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How good is this crap we are dishing up

Scott Morrison has instructed Coalition MPs that they are not to talk about anything that they did not take to the election. No-one is to have an opinion about anything or to make any suggestions. As Ken Wyatt quickly learned, even opening up a discussion will not be tolerated.

They are not to say anything unless they have something to announce.

Since the only thing they took to the election, tax cuts, has passed, they have had to go to Peter Dutton to fill the breach with confected problems. Toss in the usual union-bashing, and yet more drought stuff to keep the Nats happy, and that seems to be all they intend to do.

Greg Hunt pops out occasionally to announce threepence ha’penny for medical research, or to make a fanfare about the generic version of a drug being put on the PBS.

It’s hard to take this newfound interest in suicide prevention seriously when they continue to keep innocent refugees in limbo, when they lock up Indigenous people for petty indiscretions at alarming rates, when they refuse to introduce responsible gambling legislation, and when they refuse to do anything about climate change that is destroying people’s livelihoods.

The highest age-specific suicide rate in 2017 was observed in the 85+ age group (32.8 per 100,000), yet the Coalition refuses to discuss assisted dying.

The lack of affordable housing is having a devastating effect but the Coalition clings to tax concessions that favour investors and which distort investment away from more productive enterprises. Had they adopted Labor’s policy of restricting negative gearing to new properties in the future, they could have stimulated a flagging construction industry.

They talk about caring about stopping domestic violence, but the lack of emergency refuge whilst millions are spent on advertising and awareness campaigns shows they do not understand the crisis.

We don’t have enough money to increase Newstart yet we have enough to cut taxes, pay billions out in excess franking credit refunds, and deliver a surplus. It is glaringly apparent that a surplus is more important to this government than the people who are struggling in poverty.

The Taylor dynasty keeps hitting the news, but only about how they have used their positions to try to get public money or some deregulation that just so happens to benefit them and the organisations with which they have been involved. Energy and emissions reduction have become a plaything rather than a policy.

The restart of polling shows the electorate are quite impressed with the ScoMo show – thumbs up and take my picture.

How good is this crap we are dishing up.

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  1. Jaquix

    The question is How Long can Morrison keep a controlling lid on these other MPs? Apparently Anthony Albanese didnt ask Morrison a question in Question time yesterday, which peeved the PM who obviously missed having the floor, the cameras and the microphone. Instead, Labor seems to have hit on a strategy that will really rattle him. They asked questions of Ministers instead, including the hapless Angus Taylor, who was actually reminded by the Speaker to answer the question!
    In salesman lingo what Albo did is “take the toy away”. The toy being the aforesaid attention of cameras and microphone, and having the floor to himself. It also took away his control of the narrative”. He cant stop the Opposition asking questions of his Ministers! Bravo Albo.

  2. Aortic

    They’re obeying the message. All they took to the election was bullshit, so it should come naturally for all of them to stick to message. “Pragmatic Conservatism” is what Morrison brings to the country according to Paul Kelly in the OZ, whatever the hell that is.

  3. Bronte ALLAN

    How good is this? Shlomo does not want any of his rabble to make any comments except what they talked about before the election, which really means they have nothing to talk about now! How good is this? However this quasi-(supposed) “Christian” has nothing but crap “policies” to now talk about. Forget ALL the IMPORTANT “things” that MUST be talked about & acted upon. Things like the nasty, vile Un-Christian treatment of all the supposed “illegal” immigrants; the crisis of the lack of climate change policies etc;the totally Un-Christian NewStart “allowance” (sic); the lack of any relief or even any positive “things” to do with Australia’s disasterous so-called “energy policy” (?), the disasterous so-called “taxation policy” (?) which still only favors all the obscenely wealthy liberal mates; the “need” (?) for ANYTHING to be done to favor any so-called Christians here in Australia (not really a “Christian” country); the encouragement for more bloody coal mines etc; allowing a non-Australian (Mudrake) to virtually dictate any & all government policy & so on. The litany of lies, prevarication, untruths, the total blaming of every “wrong” in Australia on the Labor lot–even though they have not been in power now for about 7 years??? And the list could go on! Another great think piece Kaye!

  4. Keitha Granville

    And the only people this bothers are those of us who actually care about the country. The people that voted for them will continue to think they are the bees knees. The more he tells people how great everything is, the more they will believe him.

    Albo is going to need more than Question Time ploys to win over enough voters next time around. We need something massive to show that the emperor has no clothes.

  5. Rosemary J36

    We need a real out-on-the-streets revolution.
    The Climate Emergency
    Manus and Nauru
    The MDB corruption
    Opposition to the Religious Protection legislation
    Education funding according to need
    Health funding

    WE need to set the Agenda since Morrison lacks one.

  6. Josephus

    I respect your contribution Rosemary J36. But what on earth can we do ? New laws are trying to shut us up.
    Churchill said that to spend five minutes with the average voter was to despair of democracy. Yet among European powers he alone doggedly lead the attack on tyranny, challenging those in the upper class that wanted to give up.

    Your article is as usual powerful,Kaye, though I cannot discern any remedy. Now we have a blustering poseur in the UK too, while Trump thinks that the Brits adore him. ScoMo swilling beer, mouthing slogans and er, gagging his gaggle of geese is also beyond obnoxious, as are Barnaby, Abbot and the Murdochs among others.

    PS ‘Shlomo’ is a strange nickname for ScoMo, Bronte!

  7. pierre wilkinson

    there will eventually come a reckoning, where even the sheeple will realise that it cannot still be Labor’s fault for our misgovernment

  8. John O'Callaghan

    Labor are reaping what they have sown over the years by not standing up to the Libs and the media, and now we are all paying the price for their lack of intestional fortitude.
    Look at the history of the world and you will soon see that appeasement does’nt work,all it does is embolden the people you are trying to appease and they will look down on you with scorn and hate and will stomp their boot into your face until you are fully subdued and submissive!

  9. James Cook

    Albo’s strategy is working in question time!!?? Maybe for the five people who watch it, but for those who get their “news” from the MSM, he is all but invisible. This is a “strategy”??? Appear numb, vote with the Government and question ministers but not the PM. Brilliant!

  10. Ill fares the land

    Like Trump and now Johnson (the world is truly being run by fruitcake morons with stupid haircuts or smug grins), Morrison promotes division. He craves building up his tribe or cult of “real, hard-working, quiet Australians who are having a go”, so that he can then argue that anyone who attacks him or the LNP are attacking “real Australian values” and are therefore the enemy (also look at Erdogan, Bolsonaro, Duterte, Chavez et alia – see this link: )

    Australia doesn’t rate a mention as a “populist” government, but Morrison is going about his “work” in a very populist way, at least from where I sit.

    And once Morrison has his tribe of cult followers, like Jesus entering Nazareth on his donkey with trhe people laying down palm fronds, Morrison will be able to rule from on high (where he sees himself) and distract everyone from the corrupt behaviours of the Taylors, the Joyces, the Roberts to name but three. All the while, the LNP will be surreptitiously taking us down the path to authoritarianism. The stacking of the AAT with LNP flunkies (many without legal qualifications) is already proving a disaster (but Porter, of coursew suppressed the report from a review done into this debacle; more power being handed to Dutton and Pezzullo – the signs are ominous.

    James Cook – spot on!. It’s no good if AIM readers (the converted, if you will) are the only people taking notice of Albanese’s tactics and the infantile reaction of the children across the chamber. This needs to be seen by many more to try and build some kind of resistance to what Morrison wants to achieve. No use saying that now doesn’t matter – populism invariably seems to start in a small way and builds momentum and eventually a tipping point is reached that the mob do the work of the leader – they howl down and attack anyone who is not “one of us”.

  11. Jean

    James Cook – Agree! Again today Morrison sat through Question Time looking useless! It suited him could I say. (At least for the duration of QT that I could bear to watch.)
    It is quite a clever tactic as Morrison is denied his chance to get publicity in the newspapers about his performance and tactics in the chamber. As much as I dislike him, I can’t honestly say he isn’t a good performer when it comes to turning words into news stories, and telling lies to create a new truth. Oh dear, did I just put in print, another way of meaning ‘false truth’?
    Great article Kaye Lee.

  12. Hanson

    Three big DUDES politically speaking – Trump, Boris and Scomo, endorsed by the mainstream media for reasons unexplained. The joke is they each think they are calling the shots. In reality they are pawns in a bigger game.
    The global Elite agenda is only going to work if you can keep the majority in the dark for as long as possibly.
    1984 – It is not accidental – dudes as Heads of States, it’s part of the plan.

    A stupid person plays word games at best, political games at worst.
    An intelligent person looks for that which has true value in life.
    Which are you?

  13. Matters Not


    WE need to set the Agenda since Morrison lacks one

    Don’t think so. At the deep and most significant level Morrison’s agenda is to win the next election. And he will do exactly that unless Labor can add to its vote while ensuring its policy proposals don’t cause a significant subtraction. It’s not as though there aren’t low hanging fruit to harvest.

    What about tilting at some wicked problems – that everyone can agree on but only a government can (potentially) solve. One example is multi-national tax avoidance – in all its various forms. West has a list of companies which thumb their noses at paying taxes in Australia but somehow fly beneath the public’s political radar. Billions and billions sent overseas while we nit pick about those on Centrelink payments. Talk about not seeing the wood for the trees. Talk about not setting a Labor agenda.

    Currently we see France’s Macron take a stand – imposing something like a turnover tax on 20 big companies that includes only one French corporation. Where is Labor? A chance to get on the front foot. An opportunity to lob a wicked problem into Morrison’s lap. As I understand it, Leigh’s done some work in this area but then again, because of Labor’s factional nonsense, Leigh’s services are no longer required. Crazy!

    Why not some public shaming? Labor could lead that while Morrison can’t. Show his impotence when it comes to the dollars that matter. etc

  14. Florence Howarth

    PM intended to take all questions today. This he can do. Was asked enough questions to allow him a very angry rant. Seems he was smarting from yesterday. It was Porter that made a fool of himself, along with putting speaker offside. More questions going to the deputy. Each day this week has seen a different approach from Labor. For an Opposition under pressure, being tested, wedges, as the MSM is saying, doesn’t show in QT.

    The speaker is making an effort to keep them relevant to the question. Sadly can’t do much about the PM. Albanese leaving it up to shadow ministry & backbench. Not a bad strategy.

  15. Mrs gillian Wardle

    Whatever one thinks of Boris, he will get Britain out of the e.u pretty fast and just in time to save it from being an impotent little voiceless backwater. The Britains voted out…democratically

  16. Kaye Lee

    The Brits voted out when fed with false information by a side with no plan. Democracy cannot work competently when voters are misled.

  17. David Bruce

    Perhaps a Federal Crime and Misconduct Commission should be raised again in Question Time. Why is it that this important watch dog is missing in the Australian Government control system? The ScuMo smoke and mirrors pantomime provides a perfect cover for political indiscretions!

  18. Wobbley

    Like every other labor leader from after Keating onward, except for one aberration, have been gutless. Look at Beasley, the wife and I thought that he had made a compact with Coward the way he behaved in parliament when opposition leader. The only one with a bit of guts was Julia. A lot of guts! Albo won’t be PM, end of story.

    You show the fascist scum the hand of reason and fairness and the scum will bite it off, QuickTime. In the prosecution of the case for fairness the coal ition only recognises fairness as the colour of someone’s skin!

  19. wam

    Notice the news of women’s voting patterns which showed women support the liberal attitude to women? Wonder if it is the women who are behind the nsw’s move to protect the successful spermatozoon?
    Scummos strategy worked so well in the election why change?
    It easy and too late to say Squirten and Tinya could have gone on sunrise/today and set the agenda with questions for the autocue idiots to ask. But they stuck to the ABC and hoped that the watched media would publish a grab. They did every time some laborite made an error it was quickly aired on commercial media.

    ps keitha do you really think the media presented shorten in any way that showed he was an alternative to scummo??? Do you think the constant reference to labor and the greens on every media outlet was a beacon to light shorten’s way? Did narrow nose snide imbue you with confidence that labor could govern??
    rosemary, climate change is another loser. The concept that cannot be denied is man’s contribution with greenhouse gas emissions has a profound affect on global warming,
    sadly, wobbly,unless albo realises the morning shows thrive on controversy and attacks the economic fckups past and present to show labor manages and lnp doesn’t scummo will win and continue to win until labor finds a gough or, heaven forbid, a rudd. Julia was undone by a few arseholes two were on the ABC today, Husic and fitzgibbon poor choices albo.

  20. Kaye Lee


    As I have tried to explain to you many times, global warming causes the climate to change. This is a reality that must be loudly spoken about by everyone to convince those who do not think we have a problem and to convince our politicians to act.

    Yes climate has changed in the past but over millenia, not decades. Rapid climate change has only ever occurred due to a catastrophe. This time, we are that catastrophe.

    A certain amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is helpful. But we have gone beyond what the system could cope with. Having a couple of panadeine can ease pain. Having too many can kill you.

  21. wam

    kaye lee
    The ravages of global warming are easily seen and the effect of a hot house is simple enough to understand. There use and affect on growing is easily seen and venus is an example of the effect of greenhouse gases.

    The majority of population cannot understand such a time scale or complexity. If you want people to follow the vested interest driven deniers then do a nose cutting job and keep pushing your barrow but if you want the simpletons to be concerned use the global warming concept and point to glaciers and arctic ice.
    Any comment:
    ‘A new study conducted by a Finnish research team has found little evidence to support the idea of man-made climate change. The results of the study were soon corroborated by researchers in Japan.’
    Fact climate change is natural? Recent study shows clobal warming accelerated by greenhouse emission of man. QED. Tslk about climate change???

  22. Josephus

    Wam I did not quite understand your post, but, not having a narrow nose myself, alas, I burn to know what you are on about there; how good is that?

    Re the strange comment about Brexit, Mrs Wardle: the UK is not nor ever will be of any world importance post Brexit, aside from its having nukes perhaps, which she may use but only as a US vassal. Meanwhile the Brits can kiss fresh Dutch lettuces etc goodbye post Brexit- oh, I suppose they can plant veg in their tiny backyards for England once again… speaking of England, she will be pretty lonely after Scotland recovers its own sovereignty; NB, within the EU.

  23. Kaye Lee

    ‘A new study conducted by a Finnish research team has found little evidence to support the idea of man-made climate change. The results of the study were soon corroborated by researchers in Japan.’

    I note you are quoting Russia Today. Might be worth including your source. At RT, they have an agenda and therefore place a certain spin on their delivery.

    Regarding the Finnish paper…

    The paper has been criticised for not being peer reviewed and other climate scientists have refuted the conclusions reached by Kauppinen and Malmi. Critics have said that in addition to not being peer reviewed, Malmi and Kauppinen fail to provide correct physical explanation, have not linked to- or sited to enough sources to support their claims and although they denounce climate models, they use one themselves to prove their own points.

    Non-peer-reviewed manuscript falsely claims natural cloud changes can explain global warming

  24. Paul Davis

    That is wonderful news wam . I excitedly downloaded and read the two papers linked from the Russia Today news site. Now whilst i don’t understand the science regarding flipping electromagnetic fields and solar radiation and their effects on cloud cover, it is such a relief to know that humankinds wasteful use of fossil fuel etc is doing no harm. So let’s dig up that coal and frack the crap outta our farm land ‘cos it’s all good. Jones, Bolt, the IPA and the fascists are not only Right they are correct. I can now sleep peacefully in the knowledge that the scorched earth my grandchildren’s children will inherit is not my fault.

    Regarding Brexit …. Josephus please stop stating the bleeding obvious truth ‘cos the silly empire loyalist union jack waving sheeple ain’t listening. Maybe this will change when a destitute no longer great Britain sells their NHS to the US big pharma corporations.

  25. Kaye Lee

    Tucker Carlson dedicated a segment of his Fox News show to a debunked document that claimed clouds are responsible for climate change instead of humans and that had been previously hyped by far-right, conspiracy-pushing outlets including Infowars and Zero Hedge. Carlson and his guest Marc Morano, an industry-paid climate denier, both made false and absurd statements about climate science while discussing it.

    The six-page document in question is deeply flawed in a number of ways. Right-wing and climate-denier sites have wrongly called it a scientific “study,” even though it did not go through a peer-review process. After it was released, six credentialed climate scientists reviewed the document for the fact-checking website Climate Feedback and all of them identified substantial flaws in the paper and determined that it was not reliable. Climate Feedback summarized their assessments this way: “This document claims to overturn decades of scientific findings but provides neither the source of the data it uses nor the physics responsible for the proposed relationship between clouds and global temperature.”

  26. Phil

    ‘ Whatever one thinks of Boris, he will get Britain out of the e.u pretty fast and just in time to save it from being an impotent little voiceless backwater. The Britains voted out…democratically ‘

    Where have you been for the last fifty years? No other country on the planet cares what Britain thinks or does any more.

    Boris will just finish the job of making Britain a laughing stock. Brexit will not look so good once the unemployment starts in earnest. Brexit is just code for ‘ British ‘ and keeping it British. When the recession hits they’ll all wish they had stayed in the Union. Act in haste, repent at leisure.

  27. wam

    Spot onj, kaye, but your words show how complicated climate change is.
    When I talk to the deniers on facebook, or my resident rabbottians, it becomes obvious that they have not the education nor the intellect and absolutely no political use for climate change.
    They are completely comfortable with the denier position of the FACT that climate change is natural. But global warming is visible and real?
    To me the chlorophyl process of removing CO2 has been going for over 3000000000 years White men have been returning it in ever increasing amounts for 200 years.
    Common sense says that must affect nature’s climate change process. How is this manifested?? In global warming which is a visible phenomenon.
    The rabbottians have the brains to understand global warming but the political stance is too difficult to overcome. .
    However, simple sam and the today show ‘journalists’ may comprehend and then????

    Phil you must be joking, boris has an ace up his sleeve?
    Boris Johnson has vowed he will push for introducing an immigration system modelled on a so-called Australian-style points system,
    ps the google has just shows a shotgun approach the first page has but a slender connection to your request? I put in boris adopting Aust immigration and got a list of visas, forms immigration lawyers. 10 sites before ‘boris’.
    These google bastards are phishing and surely someone is paying????

  28. Kaye Lee

    So because “they have not the education nor the intellect and absolutely no political use for climate change”, I am the one being asked to change my delivery? Sorry wam, I work on truth, not manipulation. I do not want people who cannot understand dictating the terms.

  29. Phil

    ‘ Phil you must be joking, boris has an ace up his sleeve?’

    Boris Johnson is a racist. On record for all to see and listen too.

    This idiot makes Trump look like a paragon of virtue. A veritable Einstein.

    Boris Johnson was recorded discussing the beating of a journalist with his friend Darius Guppy.

    Johnson will bankrupt the UK.

    Johnson would be hardpressed to play SNAP much less poker.

    The Brits voted for Brexit as threy think it will stop the influx of migrants.

  30. Kaye Lee

    “The Brits voted for Brexit as they think it will stop the influx of migrants.”

    I wonder if they ever see themselves as migrants when they decide to live in their home in France or when they choose to settle in Australia and beyond.

  31. Phil

    When one takes a stand on ‘ Global Warming, I believe it is real. Refugees, we should take them, A Women’s Right to choose ‘ Self explanatory. If you believe in these things as I do. It may cause friction between friends and family. I can choose my friends, with family I just don’t care anymore, I call them out. I am now too old to care about what people think of my stands, if they don’t like it they can go and make love to themselves. I have come to the conclusion after nearly 67 years on the planet, if I die and I have had two real friends I can rely on, for mine, I have lived a full and lucky life.

  32. Phil

    ‘ I wonder if they ever see themselves as migrants when they decide to live in their home in France or when they choose to settle in Australia and beyond.’

    I haven’t met many who don’t think it is their right to be here. Some must see it as a privilege . I am a guest here I came when I was ten years old, for me it is a privilege not a right. I still believe and like to think most people are not racist, I have been to other countries whose people are more racist than the Brits to be sure. When I look at the likes of Pauline Hanson here and Tommy Robinson in England, it explains the rise of fascists in Europe. Their followers are no different than the yobbos in the streets of Berlin that led up to WW2. It must also be remembered that England, Holland, Norway, Spain to name a few, have all had fascist movements. Some of my cousins have bought the Robinson message and it scares me to death. The part that really scares me is, they can’t see that Robison and Hanson are just opportunists. When they have cashed up enough, they will slip away into the mists of time into anonymity. Hanson and Robinson would hate the people that follow them more than the people they want to get rid of.

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