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I hope Rupert is happy

There was a time not so long ago when Australia’s future looked bright.

In 2008, Rudd apologised to the Stolen Generation and COAG agreed to a definitive strategy to close the gap in Indigenous disadvantage.

We had successfully negotiated the global financial crisis with continued growth and relatively low unemployment.

We were world leaders in putting a price on carbon. We were addressing water issues with the Murray-Darling buyback scheme and extending marine parks. We had introduced water trigger legislation giving the federal government the right to oppose mining in sensitive areas.

We had expanded the Renewable Energy Target and established the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and Clean Energy Finance Corporation. Wind capacity trebled and Labor supported the installation of more than 1 million solar panels.

Needs based funding for school education was underway, tertiary education had been expanded, and we had an agreement with the states on hospital funding.

The rollout of a world class fast NBN was underway.

We had a mechanism for deriving some income from the mining of our natural resources which was just about to start earning some money as they moved into production phase and had used up their accelerated depreciation.

We had introduced paid parental leave and the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

There was a Royal Commission into child sex abuse instigated.

Our troops had finally come home from Afghanistan.

We had our first female Prime Minister who was admired around the world who looked on bemusedly at the vilification she received at home.

But Rupert Murdoch wasn’t happy.

We had a debt and deficit disaster, which is now much larger.

They were a dysfunctional illegitimate government who knifed their own leader, just like the Libs have done.

We had to get rid of the carbon and mining taxes to improve investment and employment, both of which have gone backwards after the repeal.

And Juliar told us there would be no carbon tax, just like Tony said there would be no cuts to health, education or the ABC.

So what do we have to look forward to now?

Another war in the Middle East.

Paying hundreds of billions for war toys.

Paying hundreds of millions for political witch hunts aka Royal Commissions designed to demonise Labor and the union movement.

Becoming a toxic dump for the world’s nuclear waste.

A great big new tax on everything you buy.

Paying billions to polluters.

Forking out millions to try and keep Telstra’s copper network working so we can have really slow broadband.

Lots of big new coal mines and CSG mines dotting our prime farmland.

Getting sued by global corporations if our laws interfere with their profits.

An influx of 457 visa workers.

Condemnation by the world for torturing asylum seekers.

The selling off of all our assets.

Working till we are 70.

The removal of penalty rates.

Being told that government spending on everything to do with society is unsustainable because we need more money for security.

I sure hope Rupert is happy because we have paid a hell of a price for him to get his way.



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  1. Roswell

    He’s never happy, unless he’s making other people unhappy. Which is often. So I guess them he’s always happy.

    That doesn’t make much sense, does it?

  2. Kaye Lee

    I must admit, finding a photo of him looking happy wasn’t easy.

  3. Adrianne Haddow

    He heads my list of ‘unAustralians’.

    How can a man who gave up his Australian citizenship, in order to forge his empire of disinformation, still have so much influence here?

    You’d think the LNP would be looking sideways at a man who so easily gives up his values in pursuit of the almighty dollar.
    Although I suppose they hold the same set of values. If it doesn’t have a dollar sign in front of it, then it has no value.

    Private schools have a lot to answer for. They provide an entry to the networks that screw this country, and our taxes support them.
    Which private school did Murdoch attend, and how many of the LNP government and their rich lobbyists were educated there?

  4. Kaye Lee

    Murdoch attended Geelong Grammar School where Alexander Downer went.

    Speaking of Rupert, he just bought National Geographic and then sacked 180 of its award winning staff. He now owns the name.

  5. Roswell

    Must have been when he found out that the ATO was giving him $900 million, or when he heard the news that the Liberals were going to kill off the NBN. Or when he was told that NOTW staff were tapping phones.

  6. David

    I still today find that term ‘Juliar’ deeply offensive. Whoever instituted it should be deported to Manus permanently

  7. Adrianne Haddow

    Thanks Kaye. Wonder how many of the nameless, faceless backers of this government attended there.
    Yes, I am appalled that I will now have to end thirty years of subscribing to the National Geographic.
    Loved their work and wondered how their stance on environmental issues could continue with the anti-christ in charge of editorial content. No more articles with photographic evidence on global warming, no more actual reports on fracking, and what its doing to the American heartlands.
    How can some-one buy a trust ?

  8. Kaye Lee

    In September, the organization sold the magazine and its stake in the National Geographic cable TV channel, as well as other media properties, for $725 million to a for-profit partnership controlled by 21st Century Fox. The society will have a 27 percent stake in the partnership, called National Geographic Partners; Fox — a company controlled by Murdoch and his family — will own the balance.

  9. silkworm

    Please stop perpetuating the myth/lie about Gillard introducing a carbon tax.

  10. Kaye Lee

    Ummm….every one of those reasons was a lie. That’s the whole point.

  11. Stephen

    The Liberal right whine about children not singing the national anthem, (a piece of third rate jingoistic crap from 100 years ago). It’s not being Auzzie enough for the rabid right they want it to be compulsory.

    But they can’t bend over backwards or kowtow deep enough for someone who gives up his Nationality for greater profit.

    Tell me again who’s un-Australian.


  12. Kyran

    In 1986, he was the puppet master of a compliant government with the objective of destroying unions to enrich his personal and corporate wealth. The Wapping strike was a watershed moment for unionism in England and gave him a corporate model which I believe he continues to use to this day. He learnt a lesson through that event, a lesson the world has ignored (at its peril) ever since. Thank you for the reminder Ms Lee. Take care

  13. paul walter

    Rupert was happier after he put Abbott in to fix his tax problems, because it also gave him a chance to cause more damage to Australia and Australians, for daring to hope he would go somewhere else and make someone else’s life miserable instead.

    As he grows more senile, the country is dragged down with him. That’s spiteful, but that is what he is.

  14. Kaye Lee

    James Packer is in talks with Peta Credlin about a job with Consolidated Press Holdings.

    And from the gossip mill, in case you were wondering, Margie did NOT accompany Tony and Peta on their French villa holiday.

    “Margie Abbott departed London on Wednesday evening last week bound for Sydney, without her husband, and arrived home on Thursday night. No rolling French hills for her.”

    If I was Margie I would change the locks

  15. David

    Marge departs, roll me over French style in the boudoir, no hills in sight.

  16. mmc1949

    Loyalty to Australia is of secondary importance to wealthy Australians. The value to them of Australian citizenship is only valuable while it allows profits to be accrued. If citizenship of other countries does the job as well, or better, then Australian citizenship is of no value, deserves no loyalty, at all. Ask Rupert, ask the US military, ask Chinese, Indian and other foreigners who are raping the country.

  17. Aortic

    Anyone who not only employs the execrable Rebekah Brooks and continues to defend her says it all really. I often fondly recall an interview with Melvyn Bragg and the wonderful Dennis Potter when poor old Dennis was on his last legs. Bragg asked Dennis what would he do if he met Rupert Murdoch? His reply, ” I would shoot the bugger ” .Shame they never crossed paths.

  18. phillipbuckle

    This is a great summary, Kaye, and SO well written!

  19. too late

    The Liberals have always been owned and run by the Media moguls. They couldn’t make a decision without approval from them first. People like Murdoch, Jones, Laws etc. Everything that Rudd and Gillard achieved had been totally destroyed. At the end of the day Murdoch is on his last legs as with Jones, Laws etc – will all be dead soon enough!

  20. PC

    Hear hear, Kaye Lee: Hear, hear.

    I suggest we shift Australia day to align with when this miserable human being kicks the bucket.

  21. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Yes, Rupert is on his last legs and his spiteful attitude is his way of showing his rage at being just as mortal as the rest of us.

    It would be pure pleasure knowing that bridges are being built by effective and alternative progressive organisations with the next generation of the Murdoch clan so that Murdoch’s regressive and oppressive legacies are brought crashing down.

    Also, if he has built trusts and other nebulous ‘legal’ measures to protect his ill-gotten gains, these are prime examples of how an examination of the legality of trust establishment should be undertaken and how trusts and likewise should be dismantled if not found to be ethical and contrary to the interests of the common good.

  22. Abbie

    Thank you Kaye for noting all the visionary work started by Rudd ( Climate Kyoto and wish for ETS asap which was felled by the Greens at the last hurdle, Mining Tax important and equitable, The long waited and worked for, Continuing important equal relationship with China, demand for better services in Health …the hospitals being put on notice etc) continued by Gillard with her pet project of Gonski and then the introduction of a visionary NDIS. What a Nation we were on the way to being….and then we got Abbott via Murdoch’s rags childish and destructive cartoonish headlines. What a citizenry we have who are so easily manipulated. Shows how we really do need to lift our education standards (and not through Private school subsidies either.)

  23. Anomander

    The day that old prick dies will be one of the happiest of my life.

    When he does finally go, I propose we all hold street parties to cheer on the death of one of the most divisive and destructive figures ever in our modern history.

  24. David

    Anomander if I read or hear one Labor politician singing Murdoch’s praises at the time of his departure on Satans chariot to hell, I will be so fast off the mark with a torrent of reprimand, the likes of Usain Bolt will have trouble keeping up.
    Protocol be damned, it does not apply to that evil low rat

  25. Michael Peters

    Thanks Kaye.
    Everything he touches turns to sh*t – after 35 years I say bye, bye to my subscription to National Geographic – ahhhh, the days BrmE.

  26. Miriam English

    I’ve always felt that if Labor ever regain government again the very first thing they should do is destroy Murdoch’s control over Australia’s media. If they fail to do so then odds are on that they will never see office ever again. In fact there is a pretty good chance they won’t ever get in power again anyway. Murdoch controls most of the media. Labor should have broken up his control when they had their chance. He is effectively the unelected absentee king of Australia, and he knows it. The arrogant bastard.

  27. David

    Miriam that was one of the many unfathomables of Kevin Rudd. He before Julia had more reasons than most to eliminate the Murdoch control, but did nothing. He never explained why and paid the price eventually, as did Julia. Murdoch was never never going to be a friend of a Labor Govt, temporarily maybe but always for his end gain.
    If ever libel suits were warranted both PM’s had cause…nothing.

  28. lawrencewinder

    We’re a bright lot aren’t we?

    I have a Red flag!

  29. John Fraser


    Warringah constitutions must be wondering how their elected M.P. is looking after their interests from the northern hemisphere.

    Perhaps Margie Abbott has come back to handle the complaints.

    She could start with who is paying Credlin's way on the "happy" French jaunt.

  30. bossa

    Labor’s NBN would have revolutionized everything from home education and health to entertainment and business communications, but as per usual, the F*cking Liberal Party (FLP) wrecked it for us for another twenty years, only this time there may well be no escape from the consequences.

  31. Kaye Lee

    The former chief executive of the NBN company has released an extraordinarily detailed and highly referenced document analysing the company’s costs, to back his claim that the up-to-$15 billion blowout in the cost of the NBN was due to the Multi-Technology Mix imposed by Malcolm Turnbull.

    Quigley releases detailed evidence showing MTM NBN cost blowout

  32. Rafe Falkiner

    Fantastic!!!! Everything is going to plan…… LNP plan that is…… F*ck the people!!!!!

  33. David

    That article has been out for most of the day, Social Media is running with it, some of the MSM (Murdoch excepted of course) have picked it up, well one and not a word from the Opposition yet I have seen or heard.
    Hell it is one of their major attack weapons which involves Turnbull at the heart of it.
    Meanwhile my download is crawling along at 0.89kbps, how lucky am I to be living in Turnbull’s NBN revolution!!!!! broadband fekin terrorist, drowning in his snake oil would be too quick for him.

  34. Little Devil

    A bit of history

    Frank Packer had the papers in his pocket and back then Menzies could do no wrong.

    When Frank died Kerry took control and sold the papers to Murdoch . Kerry then took over the 9 network TV.

    James took control of the 9 network when Kerry died and sold it now he is into building casino.\

    So you could say all the blame lies with Kerry Packer for selling the papers to Murdoch

  35. jane

    The day Turdoch pops his clogs should be a day of national rejoicing in any country his cold hand has touched. How wise Canada was to have legislation which meant Fox “News” could never darken their doorstep, because they would have had to be truthful-anathema to the loathsome Turdoch.

    Should the Liars be the party of government when he finally dies, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they want to give him a state funeral. That would definitely be a cause for mass demonstrations and burning effigies or complete and utter indifference.

    Great post as always, Kaye; you have expressed everything I and many others think about the wizened foreigner and the Liars Party in your usual clear, coherent way. Thank you.

  36. Richard Schmidt

    Sorry Oz, but it makes me a bit less unhappy knowing that Rupert is f*cking over others at least as much as he does us goofies here in the US of A. Exactly why we haven’t arranged to ship him off to Mars, or better yet Syria is beyond me. Can’t we just parachute him into the Syrian desert???

  37. Kaye Lee

    The rumours were sealed with a kiss.

    After six weeks of speculation, media mogul, Rupert Murdoch made his public debut with Jerry Hall at the Rugby World Cup final at Twickenham on Saturday.

  38. PC

    I would much more prefer strapping that warmonger to the side of a rocket and blasting that absolute disgrace of a human being directly at the sun.

  39. Möbius Ecko

    Before Rupert – Keith Murdoch and the birth of a dynasty

    Son like father. Keith Murdoch was every bit as nasty, if not more so, than his son Rupert. One interesting thing in this unofficial biography on Keith Murdoch is that during his university time in the UK Rupert was a Labour supporter and leaned left, which worried his father. It then seemed that Rupert suddenly for reasons not explained swung hard right, which pleased his father.

    In what was a despicable act purely to sell newspapers Keith Murdoch pressured police and government to convict a man over the rape and murder of a 12 year old girl. Under that pressure, which included releasing the names and addresses of the jurors by Keith Murdoch, the man was hung. Later evidence proved him innocent yet Keith Murdoch in correspondence still bragged about the amount of papers he sold on the back of his campaign to make sure this man was found guilty.

  40. Kaye Lee

    Tax grabs by corporate interests in Australia and the US are putting the economy at risk and calling into question the future of democracy, leading economist and China specialist Ross Garnaut says.

    Professor Garnaut said corporate lobbyists were keener on using the political process to grab income for themselves than on boosting national income.

    “This is a time to be rigorously analytic about changes in taxation and public expenditure policy that are pushed by corporate interests,” he told the conference.

    I’m looking at YOU Rupert!

  41. Möbius Ecko

    Timely Kaye as on the back of Turnbull and Morrison’s tax reform tit bits and hints at increasing or broadening the GST, business has come out this morning stating that before anything else is done there should be significant tax cuts for business as that’s the only way to improve the economy and lead to prosperity.

    Strange that in the past on the promise of prosperity, all the other significant tax cuts they demanded and got have never delivered prosperity, yet have certainly increased the businesses and senior managements’ bottom lines.

  42. Wally

    I feel sorry for Rupert Murdoch, money doesn’t make you a happy person and he has spent his entire life so worried about making money and building an empire his life has passed him by without living. I write this comment sitting back with a cold beer on the banks of the Murray River and not a worry in the world. Money might make life easier but beside being in a position to help others being wealthier wouldn’t make me any happier than I am. Sometimes we get that tied up in the material world we forget how wealthy we really are even if the bank balance is in the red.

  43. Pingback: I hope Rupert is happy – » The Australian Independent Media Network | olddogthoughts

  44. Great Southern - WA

    It’s VERY scary how one man (and I’m being generous when I include Murdoch’s waste of human geno in our species) can have SO much influence over the mainstream press and in turn, both are readily consumed and absorbed by so many voters. Time and time again, I listen to otherwise intelligent and insightful people disgorging verbatim, the Murdoch “gobelesque” narcissistic, self serving propaganda readily promulgated by his tacky band of sycophantic journalists. The only hope I have is that, every day, he gets one day older – and even he cannot cheat death.

    Thank goodness I discovered AIM – it’s a pity a LOT more people haven’t – though I do my very best to change that.

  45. Symonia

    Considering that Murdoch actually assisted Rudd until he turned on him, the education overhaul was a farcical waste of money (which actually hurt the tertiary system), the NBN was outdated before it had even left planning, Australia wasn’t the first to put a price on carbon, the mining tax scheme, even should it have lasted, was actually contructed in a way that would result in a net loss regardless of mining profits, Julia Gillard was put in as a token leader, ultimately cheapening the importance of women in politics, Australia’s survival of the GFC was due to careful management of previous governments and numerous other failings that have been glossed over…

    …I’d say Rupert Murdoch is actually more likely to be happy simply because he was handed comedy gold material, and that’s from somebody that loathes that parasite.

  46. silkworm

    Symonia is an LNP troll.

  47. Roswell

    I think you’re on the money there, Silkworm.

  48. Kaye Lee

    Symonia is, at the very least, a very ill-informed person. The only thing vaguely factual in their statement is that Murdoch did support Rudd briefly until Rudd said that markets had failed and government intervention was necessary during the GFC. Whilst they might say they loathe Murdoch, they obviously get their news and views from him. Sorry Symonia, but that’s a load of codswallop.

  49. David

    First thing that entered my mind after reading its drivel

  50. Roswell

    At least Symonia has allayed my fears about the NBN. It’s good to learn that Turnbull’s using all the latest copper technology, and equally, I’m sorry to hear that Rudd wanted to offload antiquated fibre/optic technology onto us.

    I hope this catches on. It could revolutionise tele communications around the world.

  51. Möbius Ecko

    So all those countries around the world moving to fibre in a big way, some Turnbull has invested in, are all wasting their time and effort in outdated technology. Australia plummeting in the world wide internet ratings since fraudband has been implemented is just a coincidence I guess.

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