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Is the Australian government linked to atrocities overseas?

My name is Tracie Aylmer. I am an international criminal lawyer specialising in the International Criminal Court.

It has come to my attention that a number of Australian government officials may have enabled and caused corruption that directly affects the UN Security Council. Any application towards obtaining a placement on the Security Council should therefore be rejected.

The information is as follows:

  • The Australian government pays subsidies to Australian mining companies. The amount of subsidies keeps increasing, but the link shows the amount per year from two years ago. This amount will not have decreased in any hurry.
  • Mining companies do not pay the required amount of tax in Australia according to its domestic laws. Taxes are instead diverted to tax havens in complicated schemes in order to neglect paying billions in Australia.
  • The billions the Australian mining companies receive directly and indirectly from the Australian government are helping to pay for atrocities in countries such as Africa here, here and here. South America here as well as North America here.
  • In addition, the Australian government are advertising the Australian mining companies within these countries, thereby drawing a link between the Australian government and the Australian mining companies. This also means that our taxpayer funds are being diverted, in order to directly create atrocities overseas, with the Australian government complicit.
  • The billions that are received from the Australian government to Australian mining companies are taxpayer funds – public moneys that the Australian people do not realise are being placed otherwise than what they were meant for.
  • In particular, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, investigations have occurred by the International Criminal Court here as well as with the UN Security Council here.
  • The Central African Republic is another example, with two investigations by the International Criminal Court underway.
  • It can therefore be said that the Australian mining companies – paid for by the Australian government with public taxpayer funds – are creating atrocities in several key areas around the world, that are being investigated by public international authorities such as the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.
  • The Australian government must be held responsible for these actions by public international authorities.

With the above, I wish to advise that due to the extraordinary evidence against the Australian government and Australian mining companies, any application to the United Nations Security Council MUST be rejected. Australia is NOT a responsible international authority.


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  1. babyjewels10


  2. susan

    Endless atrocities in our name but I can’t imagine any Australian taking Bishop’s application for the United Nations Security Council seriously. We know that no one in the LNP has the political skills to achieve any office that wasn’t gifted to them by their mates in return for favours..

  3. TurnLeft2016

    I had a loved one in Africa recently, someone they were with had a situation and they tried to contact the embassy or even find a consulate and were told the closest to an ambassador was the manager of a mining company (sorry for being vague, I try to not reveal too many personal details online)

    appalling, add to that…
    this government paid people smugglers to refoul refugees, this government “allegedly” accepted money from mafia to look favourably on visa applications, the LNP were asked by Iran to return Man Monis and refused, this government is eager for a war in Syria and dont care about international obligations or borders (because ISIS doesnt recognise borders, why should we)…. if any other country were doing these things wed call them a rogue state, and impose sanctions or boycotts

  4. Paddy Forsayeth

    Shared also. Susan, Too true. With UN human rights secretariat (?) criticising Australia for its abuse of refugees in its concentration camps it is risible that the Gov. has the gall to app;y to be on the UN security council.

  5. David Bruce

    Why confine it to mining companies? What Australia and the rest of the Five Eyes are doing in Iraq and Syria and other parts of the Middle East is an abomination. All the propaganda about Assad’s Government gassing their own people is based on media lies, even more bold than the Gulf of Tonkin incident against Vietnam, and the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq! Why is Australia seeking membership of NATO, or is Nato a new name? Putin is right to call it like it is and go after Turkey! Grrrrr

  6. mark delmege

    Yes David, Pine Gap helps direct drones to their targets in numerous ME and North African countries for starters. But I have long felt that the decision to allow a US Marine base in north Australia was some sort of a quid pro quo – a protection racket if you prefer, for our mining companies in Africa – where I expect those same Marines to see ongoing action.

  7. Anomander

    I notice the first line of the linked ABC article about mining subsidies startes with “Left-leaning think tank, the Australia Institute, says Federal Government subsidies to the mining industry have increased by half a billion dollars over the past year.”

    Yet, whenever the talk about studies undertaken by the IPA, they never mention that it is “Right-leaning”. It is almost as though the very fact AI are left-leaning gives those opposed argument to undermine the foundation of their study.

    It’s difficult to find an exact number but figures bandied around state between 75% and 85% foreign ownership of mining companies. This points toward them using low tax or tax-free offshore structures to minimise their tax liability in Australia, while using our tax concessions to claim excessively generous write-offs and subsidies.

  8. David

    @Anomander…excellent point you raise re ABC and their selective descriptive titles that suit the right faction in the Corporation hierarchy.
    No surprises anymore relating to the not so subtle inferences that suit the Agenda of Mark Scott, Uhlmann and Co.
    I dread who Scotts replacement will be when he ends his term later this year. Early rumours suggest an ex Murdoch executive…unsurprising?

  9. mark delmege

    Question…how often do you hear two ‘left wing’ people (really left wing not mushy soft neo liberals but people actually challenging the status quo) discuss policy on the ABC radio national? Maybe on Adams LNL sometimes (when he is not interviewing establishment figures). It’s a very rare thing. Almost always what we get are variations of right wing perspective. The myth that the ABC is left wing is a con to appeal to ordinary people that they offer an alternative perspective. Sure they can criticise the more idiotic liberal party stands but that doesn’t make them left wing.

  10. Tracie Aylmer

    Perhaps I should get on there then, Mark?!? Then I could give some real information about these issues to all involved.

  11. mark delmege

    please do Tracie

  12. Annie B

    A quite extraordinary article – factual and without emotional enhancement … a total account of what is happening. So well written – and very disturbing to read.

    Thank you Tracie Aylmer.


    This should be followed up continously and … very seriously.

    As for our alleged application to become part of the U.N. Security Council, I believe that is just a vilely brazen attempt to cover up a great deal that this government will never confirm or admit. …. such as the contents of this article. It is an attempt to have the Australian government, given some form of identity that is noble and honorable — to give them bouquets, while all they deserve are brick bats. A cynical application for acknowledgement, if ever there was one.

    Some excellent comments here too …. Will be more than interested to see how far this one goes.

    Cheers ….

  13. mark delmege

    With respect Tracie isn’t the ICC a lap dog (front group) to the powerful western interests who run much of the world and are the cause of so many crimes – be it in Libya, Ukraine, Syria Iraq etc? I can’t imagine the ICC taking issue with the Australia Government (on any issue) or any of the companies who domicile here. But good luck.

  14. Tracie Aylmer

    Thank you all. Word needs to get out about this.

    The ICC is preinvestigating Ukraine, Iraq and Afghanistan, and is investigating Libya. I am not sure how much of a lapdog it therefore is to the West. Their independence – and therefore legitimacy – will be assured once they investigate Australia. They have been analysing information pertaining to Australia from 30 January 2015. We will see how that goes, and what they do with this information, that I have of course sent to them.

  15. mark delmege

    Tracie – This is a video of the Free Syrian Army in action in Syria – these are the people who are supported by Obama and co including our Government and opposition in Australia who they say represent the people of Syria and who are the good guys er um good terrorists. You and I know that the ICC will take no action against them or their sponsors. In fact our media will support them and as such they are complicit in their crimes. This is why I say the ICC is just a front group and a lap dog and of no relevance for a just and better world.

  16. Tracie Aylmer

    The ICC won’t take action against a situation in Syria because they have no jurisdiction. Syria is not a member of the Rome Statute of the ICC, which means that they can’t investigate unless the UN Security Council authorises it. The ICC can’t do it off their own bat, because of this.And I doubt the UN Security Council will authorise it.

    Australia has signed and implemented the Rome Statute. That is where the difference lies between Australia and Syria.

    I wouldn’t have written the submission to the ICC in May 2014 if Australia wasn’t a member state.

  17. mark delmege

    Thats true Tracie and probably exactly why the US has yet to ratify the Statute. Nevertheless Australia the UK and France have and are are up to their necks and Jordan – also a member and a country where fighters/mercenaries are trained by the US for operations in Syria. If the ICC was serious it could do stuff – it could make noise, cause embarrassments etc but it won’t. Sorry to take this off your worthy topic but it is relevant to credibility. As for mining companies in Africa … there was a major African mining conference here in Perth last month where our dear Premier spoke.

  18. Tracie Aylmer

    OK I should explain what the preinvestigation of Iraq means. The ICC is preinvestigating (examining all evidence, and pushing hard for human rights obligations to be enforced using other methods) what the British soldiers did in Iraq during the war from 2003 onwards.

    In relation to the major African mining conference, I haven’t heard anything about it. Please advise, because if they were African mining companies then there’s not much that can be done. If they were Australian mining companies in Africa, then this is a whole new ballgame, and shows not just evidence, but complicity with the Premier. It’s information that I need, as it would mean that more taxpayer funds – specifically from those living in WA – are liable for atrocities in Africa.

  19. mark delmege


  20. Tracie Aylmer

    Thank you. I have sent the link on to others. It is relevant, and now it’s proven that Colin Barnett is corrupt and must resign from office. We need to get the word out about everything.

  21. jim

    Thanks for posting, great article, Having read this and other posts it gets easier to see why the right wing governments go with the “climate Change is crap” idea, they are primarily extensions of the mining corporations to me this is plain to see this.

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