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Keeping your head about you

AIMN reader Colin Price has a say:

Here is an angle to the Zaky Mallah/ABC circus that may not have been picked up on: By using the term “Heads Must Roll” at the ABC – Does Prime Minister Abbott intend to commit an act of terror against ABC Staffers by beheading them?

Of course that is not what he means literally, so why is OK for Tony Abbott to be making comments that can be taken out of context, but not someone such as Zaky Mallah?

Regardless, I think the comments by Tony Abbott and the term he used in the current global climate are highly offensive, and are irresponsible coming from a person who holds the highest office in Australia.



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  1. Lee

    Does trying to destroy the ABC equate to damaging commonwealth property? Can we strip the citizenship of the Liberal MPs?

  2. Kaye Lee

    Could I also remind you of when Tony Abbott’s director of policy made a throat-slitting motion to the CEO of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation and threatened to “cut the throat” of funding when “we” are in power. Mr van Onselen said on Twitter that Dr Roberts had subsequently warned him to keep his mouth shut, in exchange for leaked information from inside the then Federal Opposition Leader’s office.

  3. Clive Manson

    Dutton should cancel his citizenship! (If he has one…)

  4. Matters Not

    Does Prime Minister Abbott intend to commit an act of terror against ABC Staffers by beheading them?

    One can never be sure but perhaps he will follow the lead of one of our ‘allies’ in the fight against ISIL. Yes folks we are training troops to defend countries like Saudi Arabia. Check out how they enforce law and order.

    Saudi Arabia has beheaded 85 people so far this year and is advertising for eight new executioners to carry out an increased number of public executions, reported Reuters Monday. Saudi officials claim the beheadings show the kingdom’s commitment to “maintaining security and realizing justice.”

    Saudi Arabia conducted its 85th beheading on Sunday, according to the official Saudi Press Agency. Last year, Saudi Arabia beheaded 88 people, according to Human Rights Watch. Amnesty International counted at least 90 executions last year.


    Not sure whether these ‘exercutioner’ positions will be public servants. Probably out sourced to a Chinese company as part of the Free Trade deal.

    I should add that both men and women are dealt with the same way but usually the women are not drugged in order that they fell the full pain. Nice.

  5. Terry

    Substituting “RUINING” for “RUNNING” in Scott Ludlam’s comment would reflect the reality of what has been happening since Abbott became PM.

  6. AndrewL

    In a race to the bottom, Saudi Arabia is probably only just behind Australia who:
    1/ Are paying off people smugglers with $30,000 per boat,
    2/ Imprisoning, raping and abusing women and children asylum seekers on Nauru and probably other places.
    3/ passed laws this week to make it nearly impossible to report on these attrocities and to ensure the offenders have no accountability.
    4/ has the PM (that is probably not even a legal PM due to his dual nationality) inciting race hatred to the nation on staged media shoots.

    What is wrong with this country that we have allowed our politicians to do these deeds and have no easy way to prosecute them or hold them to account?

  7. mars08

    Does anyone here think the the Murdoch press and commercial TV stations WOULDN’T support actual beheadings of ABC staff? The SEVEN network would probably make reality TV show out of it!

  8. Charlotte

    I totally agree and it’s something I thought about the moment he said it. It’s entirely inappropriate though totally unsurprising.

  9. mars08

    “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.”

    »Noam Chomsky (The Common Good)

  10. Sean Stinson

    My reaction to the Zaky Mallah question on Monday night was what a waste of time. I was particularly disappointed when it became heated and was allowed to drag on, for like a whole 10 minutes. I would have much preferred to listen to Linda Tirado speak. Assholery.

    @Lee I like your logic. Yep, attacking the ABC is damaging commonwealth property, in a round about way at least. Abbott without a doubt still has British citizenship. So there you go. Hoisted by his own petard. Bring it on.

  11. doctorrob54

    After listening all week to what is being said over and over,and over,again.Sensationalized BS by every Libturd senator and most MSM I find it would be easy to fight against Our Grand Hypocrisy.Most definite if it turned out one or more of my family were butchered or worse after being forced back.I never in my worse nightmare imagined Australia could become such a scared,pathetic,hateful nation.Our actions prove the terrorists have already won.

  12. josephinewadlow

    Abbott, hissy Chrissy Pyne and Peter Dutton are not known for holding back and indeed what happened in that Q & A segment merely highlighted the dangers attached to one Minister’s whim as to who should have their dual citizenship revoked – and a whim it would be – highlighting the real dangers attached to a ‘Putin’ style of Government in Australia –

    Abbott and Co., have created an Autocracy – as all Ministers are acting as one – on ‘Team Australia’…

    Autocracy: Government by a single person having unlimited power; despotism (domination through threat of punishment and violence). (Citizenship revoked – heads will roll).

    If as is suggested Abbott continues to hold onto his British citizenship – and especially when he appears to be on an autocratic self-style of government – will he have his Australian citizenship revoked and sent back from whence he came – and where, if that can happen will that leave his family?

  13. Harquebus

    I am glad someone brought this up.

    “Saudi Arabia has introduced a series of new laws which define atheists as terrorists”

    Saudi Arabia Passes New Law that Declares Atheists “Terrorists”

    “Record Beheadings and the Mass Arrest of Christians – Is it ISIS? No it’s Saudi Arabia”

    Record Beheadings and the Mass Arrest of Christians – Is it ISIS? No it’s Saudi Arabia

    I am sure that I once saw Tony Abbott lick his own eyeball but, damned if I can find it.


  14. OzFenric

    “Can we strip the citizenship of the Liberal MPs?” Lee, unfortunately not. None of them are dual-nationals. Well, except Tony Abbott of course.

  15. Colin KLINE

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