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“How Good Is PR?”

“Hi there, this is your head of Public Relations, Scott Morrison with a very important massage:

“In 2017 over 3000 Australians died by their own hand. It’s affecting our young people, it’s affecting our veterans, it’s affecting boys and girls in remote indigenous communities. It’s affecting middle-aged men 45-50 living in suburbs, the highest rate of suicide in the country. Now just this week acting on OUR initiative to make a towards zero goal a national priority, I appointed Christine Morgan as the national suicide prevention officer and that should be enough so we don’t have to worry about doing things like raising Newstart because HOW GOOD ARE JOBS? We certainly don’t have to worry about Robodebt because people should pay back money which they can’t prove they don’t owe and certainly nobody can prove that they topped themselves because of the debt.

“As for those on Manus and Nauru, we don’t have to worry because our towards zero only includes Australians, so they won’t go into the statistics…”

Too far?  Well, sadly it probably doesn’t go far enough because most of it is straight transcription.

Scott Morrison on suicide prevention

Even the “How good are jobs?” was a response to Barnaby calling for an increase in Newstart. The man is a satire of himself, but who notices in a post-Trump world where the son of an immigrant can tell the daughters of other immigrants to go back to where they came from because they dare to criticise his America which isn’t like the “crime-infested places” they came from even though Trump himself complained that the USA was full of Mexican rapists and murderers, and whenever there’s a news story about a mass shooting there, I’m never sure whether it’s a new one or the same shooting that I heard about in the day before’s news?

Someone did a mock-up where footage of Hitler was inserted into a Trump rally. It only looked out of place because Hitler was black and white, and not orange.


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  1. Kaye Lee

    I’m surprised he didn’t call Christine Morgan the Special Envoy for Suicide. Though, come to think of it, we had a Special Envoy for refugees and a Special Envoy for Indigenous people and a Special Envoy for the drought – which kinda matches the at risk groups so Special Envoy may not be an appropriate title for someone if you want to actually make things better. Jim Molan, Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce are hardly the people who should be entrusted with anything important….oh wait – two of them ran the country and the other ran a war. How scary is it when those three are the best we’ve got.

    I don’t suppose they would think of reintroducing responsible gambling laws (as opposed to a gamble responsibly disclaimer at the end of the betting ads) since hundreds of suicides are linked to problem gambling. Repealing them was one of the first acts of then Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews.

  2. Stephengb

    Good satire gives me a feeling of disquiet.

    Thanks Rossliegh,

    That feeling of disquiet is strong today.

  3. Spindoctor

    Please do not confuse or label Scomo as a Public Relations person. PR requires you address and manage corporate responsibility, ensure a social, community and environmental conscience and relate and reach agreement on policies, protocols and overall regulation, supply and demand of goods and services with customers, clients and the population. He’s a Marketing failure relying on spin, grins, thumbs, lies and sheer fabrication and ignorance to paper over the cracks in his rabble of gubberment.

  4. Anarchy rules

    If holymo was serious about reducing suicide rates he would stop sending Australian troops to fight USA inspired wars in muslin countries . This would also lessen our threat of terrorist attacks . To quote Noam Chomsky “to stop terrorism you must first stop precipitating in it ” .

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