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Just who is this man named Morrison that he needs Murdoch’s defence?

Who is this man who would have you believe that he is God’s gift to all that bothers us?

Has the nation finally woken to his lack of leadership, his lack of character and his lying? Can he keep up this façade of broken promises and false credibility?

Journalists from the non-Murdoch media definitely don’t see the shine that is all too often portrayed in Murdoch publications. Here are some examples:

Peter Lewis in The Guardian June 22 noticed that:

“There has been an undeniable shift in Morrison’s rhetoric on climate since Christmas. He has softened his support for new coalmines, shifted focus to gas as a transition, and left open the idea of hitting zero emissions at a point that may or may not bear a passing resemblance to 2050. It’s not exactly embracing Greta Thunberg but at least he has stopped fondling lumps of coal in the parliament.

William Bowe in The Poll Bludger on July 7 said that:

“The shine continues to come off Scott Morrison’s COVID-boosted personal ratings, plus new evidence of a softening in support for the Coalition among women.”

Just how much longer is the Liberal Party and the Murdoch media going to keep supporting Scott Morrison?

Katharine Murphy, writing in The Guardian observed that:

“The public needs political leaders to put their interests first and be competent in a crisis. That’s the long and the short of it – and the past 72 hours has not inspired confidence.”

Greg Jericho, also for The Guardian, June 27 said:

“It’s 2021 and we have a government within sight of an election with no policy on climate change that endeavours to reach net zero emissions, and the National party has just re-elected as its leader Barnaby Joyce, whose main policy position appears to be to ensure such a target is never set.

Climate change denial continues to be the strongest force in Australian politics.”

On his current demeanour, one wouldn’t have any confidence in Scott Morrison conducting a chook raffle at the local pub, let alone running government business on a world scale. We should look at his latest promises regarding the Pfizer vaccine with doubt, given his history of lying to us.

Adding to the government’s woes of three terms of deplorable governance is the re-emergence of Barnaby Joyce, who has nothing to offer the country except negativity and gloom. He is undoubtedly a man lost when deep oblique thinking is required.

But we are indeed a weird lot, or should I say an accepting lot. One would, under normal circumstances, assume that we would have reached the bottom line of political management. What one would regard as reasonable government a decade ago has passed us by, and we can lament its passing. But there are no protests on the streets. Even the Union movement seems to have a passive attitude toward the government’s incompetence.

Many political observers (including me) are now saying Scott Morrison is the worst Prime Minister in the history of Australia. Yes, even worse than Tony Abbott.

Katharine Murphy writing for The Guardian made this observation:

“But if we look closely at what has been happening in recent weeks, we can also observe Morrison’s frustration levels building. When it comes to managing outbreaks, the states remain risk-averse, particularly in an environment when not enough Australians are vaccinated. That creates constant friction between the jurisdictions, given vaccine supply is a commonwealth issue.”

He has now opted for a “less of me” attitude to take Government off the front pages where even Murdoch is hard-pressed to hide his smart-arse smirking face, his announcements and his sense of entitlement.

His triumphant announcement that we were at the “front of the queue” when procuring sufficient vaccines to protect the Australian people was another unforgivable lie. One of the many announcements that were full of hot air without any measured result and all Calculated to deliver an ant nest of activity simply as a diversion from the lack of vaccine supply.

The front of the queue announcement, as it turns out, was nothing more than another Scott Morrison attempt to fool the Australian people into believing his every word. A belief that is waning with every week that passes.

His pronouncement that NSW was the “gold standard” for handling COVID-19 has proven wrong. So much so that he should turn to the Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, the man he so readily denounced and seek his advice.

The Prime Minister, however, doesn’t have ownership of stupidity when it comes to making announcements.



A wing and a prayer may be an attitudinal way for a Christian Prime Minister like Morrison to govern the country, but the problems of today need to be honed with critical reason, factual evidence and scientific methods of enquiry so that they clearly articulate the currency of tomorrow.

In other words, instead of announcements, just give us the facts without the maybe’s, for Christ sake. Things like putting the Minister for Home Affairs, Karen Andrews, in front of a savvy media pack to tell them that Australia’s doors were closed when all the evidence suggested otherwise.

Indeed, on the contrary, our borders are wide open, with the “Federal Government granting hundreds of exemptions for Business Travelers.” They freely travel in and out of Australia, whether they are vaccinated or not.

The Deputy Premier of Queensland confirmed this at a recent Media Conference, saying that the only thing “required to get a permit from the federal government to leave the country is proof you have a meeting in another country.”

How then, did Margaret Court get an exemption to go to Wimbledon and not Ash Barty’s parents?

As if to go one better, a brazen Scott Morrison issued a “Captain’s Call” that people under 40 years of age could now access the AstraZeneca vaccine. He did so without any discussion in the National Cabinet he had just left.

State and territory leaders only became aware of the decision when they sat down to watch the evening news.

Regardless of all this ineptitude and imbecility, there was a stampede of right-wing journalists ready to defend the Prime Minister. Newscorp, as usual, are the worst offenders.

Surly journalists have a more crucial moral principle to report the truth than to out of hand defend the Morrison’s lies.

In following the media moguls instructions, print media publications and their journalists commit themselves to destroy Anthony Albanese without the slightest thought that the 4th Estate must keep the Government of the day accountable.

Australia is seemingly governed by the whim of an ancient American who lives in that country. He owns much of this nation’s media, including its printing presses.

He gives our conservative coalition parties licence to make our rich richer and our poor poorer. Such is his ethics.

My thought for the day

Power is a malevolent possession when you are prepared to forgo your principles and your country’s wellbeing for the sake of it.

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  1. Florence Howarth

    Crisis usually makes a PM. Howard gained greatly from the Port Arthur shooting. Before he was not travelling well. The same goes for him being in the US for the bombing of the two-tower, across the road from the Pentagon.

    When covid19 reared its ugly head, I, thought there goes any chance of Labor in the next election.

  2. Pagnol

    The diminishing of Morrison? I won’t believe it til he concedes defeat after a federal election. Hmm well he will probably hide once that fate is decided and have a flunky do it for him. Maybe he’d even go the full Trump and claim victory in defeat.

  3. Kathryn

    Once again, it is evidently clear that Morrison, the cowardly Hide and Seek “Minister for Relentless Vacuous Announcements” and his party of pompous, lecturing, bible-thumping hypocrites are LOVING all the drama and attention that their disastrous mishandling of Covid-19 – or, for that matter, ANY type of disaster – affords them. Their outspoken virulent attacks and vilification of citizens who just happen to live in the most recent “Hot Spot” of the Fairfield area is also proof that the LNP – at State and Federal levels – THRIVE on hate, pathological lies, vilification and character-assassinating attacks.

    The fact is that the LNP ALWAYS have to have someone – anyone – to marginalise, anyone to despise, someone to cowardly gang up against, someone to bully and/or anyone to attack! Usually it is some defenceless woman by the unscrupulously misogynistic predators whom the LNP hide and protect in their midst, but THIS time it is an all-out attack on the people of Fairfield. Instead of providing support, rational guidance and assistance to citizens of those parts of our city when the chips are down and the going gets rough, the spiteful, lily-livered cowards in MorriSCAMMER’s repugnant cabinet, once again, prove that we are, most definitely, NOT “All in this together” and the LNP’s Modus Operandi of “Divide and Conquer” at any cost, shows its ugly face again!

    Clearly, the ONLY people that the callously inhumane, totally ineffective, self-serving narcissists within the LNP REALLY care about is THEMSELVES and their billionaire donors in the Top 1%. FFS, wake up Australia and kick the bone-idle, non-achieving, autocratic, contemptuous, smirking sociopath, Morrison, and his appalling cabinet to the kerb. Truly, the Morrison/Dutton regime are the absolute bottom of the barrel – the WORST, most inhumane, corrupt and sanctimoniously hypocritical government in living memory!

  4. wam

    A great read this morning, lord, the steam will rise in the pool and your oxymoron ‘christianity of scummo and truth’. But take heart the media will search for controversy because rupert’s profit is right up there with his other ‘whims’. Timing, albo, timing is the key to this election, lies, pfizer and rorts are slow release controversies. Loved your thought, as it reminded me of the successful loonie cash grab that sunk labor in townsville.
    ps Beauty, michael, hunt is a nasty little piece and it is worth victorian labor attacking his sleazy attitude.

  5. New England Cocky

    Well done JL, another accurate reading of the on-going demise of Australia and the Murdoch controlled feral Liarbral Nazional$ COALition misgovernment.

    However, I fear that you have been far too generous in your excuses for Barnyard Beetrooter Joke. As a long suffering resident of the New England electorate it would be reasonable to say that the Tamworth base of the Nazional$ has foisted upon Australia a politician better known and more accurately described as an adulterous, alcoholic, bigoted, corrupt, deceitful, egomaniac, fornicating, groping, harassing, misogynistic, narcissistic excuse for a human being than ever sat in Parliament representing himself and his personal interests since settlement.


  6. Henry Rodrigues

    Only an incompetent devious criminal needs the dubious admiration and protection of another devious criminal with a foreign passport. Guess who !!!!!

    And still the stupid braindead Australian voters will let him get away with all the fuckups, lies and outright criminal behaviour.

    Democracy has been totally corrupted by Maggots, Media whores and shrill Harlots

  7. Williambtm

    Florence Howarth, both the events you mentioned were false flag events.
    Port Arthur Massacre was approved by Howard, 2 ASIO persons in attendance, a 23 stretcher carrying capacity refrigerated truck had arrived in Tasmania to ferry the bodies of the slain. A large container of necessary goods to suit the treatment of a large number of shooting victims was on hand prior to the Massacre. Supplied by Nelson Bros Funeral Directors from Melbourne. After the special inquiry accusing Martin Bryant were placed under seal and locked away for 75 years.
    The only case I know of that has received that amount of secrecy.
    Martin Bryant is innocent by the way, he was just another person considered as collateral damage or as a by-product of that event. The massacre was perpetrated to make sure John Howard’s new gun laws were rocketed through their legislative process.
    Now that was only one of the treacheries enabled by John Howard. Oh, by the way, Martin Bryant was denied a judge & jury trial, this being insisted upon by the then ranting Howard.

    9/11 was the demolition of 3 buildings. Each of the twin towers, and later building 7 (this building undamaged by any aircraft or collateral damage from the rapid descent of towers 1 & 2.) The heat necessary to liquify the massive internal subframe consisting of its huge steel girders.)
    The heat of some 3000 degrees Fahrenheit was provided, a special form of special military explosive A form of military-grade Thermite, this infused with super high heat-generating magnesium, soils gathered from near the demolished towers were tested positive to contain the 2 materials above-mentioned.
    The small explosions seen and heard just before each floor went toppling down, were the charges set to hasten the fall in the manner as that of a demolition process, forget about the planes, this was proven by Dutch Demolition Experts, all 3 buildings pretty much fell within their ground space.
    No way could any passenger plane cause the demolition by their crashing into each Twin Tower. Ask yourself, would you trust a George W Bush?
    [Further extrapolation available for those who think otherwise.]
    The Port Arthur massacre investigation was conducted by Dr. Keith Noble, now resident in Austria, and came out in book form during Feb 2019, Commissioner Darren Hine and myself were presented with a free copy of that book titled Official Terror in Tasmania Australia.

    As an afterpiece, my letters to the Inspector General’s office were rebuffed with the advice, the role of the Inspector General was to support the reigning Prime minister, and so now it seems for the likes of the treacherous John Winston Howard..

  8. GL


    Where is the unassailable evidence for your conspiracy claims?

  9. Bronte ALLAN

    Very well put Mr Lord! This fucking incompetent, lying, flat earth, happy clapping, friend of all big business, especially friend of Mudrake mob MUST go at the next election, but will they get voted in again by the stupid, ill informed so-called “voters” who worship the COALition & its useless bloody National lot also? I fear for ALL normal Australians as we approach this next election if this bloody incompetent, lying mob get re-elected!

  10. kerri

    How then, did Margaret Court get an exemption to go to Wimbledon and not Ash Barty’s parents?

    Margaret court is a raving Christian and Ash Barty’s parents have skin darker than Scottyfrommarketing.

  11. Jack sprat

    Your all a bit hard on Smirko,after all he is on a mission from God (Rupert Murdork).

  12. leefe

    ““The public needs political leaders to put their interests first … ”

    The somewhat ambiguous phrasing there makes this entirely applicable to SoMoFo, because he does indeed put his own interests first. And second, and third, and fourth and fifth …

  13. leefe


    Shut it.

    I know people who were there that day, including two who were wounded and one who was killed. Three of the survivors I personally know and talked to afterwards saw Bryant not just holding a gun, but firing it.

    I repeat: shut it.

  14. paul walter

    It is not just nuttiness. It is about hundreds of $billions and the take over of this country, even to the point of smashing it, that concerns the multinationals and their local satrap Murdoch.

    Even the GBR, the Murray Darling and global warming; existential threats, must lose priority in this endless lust for profit at any costs.

    They are like the morons who killed the goose that laid the golden eggs in their impatience for immediate money.

    Murdoch and co have a mission and that mission concerns rapacious profits and a certain degree of denialism vis a vis actual reality, in fact any thing that gets in the way of the appetite for money and power.

    Morrison is just a pathetic flunky.

    That he is that incompetent is only illustrated the more by the excess of media support he gets from the crooks, who desperately want the country dumbed down so they can get on with their looting in an information vacuum.

  15. Pete Petrass

    @Kathryn everything you said is exactly what defines FACISM.

  16. Ross

    There has been a quiet shift lately, journalist are starting to look a tad more closely at Albanese as an alternative PM. When I say journalists I’m referring to the reputable media variety as opposed to the Murdoch sewer types. The colossal federal government incompetence has finally registered. Some journalist types have even erased the pencilled in Morrison win at the next election. Can’t remember where I saw this about Morrison going missing when the shit hits the fan but someone has determined the mathematics and called it the Morrison equation, elegant, simple and easily remembered. Shit + Fan = Holiday

  17. New England Cocky


    i heard the first ABC Radio report of the beginning of the Massacre when the shooter (allegedly Bryant) was reported as saying ”Now, let’s go and get some WASPs”. This ”WASPs” is American slang for ”White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

    The alleged weapon allegedly used by Bryant had been surrendered to a Victorian Gun Amnesty before Port Arthur.

    Former Australian Army professional Armourer Martin Pitt attempted unsuccessfully to reproduce the firing rate from one weapon and concluded that at least two shooters were active on the ground.

    Pitt also concluded that Bryant had insufficient experience firing assault weapons to successfully and accurately fire a rifle from the hip with the required accuracy as claimed by the government.

    No ballistics examination of the weapon or bullets that killed the victims was conducted to my knowledge, and as there was no Inquest, there was no call for ballistics evidence to be published.

    The legal cover up by having no inquest and unquestioning media

    Indeed, the whole ”plot” bore earmarks of a CIA operation much like the 1963 assassination of JFK by the FBI having set up Oswald as the patsy, only at Port Arthur Bryant was the chosen sucker patsy.

  18. New England Cocky

    @leefe: Port Arthur was a very distressing event for Australians, including the victims, their immediate family and circle of friends, and the nation. Armidale lost a valued retired UNE administrator.

    However, it is appropriate to ask sensible questions about the procedural rush to cover up the event.

    Back off leefe, others were hurt as a consequence of this event.

  19. Andrew J. Smith

    Paul Walter, took the words out of my mouth:

    ‘Murdoch and co have a mission and that mission concerns rapacious profits and a certain degree of denialism vis a vis actual reality, in fact any thing that gets in the way of the appetite for money and power.

    Morrison is just a pathetic flunky.’

    It’s not just the commercial reasons but need for influence and working hand in hand with the radical right libertarians to get the right legislation enacted (and the wrong not), developed externally.

  20. leefe


    I’ll back off when you have heard as much eye witness testimony as I have.

    Asking questions about certain post-event procedural issues is one thing. Stating bluntly that it was a false-flag event – to achieve what? – is another.

  21. margcal

    My view is that Morrison is deluded in thinking that he has been chosen by God, has all the requisite skills, talents, personal traits, etc etc to do a good job as PM. Not so. He does indeed need Murdoch. Because once The Merde stops pulling his puppet’s strings, Morrison is gone.
    There is a Very Slim Chance that voters will ditch Morrison. But if The Merde throws him under a bus before the election, we could get the Liberal Party with a face that will guarantee them re-election with no change in policies whatsoever.

  22. paul walter

    They make me ill, Andrew J Smith and you are one who understands.

    Look after, keep well.

  23. Florence Howarth

    Williambtm, whether events were flag events or not is irrelevant to my comment. They strengthen Howard’s standing in the community.

  24. Bill

    NEC, “let’s go and get some WASPs”. If he said that, then who is the other party indicated by his use of ‘let’s’, as in ‘let us’? Will the true story ever be known. Relying on a corrupt lamestream media for anything other than weather and football scores, nope. DYOR.

  25. DrakeN

    @ Bill – talking to himself and/or the voices in his head?
    Or even the Royal “we” or the North of England dialectic where “us” means “me”.
    Possibly any of several other reasons.

  26. leefe


    “Do your own research”, the mantra of the anti-vax conspiracy freak crowd; ie, find a YouTube video that supports your preconceptions.

    Exactly, Drake. Bryant was a loner and, to use the technical term, a raving loony. I am considerably less unstable than he was but I still talk out loud to myself at times. One overheard comment that is no anomaly given his mental condition does not a conspiracy to commit mass murder make.

  27. Williambtm

    leefe, halt with your threatening language, wisen up leefe, my revelations were not intended to cause other person’s any distress.
    Like all horrific mass shootings wherever they happen, they need the sort of perpetrator with a fierce determination and the capacity to carry out their criminal actions.

    Understand that Martin Bryant had been selected as the patsy.

    I am an ex-Vietnam serviceman, I can assure you that it takes a far brighter person than Martin Bryant to be capable of carrying out the shootings as had been reported. Then the shooter[s] escaping by car with its designated driver, down the road that was left unguarded.

    Explain to me the presence of 2 ASIO personnel?

    Target 2 was the Port Arthur Cafe.
    Target 1 was at the wharf, a boat-load of elderly tourists. That boat had not arrived by the appointed time, somebody of influence then directed the shooter to target 2.

    I too had spoken to an on-site witness of unquestioned credibility.
    Emotions can run high, with regard to all incidents and events of human slaughters.

    Would you like me to reveal the truth about Howard’s claim that his most memorable undertaking was to halt the East Timor Massacres?

    By the way, Howard no longer makes the lying claim as he had previously stated.
    Maybe my fact revelations had been passed on to Howard to leave that lying claim of glory, alone?
    Do you have any idea of the horrifying death suffered by the many 1000s of East Timor’s citizens?

    Howard and Alexander Downer were engaged in a secret pact with Indonesia & the USA to continue the massacres until every East Timorese person had been exterminated.

    Be careful of supporting the treacherous John Howard.

    I had accessed the historic facts concerning East Timor, same with the Port Arthur Massacres.

    The East Timor massacre was at the behest of General Wiranto, his offsider was Colonel Prabowo (they now internationally branded as war criminals) who was in touch with Wiranto and had received the Wiranto radio transmissions while he was stationed on East Timor territory to harry all the militiamen.

    These radio transmissions were being intercepted by the 6th Fleet stationed close by.

    Please do not denigrate my credibility?

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