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Let the old die and save my ‘entitlement’

Let the old die.

The economy is all.

Why should I care for the children of the Age of Aquarius? My rights and my selfishness are paramount.

If COVID-19 wastes them away is there anything wrong with that?

The right wing of politics is showing true colours.

Old folks. They are expendable. They are invisible. They are not important. Let them die.

If you are a person who thinks such things here is our older person message to you …

Go stuff yourselves, you pack of arseholes!


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  1. Jack Cade

    Let the old die and save my entitlement.
    That is surely the essence of the ‘herd immunity’ concept posited by Boris Johnson. ‘The old’ are selfishly exceeding their three score years and ten, and the nation can’t afford hordes of wrinklies staying in the jobs past their use by dates, stacking all the hotels, planes and ships, bleeding the nations wealth by getting refunds of tax they haven’t actually paid, getting free transport and pensioners discounts, etc.
    When western societies decided to pay pensions after workers turned 65 and retired, it was worked out by actuaries; they calculated that most 65 year olds probably lasted a year before they ‘shuffled off the mortal coil’ as Shakespeare probably said ( he coined most of our cliches, it seems). Now some of us are basking in the ‘70 is the new 50’ lifestyle.
    It’s one of the more plausible conspiracy theories, particularly as the virus appears to agree that oldies are expendable, and their demises would flood the market with the released stashed superannuated cash.

  2. Michael Taylor

    You speak for me too, Keith. ✊

  3. Keitha Granville

    Ditto, what he said.

  4. New England Cocky

    Now, now KTD don’t blow your blood pressure reading!! Remember this is just like 1960s SF reading.

    Surely you are educated sufficiently to recognise that the self-indulgent Generations X,Y & Z lack the will to slave over a hard job to reap the rewards of industry according to Christian moral codes and so gain the self-respect we as their parents denies them by providing everything that they desired, often before they demanded it.

    Much more satisfactory to simply organise to clear the decks and of every person over 30 and and allow the “youngsters” to continue their hedonistic practices before the world disintegrates into total chaos, as happened in 79AD in Italy before Vesuvius blew its top.

    Far better to ignore the 1960s warnings about the consequences of over-population on pollution and world food supplies and observe how first world countries control international food markets for their own economic benefit rather than the benefit of all people. National borders are essential to reduce the demands on the wealthy elites living within those borders.

  5. Matters Not

    While some decisions might have to be made, the issue then becomes (among many) – Who should decide? Who should be the decision maker?

    The ‘Right’ in Australia (and elsewhere) are usually keen to deny a woman’s right to decide when it comes to abortion – arguing that every life is precious and the State should intervene to ensure same. Now with this virus, there might be a reconsideration.

    Mungo addressed this very issue today.

    am 78 and in poor health – only a short time left … grandchildren are flourishing teenagers with many worthwhile decades ahead of them. … faced with an irrevocable choice over which of us would survive – a no-brainer and not hesitate to step aside.

    Then comes the crunch when he asserts.

    would want it to be my decision, not that off the government or any of its agencies. Life and death decisions must be personal ones, without either permission or refusal from the state

    Cited with acclamation. Personal decisions must be the undeniable principle.

    MUNGO MACCALLUM. The Cost of a Job.

  6. wam

    my dad and mum werre confronted with Your old road is rapidly aging
    Please get outta’ the new one if you can’t lend your hand
    we are just being paid back and the rich were and are able to avoid.
    jack check the lump sum fiasco in the 70s???

  7. Jack Cade

    The answer was blowing in the wind, but while some of us (not me) were putting flowers in our hair, other berkeley hunts like John Howard, Bush, Cheney, Blair were festering away like multi resistant bacteria, soiling every inch of the earth they planted their rancid stinking feet on.
    The times didn’t change; or rather the times changed, but the same scum still floated on the surface…

  8. RosemaryJ36

    The self-seekers miss out on the pleasure of knowing that you have helped someone else.

  9. Andrew Smith

    Thinly veiled messaging for and by the top 10% of neo liberals of all ages who can support themselves and view others as an unnecessary cost or burden.

    Further, it matches the (US led) ideologues’ promotion of radical right libertarianism, corporate eugenics and survival of the fittest behind a facade of liberty, freedom, Christianity, no or low taxes, no govt. and no regulation (while e.g. in Oz simultaneously and falsely blaming young temporary residents, described as ‘immigrants’ and population growth for too many uncorrelated issues).

    However, the ingenuity in political messagjng is having many, including oldies, vote against their (and coming generations) own interests and well being.

    One of these ideologues was Ayn Rand (channeled by Koch think tanks along with Hayek and Friedman), whom ironically became dependent upon everything she fought against ideologically, i.e. government supported social security in her twilight years…….

  10. Kerri

    And the infirm. With lung disease (never smoked) and on immunosuppressant drugs, apparently my presence prevents
    Jobs ‘n’ growth. Could not agree with you more Keith Thomas Davis.
    Like most issues, politicians will not react until it effects them personally!

  11. Phil Pryor

    If Australia’s top one hundred surgeons, physicians, researchers, investigators, engineers, architects, teachers, agriculturalists, botanists, artists, musical professionals, chemists, analysts were to die suddenly ( as might happen in a plague…) we would be utterly ruined as a nation. If the top hundred politicians, advertisers, media maggots, lobbyists, council bumboys, bookies, drug suppliers, socialites, pokie repairers, trainers and jockeys, tax dodgers, hedge fund manipulators, online scammers, died and disappeared, who would care? CHEERS, LOUD CHEERS!! We’d be better off, by far, planets away from oppression, fear, coercion, clapped out conservative crapping, superstition, fantasy, loudmouth leaning, all the centuries of shitshoving shame and imperious crime GONE!!

  12. Phil

    The f#ckers on here who say there is no class. Yea right. Now let me see decisions, decisions and more decisions, says the man from the government who is here to help. We have Reginald a 78 year old retired Doctor who lives in the leafy suburbs of Toorak, a self funded retiree who drives a Rolla and there’s 78 yrs old Joe Muggins who lives in a council house and draws the old age pension and he worked picking up rubbish bins in Redfern and drives a clapped out old Holden . . What do ya think Joe take one for the team.? We’ll tell the kids you were a real hero at the end.

  13. Melissa Frost

    Rats ……….. trapped rats. Darwinism

  14. Josephus

    I suspect that the materialistic, me too culture encourages the accumulation of goods one never knew one wanted (well analysed by the French Situationists in the 1960s and 70s). Also, there may be inheritance impatience at work, nothing new there, but exacerbated as house prices soar thanks to greed all round.

    Yes old people cost a lot to keep. However, most volunteers, eg the rural firies, hospital drivers , tourist centre information givers, and managers of community groups, are over 60.

    Also, looked at from a utilitarian point of view, the oldies keep thousands in jobs. As do criminals (The 18th c Fable of the Bees, by Mandeville, put this view rather well long ago.)

  15. leefe

    As Josephus has said, the vast majority of volunteers are older people, and volunteers contribute billions of dollars worth of work to our economy and – more importantly – our society.

    The herd immunity approach also ignores the added load placed on our health system from allowing the virus to run rampant through the nation. Even with appropriate PPE, medical staff are dying. Are we also prepared to sacrifice them? Do we just force everyone who contracts the virus into quarantine without medical attendance and see who comes out alive?
    You cannot have “business as usual” in a situation like this. Too many people are affected, too many systems are stressed.

    And I wonder if all those who are saying “let them die” truly
    realise that they and their loved are also at risk…?

  16. Sammy

    Kerri: “Like most issues, politicians will not react until it effects them personally!”.
    Exactly, this is one of the fundamental problems. They are so disconnected from the reality of most.

  17. Keith

    If it was not for the very old, we would have Japanese masters.

    We have seen how the coronavirus is deadly for all age groups, but particularly the elderly.
    Those promoting the view … stuff the elderly risk the lives of their parents and grandparents and to a lesser extent themselves.
    They also risk the lives of young people with serious medical ailments other than viral infection, through hospitals being overrun.
    People with such notions have a hand on a spade for digging their own graves. Young people need to be well on the way to having a personality disorder to think in such a nilist way.
    The coronavirus is virtually a rehearsal of what will happen through climate change if no strong actions are taken.

    Virologists warned about the current pandemic a few years ago, we can expect more in the future.

    How will these uncaring, non-thinking people feel if at 65 they are considered expendible.

  18. Pagnol

    “Wild in the streets” is the name of the film. And to borrow a Led Zeppelin expression, the song remains the same. Have a look at it if you have time.

  19. Trevor

    If all those pushing the elders die off story offered themselves for early death, it would go a longway to sorting over population.

    The elderly have earned the right to their twilight years.

  20. Jack Cade

    It is easy to conclude that the right wing governments in the USA, UK and Australia were impressed that the virus was knocking off the oldies. Nomadic tribes used to cross rivers, and people were expected to make their own way across – old people who couldn’t cope were more or less abandoned. The alt-right thought COVID -19 was their river.
    It took Trump, and the others, a while to realise that the major casualties were actually their own supporters for the most part.
    Trump should have noted the experience of a now-defunct airline, who appointed a neo-liberal CEO whose first edict was to dispose of all employees beyond the age of 48 because they were all too highly paid.
    After a couple of weeks, one of his underlings said ‘Boss, we no longer have a maintenance team – they were all over 48…’

  21. Phil

    ‘ It is easy to conclude that the right wing governments in the USA, UK and Australia were impressed that the virus was knocking off the oldies. ‘

    It is easy to conclude because the evidence is there and it is true. It wasn’t until they realised in the UK at least, it was killing the hired help and their landed gentry, that they decided they had better look like they were doing something, even if it was only talking about it. For mine, they are still hoping it will kill the old, the sick and dare I say it? The blacks and the other Untermensch. Trump is just a gibbering idiot but, Boris Johnson and that load of puffed up pillocks masquerading as a government in the UK, are just the left overs of Medi Evil Bully Boys ‘ I wouldn’t be surprised if their civil service wasn’t instructed to look into the availability of Zyclon B. just the right size and amount to fit into the ventilators. Ah ‘ Ventilators that’s how they delivered the Zyclon B into the chambers. But hey its only an insecticide.A bit over top for effect only. The real sad part is, they are still going to privatise the NHS in the UK and there’s good chance, that a good percentage of the people that voted for this shower of shit houses, are possibly the last ones to use its services in its current form. Nuremberg finished far too early.

  22. paul walter

    Cheeky beggars. Nasty young things hunting down the oldies. Reminds me of Logan’s run.

    More wedge?

  23. Phil

    Cheeky beggars. Nasty young things hunting down the oldies. Reminds me of Logan’s run.

    I want to die getting shot in the back of the head by a jealous husband when I’n ninety.

  24. Miriam Possitani

    Problem is, it may kill the oldies but the little publicised affects to some recovered after ventilation, the 30s.40s 50s who have suffered what could be long term afflictions, like being retrained on how to walk, loss of memory, failure to recognise people/loved ones etc, all a pretty good reason to stay at home,
    The funded right wing protesters demanding their “freedom” and AG Barr threatening to sue or join legal actions against States/Governors who enforce “stay at home” as a form of home detention seem to indicate that we may well end up with a bunch of American right needing retraining to walk, remember or identify
    One thing, they NEVER did seem to have had the ability of independent thought

  25. Jack Cade


    Afterwards, or like Billy Snedden? I often wondered if he came before he went…

  26. paul walter

    Yes, “died with his boots on”.

    Malcolm Fraser got sprung for that also, but survived the experience.

  27. Phil

    Afterwards, or like Billy Snedden? I often wondered if he came before he went…

    Indeed. I can’t bring my self to imagine Billy Sneddon on the nest.

  28. Michael Taylor

    With all the bullshit I’m seeing on social media, such as “We’re (the younger generations) are making all these sacrifices just to keep you oldies alive,” I’m encouraged to echo Keith’s sentiments: go f#ck yourselves.

  29. Kaye Lee

    That’s why I like hanging around here.

  30. Michael Taylor

    I’m seeing some unbelievable stuff today, but this one takes the cake …

    … Trump has pondered the idea that injecting yourself with disinfectant could kill the coronavirus. 😳😳😳

  31. Michael Taylor

    I love it here too, Kaye. I reckon we have a top bunch of people who write or comment on this site.

  32. Rossleigh

    I don’t know, Michael, I think Trump may have something with that. It’s worth a try. I mean, I know that those snowflake, leftie Democrats wouldn’t do it, but surely some of his MAGA supporters would put their hands up…

  33. Michael Taylor

    Speaking of the Dems, Rossleigh, I see that Elizabeth Warren lost her brother to COVID-19 today. ☹️

  34. Matters Not

    To ponder an idea is one thing. But to give voice to such musings is something else again.

    Time they classified such press conferences as Strictly Adults Only – plus multiple warnings in many languages.

    Notice that Queensland authorities have developed a ventilator costing about one tenth of those available elsewhere.

  35. Jack Cade

    Paul Walter.

    I’ve often wondered what turned Fraser against his great benefactor, the US of A. The CIA almost certainly engineered the Dismissal because Whitlam started asking awkward questions about Pine Gap. So the Yanks had that little peccadillo over Fraser. Getting caught with his pants down – and photos as proof, would have been one of those ‘…and not only that, but…’ moments if Fraser ever posed questions of what the actors in Spooks called ‘the cousins’.
    ‘Y’all wanna know about Pine Gap, Fraser? All y’all need to know is Pine Gap got you yer job…
    And not only that, but lemme show y’all some pictures we got here…’
    The agreement with Australia re Pine Gap was 50/50 US- Australian personnel. I wouldn’t mind betting the majority of the Australian personnel
    are cleaners, and probably called janitors.
    That’s how US agreements work out.

  36. Keith Davis

    Michael Taylor … Kaye Lee … your comments … it is why I am on here too. Love Keith

  37. DrakeN

    I call in, even comment sometimes, and drop a few dollars in the kitty each month to show my appreciation of the opportunity to acces a little sanity in an otherwise “Mad, mad, world.”
    Thanks, people.

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