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How big is your world?


I think we can all agree that we want to see the world a better place. We all live here after all so surely we don’t want to shit in our own nest? The differences arise from the size of our worlds.

For some people their world only contains one person. Others may visit their world on a ‘useful’ visa but they are all expendable, their visa expiring when they are no longer useful. Well-known uniterrarists include Gina Rinehart and Rupert Murdoch.

Others populate their world with their family, either immediate or extended. Wealth, belongings, and resources are shared only within the family and protected from outsiders. These familiaterrarists include the Packer family, though they have, on occasion, given gifts to other worlds.

The xenoterrarists only allow people who are just like them in their world – people who look like them and talk like them and dress like them and belong to the same organisations as them. They fear other terrarists and avoid all contact with them. This includes people like Corey Bernardi.

The centriterrarists have a world that revolves around a single issue. They have many small worlds dedicated to different single goals like gun ownership, or growth at all costs. The Coalition government lives on one such world.

Whilst ostensibly holding out the hand of friendship, the religioterrarists only allow people who worship the same way as they do into their world. They have been known to try to infiltrate other worlds, and some see world domination as their goal. The Christians have been fighting and winning a battle against the Muslims for millennia but they are torn by factional fighting, and women are only given associate citizenship. There are some religioterrarists who want to change the old ways, who preach tolerance and compassion and inclusion, but they are often punished for so doing.

The natioterrarists have a world with very distinct boundaries determined by a line on a map or some geographical feature. They protect the edge of their world fiercely, though they give some safe passage to their shores whilst towing others away and incarcerating many more. Their criteria seem to depend on your mode of arrival, whether you said “Please Mr Morrison may I cross your golden river” before moving, and whether you are poor or scared enough to accept whatever conditions are imposed on you in silence. Scott Morrison is their fiercest warrior and he’s no wimp!

The corporaterrarists are the most feared group of all. Where the religioterrarists failed the corporaterrarists have succeeded in world domination. They do not own a world of their own but they have taken over the board of all the richest worlds and are now in the process of looting them of anything profitable. After they wring a world dry, they move onto emerging worlds where the looting continues.

And then we come to the poor, benighted omniterrarists, sometimes called universalists. Their world encompasses all worlds and the responsibility for their well-being. They try to keep an eye on every world and every individual living in that world. They try to fight for the collective common good and are often resisted by the very terrarists they are trying to help. The uni- and familiaterrarists see them as a distinct threat and have carried out a propaganda campaign to discredit every action by the omniterrarists to help the poor and disadvantaged worlds. The corporatists devote their huge resources to eliminating them by whatever means possible.

The omniterrarists are tired. Their hearts are breaking as they spin from one horror to the next, diverted and distracted and unable to make a concerted defence because they are fighting on so many fronts. But their numbers are growing. Their voice is getting louder. The ones who know are holding the fort as the young and disillusioned come to join them.

One candle in the darkness is hard to see. Millions of candles can light up all worlds.

light the dark


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  1. Shaun J

    G’day Kaye,

    Another excellent perspective of “our” world. Perhaps if I may, you could have included “ecoterrorists”, those it is ok to shit in anyones nest for a profit without caring one iota for that world or its inhabitants. To that end you should see this article, very sobering indeed.


  2. Kaye Lee

    Most definitely should have included ecoterrarists. Every world is their toilet.

  3. rangermike1

    I have worked in many nasty places in this World. Been shot at a few times, but went about doing my job as an Electronics Ginger Beer for Geo-seismic. To come Home and find this Rabble in Charge ? I wish to go back to Libya.

  4. rangermike1

    It was much safer there.

  5. Stephen Tardrew

    Let’s put it straight Kaye. Religious fundamentalism is a type of rigid unbending dogmatic terrorism for it terrorizes the poor and marginalized in the name of God. Ergo they are economic terrorists harming more people than most physically violent terrorists groups they just do it with a smile on their faces and in the name of a brutal and unforgiving God.

    I try to be tolerant of religions. There are many really good religious people in the world. I have worked with many of them in the welfare sector and see them as real friends and colleagues. However this bunch of cruel and heartless economic rationalist and social Darwinist think nothing of mixing their God with unsupportable notions of survival of the fittest, and selective advantage when societies are, and must be as Darwin pointed out, cooperative and communitarian ventures.

    Economic rationalism, and neoconservativism reveres inequality and elitism and like any terrorist organization only have their best self-interests at heart. Don’t be fooled by the narrative look at the facts. Magical mythical deregulation and the invisible hand are no more than religious metaphors and archetypes with no factual basis. The invisible hand is the ghost in the machine full of mythological symbolism but short on any empirical facts.

    The new terrorist are economic terrorists willing to sweep the poor and marginalized under the bus of trickle down economics it barely drips once a millennium.

    The foundational principles of their econometric models are pure phantasy yet they terrorize and impoverish the populace with deceits and lies.

    Yes Kaye they are terrorists.

  6. Kaye Lee

    From Shaun’s link…

    When the inevitable happens and the impact of climate change really starts to hit home, people will want to know: why? Why we didn’t take proper steps in time. It’s not as if there’s not enough scientific evidence out there for us to act. Why not?

    ‘This denial operation – The Beast – will then go down as one of our great American scandals, like Watergate or Teapot Dome – a deliberate, complex scheme of lies and propaganda that caused real harm to the American people, and to our country. All so that a small group of people could make more money a little longer.’

  7. Tracie

    I love reading your perspective Kaye. It always makes sense.

  8. rangermike1

    I don’t mean to be Mean, but has anyone posted on the “TEA PARTY PAGE” on Face book ? I did and was cut off, For posting a Pro Labor stance. Is this acceptable or have they become a Law unto themselves. Something should be done about this web site.

  9. Tracie

    That page gives me the creeps rangermike1. I really feel like saying the reason why I like segregrated swimming pools is so that old farts like them don’t keep staring at me.

  10. Stephen Tardrew

    Shaun this is a truly disturbing document. I have been pushing the idea that we are acting like self-destructive viruses for some time and this article only supports that conclusion. My reading of the scientific evidence over twenty years has led me to this conclusion.

    It is absolutely depressing to see many ignore some of the brightest scientific minds in the world today pilloried for telling the truth.

    We have very clear psychological problems that need to be confronted. If the facts fail then human minds are in some sense dysfunctional. Maybe this will drive the next phase of evolution however what a sad tribute to our species.

  11. John.R

    What you sow you shall reap.The more you have,the more you have to lose.The financial system is a deck of cards,piled high with debt.It is unsustainable.It will come to a large and sudden end,just like the last GFC,Ohhh no body saw that coming,because all of the highly paid ex-spurts( an ex is a has been and a spurt is a drip under pressure) have very little idea that nothing can expand without a basis and a promise will not repay a debt. When it hits there will be a chance to change ALL of this,especially the little corporate doggy wagging the politicians tail.
    Our biggest “virus” is our own egos.Many people do evil things,it is just a matter of what one determines evil as being

  12. lawrencewinder

    Perhaps, to paraphrase an American General…. we should destroy the world in order to save it…?

  13. Kaye Lee

  14. Kaye Lee

  15. Konstantina Vlahos

    I have spent my entire literate life, reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. I think this is the most beautiful thing I have ever read.

    With each passing Abbott day, I feel my soul shrivel up inside. Thank you for shedding light on why and for offering a flicker of hope.

  16. Stephen Tardrew

    You know the one thing I never ever doubt is love. I am not a pessimist or fatalist.

    Present the facts, yes, but the depth of seeing-in-being is infinitely greater than any voice can tell.

    Infinity and love are not human inventions they ride on the fabric of existence telling us there is more to realize than can ever be imagined by religious ideologues or scientific reductionists.

    If the mystery of being was simple and elegant there would be no grounds for complexity and evolving beauty in subjective space.

    Yet the very foundation of our universe is timeless and non-relative.

    We cannot own insight. It is before our eyes.

    We cannot promote or peddle love and infinity.

    They are something to live through.

    Those caught in beginnings and ends are blind to the prefect nature of self in Self.

  17. olddavey

    Climate Change and Old Cars – An Analogy

    I’ve got a car that’s been in the family since new. It’s my daily driver.
    The bearings were getting a bit noisy so I took it to my local auto engineer who is known for his vast experience with all things mechanical.

    “You should have it fixed properly now at a reasonable cost or you could just put a heavier grade of oil in and that will quieten it down for a while,” he suggested. “Not recommended,” he added.

    My mate Greg said the oil was the way to go.
    So, heavier oil it was. Much quieter now. Doesn’t cost much, either.
    After a short while it started to rattle again, so back to my man.

    “You can still fix it, but it’ll cost a fair bit more than before because there will be more parts that need replacing. Or, you can go for an even heavier oil to keep you on the road a bit longer. But don’t say you weren’t warned.”

    Greg put his specs on the end of his educated nose, “Oil, I looked it up on Wiki.”
    Even heavier oil it was. That’s better, I can live with that bit of a knocking sound. Still pretty cheap to fix. And I can spend the savings on something important, like a top line Foxtel package.
    After another short time, “Jeez. It’s really getting noisy. Better have it looked again.”

    “I don’t like to have to tell you this,” he said, “but I did warn you against not doing things properly.”
    “What’s it going to cost me to fix it?”
    “It’s not fixable. It’s knackered. All spare parts for this model are now gone. You’re a knobhead for not listening to good advice.!”

    Bugger! Now I have to walk everywhere. Why is my mate Greg such a know-all?

  18. Trevor Vivian

    Yes kayelee. Existentionalism I believe it was called a generation or two ago.

    The story for the day.

    To all other commenters TISM

    THE TRUTH- it comes straight at you
    THE WISDOM- it comes through us all
    THE MAGIC- is all around us
    From Jamaican mythology

  19. Zofia

    It is interesting to see how you have divided people into these various groups. There is a group who should be mentioned – the people who have a connection to the natural world and live their lives believing in the interrelationship of everything on this planet.
    I can’t put it any better than this – David Suzuki’s description of how an extragalactic visitor would see our beautiful planet, Earth :

    “Our extragalactic visitors would not see any demarcation separating us from air, water, soil, and energy – we are born from Earth, created by those elements, and are constantly absorbing, retaining, and releasing them in altered states. We are made up of those sacred elements that flow through and around us in a world of interconnections and interdependencies that expose the notion of isolation, separation, and independence as an illusion created by our narrowed senses. Observing the collaboration of all living entities in Earth’s biosphere, the alien scientists might conclude that this strange and beautiful planet they have reached is actually a single, integrated, self-regulating living system. There is a name for this vision of Earth : Gaia.”
    The Sacred Balance – David Suzuki and Amanda McConnell

    We have lost our connection to the natural world and have forgotten our utter dependence on nature.

    I believe this is one of the major causal factors of AGW, the degradation and pollution of the environment, the extinction of species, and the way we use the Earth as a mine to extract resources and as a dump to discard what we no longer have use for. (the ‘mine/ dump’ idea is Clive Hamilton’s)

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