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“Labor haven’t released their costings”

I, like millions of others, have already cast my vote at an early polling booth.

As I walked past the many volunteers (and the Liberal and Labor candidates), I politely declined their proffered How to Vote cards saying I knew what I wanted to do. They just smiled and moved on to the next person – until I got to a very noisy older woman who, when I refused her Liberal HTV, loudly called after me, Vote Liberal. I smiled and replied not a chance as I joined the line.

Obviously not happy with my answer, she stepped forward to shout “Labor haven’t released their costings”.

When I replied that Tony Abbott did the same when the Liberals were last in Opposition, she said “Tony Abbott? That’s ancient history.”

As the line was moving forward, and out of respect for someone volunteering their time to be involved, I said no more. As I moved away, a Greens volunteer gave me a thumbs up and the Labor candidate quietly said “On that note…”, before engaging with another voter about Labor’s plan for aged care.

As I left the booth after voting, another volunteer approached me to express their thanks, saying how that woman had been yelling the same thing at everyone who went past and how annoying it was.

Under different circumstances, there are many things I would have liked to say.

A party that has run up a trillion dollars in debt has no right to ask how are you going to pay for it.

A party that is predicting hundreds of billions of dollars in deficits over the next decade and beyond should not be fixating on Opposition policy costings.

A treasurer whose December fiscal outlook was wrong by $100 billion only a few months later is not to be trusted about projections for the future.

A treasurer who brags about a $100 billion windfall just by changing his guesses, and rather than banking it, then proceeds to spend $70 billion of it (and counting) in more promised spending is not in a position to be pedantic about Labor costings.

The election table is groaning under dead cats as the Liberals look for some traction on the dung heap they built and are rapidly sliding down.

I don’t want to hear any more.

Five more sleeps and we wake up to find out the result of what I think will be the most important election in my lifetime. A choice between profit or wages, between greed or saving the planet, between transparency or secrecy, between democracy or the cult of Morrison.

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  1. Kerri

    I don’t know what polling place volunteers think they achieve by verbally assaulting voters?
    Election before last we got a park right outside the door of the polling place and the volunteer leapt out at us while I still had one foot in the car! He was so intent on shoving his HTV card in our faces he nearly connected with us!
    And why is it always the right??
    Sometimes I would love to stop and point out the failings that they are supporting but then I think, my life on earth is limited and like their idols they will just interrupt and talk over me.
    Morrison does not have a silent majority.
    Albanese has a long suffering silent majority.

  2. Ill fares the land

    As I had long suspected and expected, Morrison’s answer to restoration of “the Budget” is austerity measures. They deviously call it an “efficiency dividend” but it is only about slashing public services, to the tune of billions. As has been the case with Bobo Boofboof in the UK, these austerity measures are invariably targeted towards the disadvantaged or impact them far more than the wealthy – since the wealthy use public services less. As far as I am aware thus far, none of the journalists caterwauling and screeching about Labor not releasing its costings are demanding Hiviz Bargearse-McSmirky and Friedeggburger explain which services will be cut – and they aren’t going to say anything other than a mealy-mouthed “it won’t be essential services”. Apparently, that doesn’t bother the kinds of loud-mouthed conservative dipshits trying to force their crackpot attitudes down other people’s throats. As a species, “we” really are pretty stupid in the way that we are standing by and letting the Coalition drag us away from secularism to authoritarianism, thereby eroding our democracy – conservatives are always far more inclined to want to control the behaviours of others – but some of that “we” are way more brainless than others.

  3. Kaye Lee

    Politicians’ pay has gone up 30 per cent over the past 10 years. The annual base rate for a backbencher is now $211,250 (ministers and shadows get more), and the prime minister’s salary is $550,000. And Ken Wyatt is calling for a pay rise “to attract talent”.

    Pay rises are supposed to be linked to, not just underlying inflation, but productivity gains. Have we seen productivity increases from our political class over the past decade?

    In the absence of a federal ICAC, as Morrison keeps telling us, it’s only us who can hold them to account.

    This is our chance to apply an efficiency dividend on government. Some redundancies will be required.

  4. New England Cocky

    Hoping that Australian voters will sack Scummo & Co from the Australian Parliament requires the following procedure to make it happen:

    (i) In the House of Reps (the small ballot paper) –
    1) In city electorates VOTE ANYONE BUT LIARBRALS, ONE NOTION OR UAP; &
    2) In country electorates VOTE CREDIBLE NDEPENDENT OR SFF while in the Senate (the very big ballot paper)
    then we may have a chance of saving Australian democracy for our grandkids.

  5. Keitha Granville

    Thanks NYC, good instructions.
    So many people tell me they’re voting Independent. ho do they preference I ask? Doesn’t matter is the reply, time to get rid of the majors. OH GIVE ME STRENGTH. Even the simplest of folk know the preference matters. If enough of the “Teal” independents side with Scummo, he gets another 3 years. The chance that the Indies will get anything they asked for is remote, and it will be too late to save the country.


  6. Michael Taylor

    We also voted today.

    It was a difficult choice of which candidate to put last; PHON, UAP, Liberals or Nationals. I decided on PHON, a whisker in front of UAP. Carol did the same.

    It was actually disturbing that PHON and UAP had candidates in our little backwater.

  7. Albos Elbow

    Remember that a vote for Palmer’s UAP or Hanson’s One Nation is a vote for Scummo’s government.

  8. Rossleigh

    Gee, Scotty was so impressive with his super for homes and his performance on 7:30 that I changed my mind… It’s just a pity that I’d already cast my vote and put Monique Ryan Number 1!
    And then today I got a letter from John Howard telling me what a great bloke Josh was.
    Honestly, did they not realise that some of us were going to do a postal or an early vote?
    Ok, I didn’t really change my mind.

  9. Michael Taylor

    Rossleigh, the only letter we’ve received was from the Australian Christian Lobby to inform us how wicked Helen Haines is for voting against Morrison’s Religious Discrimination Bill.


  10. Michael Taylor

    From the Australian Christian Lobby’s Facebook page: “The truth about Helen Haines.”

    In February, Helen Haines voted against protecting people of faith from discrimination.

    AND voted to remove laws that protect the values of Christian schools. *

    Do her attacks on Christianity and other faiths accord with your values?

    *On 10 February 2022, Helen Haines:
    ➡ Voted against the Religious Discrimination Bill, and
    ➡ Voted to repeal s.38 of the Sex Discrimination Act. Section 38 enables faith-based schools to exist by hiring staff, teaching, and operating in accordance with their faith.

    How out of touch with modern Australia are those idiots?

    Thankfully, they’re getting hammered on their Facebook post.

  11. Sully of Tuross Head

    The old born to rule, do as I say, as people have done so all my life and who are you to question me, don’t you know what family I am from and what school I attended, are impossible reason with. You may as well talk to the moon, at least it fades away every 2 weeks, These creeps, straight from Liberal Party Central Casting, usually a male and female with all the trappings of the faded gentry can be found on polling booths in all safe Liberal Seats and more than a few marginals. They demand to be at the front of the queue because that’s the way it has always been. I have had more than a few battles with them at Polling booths when handing out Labor how to vote cards. And loved every minute of every one of them.

  12. Carl Marks


    Since when have they released THEIR costings?

  13. Michael Taylor

    Carl, in the 40 years I’ve been following politics the first thing I’ve heard shouted after Labor announce a policy is; “Where are you getting the money from?”

    Rinse and repeat for 40 years.

  14. corvusboreus

    My choice for last place was the incumbent gNAT.
    This is because he is the existent bowl-turd in need of a flush.

    Personally, i’d like the HoR ballot to be optional limited preference, so i didn’t have to rate obviously rancid ‘candidature’ in order of ascending putridity.

    Why should we have to place an order on shit we don’t want?

  15. Sully of Tuross Head

    corvusboreus, always, and in the media, it is The Liberals and Nationals will invest in, while with Labor it is, Labor will spend or even Labor will attempt to buy support by saying they will spend……….

  16. Regional Elder

    ‘ A party that has run up a trillion dollars in debt has no right to ask how are you going to pay for it. ‘

    My thoughts precisely Kaye Lee.

    And Morrison’s mob is the least transparent government we have had for decades.
    Who knows what Labor will find should they assume government.
    There will be lots of digging and investigation in the weeks following this change of government …… and that will be after the shredders have been working overtime !

    But the faux indignation of Murdoch’s propaganda army at the Labor party not releasing their costing at the beginning of this week is par for the course, and if Murdoch’s chief political puppet is voted out, we can in the months ahead, expect to see much more of this about every little decision Labor makes.

    A media inquiry is sorely needed, and then Labor needs to have the stomach to implement its recommendations.

  17. wam

    A fabulous read, kaye, “Tony Abbott? That’s ancient history.” is the crux of the liberals attack on labor. They just repeat a lie and rely on their history of lies against labor whilst steadfastly denying any history of their disasters as being irrelevant. Albo et al should be asking the journalists what have they seen accomplished that would give us a trillion debt? everytime the reef comes up ask where has turnbull’s $440m gone please albo do something to get noticed.
    ps How disappointing, rossleigh, the money to labor and the vote to ryan is why we have preferential. Were you seduced by: Tom Minear, National Political Editor “The self-proclaimed independent candidate taking on Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has regularly posted privately on social media about her love for Labor Party legends, raising fresh questions about her political leanings” pps noticed on sky the independents are touted when in labor seats: “Sky News host James Morrow says independent Dai Le is a “very impressive candidate” in the seat of Fowler. Mr Morrow said he thinks the Kristina Keneally campaign is “really nervous” in the seat.”

  18. New England Cocky

    @ Sully of Tuross Heads: Geez, your are lucky. here in New England there are so few paid up members of the Nazional$ Party that we get FIFO city Liabral people PAID to attend pre-poll and polling booths at elections and represent the Nazional$ ”not good enough” adulterous, alcoholic misogynist.
    Some progressive volunteers ask the simple question, ”Is it true that Tamworth ladies supporting Beetrooter and the Nazional$ support adultery”? Sometimes the grazier ladies get up set with such a question, thinking there may be a personal slur intended in the question ….. cannot understand why …. the solution is in their own vote.

  19. New England Cocky

    @ Keitha Granville: PREFERENCES ARE IMPORTANT!!

    Do you want these types of people representing your best interests in Canberra or anywhere?


    Several United Australia Party (UAP) election candidates have reportedly faced criminal proceedings in court, and “the most serious cases involve nine endorsed UAP candidates” writes The Australian ($). These proceedings include “unlawful assault, domestic violence, stalking, burglary, intentional destruction of property, trafficking of a controlled drug, medium-range drink-driving, and custody of a knife in a public place”,

    The Australian ($) says. Indeed three candidates are before the courts right now — one for a police apprehended violence order (AVO), the paper adds. When the Oz ($) put this to the UAP’s parliamentary leader (and ex-Liberal) Craig Kelly, he described candidates as the “highest-calibre people I’ve met in my life”.

    It comes as Kelly told Sky News on Monday it was “theoretically possible” he could become our next prime minister as the party campaign material suggests (ABC election oracle Antony Green says it’s impossible because Kelly won’t win his seat).

    The chance of the UAP winning any seats is low — but voter preferences going to the Coalition (as they did in Queensland in 2019) can change things. Indeed the SMH says both the Coalition and Labor will need to rely on preferences, with a third of Australians voting for others a poll this morning suggests.

    Speaking of candidates under scrutiny, Labor’s candidate for Parramatta Andrew Charlton will vote in Wentworth this weekend after he revealed his family is yet to move from their $16 million Bellevue Hill home, the SMH reports. The former economic adviser to Kevin Rudd told 2GB he’s been staying in his new Parramatta home most nights and moving “takes time”.

    Charlton’s Liberal rival Maria Kovicic was like, does it really matter? She’s voting in the Berowra electorate because she lives outside Parramatta’s electoral boundary and says the most important thing is how well you know the area you want to represent.

    Meanwhile, there are calls for Liberal candidate for Swan Kristy McSweeney to fess up about her big tobacco work — last week, under parliamentary privilege, it was revealed she’d done PR work for vaping and easing poison classifications on liquid nicotine with the TGA, The Age reports. The paper says McSweeney advocated for relaxed vaping and e-cigarette laws during a March 2018 interview on Sky News.

    Crickey 180522

  20. Kathryn

    WOW, I wish I was at Kaye Lee’s electoral polling booth to give that loud-mouthed polling volunteer the education she so desperately needs about the type of pathological liars, totally corrupt, callously inhumane political psychopaths and skirt-lifting misogynistic predators she so stupidly supports! Clearly, she has SO MUCH in common with her appalling hero, the bone-idle Sloth Morrison: both of them rude, overbearing, self-absorbed dictatorial bullies! Any working- or middle-class Australian who is so gormless, short-sighted and/or Murdoch-manipulated to go on and on voting for a pack of self-serving elitists who despise them are akin to turkeys voting for Christmas!

  21. Sully of Tuross Head

    @ Wam. Does Murdoch’s important sleazy lickspittle Morrow report that Dai Le is an Independent in name only, for political reasons.
    She has been an active member of the Liberal Party and it is reported she still exerts influence over local branches.
    Of course, he doesn’t, that doesn’t suit his narrative. He is a third arm of the Liberal Party and not a Journalist.

  22. wam

    yes, Sully, That is how to express a true lie sincerely by hiding a truth.
    Michael, with restrictions, 1st preferences attract $2.7652 each.
    PHON, and perhaps palmer, copied the green’s tactic of getting 150 volunteers to nominate as candidates and fund their own campaign. (the bandit and perhaps some of his 9 may get party help) The parties provide, generic material like corflute signs, but the candidate funds the campaign. Pauline outstripped the greens by charging the candidates for the advertising material but backed down with adverse publicity. If the candidate qualifies the money goes to the party. That is the reason for the timing and route of boobies caravan in 2019. I have been vociferous in trying to show historical supporters that the imagee of the greens from tassies forests and rivers no longer applies. The 2019 AEC cash campaign was so successful as to top up the green’s usual $6m AEC cut to $9m.
    ps for the resident greenophile and kaye no lies above nor with christine’s lifting of debt limits giving the rabbott, the copperman and scummo unlimited access to cash with neither reference to the parliament nor accountability for action?

  23. corvusboreus

    This has absolutely no direct relevence to the upcoming federal election,
    Nor does it even reference our own island continent,
    it does however make a hell of a lot of common basic sense:

  24. Kaye Lee

    Fact number 1.

    Electoral funding is actually $2.914 per eligible vote

    Fact number 2

    The Coalition got over $31 million and Labor got almost $25 million in electoral funding in the 2019 election, often running candidates in seats they had no hope of winning

    Fact number 3

    The debt ceiling was an artificial construct that, whoever was in power, was going to breach. A totally pointless meaningless artifice.

    Fact number 4

    Every federal government has access to unlimited cash.

    Your obsessive repetition is a real pain in the arse wam…..but you know that don’t you. You are a self-confessed stalker who likes to deliberately bait people. What a bore.

  25. Carl Marks

    No. Never expect an honest answer from anyone above a certain level in the echelon.

    I was just watching the SBS documentary on Boeing’s 737 max and the illness-inducing collaboration between the regulator and Boeing over suppression of information including the avoidance of traning for pilots, as to a faulty system.
    Think about this.

    Eventually aircraft DID start crashing, with horrific results. The cpmpany remained in furious denial, even when confronted in Congress. You may wander what this has to do with the topic, but consider Kaye Lee’s last answer and perhaps wam also.

    These people at the top are devoid of ethics. They will have the unemployed suiciding on robodebt and say, “not US” cold bloodedly The money trail trumps ethics and this story should be held againt the understanding of the corporate and political mentalites which are underlyingly similar.

    There is nothing they won’t lie about, but the aircraft thingie ended costing Boeing Two and half billlion. People the likes Morrison, Fraudenberg and Costello care not a jot for wastage and squander. If Boeing can behaver like psychopaths, do peope think the LNP people would care for any harm THEY did to our community in pursuit of a self-serving agenda?

  26. wam

    good one kaye
    Remember I am not worth someone like you or anyone here getting upset
    perhaps I was using 2019 figures in relation to the Australian Greens – Victoria $2,295,761.78 The Greens NSW $2,128,452.89 Queensland Greens $1,573,775.22 Australian Greens $1,146,203.86 The Greens (WA) Inc $919,806.74?
    perhaps I was comparing the PHON and greens method of getting cash to explain why PHON and UAP would be in INDI.
    fact 2 irrelevant why would a party ignore the chance to take cash on offer for little or no outlay
    perhaps fact 3 meant the media attacks on labor about a debt ceiling didn’t happen?
    Perhaps the christine got nothing for changing from double the limit to no limit? Perhaps a limit would have meant a vote in the house?
    fact 4 I suppose you mean since 1975?
    no probs about the pain in the arse kaye
    if I could see any reason for labor to benefit from the greens I would be happy.
    Sadly when tanner’s internal polling showed he could lose in 2010 he cut and ran and my fear of the greens and the ambitious lawyer bandit began.
    In the last 12 years I have not seen anything worthwhile the greens have done to labor.
    So, put me down as the silly year 9 animal, and just stick to your idea of the reality of the modern greens and I’ll stick to my belief that a coalition of labor and the greens are unelectable.
    Tomorrow is the day?

  27. Arnd

    Five more sleeps and we wake up to find out the result of what I think will be the most important election in my lifetime. A choice between profit or wages, between greed or saving the planet, between transparency or secrecy, between democracy or the cult of Morrison.

    I can’t quite convince myself that the election is quite as monumental as all that. Even if elected with an outright majority, Labor has so decidedly pursued it’s “small target” election strategy that it has wedged itself: no substantial increase to Newstart, Scotty’s income tax cuts for the wealthy stay in place, AUKUS is a done deal … – and the only way for Labor steadfastly to continue in the groove laid down by Morrison is to find themselves adoot similar information management tactics.

    Don’t get me wrong: Morrison and his crew I’d unconscionable chancers is unbearable, and good riddance to bad rubbish. But setting and steering the good ship Australia onto a more auspicious course has now become a gargantuan task, and if Labor is indeed up to it, it has hidden its abilities and commitment to do so rather well.

  28. Kaye Lee


    I agree with you but I think the Morrison government has gone so far down the corruption path that, for that reason alone, we must have Labor. Not that I think they are perfect – it’s just Morrison’s crowd must go. And then the job begins to hold Labor to account.

  29. Terence Mills

    This morning Stuart Robert lost it in an interview with Patricia Karvelas trying to raise pink batts and boat arrivals as election issues.

    In the meantime the Junior Soccer Federation of Australia have banned Scott Morrison from attending junior soccer games without adult supervision after an intemperate field incursion and unlawful tackle during a junior soccer game.

  30. A Commentator

    The ALP looks to have a competent front bench, and their policy framework is modest and without a cause for anxiety.
    I’m hoping for an ALP majority government, and the defeat of Monique Ryan in Kooyong.

  31. Kaye Lee

    Josh Frydenberg has been instrumental in the most incompetent corrupt government in memory. Re-electing him would be rewarding poor performance and bad behaviour.

  32. A Commentator

    Effective government requires a capable opposition.
    You might enjoy retribution, I’d prefer an effective parliament and government

  33. Kaye Lee

    It has nothing to do with retribution. When he has been part of such a woeful government, why would he be any better in Opposition? Have you watched Frydenberg in QT? All he does is shout abuse.

    I am a maths person and I find Frydenberg’s cherry-picked lies despicable. For example, the claim that they were responsible for a $100 billion turnaround in the budget bottom line. What a load of crap.

    I don’t want liars in parliament. And I don’t want smartarse entitled prep boys. Have a go at this. You call that effective?

  34. A Commentator

    If you don’t want statistical cherry pickers in parliament , you’ll have to find a couple of hundred new MPs, and rebuild every party.
    I’m not interested in calling Frydenberg names, or defending him.
    I’m also not interested in seeing the Balkanisation of Australia’s political system
    And I’m an economics person, I think it’s disingenuous of any political candidate to refuse to make any comment about their economic orientation.
    That’s Monique Ryan

  35. SullY Of Tuross Head

    @ A Commentator, Spare us the sanctimonious speeches from Born to Rule Liberal Central. Inferring what we might prefer and that you are on some high moral ground.
    I have had a lifetime gutful of such self-important drivel.
    I would prefer Labor to win every seat and there would be no division then.
    What hubris to lecture us on division and Balkanisation, the only people responsible for this have been the LNP, The Media schills and the top end of society they answer to.

  36. Kaye Lee

    I’m not sure what economic orientation means? It can’t have anything to do with debt and deficit because the Liberals have delivered the largest debt and ongoing deficits in history.

    Dr Ryan has outlined her priorities for a strong sustainable economy.

    By embracing renewable energy, we can create a strong, diversified and clean economy, create the jobs of the future, and reduce energy bills. My priorities are to:
    Invest in Australian research and development
    Position Australia to harness the massive job and investment opportunities from decarbonisation
    Promote a strong sustainable recovery from COVID for small and medium businesses, universities and the arts
    End taxpayer subsidies to fossil fuel industries

    She will not be delivering a budget ever and I presume will guarantee supply to whomever wins.

    Frydenberg thinks he is on an assured path to be the leader of a party he is doing everything he can to distance himself from. His personal ambition is paramount. I do not think he cares about what is right for the country. It’s all about Josh.

  37. A Commentator

    Monique Ryan has stated a position on the treatment of animals, but zero about the economy!

    I think that is exceptionally odd

    I’m sure if you tried, you would figure out what “economic orientation” means. Or even Google it!
    These days Keynesian economics is regarded as mainstream.
    Marginal economists and even more marginal groups advocate MMT
    Monique Ryan won’t even get to the point of advising whether or not she has a mainstream economic orientation.
    That’s weird when she is willing to talk about the treatment of animals

  38. Sully of Tuross Head

    Please, just let him have the last word and be done with him.

  39. Terence Mills

    Is Monique Ryan the aspiring Treasurer – I must have missed something !

  40. leefe

    Joshy … I mean AC,
    Do you really think your endless attacks here on Monique Ryan are actually going to achieve anything? What on earth is the point of it?

  41. Phil Pryor

    Leefe, he is a kind of stalker, fixated. he certainly polishes his own stalk…

  42. Sully of Tuross Head


  43. GL

    AC is as obsessed with Monique Ryan as wam is with the Greens.

  44. A Commentator

    The humour of an awkward, immature 14 year old boy doesn’t reflect well on you. And it is interesting to see it reinforced by the fact that some of your contemporaries are entertained by it
    And does anyone think shooting the breeze on social media changes things
    It is a hobby

  45. corvusboreus

    “Obsessive fixation”
    “Pain in the arse”
    “Self-confessed stalker”

    The author of this article has used those exact words in irritated response to deliberately disruptive commentary in this conversational thread, but it was not to describe ‘A Commentator’.

    From what I can see, AC has made a handful of comments noting the lack of intricate economic policy details offered by Kooyong candidate Dr M Ryan, during a relatively civil dialogue with KL.

    Still, I recall M Taylor has called open slather on AC, so I guess he is fair game for a stacks-on.

  46. Kaye Lee

    I should not let my irritation show. It’s not necessarily what people say, it’s the repetition that kills me. I like discussing things. I like answering people. I like learning new things. I like fact checking. But to have the same things said over and over and over and over…..tries my patience. Advice to self – ignore.

  47. Michael Taylor

    It’s easy, Kaye, in the company of such an irritant.

  48. Consume Less

    54 seconds of Josh on you tube was enough, puffed up git. I hope Monique kicks his arse. ACL morons are dropping leaflets in my electorate of Mayo as well, having a go at Rebekha Sharkie for voting against the religious discrimination bill.

  49. leefe


    “I should not let my irritation show.” I don’t see why not. Why is it OK for one or two posters to continually harp on the same pointless – and often factless, or at least misleading – note, but not for others to be openly fed up wiith it?
    AC has more or less admitted he’s just trolling. Trolls need to be called out. Ignoring them seldom works.


    If one person is repeatedly, on different articles, saying the same thing over and over (and over and over and over) others being open about their frustration at that person’s behaviour, it isn’t a ‘pile-on’.


    If the “awkward, immature 14-yr old boy” remark was aimed at me … guffaw. Your opinion of my sense of humour is even less to me than the chances of my ever voting L/NP.

  50. Kaye Lee


    At least AC’s comments are readable. I think he has just run out of steam in trying to promote Josh so he has become fixated on demanding Dr Ryan answer what she will do about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and whether she believes in MMT – which I find really odd. The Coalition just proved everything MMT says – government spending is not dependent on/constrained by taxation and when demand outstrips the productive capacity of the economy, inflation ensues.

    wam, on the other hand,…..

    PS I think the remark was aimed at Phil

  51. corvusboreus

    MIchael Taylor,
    Out of curiosity, to which specific “such an irritant” do you refer?

    One (A Commentator) was referred to by KL as behaving ‘really odd’.

    Another (wam) was directly addressed as having “obsessional fixation”, identified as a “self-confessed stalker”, derided as a “pain in the arse” and dismissed as a “bore”.

    Did you mean the occasional rash or the persistent hemorrhoid?

  52. A Commentator

    “an irritant” is a badge of honour in an echo chamber

  53. Kaye Lee


    Perhaps you haven’t noticed but several people have defended you (including Michael by whose pleasure you remain). Perhaps you also haven’t noticed that we often disagree here, One of the great values of this site is that people are well-informed. If you are feeling there is a common theme, could is be that this government is SOOOOOOO bad that anyone who has been paying attention would agree that they have to go?

  54. A Commentator

    I’ll have to use some indicator when I make a facetious comment

  55. Michael Taylor

    An echo chamber! Hooley dooley, where have you been hiding?

    It’s funny though that when someone sees us agreeing on an issue they label us as an echo chamber, whereas if a collective agrees with that person’s views then they glow with pride that a consensus has been reached.

  56. A Commentator

    The “echo chamber” comment was Taylor made

  57. GL

    You made a serial joke.

  58. Albos Elbow

    GL, the Minister for Burning Fossil Fuels is well beyond a joke.
    His mastery of corruption, duplicity, trickery, chicanery, hoodwinking, fraud, misrepresentation, underhandedness, double-dealing, greed and deceit is getting up there with Scummo, Frydenegg, The Holy Virgin Gladys, Pork Barilaro, Daryl the Doer and Commander Potato Head.

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