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If You Missed Scott Morrison’s Concession Speech

Ok, I was watching Sky’s coverage of the election.

We cut from the winner’s speech to the Liberal event because the Prime Minister was speaking.

Just to be clear, that’s still Scott Morrison … Although it may be Peter Dutton by the time you read this …

Anyway, after telling us that the Liberals were angry – meaning the voters – he then said that the Liberals – meaning the party he leads – would win the next election because of what they believed. He then reminded us that there’ll be a fair go for those who have a go and the best form of welfare is a job and …

Yes, you get the idea. It was just the repetition of all the cliches that lost them the by-election. He then put his arm round Josh Frydenberg and left. Strangely, I thought of this:

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  1. Kaye Lee

    Just watched the concession of defeat speech. Dave Sharma sounded like a decent bloke. Josh Frydenberg and Promo sounded like a cross between a carnival spruiker and a tent evangelical. Must they yell….and then say shhh when they want to deliver a line they have been practising or when they want to talk about the Invictus games? Sharma would have done better on his own.

    And I am already sick of Scott’s list. He surely isn’t going to barrage us with that for 7 months?

  2. paul walter

    The Monty Python actually does sum it up.

    The ABC kept with the polished and accomplished Kerryn Phelps and Morrison’s later effort looked pitiful.

    When DO the hard conservatives finally wake up to the fact that they’ve been seen through, “Strength” is not brutality, as with Nauru the unemployed, gays, women and aborigines, nor is authoritarianism and ideological browbeating acceptable as “stability”.

    I personally think the MSF/Nauru barbarism was the final straw for many middle of the roaders. Add the spectre of policy collapse as typified by the NEG failure and “stability” became a black joke for not only people in Went worth but expressed how many Australians are now feeling.

    Are we finally seeing the end of Howardism, a decade after we thought we were seeing the back of it with Kevin 07?

  3. paul walter

    Kaye Lee, isn’t it time for an election NOW. No more Dutton, no more Joyce, no more Frydenberg, no more Morrison, no more Martin Cormann.
    Restore Democracy, Indies!

  4. Kronomex

    If that was a concession speech then I definitely don’t want to hear him if he gets cranky.

  5. Peter Stevenson

    The liberal members want to be wary of Morrison putting his arm around them as this would appear to be the kiss of death .

  6. Cara Clark

    Yet an astonishing number of voters still voted for the Liberal candidate. Extraordinary! I really fear for the outcome of the general election….

  7. Kaye Lee


    That has really been aggravating me – the way he always puts his arm around people. It is demeaning. It is an invasion of personal space. It is presumptuous, particularly in a work setting.

  8. Mr Shevill Mathers

    Reminds me of one of the late Sir Winston Churchill’s famous quotes; along the lines-
    ”Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
    I am hoping that this by-election defeat in Wentworth marks the beginning of the end of the LNP, and Australians come to their senses and vote on changes so vital for Australia to move forwards rather than the reverse direction the LNP jokers have taken us this past few years.

  9. Keith

    “Although it may be Peter Dutton by the time you read this …”

    Nah, Rossleigh, it could be Julie Bishop who is our next Prime Minister next week, or in a few weeks time. Beetroot, could be the Deputy Prime Minister. Sorry my respect for the LNP is at an all time low.
    Though, Dave Sharma did show a lot of dignity in his defeat, probably stood for wrong party, as dignity is not a Liberal characteristic.
    I think the Liberals need to clear themselves of the mongrel extreme right wing and choose candidates with character such as Dave Sharma. Extreme ideology as seen with Abbott, Abetz, Kelly et al do not measure up to objective facts.

  10. Matters Not

    So Morrison had to run back to the Invictus Games. One suspects changed priorities if a positive election result eventuated. Then again:

    You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
    Know when to fold ’em
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run …

    Every gambler knows
    That the secret to survivin’
    Is knowin’ what to throw away
    And knowin’ what to keep

    Is Devanand a keeper – now that he’s the holder of an unenviable historical record? High profile independents are notoriously difficult to unseat, particularly if they are hard working.

    Imagine losing one of the (political) crown jewels. Thus, Morrison will also be remembered.

  11. Kaye Lee

    “On October 19 — coincidentally the eve of the Wentworth by-election — a group that might be called the anti-Turnbull high command, will hold a panel discussion for East Sydney conservatives.

    They will include MPs Tony Abbott, Andrew Hastie, Craig Kelly and Senator Jim Molan.

    The topic for discussion will be “Back from the brink … saving Australia from the Left’s agenda”.


    Wonder how that went. Too funny

  12. Diannaart

    Keith: my respect for the LNP is at an all time low

    You hold any level of respect for the LNP?

    Kaye Lee

    The anti-Turnbull High Command (chortle), poor little diddums, as I type, bet Tone is well on his way to a monumental hangover.


  13. ChristopherJ

    Thank you Rossleigh, timely on topic and cutting…

    Paul, Kaye, Dianna, Steve, Keith, Kron. Keep telling the truth, that’s all we have left. There’s a lot of thinking people out there

  14. Kaye Lee

    Interestingly, none of the gentlemen mentioned have posted anything about how it went last night on their facebook pages. Did no-one show up?

  15. nonsibicunctis

    I guess, not really surprising that the LNP polled highest on Primary votes but I do find it disturbing. I find it particularly so because it is fairly clear that Phelps is of a Liberal Party bent and likely to support them unless there is a real vote of conscience.

    It seems to me that, much as it is comforting to believe it, the notion that the voters of Wentworth ‘sent a message to the government’ is a little disingenuous.

    Already, commentators are suggesting that Sharma will remain the candidate for the General Election and will retake the seat.

    If Wentworth voters had really used their intelligence and were concerned about Global Warming, then their primary vote should not have reached two figures and at best, no more than 20%.

    Much as I would like to believe that this is a watershed by-election and one that heralds a new era of intelligent government and focus on critical issues for the whole nation and the international community, I fear that is has just been another media blow-up and that, in reality, little has changed in the electorate. After all, it is home to a substantial number of the richest and most conservative people in Australia and very soon – probably tomorrow – they will put this behind them and re-focus on making money, which after all. is the only thing that most of them are really good at or care about.

    I hate to be the ‘wet blanket’ but I think there is too much hype and celebration around what is really just the election of a pretend independent who can be depended upon to support the LNP on just about everything.

  16. Diannaart


    Given the extremely wealthy and conservative makeup of the Wentworth electorate, voting for Dr Phelps was about as rebellious as they were going to get.

    As for Phelps, she won’t be voting with the Libs all the time, she is not a right wing droog.

  17. Zathras

    The Coalition has been on a constant slide from the time Abbott became PM and dragged them so far to the right and was the perfect example of the Overton Window concept. Besides trashing his own side this was his only legacy.

    Turnbull was their best possible option for success but was hamstrung by Abbott’s extremist supporters so they deserve everything that’s happened to them. They have always been a collection of Hollow Men who function by self-interest.

    It will be a slow but very noisy crawl all the way to the next election and despite SloMo’s constant spruiking and fear-mongering nobody’s listening to them anymore.

    Phelps will make little difference in the end except as a warning they probably won’t heed anyway.

  18. Dennis Ball

    Halfway through Morrisons speech I also was reminded of “It’s just a flesh wound” lol

  19. Patagonian

    Scuttle is delusional, and if he put his arm anywhere near me I’d punch him right in that fat porky little nose of his.

  20. MöbiusEcko

    Morrison’s speech at the opening of the Invictus games was telling, not for its content, which was standard fare, but for its delivery. The comparison between Morrison to Prince Harry at that ceremony was stark. The former mostly head down reading a short uninspiring speech, sometimes fumbling and then speeding up to be almost incomprehensible towards the end. The latter, a long truly inspiring speech faultlessly delivered whilst walking the stage, no reading, not a single fumble and spoken at a measured pace with conviction and clarity.

  21. john lord

    Weird to say the least.

  22. New England Cocky

    Wonderful comments thank you from a late reader.

    @paul walter: The hard right, and indeed, the National$ prefer Adulterers, MUST be correct because they refuse to believe anything else regardless of the existing facts of any matter.

    @nonsibicunctis: Sadly I agree with your thoughtful analysis, nothing much has changed, the”rebellion” has yawned and the future is now upon us.

    The 23% swing is less that when Richard Torbay (Independent) was elected to Northern Tablelands in 1999 against former Minister Ray “Do Nothing” Chappell (Nat$).

    From 17% up to 6% down will easily be recovered at the Federal election because Sharma seems a reasonable person which is uncharacteristic in the present Liarbral Party.

    Bring on the 2018 Federal election!!


  23. Terence Mills

    As the dust settles, a lot of folk are looking at the elusive and shadowy Peter Dutton whose blind ambition started all this. Dutton may have been a proxy for Tony Abbott but he seriously thought that he could take over the Australian government by toppling Turnbull – he still has delusions of being our new emperor or perhaps that should read führer.

    Dave Sharma seems like a decent bloke and should do us all a favour and, if he is going to stay in politics, have a go at Warringah as an independent.

    Apologies to the electors of Wentworth but you will be put through this all again within six months maybe less !

  24. Kronomex

    I am now reminded of a partial line from an episode of The Goon Show, “The Great Tsucan Salami Scandal” in which Neddie Seagoon says,

    “It was one day during my period of office as part-time strolling Prime Minister…”

    That’s where Scummo is now, wandering around and worrying when the axe will fall across his neck. The Cult of Morriscum looks a little tarnished after his bile laden, invective ridden, “Me, me, me, I, I, I.” rant went to air. Despicable creature.

  25. Terence Mills


    Tony Abbott, Andrew Hastie, Craig Kelly and Senator Jim Molan.

    That sounds like a cast for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest perhaps they were rehearsing.

    Although the Jack Nicholson character actually has to be played by somebody who is sane, maybe Abbott could fake it !

  26. Kaye Lee


    I have seen the invitation but I cannot find anywhere any mention of it actually going ahead. I’d really like to know if they had to cancel it.

  27. Kaye Lee

    Ahhhh mystery kind of solved.

    I posted on Hastie’s page…

    “So how did your panel discussion “Back from the brink … saving Australia from the Left’s agenda””go? No post? Did no-one turn up? Australia actually needs saving from RWNJ who occupy an echo chamber and have no idea what they are doing. The policy paralysis you have inflicted on us with your ignorance must stop. Wentworth sent you a message. Abbott, Kelly, Hastie and Molan – what a line-up! The four stooges who are determined to destroy the Liberal party and us with it.”

    He replied…..

    Andrew Hastie: Hi Kaye, I did not attend so I cannot comment. I was on a plane home to Perth to see my family. In any case, I take messages from my constituents in Canning – a vastly different place to Wentworth. Cheers, Andrew

    My response….

    Canning may be different to Wentworth but it is presumably on the same planet which you guys seem keen on destroying.

  28. david higham

    A reminder to those on this site who are impressed with Sharma. He thought that the coalition was doing enough to address climate
    disruption,which is about zero. No better than the clueless Morrison,Joyce,Abbott,Kelly,McCormack,Littleproud,the list goes on. Frydenberg as well. Have a look at the video of when Morrison did his coal stunt. Frydenberg was laughing uproariously. No better than the rest of the morons surrounding him. The GBR dies,the world burns,while the parade of human idiocy never ends.

  29. SteveFitz

    Those who voted for an authoritarian state run by corporates and their right-wing flunkies must feel like they are on the wrong side as Australians make a move to reclaim democracy.

  30. Terence Mills


    The odd but predictable thing is that some of the conservatives are actually blaming the victim (Turnbull)

    Go figure !!

  31. DrakeN

    The high primary vote for Sharma should serve to remind us that there are still very many people in this country who are genuinely free of any sense of responsibility to anyone other than themselves, and who are not bright enough to recognise that their selfishness is often self harming.

    As to the opening of the Invictus games; the demonstration of empathetic disconnect between the GG and Snotty and the people that they were addressing could not have been more clear: They stumblingly read prepared speeches (probably concocted by others), whilst Harry-the-Royal communicated with the assembled in his usual free-flowing, compassionate and communicative manner.
    I am not a fan of the Royalty by any stretch of the imagination, but this young man seems to have landed amongst them from another planet. My ‘other half’ is absolutely besotted with him and she is, like me, completely disproving of the British Monarchy.

  32. MongoLike

    The fat lady has sung already? But there will be an unusual flood, a never before flood of postal votes yet to come from Israel. Bibi already owns our treasurer.
    And while I am ranting about the Invictus Games are we not overlooking the fact that the people of Australia have not declared war on anybody since 1939 yet we have all these dead and injured from imperial white English speaking police actions on other people’s country’s. I think the evil Malcom Fraser was trying to warn us, before he was offed, that Canberra’s sadomasochistic romance with the US gave him hemmarroids.
    The LNP only have to volunteer our children in a few more “allied operations “ and voila new Aussie teams for Invictus. Gold gold gold!

  33. ChristopherJ

    Yes ML! And, my highpoint last week was Scotty and HH scaling the heights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

    The thunderous applause was deafening.

    They’re good at this, remember. Been doing this a long, long time.

  34. Maya Tzizicci

    Could someone please stop them from saying “The best form of welfare is a job”?

    Jobs aren’t welfare. Welfare helps people in between jobs. Jobs are selling time and productivity; it’s all we working people have. There’s no kindly employer who is willing to pay people to apply for jobs elsewhere. Workers deliver profits.

  35. Christopher J. Ward

    I suppose the fatuous idiot that passes for a Prime Minister considers his Saturday night performance in Wentworth to be triumphalist or at least acceptable to the voters. Civility has long gone as I have commented elsewhere and in other articles on this website. If it were not more serious, I would consider the description of a flatulent jackass to be appropriate but the whole situation is much more complicated and important. No political party gets my support and those who believe the Labor Party will do a better job are having somewhat of a lend of themselves. “They” thought that was an exceptional result in the by-election and it probably was up to a point. The fact that our whole system is now toxic and a vicious in your face style acceptable beggars belief by my generation. I am reminded of the words of one of the most honest men ever to have entered the House of Commons a few centuries ago. “Weeds and nettles, briars and thorns, have thriven under your shadow, dissettlement and division, discontentment and dissatisfaction, together with real dangers to the whole.” If anyone has a better quote for the moment, I would be interested.

  36. ChristopherJ

    Maya – thank you, too true.

    Bit like repeating (until we have truly got it) that Australians can’t have a dole you could live on (or anything nice really) because we don’t have enough taxpayer dollars.

    Taxpayer dollars can be counted but they can’t be re-spent.

    It bears repeating, as I only have a few big points:

    For governments like Australia, the spending occurs before the taxing. We have been hoodwinked into thinking otherwise, including many economists I might add.

    It has always been this way

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