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Labor Bashing

It’s surely not just me who has noticed the mainstream media losing their shit this week.

It’s like the very sight of Kevin Rudd is crack cocaine – sending journalists into a frenzied, chest beating fit of prediction and smear. It’s not like we can’t explain why this happens. We can. It’s because Kevin Rudd is a stick to beat Gillard’s government with. But mark my words, if it wasn’t Kevin f*cking Kevin, or Telstra’s asbestos, or Joel unhinged-Fitzgibbons or Labor backbenchers with their overnight suitcases being reported as having packed up their offices, it wouldn’t make any difference. I’m not going to waste any more time trying to find blame for this situation with the Labor Party, because surely this job has been done, and done and done and re-done many times with many more words than I could write in a hundred years. Let’s be honest. The axis of self-interests – the Murdoch, Rinehart, Abbott triangle is running the show. And they’re winning. This is a war, and the wrong side is winning. It’s a sad, humiliating fact for this great country. But it’s true. The 1% is kicking the 99%’s arse.

Labor does have a communication problem. I would like to see the best communicator in the world cut through a Murdoch smear campaign when his profits are threatened, but still, Labor does have a communication problem. But if you, like me, think it’s more important to judge someone by what they do, instead of what they say, it’s quite clear the Labor party is an incredibly successful outfit. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re rusted on to. This is fact. Policies, economic credentials and Labor party values intact – the Gillard Labor government is hugely successful. But this is the dagger in the heart of people like me who have been watching politics for the last three years, and have been reading mainstream news, and been incredulously reviewing the poll results. It’s becoming clear that it wouldn’t matter what the Gillard government did. Gillard could walk on water and it would be reported that she failed to swim. It’s as if we need to find a new word to outdo frustrating because it’s just getting too much to accept.

The Labor government’s policies are popular. The budget is economically responsible. The economy is outperforming all expectations compared to all other developed nations in regards to growth, unemployment, inflation and interest rates. Gillard’s renewable energy policies are restructuring the economy for future challenges. The Labor Party is doing exactly what they promised us they would do – they’re being progressive. NDIS, Gonski, a nation building NBN, a Carbon Price, the mining tax, Paid Parental Leave. But it wouldn’t matter how many successes they have – in fact the more successful they are the more the Murdoch, Rinehart, Abbott triangle ramps up their opposition. And depressingly, it would appear that the interests of the mega-rich trump public interest hands down.

How have we come to this point in our nation where we would prefer to shrink back into a bigoted, mean, selfish, stop the boats, cancel the Carbon Price, kill the NBN, scrap Gonski’s education funding, boost Gina Rinehart’s fortune, prop up Murdoch’s out of date business model instead of being brave, bold and committed to a better future for our children? A nation who hates unions and public services, but who turn a blind eye to capitalist corruption. For what purpose would anyone in their right mind behave like a irrational Iain Hall (please stop commenting on my blog) troll and think that it’s a good idea to eat shit and whip on the handbrake with a vote for Tony Abbott?

If you’re waiting for the mainstream media to wake up and realise they’re failing the country by waging a political campaign to destroy the Labor government, you’ll be waiting forever. They’re all in Murdoch and Rinehart’s pocket. When the ABC is as bad as the rest of them, you know all hope is lost. All it takes is for one bad poll for Labor and every political journalist in the country shows their true colours by waving their pom poms in the face of every Labor MP they can find. And when I say true colours, I mean the colours of their bosses. Just as one example of the priority of our journalists and the news they choose to focus on – this week Greg Combet told Parliament the Carbon Price is working – emissions have reduced by 7.4%. This is big news, I would have thought. But the radio report on ABC’s Radio National did not mention this important fact. No. Instead, their report was on Combet’s response to a question from them about what he will do if Labor loses the election. I rest my case. If this country wants Murdoch, Rinehart and Abbott’s 1% to decide their futures, they deserve everything they get.


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  1. Steven Subhash James

    can we get jim carey, robin williams and will smith over here, to belt the ignorance out of the masses with truth with humour. where is paul hogan when you need him ?

  2. fair suck of the sav

    Yes it is staggering what is ocurring here. Orwell foresaw it and it is happening. Propaganda served up to us 24/7. A LNP that will continuously lie but with the media ‘successfully’, in the public mind, pigeon hole Gillard as the one not to be trusted. Yes Oz is being controlled by the selfish and the stupid. I wonder what Murdoch’s media will say when Abbott verbally stumbles or nods mindlessly if as PM he he has to strut the international stage. Or will he just run away as he currently does. Either way he will be a national embarassment.

  3. Steven Subhash James

    they will just replace him with another puppet, god help us all.

  4. billshaw2013

    Loved your “Julia could walk on water and it would be reported she failed to swim” observation.

  5. eleanawi

    Not sure I agree with ALP and Julia Gillard are poor communicators. I understand everything that is being said and I don’t have uni degrees. It’s a matter of the public listening and comprehending. My blog is similar, but a slightly different take, as I go into the future with an Abbott led government.

    Please read my latest blog: It’s like talking to a drunk
    It’s Like Talking to a Drunk

  6. kate ahearne

    Thanks, Victoria. 7.4% reduction in carbon emissions. Wow! We have some people at Fair Media Alliance wanting to get a ‘Julia Day’ and/or a March Against Murdoch. Ideas and offers of commitment to help organize such an event at a local level would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all at AIMN for your sterling efforts.

  7. rachanashivam

    I agree. It’s totally confounding. The lust for power rules.

  8. hannahquinn

    All very true, Victoria. These are definitely bad days in Australian politics. The election is not over yet, it hasn’t even started in real terms. Abbott has a long way to go. Even if he does win, I really believe the Liberals will fall apart, feeling that they are now ‘off the tight rein’ and from the long, nasty, one goal campaign. They might not have been on Opposition benches all that long, relatively speaking, but the way they have been conducting themselves, it will unravel the same way it always does when they’ve spent a long time in the wilderness.

    I’ve reblogged your article it to The Kettle Drum.

  9. eddietla

    I read a Twitter once day after Newman won.”U’ve made your bed,now u lay in it”.So true.

  10. hannahquinn

    Agree, Victoria. It’s all you’ve said and more. It’s not over yet, fortunately. Reblogged to The Kettle Press

  11. CMMC

    Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about the feckless shitkickers who are running this continuous anti-Labor tirade called the “News Cycle”, you know, those people who were once known as “journalists”.

  12. Bill Morris

    A march against Murdoch sounds like a great idea. Banners highlighting current media tactics, lies and fabrication, deception by omission, and how journalism is practically pure propaganda. So how do we get it on TV? Organise by Facebook and local ALP.
    Need professional video coverage and at least put it on YouTube.

  13. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle)

    I think that it is time for some PEOPLE POWER.

    A lot of people here on the 5th Estate know what the problem is, it is how & what are we THE PEOPLE are prepared to do about it.

    I think that if we all totally bypass the MSM propaganda machine & take affirmative action WE will be the deciders of who will get back into power in September.

    Have a look at Kate’s site, I’m sure that we can all make a difference & stop TA & his mob of morons getting into power. It will also send a clear message to Murdoch/Reinhart & co that we will not be dictated to nor will we be treated like sheep.


  14. Chris Crash

    The problem has always been Gillard’s knifing of Rudd. She is seen by the Oz public as someone not to be trusted, despite all her/their good work. She may have been a clever politician within the confines of The Labor Party, but doesn’t seem to have a clue on the national stage. As far as the public is concerned, it’s time to give another liar a go. You only have to see how adored Rudd is by the general public. Labor is about to pay for it’s treachery in dealing with Rudd and we are all going to be worse off, (unless you earn $150,000 plus per annum) and it will serve us all right! As for journalists who work for newspapers, get a real job ‘cos your time is running out. You are now a waste of space.

  15. kate ahearne

    Thanks for the thumbs-up, Sandra. Yes, it’s time for People Power. The fifth estate has been doing a marvelous job, but we need more.

  16. Terence

    I have just finished reading two articles in the Weekend Australian, that well known organ of balance and impartial reporting. Both on the subject of asylum seekers :one by Greg Sheridan titled “Policy Failure creating a monstrous problem” and the other by Paul Kelly titled “Asylum-Seekers fiasco the stone sinking Labor”
    Naturally, both journalists blame Labor policy for the substantial increase in boat arrivals and both forecast that this will be a telling factor in the way that people will vote, particularly in Sydney’s West .
    Strangely both articles are deafeningly silent on how a coalition government would solve the flow of people and there is barely a reference to turning back or towing back the boats; in fact that mantra seems to have been deftly removed from the Liberal lexicon presumably by Peta Credlin – more echoes of George Orwell ?

    It seems that the gaff, earlier in the week, by Julie Bishop to imply that the coalition had a high level ‘wink & nod’ from Indonesian officials indicating that they will probably facilitate an Abbott tow back policy, is no longer to be mentioned neither is the rebuff from the Indonesian Ambassador.

    Laurie Ferguson was quite correct to point out that neither the ALP nor the media are calling Abbott and Morrison on their non existent policies in this area and their quite evident back-peddling on the hairy chested rhetoric we have become accustomed to. It is all very well to throw slogans around whilst in opposition but as a coalition government in September becomes more of a reality it is high time we sat Abbott and Morrison down and insisted that they spell out in detail their policy on boat people: but don’t hold your breath !

  17. Michael LaFave

    Sadly, Ms. Rollison is spot on characterising how the Murdoch/Rinehart and copycat ABC propaganda artillery barrage appears to have persuaded 55%, give or take a couple %, of the electorate to accept the delusion that PM Gillard’s Ministry is an abject failure, who’s now cravenly awaiting saintly LOTO Abbott to rescue Australians from their unmitigatedly dysfunctional government.

    I also greatly appreciate the sagacious attitude which Ms. Rollison has adopted toward the ‘Bizarro-world’ future which is highly likely to commence in September. The reality is that we progressives will need to continue battling our utmost against the extreme Right-wing MSM/LNP forces if there’s to be any chance of getting our currently adolescent electorate eventually to wake up and grow up.

    The disquieting question is whether the next federal Labor government will arrive too late to be able to sufficiently clean up the messes which the “Bull-excrement Mountain” mob (to paraphrase Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart) will have perpetrated on Australian society such as the USA Republican Party’s model of inequitable wealth redistribution, egregious degradation of all our social safety nets, loss of our recently hard-won industrial relations fair-go policies, far lower levels of respect for us from the international community and irreversible destruction of our natural environment.

  18. Steven Subhash James

    funny how when julia gillard first became PM her approval rating was >High< and rudd was seen as someone without a backbone. How the people forget so quickly, and become easily influenced by the media. people are so fickle. and just plain stupid..

  19. CS still censored

    Victoria, as a current ALP member you should be including this in your online bio.

    It’s a little rich to constantly complain about the ‘evil corrupt MSM’, etc whilst simultaneously behaving with a lower standard of disclosure.

  20. CMMC

    All this “people will never forget the treachery of the Rudd removal”, especially the”people of Sydneys’ Western Suburbs” is baloney peddled by the NSW Right and, from what I can gather, G. Richardson in particular.

    Utter nonsense.

  21. Stephen

    Terrence I think the main point is that the asylum seeker problem (or perceived problem) is 100% the making of the ALP and it is only getting worse. You are quite right to ask questions of Abbott and Morrison but the electorate has trouble looking past the failures of Rudd and Gillard to the possible alternatives. It is one issue that neither the ALP or their supporters should talk about because the ALP created a problem they can’t fix.

  22. Möbius Ecko

    Just how did the ALP create the problem Stephen? Unless you mean they took up Coalition policy, made it harsher than anything Howard did, and that Coalition policy failed.

  23. Möbius Ecko

    To add to my last. Was it the ALP that created the wars and conditions overseas that the asylum seekers are fleeing from? I remember Howard as part of the CoW having a hand in that.

    Was it the ALP telling the people smugglers to send refugees here in droves as a new government was soft? No I remember a Coalition opposition and their media mouth pieces having a hand in that.

    And you reckon we have an asylum seeker problem. Lebanon is expected to have 3 million Syrian refugees by the end of the year. Already one refugee camp has become Lebanon’s 4th largest population centre.

    Guess where the next wave of asylum seekers to reach Australia will come from, no matter who is in government? Syria.

  24. Truth Seeker

    Victoria, great article and well said, I have also just vented my frustration at the state of our mendacious MSM in “If the MSM told me that the sky was blue, I’d have to check for myself!” 😀

    Keep up the great work, we can and will prevail 😀

    Cheers 😀

    If the MSM told me the sky was blue, I’d have to check for myself!

  25. Berny

    The thing that pi$$es me off is that Labor has a very good representation of women in high portfolios, but it would appear that women generally don’t like Labor???? We had a woman on ABC recently pushing her book, complaining that women a under represented in the labour workforce, particularly in high places [glass ceiling], but there wasn’t one mention of the Labor party with it’s very successful campaign to include women in the parliament. What’s going on?????

  26. Dale Garrett

    I do not know how anyone can think Julia Gillard and her labor party have been a success.
    Everything she has done has been a failure,I can not wait to be rid of them,do you people live in the real world maybe you might want to explain how we are meant to pay off the 300 + billion $ debt that we may never be able to pay back this effects us all
    The enormous interest that is attached to this we are all poorer because of the never ending spending.
    We are not living within our means.The 100 million $ per day that she is adding to the debt needs to stop and the election can not come soon enough,she is the worst prime minister we have ever had.
    I own a small business and Labor seems to bash us with there socialistic policy.I ish they would stop knocking the business people in Australia no matter how successful that company is ,we need to support them, we are the guys that employ Australians and keep this country strong.

  27. kate ahearne

    Hi Bill.

  28. kate ahearne

    Sorry Bill, I pressed the Post button by mistake. A good old-fashioned media campaign would be the way to go – press releases before the event. As for professional videos – I don’t know that a grass-roots unfunded event would run to such luxuries.

  29. Berny

    Julia Gillard and the rest of the women in the LP have done more for this country than any or all of the fancy female news readers put together, yet these pompous exabitionists have the audacity to make fun of anything JG does. What an absolute bloody disgrace!!

  30. Truth Seeker

    Dale, so you run your business without an overdraft or any loans?

    Every thing she has done has failed? Talk to someone in the UK or Europe or the USA and ask them who got it right.

    You are either fooled by the lies and spin of the MSM, or a rusted on LNP supporter who will continue to deny the truth, or just plain stupid.

    There can be no other reasons for your nonsensical statement.

    Cheers ;grin:

  31. Michael Taylor

    My apologies for the number of comments that have been caught up in the spam filter. I’ve worked out the problem and hopefully it won’t be happening again.

  32. Stephen

    Mobius echo whether the problem is real or not is irrelevant. The issue will kill the ALP at the election and no matter how much you try to spin it, the facts are that there are were a trickle of boats and a minute amount in detention when Rudd/Gillard changed direction. There is a correlation of one to the ALP taking power and the increase in boats and a correlation of zero between the boats and war. Like I say spin it how you like but the the general public are open to the facts and not your spin.

    Truth Seeker comparing the government with a business leaves you with no credibility and that is the reason why Gillards ‘John’ story was laughed at. However if a business had it’s best revenues ever and was still going backwards and the outlook was not as good as the past few years, they would be out of business. Unfortunately that is what this government has had yet we are further in debt. Producing record deficits with record revenues and record terms of trades is the reason Swan will be out of a job come September. It’s a remarkable achievement to do so badly at the peak of the mining boom.

  33. Stephen

    Truth Seeker, if you want to know where I get my information for government revenue, it’s not msm it’s government websites. Check it out to find government revenue has increased massively since Swan became treasurer and not reducing as he would make you think. The Swan disaster ends September.

  34. Truth Seeker

    Stephen, it is you that is lacking credibility, as you ignore that GFC inconvenience.

    There is no comparison between running a business and running a country, as governments are obliged to provide services that by their very nature cannot be profitable, where a business will just cut a part of their enterprise which will not show a profit in the long term.

    you have been sucked in by the LNP spin or are just being selectively blind, either way you are WRONG.

    Cheers 😀

  35. Steven Subhash James

    dale and stephen you are both a disgrace to truthfulness. you know it and i know it everybody knows it. time for you two to fade away.

  36. CMMC

    The “illegal migrant” hysteria has not much traction in Sydneys’ Western Surburbs.

    I grew up there and still regularly visit relatives who have happily remained there. If there was the degree of hostility towards refugees that Abbott and the legacy media are trying to promote I imagine you would see BNP-type skinheads running riot.

    Not happening.

  37. Möbius Ecko

    So Stephen you will immediately call for Abbott and Morrison to stand down the moment the boats keep coming under them.

    What a laugh, of course you won’t, you’ll be a hypocrite and make excuses for them.

    As to the spinning, methinks it’s coming from you as facts seem to elude you.

    As it looks like another asylum seeker tragedy is unfolding to our north, can you tell us why the boats have kept coming when for quite a while now we have had Coalition policy in place, and indeed worse than anything Howard put in place?

  38. cuppa

    So Stephen you will immediately call for Abbott and Morrison to stand down the moment the boats keep coming under them.

    The boats will keep coming but the media’s “interest” in them will vanish on the night of the election if Rupert/Rinehart win.

  39. salzagal

    No-one has said this better.

  40. Stephen

    Truth seeker, terms of trade numbers hit a record in 2011 and we have had record government revenues since. These are the facts. These numbers occurred beyond the gfc (which China powered us out of) so your gfc excuse is irrelevant. Call me wrong all you like but these are the facts posted by the government.

    Echo it’s complete rubbish to say we have the coalition policies in place when we don’t even have TPV’s. Stick to spin and not outright lies.

    Steven James a 2 year old could construct a better argument that that. Just because the facts don’t support your biased opinion doesn’t mean I’m not telling the truth.

    Once last word of advice from a swinging voter who will vote against this government. Seems many commenters on here are only happy reading something if supports the ALP mantra. It’s no surprise Gillard will go down as one of the worst PMs ever leading a terrible government when many aren’t prepared to question them and hold them to account so they improve. Accepting incompetence only breeds incompetence. MSM has nothing to do with the ALPs woes. The ALP needs to listen to the old guard who know that the problem isn’t msm but ‘tin ear’ Gillard and co who are killing a once great political party.

  41. Stephen

    Thanks salzagirl. I appreciate it.

    Time for me to go and have some objective conversation. Doesn’t exist here. Just a lot of hate for facts.

  42. cuppa

    from a swinging voter …. Gillard will go down as one of the worst PMs ever…

    For a “swinging voter” how come you’re repeating, word-for-word, the partisan Liberal slogan “worst PM ever”?

    Which claim is crap too.

  43. Steven Subhash James

    stephen your facts are an illusion on your part, you are spruiking rubbish. over and out.

  44. Chris

    “Once (sic) last word of advice from a swinging voter who will vote against this government.” – Stephen

    I don’t think you know what swinging voter means …

  45. Steven Subhash James

    yes stephen i am biased, i am biased against bullshit ! and you are overflowing with it !

  46. Angeline

    I hope Rudd is smart enough to realise that the media don’t support him, just pretend they do to create instability, .
    Either he’s doing this for his own ego, or like us he is terrified of the damage Abbott would do to this country and is playing the media to get the message across about Abbott. It seems to be a bit of both.
    Aussies have become so complacent that they think it won’t matter who is in power, they’ll just vote for the one they hate the least. They’re about to get the biggest wake up call ever. It reminds me of the tale of Atlantis. The rich country that was literally destroyed by greed.

  47. Steven Subhash James

    lets hope not angeline. i agree with you have written.

  48. jane

    Great post Victoria, but don’t let the msm & Liars grubs get you down. I think the government can prevail, because a surprising number of people are wise to Liealot, Murdoch & Rinehart.

    Stephen, the only thing you’re swinging is a bag full of Liars lies, FUD and plain old bovine excrement. Go back to Menzies House with the rest of the Liars trolls.

    If you want a Murdoch Rinehart duopoly, go ahead and vote Liars 1.

  49. Anomander

    I am constantly astounded that people who clearly are not part of the 1%, will never be one of the 1% and for whom the 1% could not give a toss, somehow support policies that benefit only the 1%, and hurt the remainder of society, including themselves.

    Mass delusion at it’s finest. The unshakable faith that one day they may be rich, and when they are rich, they will be able to avoid paying taxes too.

  50. Truth Seeker

    Stephen, yes and once you are gone so will be the hate for facts, funny about that?

    And you are still and will always be WRONG, as you are just another right wing nut job.

    Cheers 😀

  51. Möbius Ecko

    “Echo it’s complete rubbish to say we have the coalition policies in place when we don’t even have TPV’s. Stick to spin and not outright lies.”

    Stephen what a gormless right wing tool you are. You keep going on about spin from others, it seems to be your favourite attack, but overlook the spin you constantly come out with. Right wing projection at its finest.

    Do you bother to look at the news, no not the right wing biased MSM, but the real news? Of course you don’t otherwise you would know about Bridging Visas and the real hardship of the no advantage test that goes with them. They make TPVs look like like welcome mats.

    It’s the same for Offshore Detention, including children, something Labor railed against in Howard’s day. The conditions are far worse and the time in detention even more undefined and uncertain than in Howard’s day. The access to the refugees is even been made harder than in Howard’s day, which was the purpose of moving them offshore by Howard, to stop the protests and media access to the wire that gave us such vivid and terrible images of children suffering.

    This is the Coalition’s policy but taken to a more dreadful level, make no bones about it. The only single difference is, and the reason Abbott keeps repeating it, stop the boats. But that part of the Coalition’s policy is already a known failure.

    So as bodies are being discovered off Christmas Island from yet another asylum seeker tragedy it proves that not even that, the real and too often tragedies of boats sinking and men, women and children dying, stops them from coming. Nor does harshest offshore detention or the knowledge they will be put in limbo with barely enough to live on if they make it to Australia.

    For mine what bought the boats after this government won office was the Coalition say loud and long, and it was reported in Indonesia, that the government has gone soft and the borders are open. If anyone is to blame outside the wars, oppression and unbelievable hardship of the camps in S.E. Asia for the influx of boats then it’s the Coalition.

    Finally if you believe the asylum seekers are a problem here, which I certainly don’t, then what about Lebanon, where it’s fourth biggest population centre is now a Syrian refugee camp. Try three million asylum seekers coming over your borders and it’s to our shame the horrible way we treat the handful that come here, the next wave who will most likely be Syrians.

    My challenge then still stands. If they win power will you demand that Abbott and Morrison be stood down if the boats keep coming under their government?

  52. MC

    I’m no Abbott supporter but its so unbelievable and even sad to me that anyone can defend this current government but hey I guess I’m another one deceived by the labour bashing media . Pleeeeeaase give me a break. Gillard is a lying incompetent arrogant woman who would sell her own soul to stay in power and will rightly go down as the worst PM this country has ever had .Bring on the election

  53. Steven Subhash James

    MC. your initials are around the wrong way ! but then your a COMPLETE MORON ! i understand now. : )

  54. cuppa

    Another RWF wasting their and our time reciting dumbed-down partisan Liberal slogans. When will the Menzies House trolls understand we are neither interested or believe what they say?

  55. Steven Subhash James

    i wonder if all these trolls are really just one or two persons. ?

  56. CMMC

    These right wing trolls bring to mind the “espontáneo”, the gormless fools who suddenly jump into a bullfight stadium ground, make a few bullfighter swipes of the cape and then scurry back to their seat.

  57. mikaroonsblog

    Okay, based on the comments, and the… interesting… angle of this article, this is clearly a labour supporters post. I have readied myself for the insults which will flow after I share my point of view…

    In case it’s not clear from my comment, I will be voting to remove the current government in September. I follow politics passionately and constantly remind myself to view these events apolitically – I only want what is best for our country. I think this government has failed our country over and over again. I won’t go into more detail about these failures because its not what I’m commenting for. Please refer to the ‘mainstream media’ if you would like specifics.

    What does surprise me, is the view taken by the author (and most commenters) that the majority of Australians have been ‘brainwashed’ into wanting to remove this government. I think Australians are a lot smarter than this article gives us credit for. The fact is that this government has performed poorly and the people want change. In essence, you are saying that the majority of Australians are stupid. Or to put it a different way, the only Australians smart enough to see through this charade are the minority of Australians (or diehard labour voters). I just can’t see the logic in this.

    What also surprises me is that when someone has commented with a view contrary to this article, they are called a moron for doing so. I thought all Australians were afforded the right hold their own opinions and voice them freely? You only need to read the comments on a ‘mainstream media’ site to understand how most Australians feel about this government and it is the complete opposite to this. I’d say 90% of comments on other sites clearly show how most Australians are going to vote and the valid reasons for their decisions. The other 10% are labour die hards making some derogatory comment about a previous post, or voicing their fears about the world ending if abbot gets in.

    Please continue to share your points of view as its healthy to hear things from a different angle but c’mon guys, let others do the same without fear of being insulted for it. In September, Australians will hit the polls and place an I formed and educated vote. We will know then how the masses are feeling.

  58. Truth Seeker

    mikaroonsblog, your statement “Please refer to the ‘mainstream media’ if you would like specifics.” prove the point that you are disputing.

    The MSM have given up all pretence at fair, balanced and objective reporting, and if you are prepared to have Murdoch dictate to you who you should vote for then you certainly don’t have the best interests of this country at heart.

    We are without question the envy of the developed nations, and to say that this government has performed poorly is just plain wrong.

    They are not perfect, as no government is, but they are light years ahead of the LNP in their wildest dreams, and anyone who can mindlessly repeat the MSM propaganda as anything to base a vote for Abbott is either happy to be conned, or lying to themselves or just plain stupid. 🙁

    You choose 😯


  59. Möbius Ecko

    Sorry mikaroonsblog you’re going to get your prediction.

    As Truth Seeker pointed out referring to the MSM for specifics but not giving any is a massive fail. The mainstream media has been proven to obfuscate and outright lie in putting down this government and long ago threw out any pretence of being fair, in fact openly stating their job is to oust this government by any means.

    If you can prove Abbott would lead a good government then I might go some way to agreeing with you, but every challenge on this has failed.

    Sorry we criticise the right wingers that post here as most don’t in fact offer anything to the debate often repeating the lies and deceits of the opposition and totally ignoring any facts presented. It’s easy to tell for as soon as there’s a post criticising Abbott they come out of the woodwork sprouting the same slogans and talking points you see across the blogosphere. It’s telling that the exact propaganda put forth by the opposition is repeated by a small army of right wing bloggers almost word for word and no facts proffered change what they say.

    That’s the way it is.

    And come September and they vote in Abbott then as Queensland is finding out they will have to live with the consequences of their vote as Abbott and the Liberals lie and deceive, blaming Labor for every broken promise, increased taxes and levies and failures. Nothing is more certain.

  60. Michael Taylor

    I keep coming back to this article. And the legs have nothing to do with it. 😳

  61. mikaroonsblog

    Thanks truth seeker and möbius for sharing your thoughts on my comment. It was a lot tamer than I was expecting.

    The fact that I am reading articles on this site surely goes some way to show that I don’t solely rely on msm for my information. And the reference to seeing msm for specifics was written with tongue in cheek but guess I missed the mark.

    Unfortunately, you haven’t swayed my point of view which was:

    A) just because the majority of Australians don’t share your views and instead, want a new government, it doesn’t mean we have been brainwashed – we aren’t that naive.

    B) people should be allowed to voice their opinions freely with the understanding that others may not share the same views. The way you have written your responses implies that unless I agree with you, I’m stupid. It’s like those annoying posts on Facebook when there is a picture of a disabled child or something and the comment reads “like if you care about disabled children”. So if I don’t like that post it means I don’t care about these children?

    If you want me to be more specific about labours failures, a recent example is how they got the mining tax revenue and budget deficit so so wrong. I appreciate there are factors outside of the governments control which impacted these results but there was a real problem with some of the forecasting. It was clearly assumed that the best case scenario would happen but in the end, it was quite the opposite. The government needs to be able to forecast with relative accuracy and they have proved they can’t. And no, I’m not reciting propaganda rhetoric – I have formed my own opinions on this.

    Now, the doomsday talk about abbot slashing jobs etc. He is mainly referring to scaling back the public service by 12000 staff. I am a career public servant and can assure you that very few staff will be fired if he gets in. These cuts will be from natural attrition (staff retiring) and voluntary redundancies. They just won’t replace these staff. What’s more, I strongly believe that the public service can do a better job, with less staff, by increasing productivity and having the courage to take a fresh look at their processes. They are years behind the private sector in using available technology to automate many of their processes. Like I said, very few people will lose their jobs and it will save the taxpayers money – it’s a win/win for our country.

    Labour has had two terms and I think this is long enough for the people to understand their competency. Well actually, more people voted lnp than alp last time but a handful of independents chose who would form a government – that was a legitimate process so I accepted it. I find it hard to agree with you that lnp will be such a disaster for our country because they haven’t been in government yet. I’m prepared to give them a go because I think they’ll do a better job than our current government.

  62. Victoria Rollison

    mikaroonsblog, your comment is exactly the type I would expect from an Abbott supporter. You say the Gillard government has ‘failed’ our country, but just like everyone else who says this, you have absolutely no evidence or any detail to support this opinion. It’s all just slogans. No substance. No mention of policies. The fact that you misspell Labor as ‘Labour’ makes me question if you really are a close follower of politics as you say you are. If you would like to write a post with some details to back up your view, I’m sure Miglo would happily publish it. But if you’re just here to slag the Gillard government in the same way as the mainstream media do for no other reason than to support the vested interests of the 1%, then I would ask you to please go away.

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  64. Steven Subhash James

    morons blog more likely.

  65. Bacchus

    Yes Victoria, mikaroonsblog doesn’t know what they speak of. Let’s introduce a couple of facts and see what happens, shall we?

    how they got the mining tax revenue and budget deficit so so wrong

    You weren’t following politics during the Howard government years then? How many forecasts did Treasury get 100% accurate (or even close) then? It’s the same public servants making those best guesses based on their experience & training forecasts…

    He is mainly referring to scaling back the public service by 12000 staff

    Coalition policy is to sack 20,000 public servants…

    Well actually, more people voted lnp than alp last time

    Ignoring that the LNP is only a registered party in Qld where they received 1,130,525 votes or 9.12%, the after preference distribution results were:
    2010 Election results 2PP:

    Labor – 6,216,445 votes / 50.12%

    Coalition – 6,185,918 / 49.88%

    It seems mikaroonsblog has not been following along closely at all 🙄

  66. Möbius Ecko

    By the way the 12,000 promised PS sackings by Hockey are only the first year and the start, not the total. He has stated he will visit the numbers each year in office.

    But even if it were the considerable amount of 12,000 in toto it will still kill a chunk of the economy and send Australia backwards. The failure of austerity overseas and its failing in Queensland, WA, NZ are portents to where Abbott will lead us.

  67. Terence

    mikaroonsblog: don’t be discouraged, your contribution is important and brings balance and helps many of us who are not attracted to Tony Abbott understand why you find the Gillard government’s policies, performance and achievements in a hostile hung parliament are so abhorrent.

    By the way,Treasury estimates on the MRRT revenues and deficit predictions were formulated by many of the same Treasury officials who advised Costello and will advise Hockey.

    The asylum seeker issue is obviously one that really resonates with some Liberal supporters and I think we can all agree that what has been happening , including the recent tragedy at sea, is horrendous but I have yet to hear from either Abbott or Morrison how they would tackle this challenge, beyond simplistic slogans.

    ‘Look forward to hearing more of your views.

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  69. jayanar

    1. Victoria wrote
    For what purpose would anyone in their right mind behave like a irrational Iain Hall (please stop commenting on my blog) troll

    Just delete his comments. You don’t have to give him a platform.

    2. Steven Subhash James June 9, 2013

    i wonder if all these trolls are really just one or two persons. ?

    They usually are. Check the IPs.

    As for the media, I think the only way is to tweet-flood the offending journalists with links to this blog and others which are trying to get the truth out.

    Barry Cassidy was carrying on like the Capitoline geese about some sort of confected imminent crisis for Labor yesterday. He seems to have taken a chill pill today, or the Drum editor has.

  70. David

    In my experience of reading blogs, Iain Hall is a professional media troll, spends its waking hrs ranting and lying about the evils of Julia and the Govt on any left leaning outlet that will tolerate his pathetic diatribe.
    Hall has been banned from more blogs than Pynes lies!!!

  71. cowper133

    In my opinion it seems those people who continue to take the MSM line of failed govt very seldom point out what the govt has actually failed to do. Stable govt – still there after 3 years; introduced price on carbon. Paid parental leave, increased pensions, lowered tax threshold, avoided recession and the list goes on with NBN Gonski, NDIS. As already pointed out no govt is perfect and the border “protection” is one area I don’t think has been handled well but not taking into account the responsibility we have to assume because of our involvement in invasions and occupations will mean that LNP will find this area a minefield as well. We have to weigh up the whole picture and there is only one party that is setting us up for the future and not just the next sound bite and that is ALP. I for one don’t want to risk the future of my grandchildren by losing the Education reforms, the NBN, the NDIS…. Think carefully before you vote!

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