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It’s quite interesting to examine the contradictions as politicians face the coming election.

Take Labor. We’re told that Labor are captive of the unions, that they spend too much and that they tax too highly, However, as the campaign begins we are also hearing that we have no idea about Labor in government and that they aren’t putting their policies out there. The political equivalent of Schrodinger’s Cat.

Schrodinger’s Cat for those of you who haven’t either read up on Quantum physics or watched “The Big Bang Theory” wasn’t an actual cat, but a thought experiment where Schrodinger’ theorised about a cat trapped in a box with a vial of poison which may or may not have been opened. Therefore, Schrodinger argued that until we open the box, the cat can be considered both alive and dead, which I’d argue that after a few days with no food or water the cat can pretty much be considered dead, but for the purposes of Schrodinger’s thought experiment, the fact of the cat being both alive and dead was central to some point he was trying to make about the problems with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics…

The best way to understand it, is to think of Alan Tudge. He was cleared of breaching ministerial standards by an investigation which didn’t speak to his accuser and then he stood down from his ministerial role, but – according to Mr Morrison yesterday – Tudge is still in the Cabinet. Like the cat, Mr Tudge is in a sealed space and we have no way of knowing whether he’s actually going to be a minister or not until the Cabinet is opened after the election.

Anyway, the Coalition and some of the media have found their own version of Schrodinger’s cat when it comes to the Labor Party: We don’t know enough about them and, rather than take a chance on the unknown, we should stick with Scot Morrison because we know what he’s like and it’s better to stick with a lying, cheating, bullying, rorting incompetent who makes curries every time something bad happens in the hope that people will mock his curry making and forget whatever disaster happened in the precious week. On the other hand, Labor is clearly the party that can’t be trusted with the economy because well, it’s in a difficult position at the moment and you don’t want to hand it over to someone else because the Liberals were the ones who’ve presided over the first recession in Australia for nearly thirty years, but now everything’s ok again, and we’ll drag out the Back In Black mugs to show just how well, we would have done if only we hadn’t had things go wrong which -even though it was under our watch – it was nothing to do with us because who can control the economy? Until we open the box, Labor is both a mystery with no policies and also the party who has all the wrong policies.

The Liberals also understand about cost of living pressures. The Budget included measures to help with these: If you’re on a welfare payment you get $250 which should tide you over for the next three years. However, if you’re a low-income worker, you’ll get (up to) an extra $450 when you do your tax return which is a one-off measure to help with your decision to vote for the Coalition.

Whatever happens in the next few weeks, this election will be all about character. Again we’ll be given the choice between a STRONG leader who stands up to people and how some people call it bullying just because he calls people into a room and threatens them with consequences over their recent behaviour, and an Opposition leader who is too weak to answer questions… Yes, I can see Anthony Albanese standing at a press conference being asked why he won’t appear at press conferences and answer questions about whatever it is that Scotty has told the press pack to ask, only to have Albo point out that he’s just answered the question without rejecting its premise even though the premise was completely rejectable… This will be followed by a question about why Labor is a policy-free zone, where he points out policies on Aged Care, Childcare, the environment, climate change and an integrity commission… Then he’ll be asked how he’s going to pay for the policies he doesn’t have.

Yes, one of the charges that will be levelled at our Prime Minister is that he has misunderstood the old saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going,, and that it doesn’t actually mean that you’re meant to disappear in a crisis. However, calling the PM names like “The Invisible Man” and “The disappearing actor” or “That Cowardly POS” is not really fair, because, well, it’s Anthony Albanese who seems to have disappeared without trace.

There seems no acknowledgement of his twenty-six years in Parliament, his campaign against nuclear energy, his role as manager of Opposition business, his ministerial roles as in Infrastructure & Transport and in Regional Development, or even his role as Deputy PM. Although the role of Deputy PM is clearly not a very important one because the Liberals allow the Nationals to pick it. It’s rather like when you let your children decide what they’ll have for dinner because it’s their birthday. It may be a shocking choice in the healthy eating department but it’s not like you’re going to let them have their choice about anything that has long term consequences.

Yes, it seems that Anthony Albanese is the one who’s disappeared and not Scott Morrison… although we never seem to hear about why he was sacked by Fran Bailey when he was at Tourism Australia.

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  1. Keitha Granville

    Sadly there will be many who will fall for the pennies strewn on the ground, they’ll be so busy scrambling to pick some up they won’t notice they’re being trampled by the elite.


  2. Gerald Houska


  3. New England Cocky

    t’s time ….. AGAIN!!

    Fix this Australian political problem on21 May 2022 by VOTING BELOW THE LINE ON THE BALLOT PAPERS FOR THE HOUSE OF REPS AND THE SENATE. Numer each candidate in your order of personal preference putting the highest numbers against the names of any incumbent COALition politicians.

    Then we may just be able to save Australian democracy for our grandkids.

  4. wam

    a sad assessment, rossleigh, was the cat alone? No unions with which to whip it? No extremists to torment it? No backstabbers or fleas in the box?
    Choose from within, not from glossy offerings and media lies but, whatever you do, don’t open the box.
    Albo gets honest if the bandit brings up climate remind 2009. If the media brings up eonomics remind them of the giant Aussie debtors the lying rodent, the debt doubling rabbott and the trillion man scummo and point the direct cash to the workers are saving the economy not the ‘trickle down bullshit.
    I notice the ABC is touting green’s bullshit survey showing there are no labor people and suggesting I am a loonie.

  5. Kaye Lee


    That would be the most certain way for Labor to lose – to embroil themselves in past grievances. That’s what people hate about Labor. Move on. We want a plan for a better future, not a wallowing in the bitter past.

  6. Wayne Turner

    No policies,the hypocritical projecting from the COALition and their MSM.

    COALition the policy free zones of 2013 election among others.

  7. Pete Petrass

    Perhaps Albo “disappeared” because…………MSM, who only report (and big time OTT) on Labor for bad stuff and not good.

  8. ARC

    “Scott Morrison… although we never seem to hear about why he was sacked by Fran Bailey when he was at Tourism Australia.” – Looks like PM Scott Morrison was sacked as Managing Director of Tourism Australia in 2006 because of fraud and theft! Is anyone surprised just look at the debt nearing TRILLION $$$’s, ALL the RORTS / PORK BARRELLING and gifting of MILLIONS of $$$’s to mates, not following due process when employing contractors, no tender process, straight to mates, and family members where they benefit through the back door! Just recently SCUMMO gifted his mate the GG $18 MILLION, what for, where’s the paperwork? TIME THIS THIEVING POS was kicked to the kerb!

  9. Max Gross

    Enough with the words. Bottom line: it’s drover’s dog time.

  10. GL


    It’s not a foregone conclusion by any standard that Scummo and Crony Co. Inc. will get the chop. Never under underestimate the power of bacillus apathea particularly after six weeks of unending Claytons promises, dirt and lies from the LNP and assorted meedja.

  11. wam

    Yes kaye, it was silly of me to use honest but you should stick to your policy mentality and leave labor to flounder. if albo had said how scummo counts the unemployed so his figures are rubbery at best he would have been in the news as ???? rather than splashed as an idiot??? I am sure that if he doesn’t can the controlled by the greens image he will not be elected.
    Yes GL and she is the best labor supporter albo has.
    ps (rachel eddie)The Greens leader was confident of holding the balance of power if that played out — as it did under then prime minister Julia Gillard following the 2010 election — even though the party holds just one lower house seat in the federal Parliament. He expects 12 senate seats and has a scheme to defeat labor in up to 9 seats. Ammmmmmbitious but he does have a glossy policy pamphlet and form, at balancing, from his creation of juliar??.

  12. Neil Hogan

    The next time someone says something like Albo is untested answer with this…

    “John Curtin was similarly ‘untested’ when he became Prime Minister in 1941 when the Menzies Government collapsed & he ended up as one of our greatest PM’s.”


  13. Michael Taylor

    I stole that, Neil. I tweeted it – I gave you the credit for it but I didn’t know your Twitter handle.

  14. The AIM Network

    Here’s the stolen ‘version’:

  15. Neil Hogan

    I’ve already posted it on Twitter Michael but posting it many times can only help, you can find me there as ‘@Neil from Down Under’ as I have Twitter friends from around the world & I also use that handle when responding on YouTube too.

  16. Michael Taylor

    Thanks, Neil.

    I knew you are on Twitter and I tried searching under ‘Neil Hogan’ (as one would 😁) but came up blank.

    I’m glad you’re pleased I posted it.

  17. L. S. Roberts

    The Fifth Estate, so called journalists seem to be promoting the turquoise and teal Indi Ladies.
    In the likely event of a hung parliament The Green Ladies are much better on the environment.
    No bad thing because that has to be addressed first.
    The Australian Electorate is not a fickle beast; thee will be a lot of tactical voting.

  18. Canguro

    Take a bow, Rossleigh, as a now-confirmed major media influencer. Who’d have thought that one of the major 20th C physicists would have his famous quantum paradox utilised in such a fashion, in lil’ ol’ Australia’s parochial political wars, and in reference to a pantsman’s inability to control his genitalia when he ought to have?


  19. Warren

    Media is controlled by a few big players and they are destroying democracy.
    But one good gotcha question would be to ask Morrison about Australia’s gross debt. Admitting that it is approx.1 Trilliion dollars doesn’t indicate good economic management, and legislation allowing people like Mr Harvey not to pay it back jobkeeper was stupid.He would squirm.

  20. GL


    No, he wouldn’t he would attempt to lie his way out of it and blame Labor if that fails THEN run away as fast as possible.

  21. Kathryn

    The fact that the ALP are willing to listen and negotiate with Unions is a GOOD THING !!!! Why? Because UNIONS are made up of ordinary, working- and middle-class Australians. This is in DIRECT OPPOSITION to the LNP who ONLY listen to their billionaire donors in the Top 1% – non-taxpaying multi-millionaires like Gina Rineheart or Gerry Harvey (that appalling non-taxpaying parasite who has made MILLIONS out of under-paying his staff at Harvey Norman and other stores under his corrupt ownership)! THESE are the type of appalling, totally corrupt, self-serving neoliberal capitalists the like-minded grubs in the LNP like to listen to! The elitists in the LNP don’t give a CRAP about ordinary working- and middle-class Australians – never did, never will! Wake up, Australia and VOTE LABOR – the ONLY government that truly represents ordinary hard-working Australians!

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