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When I saw a brief headline saying that Josh Frydenberg was calling for a roadmap from Dan Andrews, I thought, Josh obviously has trouble using that tricky GPS because anything that came after the 1980s is a problem for him. Then I read the article and I realised that he was actually wanting to know the plan for bringing Melbourne out of Stage-4 lockdown.

Mr Andrews rather pathetically suggested that it would all depend on future events which is not something that the Liberals ever do. They always have a plan even if it isn’t exactly clear what it is. And they can tell us about the future. I mean, who could forget Scott Morrison’s: “We’ve brought the Budget back into surplus next year!” They even have the coffee mugs to prove that it happened. Unfortunately, there was no Budget delivered in the May so the predicted surplus didn’t happen but that – like everything else – wasn’t their fault.

Dan Andrews has been upsetting quite a lot of people recently… although it’s mainly Liberals who are frustrated that some people are failing to blame him for not being in total control when he should be, because it’s only when he assumes control that they can call him “Dictator Dan” which is their best nickname for a Labor leader since “Electricity Bill”. Someone I know has accused Dan Andrews of a) trying to spread a vicious lie that COVID-19 is more deadly than your average cold, and b) completely incompetent because he let the various spread killing thousands… I’ve read somewhere that the mark of an intelligent person is the capacity to hold two ideas simultaneously so I’ve decided that said person is in the Einstein category.

However, 2020 has produced a number of people who seem similarly blessed. For example, just a few weeks ago, Sam Newman was suggesting that he might run for Lord Mayor of Melbourne on a platform of stopping the lawlessness and anarchy that this city has been witnessing. However, just recently he was calling for 250,000 people to ignore the lockdown and congregate in the city to protest the silly restrictions placed on Melburnians. It has since been discovered that Sam has donated his brain to science sometime in 2019 because he personally hadn’t found a use for it and very much doubted that he’d be using it at any time in the future.

Still, Sam was an ex-sportsman who recently lost his long time job as a resident idiot on “The Footy Show”, so it’s only reasonable that he should consider taking on the only other job where being an idiot is an advantage: politics.

And, while on the subject, isn’t it good that Tony Abbott is going on welfare in Britain. I mean he always said that the best form of welfare is a job and it looks like they’re going to give him one that suits his talents down to the ground. He’s going to be negotiating agreements and he has a lot of good form on that. Remember how successfully he negotiated with Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeschott, or his success at getting legislation through the Senate, or even convincing his back-bench to keep him as leader. Yes, it seems it’s one of those schemes to give a person a job just to keep them busy because there’s no way they’d get it on merit.

It’s been a confusing week all round, but the one thing that’s really got me confused is the suggestion that the MSM wants to be paid for Google or Facebook “using” their stories. I’m going to ignore Facebook for a second because it’s a bit more complicated but the basic point remains.

  1. Google started as a search engine which was just that. It made no money. It just gave you a way of finding things you wanted.
  2. Google became a capitalist and started doing things so that it could make money by getting people to pay it to advantage them in searches.
  3. Historically, media companies didn’t use the internet, but like everything if you’re not on the internet you don’t exist. (If anyone argues with that, I will make the obvious point that they are on the internet!)
  4. Some media companies put up their news content for free; others have a paywall.
  5. Because news is available on the internet, advertising revenues are down for traditional news outlets.
  6. The media now want Google to pay them because Google is sending people to media companies’ websites without giving them any money for sending people to the media companies’ websites.

Now there are a lot of implications and there are a number of things that need to be ironed out, like how do we keep investigative journalists going if there’s no money in it, however, when you boil it all down, it’s media companies’ business model that’s collapsed. The idea of making Google pay for sending people to the website is so contrary to the original concept of a search engine that you can only see it if you look it in principle. Consider these and explain the difference:

  1. Imagine that I run a chain of cinemas and business is down. I decide that film critics should pay me for reviewing any film in my chain.
  2. My clothing brand has its name on the T-shirts it sells. Business is down so I decide that people exhibiting my brands logo on the shirts should have to pay a fee every time they wear it.
  3. A judge on “Masterchef” recommended people eat at my restaurant. I want payment if he ever mentions it by name again.

In all these cases, you can see that the “get stuffed” element is likely to be very strong. Where does it leave me if nobody mentions me again?

Similarly, if Google simply changes its algorithm so that no Australian media company pops up when people do a search, what’s Rupert’s next step?

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  1. John Hanna

    Point 4 of similar analogies, the supermarket ‘recyclable” plasic bag that costs you 25c but has their advertising on it such that the cost is already a wright off as advertising so is already paid for by the taxpayer.

  2. New England Cocky

    Damn Rossleigh, you have hit the nail on the head ….. again!! The Liarbral Nazional$ have no policy and no commercial sense to take advantage of the present extremely low interest rates at a time when social housing is at a premium and jobs in the building industry are required to get tradesmen working rather than on the dole.

    It is just a little bit complicated for a Liarbral politician who counts funny to grasp the opportunity for each licensed builder to get a government contract to build four (4) houses during the next 12 months to meet the dire need for social housing. Such government expenditure would flow through the relic economy and upwards finally to the undeserving wealthy as ordinarily happens.

    But ”No”, the Liarbral Nazional$ have demonstrated that pouring government largess into corporations buys corporate political donations at the next election in 2022 to protect the elite money grubbers from being removed from their political sinecures.

    There is only a two (2) seat majority, so when is Labor going to put some pressure upon the incumbent misgovernment?

  3. Kerri

    And boy oh boy has Joshie failed to read the room where Dan Andrews is concerned?

  4. ajogrady

    This would be considered one of the great own goal by the Australian MSM. The less said about the oxygen thief that masquerades as a treasurer the better. Why is it the the L/NP are marketed as the better economic managers and yet they have never had the worlds best treasurer or for that matter Australias best treasurer when Labor has produced two of the worlds best. Bullshit it seems confounds facts.

  5. Jack Cade


    The ‘2-seat majority’ is a furphy, because the cross-benchers are all failed Coalition candidates apart from Bandt and the impressively non-partisan Wilkie.
    Oh, and the daft Katter, but he votes with the Coalition as a matter of course anyway.
    So Labor is not 3 seats away from government, it is Queensland away from government.

  6. Bob

    Rossleigh, you are too hard on poor Sammy!

    He is a graduate of The Lou Richards School For TV Sports Broadcasters. On entry to the school, the candidates are carefully assessed for brain damage. Those who have insufficient damage are hired out to suitable boxing training gyms to give the trainees actual experience of punching real heads.

    At the end of the boxing gym sojourn, the candidate broadcasters are trained for three months to prefix every second sentence they utter with the phrase, “At the end of the day”, and to always replace the word “now” with “at this point in time”.

    At the end of the initial training, the candidates are exposed to a lengthy period of socialising with women. Those who demonstrate that they really find women repulsive are given a further month training wherein they are taught to demonstrate that they are in fact 110% heterosexual real men by learning to tell blue jokes about having sex with women.

    Once employed, the sports presenters are fined heavily if they fail to say, “At the end of the day” often enough, though they do get paid huge bonuses if they manage to combine “At the end of the day” and “at this point in time” in the same sentence. Anyone who ever uses the word “now” whilst on-air is simply sacked and at some suitable time after that assassinated.

    So now we know why sports commentating is restricted to former NRL and AFL players; soccer players are excluded. The latter only damage their knees, keeping them unqualified.

    Some may argue, what about cricket? That is an exception because there is no requirement to have brain-damaged presenters. In this case, the requirement sits with the viewers.

  7. Lawrence Roberts

    Politicians are a very expensive Muppet show. Having a Treasure who appears to have early onset Alzheimer’s is only amusing when it dawns on us that Facebook And Google are running our economy.

    We were going to have the recession we didn’t need to have before the virus struck. Always make the most of a crisis; is the old political mantra but these blokes are milking it to death and it looks like desperation.

  8. Ian Bell

    I was going to leave a comment,
    Was going to say how i completely understand how fkin dumb our Murdoch propaganda network, sponsored GOV is.
    but then I figured it would be much easier to just shoot myself in the foot instead.

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