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“I got a tip, I’ve got a tip for you,” said ScottyFromMarketing eleventy months ago

Eleven months ago today, Scott Morrison launched the Coalition election campaign.

The following is an extract from his speech.

“I believe that Australia is a promise to everyone who has the great privilege to call themselves an Australian. You know what that promise is? We know it. It’s the promise that allows Australians, quietly going about their lives, to realise their simple, honest and decent aspirations – quiet, hardworking Australians.

An Australia where, if you have a go, you get a go.

Where you’re rewarded and respected for your efforts and contribution.

An Australia where you can live in an economy that enables you and your family to enjoy the best living standards and be able to plan for your future with confidence.

A country where your children get the best possible start in life; a great education and can grow up safe, safe.

A country where older Australians are respected, where their savings are secure and they get the help they need and the recognition they deserve.

But you know, it’s also a country that acknowledges the First Australians and unceasingly strives to ensure that every Indigenous girl and boy can grow up with the same opportunities as every other Australian. That’s the promise and you know, it’s so much more. This is why all the peoples of the world have come here to call Australia home and make us the most successful immigration country and multicultural nation in the world today.

That’s the promise of Australia friends. To all the Australians listening, that’ s the promise of Australia. A hard-won promise provided by the generations that went before us and must be improved by us in this current generation, to pass on to those generations that will follow. You know there is no-one to whom this promise of Australia is more entrusted to than the person you elect to be your Prime Minister. It is my vision for this country, as your Prime Minister, to keep the promise of Australia, to all Australians.

You know, it all begins with keeping our economy strong. A stronger economy, where people have the confidence to invest more, to employ more, to invent more, to work hard. Because people matter, as Mum said, a stronger economy matters. Because the economy is what people live in. It’s real.

By 2030, around 800,000 more Australians today will be on the aged pension. They’ll be depending on a stronger economy and under our Government’s policies, as Josh has said, we have made our economy stronger and we’ll continue to do so in the future.

Growth is higher. There are 1.3 million more Australians in jobs. 95 per cent of the jobs created in the past year have been full time. Last financial year, more than 100,000 young people got a job. How good is that?

An all-time record!

230,000 new small and family businesses have been created. 70 per cent of our trade is now covered by export agreements, up from just 26 per cent under Labor. We have a plan to keep it that way. A plan that will see 1.25 million more Australians get a more over the next five years, one in five of those jobs will be for younger Australians. a plan that will see another 250,000 small and family businesses open their doors during the next five years. A plan that will give an additional 80,000 Australians a career by gaining an apprenticeship and particularly out there in rural and regional areas, where we’re doubling down on ensuring that in regional areas, we can get more apprentices. A plan that will see 10,000 more Australian champion companies, exporting beyond our shores by 2022, supported by export deals that then will cover around 90 per cent of our trade. That’s what an economic plan looks like.

To run a stronger economy as Mathias Cormann knows – because he’s been doing it with us for the last six years – to run a stronger economy requires a government that knows how to manage money.

If you can’t manage money, you can’t run the country.

Have you ever noticed this? How those who can’t manage money always end up spending more of it, and never spend it well? What they say, those who can’t manage money, what the costs will be – if they’re game enough to tell you – that’s only just where it begins.

The real cost comes after their big spending programs fall victim to their incompetent administration. We have seen it every time under Labor.

School halls, last time. Pink batts. Cash-for clunkers. Border protection failures. Welfare blowouts. Rorting.

You know, Labor’s appetite for big spending always exceeds their competency to spend it wisely or properly. You know, that’s the bill you really cannot afford.

And as we know, when Labor runs out of money, they always come running after yours soon after. So, today, I’m not getting into a spend-a-thon with Labor. They’re welcome to it. Reckless spending is not a vision, Australians. It’s a burden on current and future generations. So I say to Australians; do not allow Labor’s reckless spending to start. Vote Liberal and Nationals next Saturday.

Our Government has restored our nation’s finances. We have turned that around. We have kept our Triple A credit rating. We have handed down – well done Josh and the entire ERC team – the first Budget surplus in more than a decade, back in the black.

And by staying on this path we will eliminate the debt within a decade, without raising your taxes. We have achieved this by getting spending growth under control, getting Australians off welfare and into work – and treating every dollar provided to us by the taxpayer with respect. It’s what Liberals are Nationals do. You know, central to our plan of keeping our economy strong, is our plan to keep lowering taxes for hard-working Australians and small and medium sized family businesses. Making life just that little bit easier. We believe you should keep more of what you earn, because your money is better off in your hands than the Government’s.

We believe, as Liberals and Nationals, that you know what is right for you, your family and your business. We believe that you, Australians, are the answer to keeping our economy strong. Those who believe in big taxing, big spending agendas, are not only prepared to experiment with our economy at a time when we can least afford it. They believe that they know better than you.

We don’t buy Labor’s politics of envy.

I want more Australians to be able to realise the dream of owning their own home. We have already put strong foundations in place. A strong economy is of course critical to that.

And I’ll tell you what we won’t do; what we won’t do is undermine the value of the home you have saved so hard to buy.

And today I make this pledge and I challenge Bill Shorten to do the same; I pledge to the 13.5 million Australians with private health insurance, there will be no private health insurance cuts under my Government.

I will not punish Australians for taking responsibility for themselves and their families.

I want young Australians to be full of hope and living their life positively for the future. I am on a mission on this and, as Jenny knows, when I get determined I get very determined.

And our $3.5 billion Climate Solutions Package is taking real action on climate change.

That’s real action on climate change that we are doing our bit as we should as a global citizen, but I’m not going to do it and put our kids economic future at risk.

And I’ll tell you another thing; I’m not going to do it by telling you what car you can drive. I wonder if he’s looked up the price yet.

We have saved the Great Barrier Reef – well done to Greg Hunt particularly on his work when he was Environment Minister – taking it off the endangered list.

Operation Sovereign Borders, I never get tired of referring to that because it remains one of our Government’s signature achievements. It has been a privilege to have been a part of it, with so many others, as I said before. But Australians know this; only the Liberals and Nationals could have stopped the boats. And only the Liberals and Nationals can be trusted to ensure they remain stopped.

Our Defence Forces can also continue to rely on the Liberals and Nationals. We set our commitment to restore Defence spending to 2 per cent, from the 1.56 per cent – pre Second World War levels, where the Labor Party left it. To get it back to 2 per cent of GDP, we said we’d do that and we will be doing it three years earlier than we promised in 2020-21. And our plan will grow the permanent ADF work force our Defence workforce, to 62,400 under our future plan over the decade and more than that, provide them with a capability and equipment and the support they need to do the job.

So in conclusion, with a stronger economy, the Liberals and the Nationals will deliver on our plan to create a 1.25 million more jobs and better paid jobs over the next five years. We’ll maintain the Budget surpluses and pay down debt. Deliver real tax relief for families and for small, hardworking businesses. Will guarantee increased funding for schools, hospitals, medicines and roads and keep Australians safe and keep our borders secure. And we’ll do that, as Josh said on Budget night, without increasing your taxes.

So the election, friends, is about a choice. The choice of who you can trust to keep the promise of Australia, to all Australians as Prime Minister. Myself or Bill Shorten.

The choice between a Government that knows how to manage money, has returned the Budget to surplus and will now pay down debt.

Or Bill Shorten and Labor, whose reckless spending and higher taxes will put all of that risk, at the worst possible time. There are storm clouds and tensions ahead. The choice between a Government that will ensure you keep more of what you earn, or Bill Shorten and Labor that will hit you and weaken our economy which impacts all 25 million Australians with $387 billion in new and higher taxes.

The choice between a stronger economy under my Government, that can guarantee funding, real funding, for hospitals, schools and roads, and Labor who always runs out of money and always comes after yours.

It’s the choice between a Prime Minister in myself who just wants to back, acknowledge and cheer on the decent and simple and honest aspirations of Australians – and Bill Shorten, who just wants to tax all of those aspirations more.

So, together with my whole team, we’re asking Australians for your support next Saturday, to vote Liberal and to vote Nationals, so together we can build our economy, to secure your future and so we can keep the promise of Australia to Australians, in this generation and the next. Thank you very much.”

Proverbs 16:18

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.


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  1. Baby Jewels

    There it is again. “An Australia where you can live in an economy ” We now live in an economy, not a society, according to neo-liberals.

  2. Baby Jewels

    “A great education” unless you’re in the majority at the majority of public schools.

  3. Baby Jewels

    “A country where older Australians are respected, where their savings are secure and they get the help they need and the recognition they deserve.” Unless you among the thousands waiting for a care package and die waiting.

  4. Baby Jewels

    “But you know, it’s also a country that acknowledges the First Australians and unceasingly strives to ensure that every Indigenous girl and boy can grow up with the same opportunities as every other Australian.” Where hopefully, you don’t end up in jail for unpaid traffic fines or running from domestic violence, because then you’ve got a high chance of dying in custody.

  5. Kerri

    But sadly Kaye Lee, COVID19 has delivered the mother of all excuses for the LNP.
    Any questions about their economic management will be immediately deflected with excuses that imply that;
    they had no choice, it was the responsible thing to do and everything was hunky dory before we “went to war” with the virus.

    It will be interesting to see how quickly the “better economic managers” drag us back to work and how quickly we suffer round 2 of COVID19 led by political greed.

  6. Kaye Lee

    Great that Greg Hunt saved the Reef too.

    In times of crisis, do what Labor said

    Kerri, climate change will still be there unaddressed.

  7. Kaye Lee

    Jul 29, 2019

    “I will not engage in the unfunded empathy of the Labor Party. I will not go out as the Labor Party did at the last election, pretending they’re going to do something about Newstart but they won’t tell Australians how much they are going to increase it by.” – ScottyFromMarketing

    20/02/2020 (less than two months ago)

    Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has laughed off Labor’s suggestion that Australia should consider adopting a so-called ‘wellbeing budget’. Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers floated the idea of replicating the New Zealand approach, which calculates economic output reflecting social and environmental factors. Mr Frydenberg has rubbished the idea as a distraction and told Sky News it’s “laughable” as “Labor hasn’t delivered a surplus since 1989, so it should surprise no one that they’re going to look around for some other way to measure economic output”.

  8. Harry Lime

    Thanks Kaye,I just parked my Easter breakfast in the shrubbery.”The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his own deception,the one who lies with sincerity”(Andre Gide)

  9. Luke Daglish

    I quote their hero Maggie Thatcher, “There is no Society, only Individuals”

  10. Ria

    The policy speech from 11 months ago has turned into the worst nightmare( fairy tale) ever. We are now in dire straits, and so many people have fallen through the cracks and missing out on basic survival payments. These are the people, who through no fault of theit own, are destitute. Labor tried to correct these, but all of theit proposed changes were defeated by your loving, caring LNP.
    Options available if tossed out of your rental property – when the police demand you move on from where you are living on the street, find another place on the street, but do it quickly before rubbish trucks take your few possessions.
    Cop a fine, which you cannot pay, because you have no income, so consider going to overcrowded jails where hopefully you will get a meal and a floor to sleep on.
    So much for your caring politicians, who kick you when you are down, and come back repeatedly to do the same thing again. How can you have a go, when there are no go’s available.

  11. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, this also needs to be dragged out before the 2022 election.

  12. Phil Pryor

    The gross ignorance of a terminally stupid defective is exposed here, a P M, Persistent Moron, who embraces Selfishness, Egofixated Selfishness, and looks for any way to justify, to excuse, to explain being an unwiped greedy ANUS. Of course the individual is fixed upon gratification, accumulation, winning, triumphing, so an appeal to stupid greed will work politically. The greedy anus knows only what is good for them, so, the water thief, the tax dodger, the lobbying sneak, the illegal land clearer, the cane growing environment abuser, the arseholes who brought in rabbits, prickly pear, toads, foxes, weeds pests, the sly rooter, the petty thief, the chronic gambler, the wife beater, the office hitler, the politician living on bribe hopes, the careerists, the drunks/druggies/gamblers/speedhogs…they ALL KNOW what is good for them!! With superstitious self inflating liars in charge, we know what’s good for us, it’s their removal, demise, elimination. IF Australia needs, collectively, a fighter plane, a great bridge, a clean safe reef, a decent environment, flowing rivers, etc., we will have to fight against the selfish, stupid, vain, lying stupidos who tell us the individuals know what is good for them. Only far better education, attitudes, collective planning, behaviour will assure a decent future, and the unwiped anally fixated Morrison/Thatcher/Reagan/Trump types will appeal to the low levels of dogshit trodden into the path. And in bitter irony, the greedy individualist leaders are now preaching for collective efforts to save our collective souls!! Arse/Souls

  13. pierre wilkinson

    alas, he is probably convinced of the veracity of his beliefs in this as in his delusional religion
    and far too many people are actually extolling his leadership in this covid19 crisis

  14. Kaye Lee

    ScottyFromMarketing has made it very clear that he is not leading. He specifies it at every opportunity. “We are doing what the medical experts tell us. The premiers will make their own decisions.” All care taken, no responsibility accepted.

    He knows he is out of his depth. He has to take advice from real people rather than the lobbyists he has relied on in the past. We still get the slogans and the image branding – it’s all he’s got to offer.

    When this slows down, experts are going to be able to demand a lot more attention to their strident calls for urgent action to reduce emissions or face a far worse catastrophe than coronavirus.

    I hope.

  15. Michael Taylor

    He’s going about it the wrong way.

    The pandemic preparedness plan – commenced by Howard in 2007 then continued by Rudd in 2008 – had clear recommendations that the federal and state governments work together during a pandemic.

  16. Max Gross

    Anyone who imagines Sideshow Scott and the LNP crime syndicate won’t use COVID19 for their own political advantage hasn’t really been paying attention. This ain’t no conversion, it’s a holding pattern, an act, a charade. Sideshow Scott will revert to type the moment the virus is no longer a threat to the “economy”. The LNP crime syndicate will go on the rampage. Pity all those newbies on the dole. They are in for the shock of their lives. Degradation. Punishment. Poverty. Drug testing. Indue card. Robodeath! Kick in the teeth! It will all come flooding in like a tempest. The unemployed will be gutted alive and strung from lamp posts.

  17. Phil

    There’s quite a few outright lies in that speech but the bulk of it is unmitigated bullshit and bullshit is central to marketing and public relations. Pity more voters have’t got a bullshit detection metre – sucked in I’d say and it will happen again and again.

  18. Vikingduk

    Meanwhile, on the virus front, reports are emerging that previously infected who have recovered are not immune. Investigating either reinfection or virus laying dormant for a time and then coming back for another bight or not happening. Also, scientists investigating Antarctica are (shit scared) very concerned we are close to the tipping point or may have crossed it — only time will tell. Antarctica very important in the greater scheme of things as far as the world’s climate is concerned.

    From Elizabeth Farrelly — “this is easter’s test for the neotonous ape. To be more truthfully at home in the world we must sacrifice our old habits and learn to dwell, infusing our spirit into the world, making all space sacred space. It’ll take work and courage. Are we up to it?”

    The time is here for us now, we can reevaluate, reconfigure, wake the f#ck up, realise that life before is gone, that we have an opportunity to connect with the universe? the unknown energy that powers this planet, to change. Now is our opportunity, now the choice is upon us, can we grasp the opportunity, can we know what to really value, can we rid ourselves of this hideously corrupt construct that we have been born into, can we free our minds, can we do it, can we finally realise our purpose?

    Buggered if I know, perhaps this is just another bent rave, nevertheless it’s what I think in this moment.

    Love and peace to all from us here at the home for the terminally weird.

  19. TuffGuy

    The most depressing part of the story is that there is a high level of stupid in this country now that actually believe that shit.

  20. Kaye Lee

    “There’s quite a few outright lies in that speech ”

    Like this one?

    “95 per cent of the jobs created in the past year have been full time.”

    According to the April 2019 Labour Force Survey:

    Compared to a year ago, there are 260,400 more persons employed full-time and 50,200 more persons employed part-time. That’s a bit less than 84%.

  21. Andrew Smith

    Morrison and his government need to be asked how does then, COVID-19 now and later, square with is religious beliefs and ‘The Rapture’.

    He can claim or say whatever he wants but many of his co-religionists (and conspiracy theorists) can take COVID-19 as a sign where Jesus will return (to Jerusalem) they will be swept up to heaven, hence reality on earth except money does not matter, while non believers, Moslems, Jews, Catholics etc., will not have the same benefit.

    More seriously, has he ever been asked about this crazy exclusive aspects of Hillsong and other evangelical sects by journalists?

  22. Kaye Lee

    “We believe that in order to live the holy and fruitful lives that God intends for us, we need to be baptised in water and be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables us to use spiritual gifts, including speaking in tongues which is the initial evidence of baptism in the Holy Spirit. We believe that God has individually equipped us so that we can successfully achieve His purpose for our lives which is to worship God, fulfil our role in the Church and serve the community in which we live.

    We believe that God wants to heal and transform us so that we can live healthy and prosperous lives in order to help others more effectively. We believe that our eternal destination of either Heaven or hell is determined by our response to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back again as He promised.”

  23. wam

    Read it again imagining a smirko delivering it at the end of this crisis with truths that he has averted a disaster 10 x the GFC, and saved jobs jobs jobs. It will still be bullshit but to the workers and hopeful workers who will be suffering from doing the lifting it will sound:
    better than mrs petrov in darwin,
    better than WoMD
    better than juliar
    better than booby’s caravan
    QED 2004
    Remember ming, fraser, the lying rodent the rabbutt? This PM combines their worst and hates with the love of god making every word gleam in the sunshine of truth.
    We waited 23 years for gough and I don’t think I will get to 102.
    Albo, needs to heed chickenshit husic’s posts preparing for an election has but a a scare campaign.left
    He could tweak the bail out into:
    the delay simply because it was a labor idea is unconscionable
    he needs to attack the government one by one making sure labor people are honest and have the same ammo
    whatever the ,abor pollies decide it’s time to go.
    thanks boobby.

  24. Kaye Lee


    “In 1965, a group of 29 University of Sydney students – led by the uni’s first Aboriginal student, Charles Perkins – travelled across rural New South Wales collecting evidence of segregation and protesting the institutional racism that ran rampant in Australian towns. On Saturday a 50th anniversary re-enactment of what was later dubbed the Freedom Ride, brought a group of original riders, members of Perkins’ family and a new generation of students from the university to Bowraville, in Gumbaynggir country.”

    “From this town of Bowraville is a young Aboriginal woman who has gone to Sydney University and studied law for five years. She’s my granddaughter and will graduate in June this year. I am so proud of my little Aussie battler as I call her. We’re going to have a few other teachers from this town too, thanks to the education they received.

    And I put it all down to Charlie Perkins and the Freedom Ride coming to this town all those years ago. Charlie Perkins is my Aboriginal hero. I thank the Lord for him and his life, coming to Bowraville and making those changes for all our people across Australia.”

    I am originally from Bowraville. The Freedom Riders were not welcomed either. But they were necessary.

  25. Kronomex

    “I got a tip, I’ve got a tip for you,” said ScottyFromMarketing eleventy months ago.

    I thought you meant the photo of Scotty from Marketing showing us how big his tip is and saying, “If you thought Donald had a big tip then how good is mine.”

    I feel too much like throwing up to comment about that crap that passes for a speech.

    Oops, there is one bit; “We don’t buy Labor’s politics of envy.” No you don’t not one little bit! You just tear up and destroy the good things that Labor did in a fit of complete envy.

  26. wam

    You strength give labor a boost.
    I went to school a few years behind Charlie and a few before another alice spring stolen boy, Harold of the flag.
    Charlie’s bus was able to show the people, like lord, who had been able to ‘not notice’ Aborigines in victoria(the home of Unaarrimin and Yorta Yorta man Sir Douglas Nicholls) making him instrumental in the success of the 1967 referendum.
    You are justifiably proud of your grandaughter overcoming difficulties to get to uni. Mine after a tear of highs and lows. When she returned from a year of exchange in germany she found the school had lost the understanding of people with dyslexia and here english work was again covered in slashes, circles and underlining in vivid crimson. She got here VCE without help from anyone but her family and took her gap year found 3 jobs and like her thousands of school leaver her world is on hold.
    Her mum, PhD in chemistry, has spelling and arithmetical difficulties and started a new job in adelaide and quarantine stops them and us meeting,
    Your weakness is trusting brandt and the loonies.
    Albo and the rest of us need your strength.

  27. Kaye Lee

    It wasn’t my granddaughter wam. It was the granddaughter of an Aboriginal woman from Bowraville. My family owned the pub that she described as follows:

    “Our men folk didn’t go to the top pub – that place was for the first class white men, the ones who owned the businesses in town. The bottom pub was more for the hard working white men who owned farms around Bowraville. The bottom pub was the place our Aboriginal men would go and get served out the back from a little window.”

    She’s wrong about their menfolk not coming to our pub – they just weren’t allowed in. One of my earliest memories is sliding down the bannister to answer the buzzer at the back door where we would happily hand over flagons to the Aborigines.

    I have been talking to my cousins. We feel ashamed about the racism that we didn’t even recognise. We had an Aboriginal housekeeper/nanny that we all loved dearly. I thought it was a special treat to eat with her at the kitchen table. I didn’t realise she was not invited to sit at the dining table.

    I remember the Aborigines being in a sectioned off part of the theatre directly under the screen. As she says in the article, “We had to come in through the side gate, get our ticket at the little window, then walk down the side and up a steep set of stairs, only to sit on hard wooden fold up chairs and every one of us with our heads bent right back to look up at the screen. Some of us would lay on the cold, hard floor to watch the picture.”

    You talk about my weakness in trusting the Greens. Crap I say. I couldn’t give a flying fluck about any political party – they are artificial constructs IMO. But if you ever looked at the Greens policies, which I know you don’t, they show where we must head, particularly on climate change.

    Bob Brown and those he travelled with exercised their democratic right to protest something we should all be protesting against. That it got up the nose of some entitled locals, just as the freedom riders did, does not diminish the importance of the call to stop killing the planet.

  28. Michael Taylor

    wam, did you ever hear SA premier’s Mike Rann’s eulogy to Charlie Perkins? Geez it was bloody brilliant. A work colleague emailed it to me when I was working for ATSIC in Port Augusta.

    (Mike Rann was a loyal Port Adelaide supporter, btw 😀)

  29. wam

    oh dear if only you were labor.

    idiots like me are often jumping to conclusions from words or phrases that seem so right to my brain

    I have, through my family, been involved with green aspirations I would imagine longer than any loonie on this site and I supported them till xmas 2009
    Yes I read their policies and Canada’s they are both good enough for kerrigan’s poolroom
    But that is as is irrelevant as they now are in canberra and in that boobby took 10 years to admit his error
    I have never questioned boobby’s right to the caravan in the aim to stop adani but anyone who doesn’t trust the motives of green leaders should question the timing of the trip I question the involvement of dibransimkims in selecting the timing for the express purpose of boosting the cash for 1st preferences.
    have you heard of AOC in american politics????

  30. Kaye Lee

    “But the weekend in Clermont wasn’t about the show put on by Adani or their right-wing political mates. It was about the generous and sacred Karmoo Dreaming celebration of the water protectors.

    This event was organised and hosted by the W&J Council to celebrate their culture and law, including honouring their vital role, over millennia, as custodians of their lands and water. W&J Council welcomed the Bob Brown Foundation convoy onto their country, and into the Karmoo (water) ceremony and celebration.

    The W&J Councils’ invitation to the Bob Brown convoy provided a unique opportunity for them to ‘stand behind’ Wangan and Jagalingou custodians in their defence of country. In his acknowledgement of this relationship, and of Wangan and Jagalingou people as central in Adani’s federal election battle, Bob Brown stated “This is not coal country, this is not Adani country, this is Wangan and Jagalingou Country”.”

  31. corvusboreus

    Who givzaphuq if some bludging boongs welcomed slimey boobby and his loonie screamers?
    Shooda ridden the hole lot down then zapped em wif cattel prodz!

  32. Kaye Lee


    As I said, I was talking to my cousins about that article re Bowarville and the freedom riders. One of them said she remembers it well (she was at Sydney uni at the time) and she rang her father to make sure they kept my other uncle away. When I took my husband to Bowraville for the first time to meet the family, my uncle said to him “there might be one good black in a hundred but it’s not worth the trouble of finding them. Line the bastards up and shoot them I say.” I also took hubby out to the mission to meet my Aboriginal nanny. She was amazing. He certainly was thrown into the deep end of a small country town with issues.

  33. corvusboreus

    I planted a shit load of native riparian trees in Bowraville a few years back. Most of them got ripped out.
    It used to have a really good gourmet chocolate shop (Renae’s chocolatique), but the owner got sick of enduring a constant ‘drip… drip… drip’ of bilious bullshit and spiteful crap, and left for friendlier climes.
    Can’t say I blame her.

  34. corvusboreus

    Kaye Lee,
    I used to regard your articles as not only an excellent source of information, but also as an inspiration for further research, which I used to feed back where I could provide verified and relevant info.
    However, since the wamtroll has determinedly attached itself to your articles like a malignant haemorrhoid that incessantly seeps putrescent pus(dixbransimkims loonies thanks boobbie) I have found that I couldn’t be arsed overcoming a tendency towards reactive irritation in order to focus on sharing facts.
    The fact that most of the other contributors who used to add solid informational input to the comments sections of your articles seem to have dropped off in their contributions provides further discouragement, especially when they have been replaced with ‘Albo needs to go mongrel on brandt.’.
    Besides, if blatantly malicious malcompetence like robodebt (an incompetently illegitimate and illegal pogrom that caused widespread hardship and triggered numerous deaths) arouses no public passion, then we have gone way beyond the point where the illumination of any perfidy can meaningfully sway public opinion.
    I could keep dropping in to indulge in snarky sniping, but I probably shouldn’t.

    Good luck enduring the water torture.
    Corvus out.

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