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President Obama addressing the Climate Change Summit:

“For all the immediate challenges that we gather to address this week – terrorism, instability, inequality, disease – there’s one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent and growing threat of a changing climate

“In America, the past decade has been our hottest on record. Along our eastern coast, the city of Miami now floods at high tide. In our west, wildfire season now stretches most of the year. In our heartland, farms have been parched by the worst drought in generations, and drenched by the wettest spring in our history. A hurricane left parts of [New York City] dark and underwater. And some nations already live with far worse.

“Worldwide, this summer was the hottest ever recorded – with global carbon emissions still on the rise.”

So, Barry Obama considers climate change a greater threat than terrorism?

Of course, some will argue that the climate’s always changing and that this never killed anyone. There are a few people out there who try to argue that climate change killed the dinosaurs, but they’d be evolutionists and as we all know evolution is just a theory. Like gravity, it’s just a theory.

But even if the “alarmists” are right, surely ISIL has the potential to do more damage than climate change. I mean, what’s the worst that climate change could do? Even if the sea levels rose to the point that all land was submerged, then we’d still have marine life. At this point, the Japanese would stop whaling and those opposed to their slaughter could stop wailing too.

ISIL, on the other hand, is murdering innocent people. Not only that, they’re calling for the deaths of people in places like the USA, the UK and Australia. Probably a few other countries too, but I don’t tend to think too much about deaths outside those three countries. Imagine, innocent people in the USA being slaughtered by terrorists instead of your patriotic gun-toting maniac who’s opened fire as a way of asserting his disgust with the suggestion that gun ownership may be restricted to people prepared answer such intrusive questions as “What’s your name?” or “Are you planning to commit a massacre?”

(Mm, just a thought here, but the US Constitution guarantees the “right to bear arms” – as opposed to “bare arms” – does that include knives? Or will the United States citizens be lucky enough to be able to carry round machine guns to defend themselves while the jihadists can have their knives confiscated.)

But the title of this blog is “Why I’m a Sceptic… And Why Obama Doesn’t Make Sense”, so I guess I should stop running off on tangents. (Is that a mixed metaphor? Is it possible to run on a tangent? I know it’s possible to run at a tangent.. Actually, thinking about it, is it possible to run AT a tangent.)

Scepticism is healthy. It was a lack of scepticism that led to the AWB scandal, the GFC and the belief that the Liberals actually had a Direct Action Policy. (I was always sceptical about the last one, after all why should it be any different to everything else!) I was sceptical when someone drew a little diagram which showed why Amway was not a pyramid selling scheme. (“Lucky,” I said, “because there’s such a lack of demand for pyramids in Australia. Now if was one of those sales where they sell garages…”)

But some so-called sceptics aren’t sceptical at all. They are just believers of a different faith. Someone who asserts that they’re a sceptic because they don’t believe in ESP isn’t sceptical, they’re entirely SURE and it wouldn’t matter if I predicted the next card two million times in a row, they’d put it down to skullduggery or just coincidence.

Which, of course, is why I support action on climate change. I’m sceptical. I don’t know. I’m neither a scientist nor Andrew Bolt, who has the privilege of knowing everything, in spite of being a university dropout. I don’t believe anybody. But I know which side has the greater consequence if they’re wrong. And I know which side seems to have the greater vested interest in doing nothing. And I have sufficient knowledge of when the biggest SNAFUs in history have happened. It’s usually been from people saying, Trust us, nothing bad can happen.

As for Mr President. Well, I liked his speech. It was a very pretty thing to say.

But – to go off on a tangent for a moment – where was this urgency in Copenhagen? (Copenhagen. Remember, it took the wind out Rudd’s sails, stuffed Turnbull and gave Abbott the leadership… You can fill in the rest!)

The world only meets on climate change at designated times. But, when he perceived a threat from ISIL, Mr President acted – in relative terms – immediately. And he certainly gives the impression that he’d have acted unilaterally.

But climate change. Bigger threat. Let’s see what we can do…

Like I said, I’m a sceptic. For all I know, Abbott’s Direct Action plan may be really, really good. After all, how can I criticise when I know so little about it – we still have heard much about how it’ll work or when it’ll start!

Perhaps, he’s been distracted by the Paid Parental Leave Scheme…


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  1. John Fraser


    The real sceptics see a silver lining in rising sea levels because it means there will be less "foreigners" to hate.

    Who on earth would have thought they were such "optimists".

    Who on earth would have thought they would have so little intelligence not to realise those people would become "economic" refugees.

  2. Annie Byam

    Oh dear – dilemma here.

    As always, I enjoy immensely your writing Rossleigh, and no less this time.

    Except for one thing !!

    ………. ” So, Barry Obama considers climate change a greater threat than terrorism? “………..

    I am SURE he doesn’t. ,,,,,,, He was, after all, addressing the meeting on ‘climate change’ and stuck to the subject.

    Obama ( along with others representative of their countries – except of course our own PM who didn’t see fit, or deign to even attend the meeting !!! – on climate change – cowardly bastard Abbott ) …. is trying to fit everything together …. in the world as it is today.

    Have to think that some writers / commenters have forgotten that Obama and Abbott are decidedly on OPPOSITE sides of the table.
    Obama is a Democrat …. similar to Labor here ( normally !! ) ….. and Abbott is the Liberal – akin to the Republican Party plus plus ( Tea Party ultra-conservative ).

    There will NEVER be a true meeting of those minds, and objectives. Obama would wipe the floor with Abbott anyway, quietly and with dignity . ( Dignity is something that Abbott could never possibly understand. )

    Actions speak louder than words, and although it is not something any of us wanted – or want, the U.S. have again gone in, guns blazing to wipe a scourge off the face of this earth – which threatens ( based on their increasing actions over the years ) to destabilise the entire world – in the name of Allah or whatever the f**k they hold sacrosanct.

    THIS time the Yanks might have got it right. They have NOT had a good record of that in recent decades.

    And Abbott is desperately hanging on to their coat-tails …. looking like a wayward, almost into tantrum, spoilt child. That is … CHILD.

    That’s about all he is … a spoiled brat who wants everything his OWN way – no matter what.

    30 years in the ‘naughty corner’ for Abbott ……… ( more if I had my way ).


    p.s. skepticism IS healthy … indeed. Especially when hearing any syllable that falls out of the mouth of this abominably self-opinionated, self-serving – alleged – ‘leader of our country’ ???????

  3. mark delmege

    Wasn’t it Clinton (mr) who quoted Obama prior to his being nominated – as saying – ‘just tell me what to say’ ? oh well Brand Obama proved to be dodgier than that can of air freshener containing CFC’s.

    But fear not I have a special homeopathic brew to cure that scepticism. Order today I have special price just for you – low carbon footprint delivered directly to your door.

  4. stephentardrew

    John, John, John I told you about that logic thingy before didn’t I. Larry Summers was a good bloke and little Timmy Geitner the epitome of a Wall Street hack with his greedy fingers on the till. Trust Bazzer? Why not paid for by Wall Street while fooling the American people he was the Saviour from afar ready to jail those greedy bankers who destroyed the world economy. Hang on a minute what just happened? Someink terribly wrong here no one went to jail. Derivatives are back, the banks are thriving on quantitative easing, and people are living in tent cities while we are off to war again. Great job Mr President. Skeptical? Nah! She’ll be right mate don’t you worry about that. Damn where did I hear that before? Left and right seem to be merging in to some fetid sewer of lies and obfuscation while our blue planet burns.

    I am not a skeptic because the facts are demonstrably true. Skepticism is often the weapon of fools and deviants who want their way regardless and can’t be bothered reading that sci-ency stuff. It’s a good job Bazza and the mad Monk are on the job while Janet Yellan, and that Hokey ball of anger and indignation bash on about us leaners.The world Bank the IMF the G20 and all of those other convoluted acronyms get together in endless talk-fests as the wealthy happily keep raking it in while the rest of us can go to hell in a hand basket.

    Am I skeptical? Well no need to be if one is informed by facts. These people are just lazy stupefied ideologues empty of any rational or logical content. Hey wait a minute theres that logic thingy back again. Just can’t seem to get rid of it. Maybe you are onto something after all John.

  5. stephentardrew

    Oh hell Micheal Iv’e been eaten up by the scummy Spam monster again. Probably a bloody good thing too. Keep me quiet for a while.

  6. Annie Byam

    Rossleigh … as always – your article is excellent.

    Except for one thing !

    Your comment in the article : …….” So, Barry Obama considers climate change a greater threat than terrorism? ” ………..

    I don’t believe that for one moment. He was staying on topic for the meeting that was being held. Attended by all interested countries’ representatives – except that of the ‘esteemed’ leader of our own country, who could not be bothered – could not ‘deign’ to turn up … cowardly bastard that he is.

    I think we need to remember that these two ( Obama and Abbott ) are on OPPOSITE sides of the table. Never the twain shall meet.

    Obama is Democrat – equal to Labor ( normally ) ….. and Abbott is ultra-conservative …. likened to the Republican Party in the U.S. and it’s extreme right – the Tea Party ultra conservative mob. THAT’s the side that Abbott is on. A little Tea Party attendee.

    Obama is an orator, and a far more intelligent man than Abbott will ever be ……. and Abbott knows it. Obama could wipe the floor with Abbott, and it would look like an agreeable handshake. I have much faith in Obama’s ability to ‘get the message across’.

    I think that actions speak louder than words, and once again the U.S. has gone in, guns a-blazing – only this time I think they have it RIGHT. To rid the world of the most destabilising and debilitating mob of evil gangsters to have been known to roam our earth – to date.

    Unlike some of their most recent efforts in war, this time the U.S. is correct. Hit em where it hurts most.

    And there is Abbott, swinging on the coat-tails of America …. like a belligerent, but needy CHILD …. repeat CHILD.

    He should be put in the ‘naughty corner’ for at least 30 years ……. more if I had my way !!


    p.s. skepticism is good, and healthy, and needs to be. Especially when listening to the inane syllables uttered by Abbott and his excuse for a Government.

    Just look at Pyne for example …….. but that’s another story – for another day.

  7. mark delmege

    Thats funnier than mine John – and puppets come in many shapes and sizes.

  8. mark delmege

    It’s… agggh …. um…. reassuring to know that the USS George H.W. Bush is illegally launching strikes against and Syria (and Iraq). Don’t you think?

  9. Roger

    Look on the positive side – if the sea levels rise, there’ll be a lot more islands to visit (sure, some will go, but they’ll be outnumbered)

  10. flohri1754

    Brings to mind the continuing relavancy of this video from SEVEN years ago. Puts the need for action on climate change in such a succinct and (to my mind) undeniable way ….

  11. townsvilleblog

    Obviously you don’t live in North Queensland where severe cyclone’s do kill people. Climat change will bring more frequent and more severe cyclones. ISIL may be murdering bastards bu I don’t understand why with the cooperation of 40 plus countries and associated fighter jets that only 30,000 ISIL fighters can’t be wiped off the map tomorrow, are they supermen or something?

  12. Lee

    It would be a waste of funding if the US blew their investment away.

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