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It will be ugly

By Arthur Plottier

More extreme-right senators in Canberra. Notably one Pauline Hanson.

I am absolutely flabbergasted how people can vote for an individual that promotes social instability, racism and hate.

So far on the AEC count she has over 112,000 votes in the Senate.

The possibility of One Nation having one, two or three seats in the Senate is terrifying.


I am quoting some statements from the One Nation website that will tell you why:

On climate change

According to her party’s agenda, that includes a royal commission into the “corruption” of climate science, adding climate change is “used as a political agenda by politicians and self interest groups or individuals for their own gain”.

“We cannot allow scare mongering by people such as [respected scientist] Tim Flannery, who make outlandish statements and are not held accountable,” it says.

“Climate change should not be about making money for a lot of people and giving scientists money.”

On Islam

“a religion or political ideology”.

The policy claims Islam’s religious aspect is a “fraud”, and rather, it is “a totalitarian political system, including legal, economic, social and military components, masquerading as a religion”.

The party would also cease the intake of Muslim refugees and other migrants, ban the burqa and niqab in public places, and mandate that surveillance cameras be installed in all mosques and Muslim schools.

We will enact the following:

  • Call for an inquiry or Royal Commission to determine if Islam is a religion or political ideology
  • Stop further Muslim Immigration and the intake of Muslim refugees
  • Ban the Burqa and Niquab in public places
  • Driver’s licence cannot be obtained without showing the full face and having photo ID on driver’s licence
  • Surveillance cameras to be installed in all Mosques and schools. Mosques to be open to the public during all opening hours
  • No more mosques to be built until the inquiry is held
  • Oppose the introduction of Sharia Law
  • Investigate welfare payments paid to Muslims who may be in multiple marriages, having multiple children
  • Ban Halal certification. Halal certified food not to be provided in prisons or the armed services. Companies may comply for export but no monies must be paid
  • Call for a referendum to change Section 116 of the Australian Constitution
  • Muslims will not be allowed to be sworn in to Parliament under the Qur’an
  • Female genital mutilation to carry lengthy jail term

We may never know what hit us. It will be ugly.



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  1. Rob

    Some of those points are just fine, for example

    Driver’s licence cannot be obtained without showing the full face and having photo ID on driver’s licence

    What’s the problem with that? I can’t hide my face for such things.

  2. Athena

    I doubt many Muslim women will object to being asked to show their full face for a driver’s license photo. Many currently state they’re not opposed to lifting their niqab if required to do so to establish their identity. But banning it in public places will isolate Muslim women, because they won’t venture out without it.

  3. Freethinker

    Rob, she put that only to create problems.
    As an example, in Qld the rules said, quote:
    You must remove your hat or cap. If you wear headwear for religious reasons, it must be adjusted so that all facial features from the bottom of your chin to top of your forehead (including both edges of your face) are clearly shown.

    In NSW
    Head coverings worn for religious reasons may be worn, but must be adjusted so that your whole face is visible, from the bottom of your chin to the top of your forehead, and both edges of your face. There should also be no shadows cast on your face.

    Hair accessories are acceptable, provided they don’t obstruct the view of any facial feature.

  4. paul walter

    Athena, for mind..

    People again made the mistake of underestimating Hanson and overestimating the brainpower of Queensland voters.

  5. longwhitekid

    Will it be uglier than that thing she is wearing in the photo?

  6. Athena

    longwhitekid, that’s her face.

  7. Athena

    Where does Pauline stand on the issue of raising the GST to 15%? Many of the anti-halal mob support 15% GST but complain about halal certification increasing the cost of food.

  8. Matters Not

    That Hanson got one Queensland Senate seat comes as no personal surprise, being close to the political action when One Nation received 22% of the vote in the 1998 State election. At the time I thought it was the case of Hanson being in the Joh tradition – Queenslanders being relatively uneducated (formally) when compared to the rest of Australia and therefore having low levels of ‘critical consciousness’.

    But that was nigh on two decades ago. Now One Nation is back. And not only in Queensland but also in distant places like Western Australia.

    I predicted Pauline would get one Senate spot (after preferences) but she has done much better than that. It’s time to expose her shallowness of thinking. Allow her to write (and justify) the Terms of Reference for:

    an inquiry or Royal Commission to determine if Islam is a religion or political ideology

    Better still, appoint her to head a Senate Inquiry into that investigation. And do so as a matter of urgency.

    And while we all may crave some comedic relief, this is serious.

  9. Annie B

    I was astonished that Hanson regained a seat in the Senate …… yet again. ….. her policies were I believe 150% ….. not written by her. She does not have the nouse to put together something like that. Whoever she persuaded to do it for her, had some nifty statements to make, according to her directives. And one of them made a bit of sense. ( agree with Robs’ statement on that ” Driver’s licence cannot be obtained without showing the full face and having photo ID on driver’s licence ” ,,,, just ONE sensible statement in the entire list of garbage.

    This was aimed at achieving the votes of the likes of the “United Patriots” or “True Blue” ( an off shoot of the UP ) … and it got results. And most likely dragged quite a few others, who thrive on anti-everything, and who are in fact a lot of narrow minded scaredy cats, along with it.

    Hanson didn’t write all that …. wonder who she paid to write it, and how much it cost ?

    I do believe, she will be howled down in the Senate … by those who DO have a brain, there.


    p.s. …. that photograph above, reminds me of someone else – ‘she’ who preferred helicopters to ferry her to wherever; she of the huge, bottle blonde coloured, beehive hairdo. You know who I mean.

    Yeah, sure, it is only a photograph but ……… !!!

  10. Annie B

    @ Matters Not …….

    Re : ” Allow her to write (and justify) the Terms of Reference for: – – an inquiry or Royal Commission to determine if Islam is a religion or political ideology”

    Hanson is not capable of such a thing.

    Not disagreeing with you – just saying what I think. And I believe, she has someone with some clout behind her, to propose such elegantly, strongly written policies. ( whether they make sense to the rest of us or not ). It is not the inane form of rhetoric she is previously known for.

    I would LOVE to know exactly who is behind her in this crusade. ……. hmmm !!

    Someone ….. “Please explain” …….

  11. Athena

    “Allow her to write (and justify) the Terms of Reference for:

    an inquiry or Royal Commission to determine if Islam is a religion or political ideology”

    Bwahahaha. I’m now reminded of the film Educating Rita.

    Frank: Suggest how you might resolve the staging difficulties inherent in a production of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.

    Rita: Do it on the radio.

    I think that would be Pauline’s limit.

  12. Matters Not

    Hanson is not capable of such a thing.

    Realise that (in the minds of some) Pauline can leap mountains with a single bound. Can walk on water, even on windy days. Can explain in detail the differences between ‘religion’ and ‘political ideology’. All she needs is a chance.

    I think that we should afford her that chance. Give her as much exposure in the MSM as she wants to explain her deep thinking on these philosophical concepts. And then insist she take it.

    Let her explain. Press conferences, here, there and everywhere. National tours. Public meetings. Be imaginative.

  13. Carol Taylor

    That one is an urban myth. Muslim women (those who choose to wear concealing clothing) can have their driver’s license photo taken by a female employee and in private.

    It always amuses me how many men are so concerned about women wearing modest ethnic clothing.

    Another urban myth is the introduction of Sharia law. Every religious organisation has to be bound by the civil laws of the country. Some religions and this includes Christian, as evidenced the Catholic church’s treatment of the victims of pedophilia, believe that their religion comes before the law. They eventually discover otherwise.

    Myths such as these are used to stir up hatred where none should exist. I’ve seen it against ‘the wogs’, I’ve seen it against Asians and now it unfortunately seems that it is the turn of people of Middle Eastern origin to cop the brunt of racist resentment.

  14. Athena

    Sharia law also only applies to Muslims.

  15. Rhani

    I find it sad that there are so many cruel comments. If you really think Pauline and her party are so bad, put your money where your mouth is and do better. Stop whinging and run yourself. Be kind, life is too short….?

  16. Matters Not

    Interesting comment Rhani. If you read above I am advocating for the opportunity for Pauline to be given each and every opportunity to ‘explain’ her position.

    And that ‘opportunity’ extends to you.

    Hit the keyboard. Please explain!

  17. Athena

    Why do we have to be kind to someone who promotes division, hatred, bigotry, racism and misogyny?

  18. Matters Not

    Why do we have to be kind to someone who promotes division, hatred, bigotry, racism and misogyny?

    Because (hopefully) we are much, much better than that. And at so many levels. And because it matters.

  19. John Richardson

    If Pauline Hanson is guilty of promoting “social instability, racism & hate”, she’s not the first. In fact, there are a good many in the so-called “conservative” ranks who are well & truly ahead of her on that score, including a recent Prime Minister.
    Go figure.

  20. Athena

    “Because (hopefully) we are much, much better than that. And at so many levels. And because it matters.”

    I’m not advocating violence, but I certainly don’t think we should be tolerating Hanson’s poison. Rhani has accused us of making so many cruel comments. We’ve said very little about her. Pointing out the problems with her policies is not cruel or nasty. I sure won’t be praising her for the problems she is causing.

  21. paul walter

    There are twenty odd percent of voters out in the boondoggles of Queensland who have decided that Hanson best represents them.

    It is another Brexit or Tea Party component within our election, a sort of protest vote expressing the continued populist suspicion/ hate of globalisation and a deep fear of disempowerment at bottom of it, well exploited by tabloid politics and msm.

    It isn’t to laugh at, btw: most of us on the left also despise globalisation, but we understand it terms of financialised capitalist globalisation represented by the IPA and Turnbull. Also, Hanson herself is a victim of the Murdochisation of Australian culture, so we could pity her “ressentiment” as a cultural product, like most of her also fairly unconscious supporters.

    We have to figure where the on/off switch for the phenomena is, with Hanson and/or her supporters. Someone elsewhere felt we just have to wait till the remnants of fifties McCarthyism are taken care of by by natural attrition, in the meantime the patient effort of logical refutation of paranoid bunkum must continue.

  22. Athena

    Mariam Veiszadeh is a Muslim human rights advocate who was subjected to vicious online abuse by a woman in Queensland. The woman was charged for using a ‘carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence’, and subsequently sentenced to 180 hours community service. Take a look at the vicious comments that Pauline Hanson’s supporters have been posting on Mariam’s Facebook page in the last 24 hours. I wonder, does Rhani consider this being nice? Is Rhani in favour of this type of behaviour? Does Rhani consider it acceptable or beneficial for our nation’s leaders to incite this type of behaviour?

  23. Annie B

    Oh I do get your meaning Matters Not …… give her the chance to expose just how peurile and inane she can be. But – there is someone there behind her – I would really love to know who. Could be a person we all know, …… or maybe not. Nothing would surprise me, in regards to politics, any more.

    Gone are the days we could rely on some sanity, decency, fairness, and honesty within government and their opposition. I think Shorten is the closest to those ideals, but he is not unassailable, and is not above many of the devious means associated with power seeking.

    The ‘some’ to whom she appears a form of goddess, are those who love to hate, thrive on racism and discrimination, and will continue on with their divisive ways ( which incidentally, includes the LNP if it happens to get back in by a cats’ whisker ).

    But, just with every other faction of politics, most will never be known to the public.

    And I strongly suspect that is the case, with Hanson getting back into the big time.

  24. Matters Not

    Athena, the questions you ask are all rational, deserving of discussion (if not answers) and the like, but understand that Hanson supporters don’t operate (think) that way.

    It’s more a case of: There’s a head. Kick it. And then kick it again. And maybe one more time. Just to be sure.

    Chances are, they’ve never left Australian shores, are poorly read and the like BUT they are afraid. Looking for someone or something to blame for their (perceived) situation. A scapegoat if you like. In times past, it was the ‘wogs’ or the ‘Abos’ or even the Catholics. Anyone or anything will do.

    This ‘fear’ may involve skin colour, gender, language, religion, modes of dress and so on. To be different is to invite ‘discrimination’. Sad but true.

  25. paul walter

    The Senate is going to be tiresome at times with both Hanson and the Human Headline, let alone idiots like Brandis. God help the already fragile element of truth once they get started.

  26. Steve Laing -

    This is the direct outcome of Abbotts dog whistling as encouraged by Textor/Crosby. It’s the same short term gain that results in long term pain. It’s the shit that got Britain to vote itself out of Europe; it’s the shit that results in One Nation and Reclaim. Racism and xenophobia exist and are easy to stir up, but harder to get back in the bottle. Make no mistake, this is Abbotts fault. Lazy right wing politics.

  27. Matters Not

    Steve Laing –, the ‘sentiments’ were/are always there. Whether they be ‘consciously’ or ‘unconsciously’ recognised. As you assert, they are easy to ‘stir up’.

    We reap the whirlwind.

    Abbott and Hanson will be pleased.

    Textor’s skill is to establish what is already there. Explores the ‘dark side’. And then uses same.

  28. sandrasearle

    Hanson was on telly being hugged by none other than James Ashby – he was also wearing an orange T shirt. Perhaps he’s been giving her a helping hand. You must remember the Ashby who brought down the Speaker of the House when Labor was last in government. Interesting!

  29. paul walter

    Was I reading somewhere he is on her staff?

  30. Annie B

    @ Carol Taylor. ….

    Thank you for the info about the privacy Muslim women are given when having their photos’ taken for driving licences etc. ,,, It’s a good thing to know. Shows respect and acceptance. I did not know that until now.

    As for the men worried about women wearing modest clothing — — now there IS a laugh, when many of the same men become openly raucous and rude, or worse – upon seeing a woman choosing to wear a brief bikini on a public beach. Both modes of clothing are legal !! ….

    As for Sharia law – or any other ‘religious law’ from an extremist faction, including christian, …. I doubt the civil law is thought about when they are enacting their specific forms of punishment for some perceived misdemeanour; mostly unfortunate women are the recipients of this retribution.

    So while Sharia law cannot take over anything whatsoever, the practice of it still abides … and if it can be proved that a woman or child or even a male, has suffered GBH at the hands of another – that ‘other’ will THEN meet the full impact ( hopefully ) of our civil law, if and when they are caught. Meantime, while the cruel act is taking place, the only thing they think about is their religious belief in meting out this punishment – whatever it might be. Not only physical, but mental and emotional.

    It is racism that should be dealt with, far more harshly than it is now – no matter what colour, creed or religion is the perpetrator of it. On that score, a specific hate-filled movement that is gaining momentum in Australia, should be taken into custody …. after legislation is introduced to prevent their vile intentions being paraded on our streets.

    I do believe you all know the groups to which I refer.

  31. cher

    RIP Curtis Cheng, ‘vile intentions being paraded on our streets’. All I see in these comments is racism from people who are quick to classify strangers – ‘groups’, and from where I sit, this distaste is also fueled with detestable comments and blinkered vision. It really looks quite narrow and just as predictable as any ‘group’ ..aren’t we all fortunate to live in a country where we still can own our opinion and voice it loud and clear….? That’s how it should stay, but respect for others entirely would benefit everyone – from all ‘groups’ and ‘beliefs’, and that’s really the crux of all these issues…clearly you have a lot to learn about it too….

  32. Kaye Lee

    I find it bizarre that Hanson supporters ask us to be kind and respectful towards a woman who is preaching hatred, discrimination, and an anti-science agenda. Ms Hanson’s ignorance is a far greater danger to this country than any of the groups she vilifies. She truly has no idea of what she is talking about. Most of what she is suggesting is unconstitutional for starters. And she wants to replace the family law courts with “people off the street” making the decisions? Oh good plan Pauline. The election of this woman shows that we really must invest more into education in this country.

  33. Athena

    Pauline’s supporters are now comparing her to Nelson Mandela.

  34. Kaye Lee

    It seems she gets her policies from Larry Pickering

  35. John Kelly

    Right now, it’s never been a more exciting time to be a political tragic.

  36. FedUp

    Lay of Pauline Hanson. Pauline is the only politician in this country who actually has balls and speaks what the majority of Australians want and need to hear. I thank God she was elected!

  37. Athena

    Well this fifth generation Australian has no desire to assimilate into Pauline Hanson’s version of Australia. She won’t be happy until she has turned the place into a war zone.

  38. Athena

    “Pauline is the only politician in this country who actually has balls and speaks what the majority of Australians want and need to hear.”

    That’s why the majority of Queenslanders didn’t vote for her. Perhaps you should toddle off and adore her on her Facebook page with all the other Dunning-Kruger examples.

  39. babyjewels10

    Protest vote. In 3 years she will have to have earned her stripes or be dumped, as Clive would have been if he hadn’t dumped himself. Ditto NXT. People disenfranchised from the two main parties will always jump on a new bandwagon. But they’ll have to earn their stripes or disappear.

  40. cornlegend

    She is elected for 6 years.
    Some Senators are elected as half term but I’m not sure how that is determined

  41. cornlegend

    John KellyJuly 4, 2016 at 7:34 am

    ‘Right now, it’s never been a more exciting time to be a political tragic”

    You got that in one 😀

  42. Freethinker

    quoting FedUp: I thank God she was elected!
    I am not a believer, but if you are you should thanks the devil.
    I wish that in same cases education can be made retrospective including moral values.

  43. Rhani

    Wow, I enjoy hearing others opinions, but character assassinations say more about the people doing the assassination that the person they are talking about. Hope you all sort out your anger problems and learn to debate not criticise.

  44. Athena

    Rhani, I asked you some very relevant questions. If you want a debate, why won’t you answer the questions?

  45. paul walter

    Athena, thanks for putting up Antony Green…too early in the day so will come back to it later.

    The Senate looks just now like a Mare’s Nest and no good can come from having Hanson and co there disrupting deliberations with their nonsenses. Hopefully the numbers fall ok and enough rational people get there to counterbalance.

  46. Athena

    The irony is the major parties have encouraged this distrust of asylum seekers, marginalising all people belonging to one religion whilst refusing to accept there was bad in their own too, and supported scare tactics when it suited their own agendas. Now they have to attempt to work with extremists in the parliament. The citizens who responded readily to their dog whistling without one iota of critical thought will now have a disrupted government that can make little or no progress toward improving the lives of all citizens. They’re all about to reap what they have sown.

  47. Wun Farlung

    I guess that a lot of the people that voted One Nation would normally vote National or Liberal ,which I view as a positive outcome.
    The politicians and their strategists have made a mistake (again) ignoring these people’s concerns.
    Even if they appear silly, the part of the electorate that have voted for Hanson are genuinely afraid of, confused and feel excluded by what is happening in our society and their votes are reflected by this result.

  48. cornlegend

    Pauline is now talking up the possibility of 6 Hanson Senators
    2 in QLD, likely
    1 in NSW some hope
    I in WA slim but possible
    1 in Tassie slim but possible
    forgot where she said the other one was :-{

  49. Freethinker

    Looking at the data in the senate if the so called “Alliance” of small progressive parties were together under one name they will have 1 or two senators. Now because their disunity have none.
    A Pauline and Fred gain.

  50. Jill Robinson

    Oh come on people it is time we stopped all of this rubbish coming into the country it is bleeding us dry. We have lost our own way, the white Christians developed and made this country what it is, and I certainly don’t want any more coming in to destroy what we have. Most only come here as they thought they would get everything for nothing, and so far most are.

  51. cornlegend

    Interesting vote count so far in QLD Senate
    Hanson 133,996
    Greens 110,771

  52. Freethinker

    Jill. it appears to me that the white “Christians” that we have now are no following their sacred book and only select what suit them
    There are so many of them that just go to church on Sundays to do a conscience “clean up” and then on Monday are ready again to refill it with “dirt”again.
    Look how many so called “Christians” are in the present government.

  53. Kaye Lee

    “the white Christians developed and made this country what it is”

    White Christians with that attitude are making this a racist, intolerant society that ignores its real heritage and the many economic and social benefits of migration and a successful multicultural society.

    Your fear is unjustified, your hatred unwelcome. What gives you the right to decide who you will exclude?

    How about we exclude all intolerant people, regardless of faith, race or sexual orientation.

  54. Carol Taylor

    Jill, on white Christians ‘developed this country’, perhaps you out to get out more. For starters there were the Chinese on the goldfields who established the market gardens which stopped the diggers from starving, African Americans likewise on the goldfields, then we have the Indians on the canefields, the Afghan camel drivers, the Greek Orthodox (not counted as ‘real Christians’ by many), our extensive Jewish population, the Vietnamese boat people whose descendants top the school’s lists every year. And most importantly of all the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who OWNED the country in the first place, and who still own the land in ways far more important than any negatively geared inner suburban chardy sipper will ever know.

  55. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    In answer to Annie B’s suggestion that there is an articulate person behind Pauline Hanson, James Ashby was working for her. Could it be him?

  56. Alan Baird

    Notwithstanding the above replies, I still luxuriate in the wonderful potential cacophony of ideation that will erupt when Tony Abbott and Pauline Hanson inhabit the same room where Muslims, Climate Change, Coal, Mug Voters and Murdoch intermix in the most unpredictable way. Will Tony end up in gaol this time? Will Blot have a cerebral haemorrhage having to watch this? Don’t these wonderful characters deserve each other? Will Pauline’s Climate-Change-hatred trump Tony’s in Rupert’s incisive mind? Decisions, decisions! No wonder the visceral brain is recognised as a worthy contender for the cerebral one, esp. on the Right! What a shame that “schadenfreude” has one syllable too many to be followed by “How I loves ya”. I will be conducting chattering classes (with complimentary chardonnay and/or cafe latte) for those who wish to terminally irritate all of the above. Oh, and I end this email acknowledging the Indigenous people of the… sorry, that one’s for Andy… Enjoy! Andy, that is…

  57. Carol Taylor

    I don’t think Ashby has the nous to be the power behind the throne, but you never know. Ashby got a job as Hanson’s pilot in July ’15 and I doubt if he is capable of much more. More likely to me is that One Nation is backed by a conglomerate of racist, fundamentalist organisations probably Australia First and their ilk.

  58. Athena

    Warning Jill Robinson! Extreme ignorance and denial alert!

  59. jimhaz

    [I am absolutely flabbergasted how people can vote for an individual that promotes social instability, racism and hate]

    Hanson got 3 times the votes I would have thought the old has-been would have. That she got such a high vote SHOWS that there is something wrong in our society. It is easy for me to see why people voted for her.

    My view is that what is driving it is excessive immigration that makes many, many people uneasy and imbues a sense of dislocation. That many of these people are country folk and this would mean they are less used to seeing very few anglo faces say in a train carriage when visiting a city like Sydney. They are resisting the encroachment of multiculturalism in the country the same way as the UK did recently. As muslims are the MOST different and the least adaptive it is no surprise they get the focus.

    So for me, being against high immigration, I’m not bothered she got the votes though it is sad that a non-aggressive party such as Sustainable Australia gets almost no votes and she does. It is just a pity she has not got the brains to correctly identify, assess and properly weigh underlying issues. Many of the policies quoted above go way too far and are unnecessarily punitive and thus will not go very far, certainly not to legislation.

    I’m not bothered by say her disgust for Halal – why support something that makes no sense (just like most Christian folks are no longer concerned about rubbish like “no meat on Friday during lent”).

    In my opinion people like Hanson do Muslims here a favour – they act as barriers to religious fundamentalism forcing some degree of moderation. Yes, they also polarise but there is a price for everything – there is still more benefit in resistance that non-resistance. There is no chance the west will tolerate non-moderate Islam in western countries over the long term. Minimal Islamic immigration is not a bad thing at all.

  60. Carol Taylor

    Jimhaz, I denote a certain amount of ‘panic’ and of course we have seen throughout history eg Nazi Germany, how during times when people are struggling economically, the elite find themselves a highly visible target for the masses to vent their anger. Same tactics, rather than address issues of inequality find a target for that ignorance and anger.

    Note how much of the anger is expressed as ‘they’re getting MORE than ME’. Asylum seekers are put up at 5 star hotels, they take our jobs, prisoners have flat screen TVs..and so on it goes, resentment against people who mostly have far less, having anything at all.

  61. Freethinker

    It is interesting that those politicians or candidates that are against big immigrants intake are not expressing any concern for the increase of homeless people and the ones with mental health issues.
    Can be that egotistical attitudes are the main issue behind this behavior or just plain racists?
    Perhaps if they were saying that we will like to have a reduce immigrants intake, looking after the ones in the camps in a human way and dedicate more money to the homeless will be more attractive?
    I do not know, but their polices look more and more like the ones of Donald Trump.

  62. jimhaz

    [during times when people are struggling economically]

    Most people are not struggling. Those that do struggle do so due to avoidable stratospheric housing prices, no suitable jobs or mental issues such as excessive boganism or drug dependency.

    I just think LNP governments ramp up greed levels so more think they are struggling. We want everything now.

    Housing prices will not become affordable until immigration falls. Nor do I see them releasing that much more land as they, the rich, want high density living so we can put in more hours or they have more local people to choose from, and the left want high density for sustainability reasons not caring about the standard of living loss. Governments wont allocate enough for community housing.

    [Note how much of the anger is expressed as ‘they’re getting MORE than ME’]

    While the bulk of that is rubbish, some of it is true. It would actually be true as a percentage of government expenditure. I suspect we’d spend more per capita on middle eastern muslims than any other group other than aboriginal folk by a large margin.

    There is a huge difference between the employment and employability of say Asian folk versus middle eastern folk, there are questions about the ethics of a higher percentage of middle eastern employees (when you come from a shithole, high ethics is so much harder to stick to) and there are problems relating to the desire to integrate for muslims. These all lead to a) higher per capita percentages on the dole and B) higher per capita folk in gaol c) greater overall rejection.

    Hard core LNP members take the same attitude in relation to the unemployed. Like refugees, some unemployed also suffer from intense feelings of hopelessness.

  63. Mark Needham

    Again. Amazing that I am “So Right” and everyone else is “Brain Dead”
    Mark Needham

  64. Freethinker

    Quote from jimhaz:
    Most people are not struggling. Those that do struggle do so due to avoidable stratospheric housing prices, no suitable jobs or mental issues such as excessive boganism or drug dependency. End of Quote

    Are you aware of how many people are underemployed and with an income less than the poverty line?
    Are you aware of how much is the age pension?

    The national minimum wage is currently $17.70 per hour or $672.70 per 38 hour week (before tax).
    Pay rent and other expenses and will be not much left to eat.
    Charity organizations that provide help to the poor are saying that there are thousands of families that are living with less than $17 a day to eat.
    Do you know how many thousand of houses are in Australia with the power cut because it is no affordable?

  65. Kaye Lee

    Regarding Senate terms,

    “The method used after previous double dissolutions has been to allocate long terms to the first Senators elected, and the short terms to the balance of Senators elected.”

    but this can distort the election result

    “To get around this problem, Section 282 was inserted into the Commonwealth Electoral Act in 1984 to provide a fairer method of allocating Senators to short and long terms.

    The method is to re-count the Senate votes cast at the double dissolution as if the election had been a half-Senate election for six seats. The principle is that the long term seats would be allocated to the Senators elected in the re-count, and the short-term positions allocated to the balance of Senators elected at the double dissolution.

    Since 1987 the Senate has several times passed resolutions stating its intention to use the re-count method to allocate seats at any future double dissolution.

    However, what the Senate will do after the 2 July double dissolution will be up to the Senators elected.”

    No doubt the majors will work out which method gives them the best result.

  66. Athena

    “It is interesting that those politicians or candidates that are against big immigrants intake are not expressing any concern for the increase of homeless people and the ones with mental health issues.
    Can be that egotistical attitudes are the main issue behind this behavior or just plain racists?”

    I see the same problem in my workplace. People don’t understand the concept of root cause analysis. Plus it’s too difficult to deal with the problem then and they are too lazy to deal with it. It’s far simpler to have a preconceived idea of what the problem is and then base all corrective actions upon it. In the case of not enough jobs, the racists and bigots single out migrants as the problem. Complex problems never have a single root cause. Capitalism requires a high level of unemployment to be successful and stopping the migrants won’t suddenly create jobs. Migrants require food, clothing, housing, education, transport, health care and other goods and services, just like everybody else. That’s a whole lot of extra jobs that are required to meet those demands. Why is our government paying people – who want to work – to sit at home and do nothing while public services are under resourced and overworked?

  67. jimhaz

    @ Freethinker

    [Are you aware of how many people are underemployed and with an income less than the poverty line?]

    That comes under the domain of “no suitable jobs”. Ie jobs suitable for a person’s needs

    [Are you aware of how much is the age pension?]

    No. Nor am I bothered as they have had increases. 20 years ago they were all complaining then as well – down at the local club.
    What worries me is the effect of casualization on the ability for a person to create a retirement income.

    [Pay rent and other expenses and will be not much left to eat]

    stratospheric housing prices increase rents as well. The higher the loan the more people will price gouge to the maximum they can on rent to get a return on their investment. Also real estate agents have become super vicious.

    [Charity organizations that provide help to the poor are saying that there are thousands of families that are living with less than $17 a day to eat]

    Again this is due in part to high rent prices and governments not building enough public housing.

    However Newstart recipients have been treated badly in terms of rates – an increase of say $50 per week should have been given over the last few years.

    Casualization of work is also a big problem.

    Still what I said is true MOST people are doing OK – I was referring to the voters who complain about others getting government payments. I did not say most low income people are better off – they are certainly not. Too much of the real wages increase has gone to the top income earners and this is due to both LNP and ALP policies and international governments like them doing the same.

    [Do you know how many thousand of houses are in Australia with the power cut because it is no affordable?]

    Actually I wonder what impact the recent warnings about electricity prices rises had on the election.

    For the life of me I cannot see how rises could have been approved by the regulatory agencies. I think I read a comment somewhere that energy producers had the lowest productivity gains in recent years – if that is true that means “fat cats” are in play and any costs such as higher coal prices than a year or two ago could and should be born by the industry after their gold plating of recent years.

  68. Rob

    “Are you aware of how much is the age pension?”

    Man I can’t wait to get on the aged pension, for a couple it’s about TWICE what we live on quite comfortably right now. Admittedly I own everything and live in the bush, but I have a good life that doesn’t cost much and there are not enough hours in the day for me to indulge my interests.

    That said if you are renting a place in the city, and going to the club/pub every day you would struggle.

  69. Kaye Lee

    The most an individual can get is less than $440 a week. Try finding a place to rent in Sydney for less than $400 a week. Going to the pub wouldn’t be possible. Eating and electricity are luxuries let alone getting a prescription filled.

  70. Freethinker

    Yes Rob, life in the bush is healthy and cheap if people can produce part of their food.
    After living in a small regional town in Qld for many years my only concern is the lack of health care facilities or services when the body do not respond as we wish.
    I was looking at a documentary in the PC about the amount of pensioners that rent a parcel in their backyard for another pensioner in need to put his caravan and live on it.
    It is a win win situation for both and I just wonder when that trend will start here if the councils allow it.
    If there are no red tape and barriers people can use their ingenuity to make life a bit easy.

  71. Annie B

    @ Jennifer Meyer Smith and Carol Taylor.

    I do believe it most likely IS James Ashby that is the ‘writer behind the throne’. See this article:


    Carol —

    Half way down there is a sub-heading bolded ” More to offer than piloting skills” ….

    He went to Canberra ( it can all be read in the link ) … to be a media advisor. Some call them media consultants. He has also worked in radio.

    To do this, he had to be able to string more than a sentence or five together. I would think he’s no klutz in the writing department.

    “A media advisor / consultant is a marketing agent or public relations executive, hired by businesses or political candidates to obtain positive press coverage. . Media consultants usually draft press releases to highlight positive achievements of a business, organization, or individual.” ….( definition ).

    He would still most likely be rather pee’d off about the “Slipper affair” ( read as a pun if you like ). States he came from a ‘conservative’ background. Possibly suits him NOW to go against any government that is formed, by joining Ms. Hanson – as her pilot.

    And I would bet “London to a brick on” – that he also is her advisor and writer.


  72. Annie B

    @ Jimhaz ……

    So you are not interested in what pensioners get ? No !! …. because ” they have had increases”.

    How would you like to see the princely sum of an extra $5.42 per fortnight = $2.71 per week, applied to your own income – eh ? What do you think you could get for that – maybe not even a small bar of chocolate ? Certainly not a purchased cup of decent coffee.

    That is what was given by the LNP in April of this year ( which btw was a few weeks late in being paid – it has always been March ).

    Another wonderful increase will be coming our way in September, if the LNP reside in diminished glory again, and can ignore everything and cut that out as well.

    You should figure what you are talking about, before opening mouth.

  73. Annie B

    @ Cher

    Indeed …. RIP, Curtis Cheng, a decent, ordinary citizen, cut down by ruthless people of apparently Middle Eastern appearance ( and names ).

    Your last comment ( considering you quoted a line from my previous post ) … being aimed at me, I rather believe you should rethink – and apply it to yourself. ” clearly you have a lot to learn about it too…. ”

    The ‘vile intentions’ I spoke of, and referred to saying ” I do believe you all know the groups to which I refer.” were aimed at the rotten racist and thug like groups like Reclaim Australia ( the original ) … United Patriots Front … and now another one calling themselves “The True Blue Crew” …

    Admittedly a year ago, Pauline Hanson attended in Queensland, some of the “Reclaim Australia” rallies. I think she might have given all that up now – she decided on better avenues to pursue !!! But she supported their racist taunts, and placards of hate at that time. I doubt, from her latest stand, she has changed her mind about anything, so would probably be very much, still in these ‘white’ supremacists corner, but with great care not to be seen specifically aligned to them.

  74. jimhaz


    I recall either the Rudd or Gillard govs giving pensioners an increase as well. Those on the dole got nothing and they have expenses in looking for jobs, eating more etc.

    The voter block of pensioners is big enough. It has experienced people and they can look after themselves in terms of lobbying the gov for increases. Many own their own home – but the vast bulk of unemployed do not and never will.

    The best I can say is that more could be done for low income middle aged women in terms of upping superannuation for when they retire.

  75. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I agree with jimhaz but it doesn’t need to be unemployed people versus struggling pensioners. Both groups are worthy of receiving increases on needs based grounds.

    It goes without saying an unemployed person or under-employed person is entitled to dignified and life sustaining benefits and that means an increase for the retrospective failures of previous LNP and Labor governments of $50 per week PLUS an extra increase of $50 per week for now and into the short/medium term future with a revision in 2 years time.

    Total increase to Newstart recipients will therefore be $100 per week.

    Don’t despair though neoliberals everywhere because that money will circulate the economy in a robust, flourishing way which will be great for local businesses and for growing industries and thus will provide more employment opportunities for the unemployed.

    Win/win/wins all round!

  76. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks Athena,

    I agree with the comment about car tyres! 🙂

  77. win jeavons

    The past is another country, they do things differently there. For preview, see Queensland.

  78. Harquebus

    A Royal Commission into the facts surrounding the climate debate might just settle the issue in Australia once and for all, silence the opposition and allow us to finally do something about it.

    I would like to see the end of all religions which, have been a curse on humanity for millennia. Only by preying on kids do they survive and perpetuate.

  79. Freethinker

    Harquebus, I will not support spending millions of dollars in a Royal Commission to prove the science knows more than Pauline and other ignorant people when we need that money to help thousands of homeless people with mental health problems and other people in extreme poverty.
    Those that do not believe what science are saying world wide should move to the hills and live like feral never asking help to science.

  80. Annie B

    @ jimhaz ….. and Jennifer ~

    You are right .. Labor did their utmost for pensioners, and the increases were more than just based on CPI.

    Also agree with much of what else you said in your last comment, jimhaz.

    Thing is, the pensioner ‘voter block’ is reducing all the time, as many meet their demise. This is not going to decrease – it will increase as the population ages. ( and I refer only to Age Pensioners – nothing else). However, by the time aged potential pensioners get to their older limits ( say in 20 years ) there could well be many more of them who would most likely be people who do NOT own their own home, and never have, or have ever had jobs that enabled good superannuation ( e.g. part time casual or handy man jobs – as the job markets have been unstable for some time ). So this is a potential problem. Agree also with your thought towards low income, middle aged women and upping their superannuation for their retirement.

    We need to clean our own house, before trying to clean anyone else’s ( referring to entering wars because the U.S. says we should ~!!! ) …. and that includes homelessness, the ‘whys’ of that and what can be done to alleviate the situation. It also includes people who are jobless, and receiving that sadly worded ‘ dole ‘, which is vastly inadequate ( based I think on an overall distrust of job seekers, which is very unfair as most jobseekers are keen and honest – whereas there is a relatively small %age of bludgers, overall ). There is much to be fixed, but I am sure the likes of the LNP will NOT address these situations.


    @ Jennifer and Athena …….

    Such a well overdue sense of comedy – that link from “The Shovel”. Gave me a great laugh.

    I do think we should try to see some lighter sides to all this ??? We have weathered the entire gamut of political possibiiities over many decades – and have come through it all. We will do so again. Remains to be seen who will ultimately be pulling the strings – which will fill up at least 1/3rd of the nightly Tele news !!! …. Hanson will figure mightily – as she is controversial and the media LOVES all that bull-crap. They will serve her up in spades, at which point I will try and find the “Vicar of Dibley” or ” Farty Towels” ( Fawlty Towers) , to watch.


  81. The AIM Network

    Freethinker, I think I know where Harquebus is coming from. Harquebus knows, you know, I know and millions know that the science is settled, but deniers like Hanson don’t. A Royal Commission might finally convince her.

  82. Freethinker

    Just to add to the original article:
    Malcolm Roberts, who has strong chance to become a senator , wants climate scepticism taught in schools and says the CSIRO and United Nations’ peak climate body endorse corruption.

    What next, a Royal Commission to investigate CSIRO?

  83. Athena

    At the rate these hard right nitwits are going, soon there won’t be any point going to school, since the students will just be taught nonsense. Assuming of course they actually get some funding.

  84. Athena

    “Freethinker, I think I know where Harquebus is coming from. Harquebus knows, you know, I know and millions know that the science is settled, but deniers like Hanson don’t. A Royal Commission might finally convince her.”

    No it won’t, because Pauline has no concept of critical thinking and evaluating information. Her mind is already made up and when the outcome of the RC doesn’t agree with her, she will reject it and complain of corruption.

  85. Annie B

    @ Freethinker

    I believe from having read an article ( admittedly only on the Internet !! ), that there has already been a call to investigate the CSIRO via a Royal Commission. I stand to be corrected on that, and from whom the call was made. But I have seen it.

    How can any of us non-scientists ( including Ms. Hanson ) , dispute the knowledge and decades of study and investigation, into so many scientific situations – including climate change, by true scientists who spend hours, days, weeks, years investigating and analysing, so many science based issues.

    As for Hanson … I have to wonder if she is seeking ONLY publicity for her own sake … and a boost to her lowered ( and lowering ) self esteem.

    I also have to wonder if she is actually giving the grand two fingers to ALL – politicians, scientists, religions, weather experts, and a whole host of other persons, who at least are trying to make sense of this entire situation here in Australia, and elsewhere in the world.

    I think maybe she is smirking, gloating …. and must be ( I want to say abolished but that would be politically incorrect !!!! 🙁 ) …. let’s go with ……….. ‘dealt with ‘.

    Hanson has indeed no concept of critical thinking and evaluating information ( from Athena ) …. but, you know, I don’t think even her own mind is made up. She goes with whatever flow seems to be most contentious and disruptive. …. That’s the make up of the woman.

    If anyone takes her really seriously, she could be a game changer and the most dangerous of people.

    Let’s hope none of us take a smidgin of notice of her and her peurile outbursts. She is not fit to run, or be a part of any political process.

    However, that now seems to be a moot point. I just hope the other independents sit on her stifflingly, in the Senate, and that she shows herself to be so inane, that something can be done to remove her altogether.

    ( not sure of how, legally / politically that could be done ) … anyone here, with any ideas on that ??

    I speak ONLY of her venture into politics, not an attack on her as an individual in her own right. … She has every right to be what she wants – as long as she harms no-one, or in any way, impacts on our country in her position as a Senator. .

  86. Freethinker

    News like this is what makes Pauline popular.
    I do not like it at all.
    Andrew Bolt says he has moved children out of family home after death threats

    Hanson told Bolt she was calling for a royal commission into Islam in Australia.

    “Ibrahim Abu Mohammad has written an astonishing letter warning that to criticise even a gay-hating imam is to risk inciting terrorist attacks against us,” Bolt wrote.

    “His inflammatory letter perfectly demonstrates why Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was a fool to hold an Iftar dinner for the Mufti and other troubling Muslim leaders during the election campaign.

    “Again and again, whether the Mufti means this or not, the clear inference is that if we criticise Islam or his clerics, we risk death,” Bolt said.

    “What free society can tolerate such an implied threat or danger? How can the Mufti not see that the true responsibility for Islamist terrorism lies not with the victims but with the perpetrators – and with the faith which seems to ­licence them to mass murder?”

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