoppable. Political parties that don’t acknowledge and respond to this process will cease to exist — as is likely with both major political parties in Australia.

    The internet is global and is becoming the principle information and news carrier for a majority of Australians — entertainment, news, information, politics consequently is progressively being globalised — another process that is unstoppable.

    This has ‘everything’ to do with the Australia’s 2016 election result.

    I’ll speak for myself. I’m an old man. I’m not half as savvy with modern technology as younger generations. Yet I can know what is happening everywhere in the word — by tap-tapping my fingers on a keyboard I gain access to an abundance of knowledge that I use to inform my judgements about commerce, education, health care, economics, the environment, religion, politics … yes, politics … globalised knowledge enables me to make sound judgements about politicians, about when they are competent, when they are truthful, and when they are behaving with propriety. I know with certainty when they are behaving stupidly.

    The Coalition party behaved stupidly during its last term in office and most Australians know it. Both major parties peddled a great deal of nonsense during the 2016 election campaign and most people knew it.

    I’ll give one example of political stupidity:—

    A single example of a pressing global danger that both our major parties (by their silence) discounted is climate change. Everyone who uses the internet will see, over and over again, irrefutable evidence that climate change is an ecological disaster in the making — this is a fact that is in the news world wide, everywhere, in every country, talked about endlessly, reported endlessly. Polling reveals a majority of Australians know this. It’s not that our politicians don’t know this — it’s that our politicians think we, the voting citizenry, don’t know this.

    People are no longer uninformed idiots who can be spoofed by slogans and lies and by manipulative silence.

    Globalised information will increasingly influence political behaviour and this is now unstoppable. Political parties that don’t acknowledge and respond to this will cease to exist.

    Quoting John Lord (AIM): “People have become tired of both parties inability to adapt to new thinking, new ideas and positive reform.”

    He is right. Both parties are cemented into immutable ideological foundations. Immutability does not exist in nature. Ideological political thinking is dead. In Australia we are witnessing the death throes of our two party democratic system of government.

    Change is everywhere — Brexit, the Australian election result, the emergence of Trump, the resurgence of extremism in France, political insurgency in the middle east … evidences of global change are everywhere. The incestuous sloganeering of Australia’s leaders must stop — otherwise they will be replaced by others who are pragmatic and better educated and better informed and, finally, entirely respect the populous they represent.

  9. Wun Farlung

    Perhaps the likes of Bishop, Turnbull et al should slip the leash of the minders and spin doctors and go and speak to real people and not puppets and sycophants at tightly controlled media photo ops/3 word slogan utterances.
    They got what usually happens to people who think they are oh-so clever and that all the rest of us are stupid.
    We all know that the attention span of the people is short but that doesn’t mean they are forgetful
    LNP should count themselves lucky that the ALP didn’t run ‘he’s Abbott in a nice suit, the policies haven’t changed’ campaign

  10. Don A Kelly

    John Howard won office over Kim Beazley thanks to the “children overboard” lie. Tony Abbott Came to office in 2013 on the back of a massive scare campaign about the so called “fiscal emergency”. I don’t recall too much hue and cry from the Labor Party about these issues at the time.

  11. Wun Farlung

    And then we have the hypocrisy, oh the hypocrisy
    I just saw Morrison going on about the “scare campaign”, as if ‘the great big tax on everything’-‘debt and deficit disaster’-‘stop the boats’-‘death cults’ etc etc etc never happened

  12. silkworm

    Turnbull’s hubris is not very convincing.

  13. Graeme Henchel

    Where is the “mea culpa” from the mainstream media? Where is the apology from those mastheads who editorialised in favour of the coalition and so misread the mood of the Australian electorate? Where is the apology for allowing Abbott to sneak in with lies and slogans and then doing the same with Turnbull? Oh now we hear about the vacuousness of Turnbull’s “jobs and growth” slogan and the “plan” which was not much more than a plan to say they had a plan.
    Where is the apology to Bill Shorten for belittling and underestimating him for 3 years?
    Of course I don’t expect one from the Murdoch media which is nothing but a blatant propaganda arm of the coalition, but Fairfax. The Abbott/Turnbull kakistocracy has been so deplorable over the past three years that they should have lost in a landslide. If it were not for favoured coverage by the mainstream media they would have.

  14. Freethinker

    Are they kidding us?
    Liberal Party has become too centrist.,
    Conservative senator Cory Bernardi is in talks to break away from the Liberal Party to become the figurehead for a conservative party
    He has asked fellow conservatives to register their interest at a website called “conservatives.org.au”.

    Perhaps this help us to remove this individuals from power if they are all in the same pig pen.

  15. kerri

    The post election strategy seems to be, convince the public that each individual made a mistake against all odds and the true direction of right wing democracy. Then if we go back to the polls, and IMHO that is quite likely given they all believe their “Labor lied and fooled you” mantra, the gullible voters will believe they made a last minute bad decision and denied the true leaders their mandate. A mandate they will declare even if they win by .00000001%.

  16. jim

    IMO i’d say their vibes are going south since the 2014 HORROR budget and the unemployed couldn’t like the liberals rich people .

    IMO Labor ticked all the boxes but with the MSM and “our” ABC singing the Liberals tune if any party was duped it is Labor.

    I think the LNP have just about made cuts to every department and installed LNP members as department heads sound fair to you ?……..http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-10-09/abs-staff-say-data-undermined-by-funding-cuts/5801844 Plus huge cut to our first peoples programs HUGE cuts mate.

  17. margcal

    Graeme, I doubt there was any misreading of the mood of the electorate by the MSM, including the ABC.
    I dare say a good number of them felt quite differently to what they said/wrote/published simply in order to keep their jobs.
    Maintaining your integrity when you’ve got a mortgage and dependants can be too big an ask. (You can’t have it all!) A pity that when you’re a journalist the implications of that for your country are pretty diabolical. And it’s why, as far as print is concerned, sales are diving. Why buy a paper – or pay to get past a firewall for that matter – when you don’t believe what journalists are serving up. Ditching their integrity will only keep them employed for a little bit longer. The dole queue will get them too in the not too distant future – they should ask their colleagues who are already there.

    Love your recent poetry BTW.

  18. Earwig

    Yes Julie Bishop was an absolute joke last night on 7.30.The Conservatives will cling to any power they can get. They are an ideology out of control like ISIS. They just want power and dam the people.If they were listening to the people they would go to Labors change on Negative Gearing and not give big business a Tax cut. But we know all fundermentist’s groups never listen to anyone besides themselves.

  19. Harquebus

    This is what happens when the overall population is wising up to those who govern and that think that they are the smarter and deserve, by virtue of birth alone, to rule.
    I enjoyed MT’s speech. So refreshing to see an unmasked politician.

    “These remarks express the growing hostility within ruling circles—not just in Australia—toward democratic forms of rule.
    The uncertain election outcome has brought to the surface of political life the simmering frustration and anger within the ultra-wealthy.”
    “In other words, the sentiments of ordinary people must be suppressed and not permitted to find any political expression.”

  20. lawrencewinder

    I can remember back to ’72 and it took the MSM nearly 12 months to stop referring to Whitlam as the Leader of the Labor Party and apply the title, “Prime Minister” and various opposition Liarbrils were generally referred to as “ex government ministers”… it was a shameful joke!
    So the wrong-headed hubris of ruling rabble#2 will be no different except that I think many in the electorate see that these bitching “emperors” really have no clothes.

  21. Freethinker

    margcal, many of those journalist that do not say what they believe to keep their job are the some who criticize Turnbull to “bend” to the right to have the job.
    Integrity it is very important in journalism and I have a lot of respect for those that risk their live to report the truth.
    Those that have their material life mortgaged should not be involved in journalism if it is going to cost their integrity.

  22. Möbius Ecko

    I doubt there was any misreading of the mood of the electorate by the MSM, including the ABC.

    There was probably no misreading of it but a real attempt to influence it. Much of the MSM, especially Ltd News believe they have great influence and can sway enough voters to the way they want them to vote so as to predetermine the outcome of an election.

    I don’t know the truth in this, but there are enough articles on polls being in part self fulfilling. But this election has proved the waning influence of the media, especially Murdoch’s, where the Daily Telegraph’s onslaught to influence Sydney’s West failed comprehensively.

  23. cartoonmick

    They just can’t believe this could happen to the “born to rule” class.
    How could the people be so cruel??
    Surely the people believed everything they said during the election campaign ??
    The people couldn’t have remembered all the broken promises,,, could they ???

    They may all be sitting in their corners weeping, but one of them is still very very busy, and will remain very very busy for at least the next 3 years, as depicted in this cartoon . . .

    Editorial / Political


  24. Freethinker

    I just wonder what will be the outcome if a snap election is called.
    I am not 100% sure that the ALP will win.

  25. Phil

    Wonderful analysis James – in fact I took your advice and tuned into iview’s 7.30 show on JBish and there once again was the evidence of why the good citizens hold the MSM and conservative (less so the progressives) party politicians in contempt. Leigh Sales gave JBish a soapbox from which to waffle and blame everyone but herself. I turned off long before the interview ended – Sales wasn’t doing her job and JBish was in denial. I won’t be returning to 7.30 Report, period. Come back Kerry, come back, Australia needs you.

    The measure of a statesman, a true political leader worthy of the title ‘Honourable’ is his/her willingness to show graciousness to opponents. Instead we have Turnbull, Bishop, Morrison et al, in full frontal denial and mouthing hatred of their opponents. Perhaps this is all an act on their part – theatrics for the cameras when behind the scenes they chum up at the bar out of our gaze?

    The Libs have had three years and have taken us nowhere – merely going around in circles perhaps – a pointless government.

    I agree – they should just piss off.

  26. Jaquix

    Julie Bishop and all the other Libs, were listening to the wrong people. Small glimmer of insight from Andrew Hastie when he realised he could not answer the man who asked him how the tax cuts to business were going to help his family. Hastie has backed the wrong horse! Seems to me there is quite a bit of remorse around at the moment. Voters realising what their protest vote has delivered, including Pauline Hanson (thank you Malcolm). Newspapers embarrassed by their front pages last Friday, Lib candidates who lost their seats, ignored in Malcolm’s election night tantrum speech. Ive enjoyed the little break from Lib Adoration these last few days. And this whole schimozzle caused by Turnbull rushing into a china shop, and releasing a china doll named Pauline, who had lain dormant so long.

  27. TuffGuy

    I still fail to see any reason for anyone lauding the performance of the minister for fashion. Her election response just reinforces that opinion. However I bet her wardrobe is looking pretty good about now and that is what truly matters to her.

  28. keerti

    How much worse they would have polled had they been truthful enough to run on their real policies.
    “”Bugger the environment. Pay money to Adani to build an unprofitable coal mine which won’t produce jobs in any meaningful number. Give tax cuts to those who don’t need them, so that they can send the money offshore. Spend large amounts of money on unnecessary war material which mostly serves the line pockets of multinationals and strangely proper the economy of France (exporting jobs there in the process).produce a scared populationwhich they hoped could be manipulated into accepting more and more fascist controlls.Support the rape and murder of refugees. Destroy alternative enrgy development where the slogan “jobs and growth” would actually fit.”
    Fascist bunch of bastards!

  29. Lotharsson

    Unfortunately, the first sentence of this article looks unlikely now, and the article would benefit from a rework so that the article didn’t depend on that claim.

    The postal and other non-booth votes appear to be running strongly enough for the Coalition in enough close seats that they will form a majority government, and there’s a reasonable chance they’ll even reach 77 seats:

    The seat of Flynn has a very heavy postal skew to the Coalition, enough (if it continues) to not only erase the current Labor lead but establish an even bigger lead for the Coalition.

    The postals in Herbert are skewing to the Coalition strongly enough to easily take the seat.

    Postals in Chisholm are only extending the existing Coalition lead.

    Labor will probably still win Cowan based on the current postal flow, but lose Forde (Liberal in front and postals skewing Liberal), Gilmore and probably Hindmarsh (although that one is looking very close).

    There’s no postal count for Capricornia yet.

    Of course, one or two of these could go the other way given that they are close, but I wouldn’t be betting against a majority Coalition government any more.

  30. Miriam English

    I was just reading about the LNP, their policies, and their statements and I suddenly realised something. They see us ordinary Australians as a waste.

    Their country would be much better without us. If we die through lack of Medicare or social safety net then that’s a bonus to them. They won’t come out and say it directly, of course, but I bet they chuckle about it among the silverware at their quiet dinner parties. This is why they don’t empathise with us or understand why and how we vote. They think we’re beneath contempt. We can just be handled by Murdoch’s media and a captured ABC. We’ll do what we’re told because we’re just mindless waste.

    But they’re wrong. They’re just the one percent. We are Australia. Many of us have been too busy to bother with lying politicians, but people have been stepped on too much. Millions and millions of people are beginning to turn. It is slow… but it is beginning. The massive mainstream media indoctrination during this last election should have given the LNP instant landslide victory. But it didn’t.

  31. diannaart


    If the 1% dropped dead overnight, the sun would still rise, trains would run, people would still go about their lives. Not one of the 1% are needed to operate a forklift, drive a truck, feed a baby, sell cars, run a factory, bake bread, create a tune, sing a song, paint a picture, make a movie or even run a newspaper (Rupert).

  32. Wayne Turner

    The LYING LIBS should be thankful for so many idiot voters – It’s the only way they ever get in (These people conned by the Libs MSM)

  33. Miriam English

    diannaart, excellent point.

    If that meme started to propagate widely they might really start to get worried… and with good reason.

    I’ve just posted it to facebook, changing the first part to “If the 1% wealthiest…”

    It would be great to see more people understand this. It would be even better for the 1% to understand it.

  34. totaram

    Interesting to see the “business leaders” calling for “dictatorship” to fix everything. This was the exact manner in which fascism gained an upper hand in europe in the 1930’s. There is always a “bogey” to be opposed. In those days it was “communists” and nowadays it is just “populist chaos” or some such construct — even “lefties, watermelons and other such” will do.

    Moral of the story: If the business leaders want it, it is probably bad for you. And if they say it is not, the onus is on them to prove it.

  35. David

    There is something drastically wrong with politicians and political parties around the world right now. Why are they so consistently wrong about the “mood of the people”? Brexit was a big surprise for Cameron and the Tories in UK. Turnbullshit was so out of touch here, it was embarrassing. The only logical explanation I can think of is that all politicians and political parties are “owned” by another entity or entities. If a Clinton or a Bush is allowed back into the White House, it will be devastating for the USA and the entire Globe. If the US elections go ahead, and Hillary is elected, I will guarantee there will be another event, worse than 911, to allow the draconian plans of the globalists to proceed unchallenged. Cheney has predicted it, the USA is preparing for it, and the TPP will benefit from it. Fortunately the Australian voting population have a track record of getting it right, so maybe there some hope for a better future?

  36. diannaart

    There is something drastically wrong with politicians and political parties around the world right now.

    I agree

    If the US elections go ahead, and Hillary is elected, I will guarantee there will be another event, worse than 911


    There is an even worse possibility for the US elections (I shouldn’t even need to point this out):

    Donald Trump

  37. diannaart


    Thank you

    I have been thinking this for many years now – a thought, which thanks to the deteriorating standard of our most of our leaders, has only gained traction. Most of the time when I have pointed this out, I am met with silence, first, then people do start to have a think.

    Seems people actually believe the tail wags the dog in our crazy world.

    The most perfect trick by the human species is the powerful have convinced everyone else they are needed.

  38. cornlegend

    Gilmore is a goner

  39. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    James Moylan,

    this is the best title of any article on AIMN.

    Perversely, it’s an appropriate title if the LNP Degenerates scrape through with a slim majority. It will be the LNP silent but condescending attitude to the idiots, who voted them back in.

    Don’t blame me!

  40. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear Miriam @ 6.08pm yesterday.

    Regardless of this slow process of the election results, the movement is happening which is the good news. The 1% couldn’t care less if we lived or died: the more for them. Greedy pigs.

  41. Mim

    Aw! Gee! It never occurred to him that pensioners and retirees vote, unemployed vote, parents of students in schools vote, relatives and friends of sick people vote and all of western Sydney was upset by having a polluting airport without a curfew imposed on them in a location which had already been dismissed twenty years ago as unsuitable because of the health and environmental impacts. Did he even read that shoddy EIS that stated people will die because of the location in a closed basin? Ha, ha! Hilarious if it wasn’t so arrogant and stupid. Many voters were smart enough to see through the lack of policies behind his three word slogan!

  42. mark

    Howard cowered the workers,and the L/np is the result.mark

  43. wam

    spot on mark no government can get elected without the vote of the workers earning less than the hecs payback level.

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