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Israel’s military bombs Gaza into unprecedented levels of hunger

Oxfam Australia Media Release

Oxfam reaction to the IPC food security figures for Gaza

In reaction to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) report published today on Gaza warning of a risk of famine if intense hostilities and restricted humanitarian access persist or worsen, Sally Abi Khalil, Oxfam’s Middle East and North Africa Regional Director, said:

“Gaza’s shocking descent into starvation was so predictable as to be premeditated; an ongoing war crime by the Government of Israel.

“This is irrefutable proof that Israel’s attacks have decimated Gaza’s already fragile food system so catastrophically that most people are no longer able to feed themselves and their families. People are being starved in Gaza. Unless there is an immediate ceasefire and a massive scale-up of humanitarian aid, Gaza risks being pushed into a famine.

“It is abhorrent and barely conceivable in 2023, that women, children and babies, the elderly and sick, the most vulnerable people have had their food weaponised against them. The horror felt by a mother unable to feed her child is the horror of Gaza today.

“While over 90 per cent of people in Gaza cannot find their next meal, some UN Security Council member states are still toying with words rather than voting for a ceasefire.

“Those within the international community who have refused to rein in Israel’s military machine and its collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza today stand shamed and complicit – this scandal is on your watch. You must no longer patronise this Israeli aggression that is killing so many civilians, even as it fails in its own terms by sowing the seeds of future insecurity for both Palestinians and Israelis alike.”


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  1. GL

    Netanyahu and his gang of rabid nationalist maniacs just wants all them gone. Hamas doesn’t seem to give a shit about their own people who are dying by the thousands just as long as they can continue to stick it to the Israelis.

  2. New England Cocky

    The Netanyahu Nakba has the objective of ”driving ALL Palestinians into the sea”.

    There is little concern for any Israeli hostages.

    There is only a fervent desire to practice STATE SPONSORED GENOCIDEOF INDIGENOUS PALESTINIANS so the after the fighting is ended, the American & European carpetbaggers will come in, clean up the mess, finance and build residential housing to be sold to fresh ZION@ZI colonist settlers receiving clear title to the land from which Indigenous Palestinians were dispossessed and displaced by the IDF and their American NE Military Industrial Complex armaments suppliers

  3. Uncletimrob

    If Netanyahu and his mates think they can destroy Hamas by destroying Gaza, they are sadly mistaken.

    What they will succeed in doing is creating a generation or more of disaffected, dispossessed, homeless, hungry and angry young men who will follow whoever gives them hope for and a belief in the possibility of a better future, despite what it takes to get there.

    One guess who that will be, financed by other nearby Islamic states.

  4. Roswell

    One thing I’ll say about you, NEC that I’ve always admired: you are a warrior for justice and a fair go.

  5. Roswell

    Actually, everybody here is.

  6. Canguro

    Last night I watched the 1998 6-part BBC documentary series The 50 Years War-Israel and the Arabs.

    It traces the conflict from 1948 to 1998. Here we are, twenty-five years later, and there’s been zero improvement in relations, indeed, things have only continued to worsen, with mutual hostility and mistrust along with the tragic consequence to both parties.

    Recommended viewing, available via YouTube.

  7. Roswell

    Thanks, Canguro. It’s on my must watch list.

  8. Andyfiftysix

    All i can say is keep up the verbal barrage against the barbarians. Dont let them win anything, especially their wordspeak and propaganda. Its genocide in all its gruesome glory. How dare they try to justify it with weasle words

  9. Douglas Pritchard

    From day 1 I have found it difficult to believe that Israel security system was sufficiently lax to let this event surprise them, but common sense says it should be looked at.
    Now I find I am listening to voices suggesting that Egypt has astronomic debt which Israel (with the cooperation of USA) would willingly step in to cancel should Egypt be willing to absorb the refugees from Gaza.
    Apparently this move predates the October break out by Hamas.
    Its very much in line with Canguros history of the growth of “Greater Israel”
    I was trained in scientific method, and my sceptical mind is saying the quacking duck sounds, may actually be a duck.
    I wonder if my learned friends have had thoughts along these lines?

  10. New England Cocky

    @ Roswell: Aw shucks …. I am embarrassed ….. it is simply working class commonsense learned in the trenches of 1950s Australia. Thank you.

    @ ajogrady The Caitlin Johnstone article above that says it all. Definitely worth a read.

    @ Andyfiftysix: I learned early in life that the only way to keep the peace was to stand toe to toe with the bully and beat them into the ground. The ZION@ZIS and their USA (United States of Apartheid) NE Military Industrial Complex armament suppliers are NOT the victims but rather the POLITICAL OPPRESSORS – no better than Adolf & mates.

    @ Douglas Pritchard: Other evidence published elsewhere had Netanyahu complicit in funding Hamas via Qatar. If MOSSAD is only as good as the CIA was in the ”Words of Mass Deception” (WMD) for the Iraq Invasion, then this NETANYAHU NAKBA is, as reported early elsewhere, a government sponsored GENOCIDE OF INDIGENOUS PALESTINIANS TO ”DRIVE ALL PALESTINIANS INTO THE SEA”.

    There have been several short reports of dispossessing Palestinians by displacing them into a concentration camp in the Egyptian desert operated by international aid organisations – thus passing the cost of jailing Palestinians on to these aid organisations.

    Now ‘Vot is that I am in three letters?”

  11. Clakka

    The word ‘Israel’ has western Semitic roots; ‘sry’ = to strive, strive for, save, protect, and ‘el’ = god.

    Some 3,000 years ago, in the territory although never united ethnically, the goddess El was the supreme god over lesser gods, such as Ashera, Baal, Utu-Shamash, Enlil, Ninlil, Enki, Ninhursag. Yahweh, a minor god, may have been the Canaanite god of metallurgy. Rites included human (esp child) sacrifice. Women served as priestesses, could own land enter contracts and initiate divorce.

    Since the days of Moses, there have been machinations, invasions, and incursions involving oppression, theft, destruction and much blood letting, all in the names of a plethora of gods and a lineage of supposed cultural rights and superiority – a fundamental load of mumbo-jumbo. Through to the coming of the imperial Britain at the start of the 20th century, the 10 major conquering possessions of the territory have, although being mostly destructive and bloody with innumerable wars, involved not only Hebrew / Jewish disaporas and reverse-disaporas, whilst their Arab brothers remained in place, but also significantly varying treatment of the erstwhile inhabitants, and inhabitants extant. For, in the main, the battles for control were not for religious / cultural reasons, but for commercial / trade / strategic control of the ‘fertile crescent’, the Levant and Palestine / Israel through to Egypt / North Africa, and thereby East / West / North / South via the Mediterranean Sea and its surrounds.

    Nothing has changed. During the prolonged and persistent Byzantine / post-Byzantine era, the forced Hebrew / Jewish diaspora to the ‘West’ saw them variously ‘othered’, politically manipulated, oppressed, hated and slaughtered en masse. From the Great War, through the ‘mandate’, WWII, Hitler and the Holocaust, in 1948, the UN Resolution 101 could be seen as a hasty hotch-potch of racism, assuaging of guilt, dysfunction and convenience. And so the ‘West’ would have them return.

    In modernity, for many, the notion of gods has expired, and the rituals and lip-service remains only as a cover for sponsored domination of commerce / trade / strategic control and an individualized cornucopia of wealth come what may. And for them, just below the surface lays brutality and convenient hatred of the ‘other’. To me, it is writ large in the developing Palestine / Israel matter.

    @ajogrady, and @NEC, it took me some time to find Caitlin Johnstone’s article,’s server is off-line. Nevertheless persistence paid off. Her short article nails it for me.

  12. andyfiftysix

    clakka…..Its the Cult of the promised land. Easy to recognise in this day and age. A measure of guilt and shame, a measure of biblical prophecy and a large enough group willing to believe and do the dirty work.

  13. New England Cocky

    @ clakka: My Egyptologist scholar friend suggests that ”ISRAEL” is a compounding of ”Ís” from ISIS, the Egyptian god, ”Ra” the Egyptian sun god and ”el”, a 9senior’s moment) other god from Egypt.

  14. leefe


    Given how intensely patriarchal the society depicted in the Torah is, the use of Isis – even in part – doesn’t really fit.

  15. Clakka

    @andyfiftsix, oh yeah the Cult of the promised land , I forgot about that one, it’s a good cover for colonialism and aspiration – typically a god’s promise delivered by a feckless leader hoping his / her drugged-up minions will fight for and deliver the bounty. Nevertheless, I prefer to name them on the basis of their convenient focus, method, and the tangible outcomes, therefore; death cult.

    @NEC, good on your Egyptologist friend, I shall keep his / her suggestion in mind. Nevertheless, for the time being I shall stick with the roots I have found from numerous sources after extensive research. As a footnote, unlike Isis (godesss) and Ra (king god) both ancient Egyptian, El is not an Egyptian god / goddess, but the supreme god from the Canaanite and Mesopotamian regions.

    Such a convenient plethora of deities in those times. In my story the real point being, under those deities, the predominance of human, especially child, sacrifice, and 3,000 years later, today, it appears to be happening, not just ideologically, but actually.

    Thanks for your participation in my story.

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