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Lies and videos won’t cut it any longer, Scotty

2019 was Australia’s warmest year on record. It was also our driest year on record.

The country is on fire and water is running out.

Our annual national mean maximum temperature was 2.09 °C above average, smashing the previous record of +1.59 °C in 2013. The annual national mean temperature was 1.52 °C above average. Not looking good for us to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Record low rainfall of 277.6 mm also smashed the previous record of 314.5 mm set in 1902. It’s been much drier than both the Federation and Millenium droughts, except for parts of Queensland who got enormous amounts of rain in a very short period early in the year causing catastrophic devastation.

Whilst Scotty may admonish us that it would be “absurd” to link any one fire to climate change (does he actually know how many fires are burning?), it would be criminally absurd to ignore the fact that all the years since 2013 have been amongst the ten warmest on record for Australia. Of the ten warmest years, only one (1998) occurred before 2005.

Stop saying we can’t make a difference and bloody well work out how we can both through our own actions and through global leadership.

If I hear any more crap about meeting our emission reduction targets “in a canter”, when everyone knows that it is only being achieved by fiddling with land use change figures and carry over credits, I will scream.

Your own report says that, since 1990, transport emissions have increased by 63.5%, fugitive emissions by 51.4%, stationary energy excluding electricity by 53.1%, electricity by 38.8%, and industrial processes and product use by 33.3%.

The only way we can even pretend we have reduced emissions is by claiming that Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) emissions have reduced by 110.4% – a figure that is notoriously difficult to verify and that conveniently ignores bushfires. We may not be cutting down as many trees but we have just burnt down millions of hectares.

80,000 people packed out the Domain for the School Climate Strike last September. Another 30,000 marched this evening in Sydney.

Lies and promotional videos won’t cut it any longer, Scotty.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    The world has just seen Australia endure an extreme nastiness, and event continuing, a threat and warning, while we still have a dogshit government led by a shitheaded shire liar, who cannot comprehend evidence, needed action and basic awareness. How can we tolerate a cowpat headed horror in charge of a huge emergency, with essential revisionist action needed NOW? VOMITOUS.

  2. RomeoCharlie29

    I couldn’t stand to watch the Liar from the shire on 7.30, even though he sounded like he was getting as much of a grilling as Michael Rowland could give him without facing the ABC with more funding cuts.

    Of course this is still a possibility though Auntie’s performance in both reporting and being the disaster warning broadcaster should give her some protection.

    However back to the main deal, I am pretty sure I heard Scummo/ Smoko repeat the canard that we will meet our emissions targets with current policies. Now, if he didn’t I apologise, but if he did then I am wondering how little he has absorbed since his return from holiday

    Of course we know he is a liar and prevaricater, he cannot respond honestly to a question but must find a justification, and one that looks positive, for every problem that has arisen. Anything not to look as bad as he has so many times recently.

    However for me his absolute, categorical unfitness for the position was confirmed when he said there had been no deaths on Kangaroo Island when we all knew two people had died, a father and son, but no ordinary obscure father and son rather two well- known and respected people.

    Few people in Australia can have been unaware of these tragic deaths, but for the PM not to have known, or worse, forgotten ( or not been briefed) was inexcusable but then to compound his gaffe by saying he meant no firefighters had died was just beyond the pale.

    The people of Australia must be reminded at every possible time over e next two years, what a pathetic buffoon he is.

  3. Kaye Lee

    Scotty is flirting with the idea of a Royal Commission into the bushfires. Any RC that didn’t include our government’s woefully inadequate response to emissions reduction would be farcical but, as the government sets the terms of reference, and chooses the commissioner, what chance do we have of any meaningful investigation into why our country is burning? Any genuine investigation would crucify the Coalition.

    PS The father and son who died on Kangaroo Island were both volunteer firefighters apparently. Scotty f-cks up again.

  4. Michael Taylor

    A RC – if the federal government drafted the terms of reference – would, in a nutshell, find this: it was all the fault of the state governments and Morrison et al will come out squeaky clean.

    I would only trust a RC under Labor.

  5. Michael Taylor

    The mayor on KI, by the way, is a right-wing nut job. He’s probably the looniest climate change denier in the Southern Hemisphere.

  6. Stephengb

    Hmmm – thinks!

    I wonder who the federal MPs are, and by what margin they won by, who represent those unfortunate electorates affected by these unprecedented fires ?



  7. Michael Taylor

    Unfortunately, Stephen, the island has always been part of a safe Liberal seat.

  8. Glenn K

    Australia is all over the news here in France, and a key talking point is the denialist Australian Government. Scotty is getting lots of airplay, none of it good.

  9. New England Cocky

    Excellent no nonsense report KL. Thank you.

  10. johno

    That is one scary graph. Maybe Scotty’s graph is upside down.

  11. Terence Mills

    The suggested enquiry which may be a Royal Commission will look into drought, bush-fires and fire mitigation and possibly the impacts climate change is having on our planet.

    I suppose they will call for a submission on the findings of our Drought Envoy !

    Sounds like business as usual to me.

  12. David Evans

    “Fantastic. Great move. Well done Anus ” …”in A Canter” should be inscribed on their headstones: Soon. If ever there was a case to be made for nation wide civil unrest within Australia this “governments” willful ignorance, neglect of duty of care to the public since abbott was promoted as the property of murdoch and coal miners. The most disgraceful, (perhaps criminal in the real world?) 6-7-8 years in the history of this country. This scheming scamming mob of clowns should be strung up, along with murdoch and his molls.
    By the way Kaye, well done!…..Not sure, did your research come from Craig Kelly M.P.? If there was ANY LEADERSHIP in Australia that clown would have been gone years ago. abbott turnbull and morrison have all saved him from disendorsement, why? Just so the anti science clown can retain his seat and collect his misinformation and COALition funds? That’s worked out well for you ey rupert?

  13. johno

    Could this be the Clayton’s RC.

  14. Henry Rodrigues

    Scummo is there and doing what he is doing because he takes his orders and directives from that crinkled scrote Murdoch, backed up by that fat stinking mass of putrescense from the west, who digs up the coal and who donates to the IPA and other climate skeptic dickheads. The other players like barge arse Kelly and slimy Canavan and meathead Frydenberg, run interference for him.

    I suppose he’ll be in church tomorrow, raising his bloodstained hands, singing hallelujas and thanking his god that at least he didn’t get hurt in the fires and he still gets paid a $ 500,000 salary by the stupid taxpayers..

    The f#cken hypocrite !!!!!!

  15. crypt0

    ScumMo keeps saying it … “it would be “absurd” to link any one fire to climate change”
    Has anyone … ANYONE … outside of himself … EVER tried to make that connection?
    How very Morrisonesque it all is.

  16. Matters Not

    At one level, Morrison needs a Royal Commission like a metaphorical hole in the head but at another – deeper and more significant level, he can’t proceed without one (or at least the equivalent of). Royal Commissions buy time. They provide breathing space. They are the figurative carpet under which all inconvenient questions can be swept and given the resumption of Parliament, with the eyes of the world upon, Morrison is in desperate need.

    Having said that – he has a raft of crucial decisions to be made. All of which are inter-related. All interdependent. He must first decide the Terms of Reference but only in a general sense at this time. (The detail will come later after other decisions are made). He must decide whether he wants this RC to be long in duration (years), comprehensive with a mountain of detailed recommendations or whether he wants it to be short and dirty with recommendations at a high level of generality (motherhood and apple pie stuff). Here, his political imperatives will come to the fore. Whatever he decides, he certainly doesn’t want it to focus on climate change. That would be a bridge too far for many in his government including for some in Cabinet let alone the back-bench. And there’s the all important **sponsors* including those who donate the dollars and those who provide the ideological platform.

    Yet even he knows that the climate change concept must get a run. But is must not dominate. That would be political suicide and besides so much is already known. No need to reinvent the wheel. So who to select. And perhaps more importantly – who not to select. If he goes for a Chairman alone (and given his track record, it will be a man) or does he spread the load across a Panel of three or more? Again that will depend on the timeline envisaged, and the Terms of Reference.

    Because he wants this Royal Commission to be a type of political backstop, he cannot afford to have a Chair from the science community. Anyone who has a scientific profile would be seen to be biased because if their views re climate change aren’t already known then by definition they don’t have much of a profile. Hence a lack of heft. So a scientist is out (as Chair at least) that leaves a business man or perhaps someone from the law which is the usual route. The trouble with selecting someone from the law is that they are such arrogant beings, who always have the eye how history will remember them, so somewhat unreliable for what will essentially be a pragmatic political task.

    There’s many more issues to be explored but already this post is too long. And besides my last effort was described as f#cken bullshit.

  17. Peter

    Kaye, I agree with what you say and will add one thing. A 2 degree increase in temperature does not explain how fierce are the fires. Since about 1999 some jet fuels now have mandatory additives including things like aluminium oxide which end up sitting as aerosols in the stratosphere for some time. If the only side effects of the additives were increasing engine life, anti-freeze etc, then fair enough. However, metal oxide as nano-particulates are highly flammable; and what goes up must come down.

    The presence or absence of metal oxide nano-particles in our bush or waterways could be proved or disproved by State EPA testing. We owe it to the firefighters to know what they are up against.

  18. New England Cocky

    AW geez MN there will be at least one PhD analysing the economic demise of Australia under the RAbbott Turdball Morriscum Lairbral Nat$ misgovernments 2013 to 2020. Why I predict that the number of academic tomes will likely challenge the writings about the Great Depression 1929.

    Oh look, that was only 90 years ago and still the conservatives cling to the flawed notion that parasitic capitalism gives better community outcomes than well dispersed wealth and graduated tax scales applied to corporate earnings without tax concessions for operating in a politically stable economic country.

  19. Roswell

    Matters Not, yours was a comment that had me nodding with agreement. Until your last sentence.

    Everybody here knows that MT is going through a horrid time. It really isn’t necessary to kick him while he’s down.

  20. Kaye Lee

    As firefighters continued to battle out-of-control bushfires across four states on Friday, the prime minister said it was “disappointing” that people were conflating the ongoing fire crisis with Australia’s emission reduction targets.

    “We don’t want job-destroying, economy-destroying, economy-wrecking targets and goals, which won’t change the fact that there have been bushfires or anything like that in Australia,” Morrison told Sydney radio, 2GB.

    “The suggestion that there’s any one emissions reduction policy or climate policy that has contributed directly to any of these fire events is just ridiculous and the conflation of those two things, I think, has been very disappointing.”


    Scotty is disappointed? Then let’s get louder and get him well and truly pissed off. MAKE him pay attention. MAKE him acknowledge the urgency of emissions reduction. MAKE him listen.

    You want to tell us how YOU are disappointed? Disappointed doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about you Scotty.

  21. Turts

    Is that the Emu Draught Envoy or the Boags Draught Envoy?

  22. wam

    Dear Kaye,
    good to see ‘warming’ getting a run.
    The academy of science prof shine’s piece is a good read

    The scientific evidence base shows that as the world warms due to human induced climate change, we experience an increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events.

    “……The Academy is aware that Australians are looking for trustworthy information and answers about the links between climate change and the bushfires. With much misinformation in the public domain about the cause and impacts of the bushfires, we urge Australians to continue to consult reputable sources of evidence-based information such as the Australian Academy of Science, CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology.”

  23. Turts

    Aluminium oxides and contrails have made my goldfish autistic but hey what goes up must come down and what goes in must come out and what goes on must go off or something

  24. Kaye Lee

    lol Turts. I couldn’t be stuffed engaging on the chemtrails crap but your response made me laugh.

  25. Turts

    I love a good conspiracy theory– the more spaghetti and meatballs the better!

    One of my favorites is Ritchie Benaud
    Not many people know this (because it’s not true but so what?)
    According to QAnon (Scotty from marketings’ private think-tank)

    He was part of a Satanic cult that molested children on the SCG but he died before he could be brought to justice

    Oh the humanity…

  26. Kaye Lee

    I have been trying to converse with a commenter on the AIMN facebook page.

    One of her replies after this article was:

    “We are entering our 25th solar cycle, common sense will tell you the closer you live too the equator the hotter it will be.
    The further you are away from the equator the cooler it’s going too be.
    Now with this sun cycle 25 predicts weather will be colder, this is not due too man made climate change but the sun cycle.
    You never answered if you receive any funding from your writings?
    Can you provide a link too your work?”

    Ummmmm….she was commenting on an article I had written that she obviously had not read before launching into her denial theories. I have been unable to make her understand that we are at the minimum in the solar activity cycle so any forcing that it may contribute is at its weakest. It ain’t gonna make things cooler from here. It would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous.

  27. Michael Taylor

    That one ain’t too bright, Kaye. According to her I live in Darwin. 😳

  28. wam

    my apologies kaye I have believed in and written about anthropogenic climate change since deniers and sceptics were in the media.
    The brain fart is fossil fuels and their use to try to turn deniers into sceptics which cloud my words.
    All my raving to you was based on the fact that you understood my total acceptance of man’s influence over the changing climate.via greenhouse gas emissions.
    Sorry, kaye and anyone else who thought I was stupid enough to be a denier or a sceptic.
    I apologise for the insults thrown at so many here, They were based on my misunderstanding.
    This is a letter to the paper may 2011
    I do understand that europe, yanks and us cannot continue to inflate the price of carbon based fuels to deny india china and the 3rd world their share. so some impetus must be given to alternates and for my grandkids sake i’d like australia to be in the fore-front. Accordingly, I feel ashamed that there are so many australians greedy enough to want oil for us and bugger the rest, even more ashamed of us gullible enough to be conned politically by power seeking vested interests and sad for those so religiously rigid knowing their God will destroy the earth sometime anyway, all agreeing with abbott that we are not capable of action off our own bat. Bah humbug! Labor and the Coalition get together, ignore the loony left greens, and start the process of developing alternative sources of energy.
    billy moir

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