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In Barnaby’s world, everything is about him

It comes as no surprise that the bill to have NSW catch up to the rest of the country in decriminalising abortion has all of a sudden become about Barnaby Joyce because, in Barnaby’s world, everything is about him.

One week we have Barnaby telling us we should raise Newstart because he was struggling to support his six children, his ex-wife, and his lover on the measly $211,000 (plus expenses) that he is gifted for being a beer-swilling backbencher.

Then the next week, he intones that women who have terminations, and the doctors who perform them, should be judged as murderers because they were some sort of threat to his unborn child whose rights he must protect.

Pity he wasn’t as concerned for the rights of his born children when he chose to abandon them because, hey, a man can’t be expected to remain faithful when he’s away from home so much. Poor Barnaby was lonely and using a condom would have been infringing the rights of his unborn sperm.

And that cringeworthy interview he did with mistress and baby was necessary regardless of how much it must have hurt his wife and daughters because, hey, his son didn’t have a trust fund yet.

Barnaby also made the marriage equality debate personal, telling a rally that his four daughters would be affected if same-sex marriage was allowed.

“We know that the best protection for those girls is that they get themselves into a secure relationship with a loving husband, and I want that to happen for them. I don’t want any legislator to take that right away from me.”

Yeah … nah.

When, in a blatant porkbarrelling exercise that went against all advice, Barnaby decreed that the pesticides authority should be moved from Canberra to his rural electorate, he seemed to have no consideration for the fact that he had just told a couple of hundred people that they would have to leave their homes, make their spouses quit their jobs, and their children leave their schools and friends.

Barnaby tells us that, as a farmer himself, he understands how devastating the drought is. Whilst his family did run a sheep and cattle property, Barnaby went to boarding school in Sydney and then became an accountant. The closest he has come to farming is speculating on land that may have CSG deposits and that may improve in value depending on the route of his inland rail boondoggle – a project that won’t generate enough revenue to cover its capital cost.

In order to satisfy his mates at the pub, Barnaby is more than happy to declare climate change is crap and that they can take all the water they need.

“We have taken water, put it back into agriculture, so we could look after you and make sure we don’t have the greenies running the show basically sending you out the back door, and that was a hard ask,” Barnaby told them.

Gina needs a few more dollars so Barnaby is happy to champion the push for more coal to be mined and burned. A man’s gotta look out for the people who look after him, and if that means interfering in their relationships (and court cases) with their children, Barnaby has no qualms when it comes to looking after his patroness.

After the 2013 election, Joyce said to Tony Windsor, ‘You know, Tony, until you had decided not to run I had the money for the Armidale Hospital, as well as funding for the Legume to Woodenbong Road.’

‘When you were still the member and running,’ he said, ‘Abbott’s office said we could have a range of things, including $50 million for the hospital. But when you didn’t run they withdrew the money for the hospital and the road.’

So much for concern for his constituents. Once he had the job, who cares?

Barnaby is certainly incompetent, possibly corrupt, with the empathy of a blood-sucking tick and the morals of an alley cat.

It is a mystery as to why decent country folk would re-elect this self-absorbed, self-serving charlatan.


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  1. Susan

    I have an inclining…If you have ever driven around New England you would understand their selfish motives as to why they keep him in power as their local member they have some of the best infrastructure in Australia, not to mention the roads are incredible and internet coverage is brilliant etc etc…

  2. Kaye Lee

    Internet coverage is brilliant for those who were connected when Tony Windsor was the member. That was part of his deal with Gillard.
    Armidale did well. When Barnaby took over, FttP was dumped.

  3. Aortic

    The best protection for his girls is they get themselves into a secure relationship with a loving husband, says Beetroot. I assume that’s what his first wife thought when she married this klutz, that it was for life. What, amongst a million things that really passes me off, is men, mainly middle aged and older pontificating on women’s rights to abortion and the God inspired marriage of a man to a woman. As someone once said, if God didn’t want gays, why did she make them. If I was a woman and Barnabas approached me as the old saying goes, not enough alcohol in the world.

  4. Susan

    Thanks Kaye Lee I didn’t realise as I had only visited the area twice.

  5. Kaye Lee

    Another example I should have included was Barnaby’s reaction to the leaking of the sexual harassment claim made by Catherine Marriott which he immediately labelled as “spurious and defamatory”, insisting, in what has become the Coalition standard line, that the allegations should be taken to the police. The short version of that is “Prove it, bitch”. He could have picked up the phone and apologised for any discomfort he may have caused but no – Barnaby goes on the attack about the ‘slur’ directed at him because it’s all about Barnaby.

  6. princess mombi

    Another one with NPD?

  7. Henry Rodrigues

    KayeLee…..Your plaintive query ” why decent country folk would re-elect this ‘self -absorbed’ ‘self- serving’ charlatan…… because they are god fearing christians, who attend services every sunday, feeling self-fulfilled and tuck into a nice roast dinner and then switch on the wireless and doze off to the strains of “Land of hope and glory………….” I am sure you get the picture.

    Hypocrites to the core.

  8. Matters Not

    Seems to me that education is about the ability of an individual to escape the limitations of one’s background. In that regard, Barnaby is perhaps still a (confused) work in process. To date he’s abandoned the belief that marriage is for life – having fallen victim to the temptations of the flesh – but he still clings to some tenets re homosexuality and what constitutes sin more generally. Condom usage is forbidden as is abortion but adultery is somehow acceptable when ameliorated via love.

    No doubt his confessor seeks regular counselling from a qualified professional. Or perhaps uses the resulting material as a stand-up comedian in the local pubs and clubs – with a you-tube in the making for international release.

  9. Bob

    Henry we are not ALL “god fearing christians, who attend services every sunday, feeling self-fulfilled and tuck into a nice roast dinner and then switch on the wireless and doze off to the strains of “Land of hope and glory” thank you! Leave that tar & brush in the shed please.
    Some of us are totally bemused as to how so many otherwise decent people can be so utterly fooled by this utter moron and vote against their own best interests. Sure there are a few hypocrites but the majority of the people I have met since moving up here are not “stupid” and are not “hypocrites” politically naive and misguided perhaps.

  10. Kerri

    What baffles me is that any woman would allow that beetroot faced, slimy lech between their…….

  11. Phil

    Joyce is a ‘ Wankstain ‘ Given the opportunity, I would love to tell him that to his face. Just a mouth full of piss and wind.

    Sooner or later he will go groveling back to his first wife. That I can take to the bank.

  12. Phil

    August 3, 2019 at 8:00 pm

    With out his means and money Joyce wouldn’t get a root in a wood yard.

  13. johno

    Barnaby has way too many tickets on himself.

  14. Henry Rodrigues

    Bob….I accept your counterpoint, but how then do you explain otherwise nice ‘decent’ normal people, family oriented, community minded, caring feeling, charitable folk, giving tacit approval to an unrepentant leacherous, rampant lout spreading his seed everywhere while still claiming to care for his legitimate wife and daughters ? Do these people suffer from split personalities ?
    Maybe I have oversimplified the mindset of the voters, but there are very few mitigating reasons to think otherwise.

  15. New England Cocky

    @Susan: Uhm ….. where within the usual geographical boundaries of New England did you discover this Nirvana of opulent infrastructure development. The facts, from continuing experience:

    1) Windsor got us the FTTP Internet in 2010 and RAbbott destroyed it with FTTN in 2013;

    2) Internet speeds and mobile telephone connections are both slow with patchy coverage, even within sight of a tower;

    3) In the 2013 Federal budget, Windsor got $80 MILLION to upgrade the killer Bolivia Hill 35 km south of Tenterfield and RAbbott struck it out with Barnyard reported to have laughed at this reprisal against voters who supported competent government;

    4) Again, in 2013 Windsor had Federal funding for By-Passes for both Tenterfield and Scone, a total of $80 MILLION, that RAbbott struck out;

    5) At a NSW level, the Nat$ are supporting the Guyra Tomato Farm, owned about 50% by a Canadian Investment corporation, in taking Armidale drinking water from Armidale’s residential water supply at Malpas Dam during a drought to grow export tomatoes, and has funded a $14 MILLION pipeline direct from Malpas to the Tomato Farm with further funding being sought seemingly to make Malpas Dam the de facto principal water supply for the expanded production area of the Tomato Farm. Local Guyra people decline to work at the Tomato Farm because they report the corporate ethos is uncaring and disinterested, meaning that the work force is principally 457 Visa workers from the South Pacific who remit much of their pay home;

    6) Would you like an objective review of inadequate hospital services, decaying transport infrastructure and declining town economies that you appear to have overlooked in your posts above?

  16. Bob

    Henry, that is what I am at a loss to understand – how otherwise decent people can support such an obvious piece of smug, self-interested, selfish, possibly corrupt yob posing as a politician. And it is not only New England voters – look at the election result. Unfortunately too many people are gullible and believe the crap that gets shouted at them from the visual, sound & written media.

  17. Henry Rodrigues

    Bob….. My feelings too. The yobs up north are if anything, worse.

  18. Ken Fabian

    Barnaby Joyce is some kind of act, that is for sure. Wasn’t it Barnaby that proposed making rural leasehold land into freehold as a way to forestall native title claims in the wake of the Mabo decision? And greatly increase the capital value of pastoral companies that had been doing very well paying SFA for using leasehold land as well… Efficient. Now he wants to “help” indigenous Australians by increasing the already low population/high representation deal for Nationals’ heartlands – increasing the electoral power of communities that vote against the interests of indiginous Australians.

    He takes gifts of luxury overseas travel from mining magnates, who have strong personal interests in “the right” government policy – and claims he saves the taxpayers money by doing so – and the media love it. But, then, he just opens his mouth and the media love it!

    Now, besides wanting to game the electoral system in the favour of of people who oppose Aboriginal rights in the guise of helping Aboriginal Australians, he is saying I have should have no right to call upon the government to take decades of top level science on climate seriously unless I support nuclear energy – or stop driving a car or using electricity. As if he would take it any more seriously if I did go all stone age!

    Yet I think it is a vast mistake to assume Mr Joyce doesn’t know exactly what he is about – even his inviting of mockery as a country hick works to shore up his support from everyone who might feel slighted by such criticisms. Even his tossing out around of provocative thoughts around like flinging mud results in it making issues muddier.

    His raising of the nuclear power issue and Morrison going along is, I think, actually quite clever and whilst it is easy to see this as just more iteration of that utterly empty “if greenies weren’t stopping us we could fix emissions” line (his own party does not have any policy of using nuclear to reduce emissions either) but I think it works to shift the tenor of whole climate and energy debate – it becomes (yet again) about what others are doing or saying and NOT about the government and what it (isn’t) doing. It has been profoundly successful to make the conservative-right position about countering the positions others take… and not about their response to the consistent expert advice telling us we face dangerous climate change.

    But I think that, even more than any of that, making the issue about nuclear is about the internal tensions within the Right – it is a relief valve of sorts (“it’s greenies fault we can’t have ‘the best’ emissions reduction technology, not ours”) as well as distraction. NOT supporting renewables can be made more palatable to the colleagues who think emissions reductions matter this way. But I wonder if Joyce’s “support nuclear or shut up” line was really aimed at those within, even more so than it was aimed at those leaning green and left.

    Beneath the appearances of Morrison returning the LNP to unity, there is an inexorable rise of climate concern within the conservative-right that is getting harder to keep a lid on – and Morrison’s win has not ended it. Well, this concern is NEVER going away, not in the lifetimes of any person now living – Joyce’s constituents are getting a taste of extremes of climate and weather first hand but are finding that denial just isn’t relieving their concerns.

  19. Ross Barrell

    “It is a mystery as to why decent country folk would re-elect this self-absorbed, self-serving charlatan.”

    Beyond me as well Kaye. And the real problem is that enough voters all over the country managed to put the same incompetent rabble back in power that had been there for 6 long, frustrating, infuriating years. Minus a few faces who thought the LNP was going to lose so they took their ball and went home. So we now have 3 more years of lies and deceit, obfuscation and wilful ignorance. 3 more years in the grip of a mendacious, moral free rabble of grifters and thieves, and 3 more years of no action on climate change, brutal abuse of refugees held without charge in a tropical rape camp and abuse of the unemployed and anyone else these privileged bottom feeders think beneath them.

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