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Hospital cuts hurt

By Jane Salmon

Hospital cuts hurt people when they are at their most vulnerable: presenting to Accident & Emergency after motor or industrial accidents, for example.

Private insurance is no protection in such crisis.

Increasing the cost of pap and path tests or scans may also delay timely detection of illnesses which, if they worsen, generate still greater expense.

As a cancer patient in remission with young children, this is pretty clear to me.

I was busily paying for (unsubsidised under LNP) early intervention autism therapy for two boys from my own pocket (instead of mammograms) when undetected breast tumours spread.

Extensive surgery, radio therapy and chemo costs the community hundreds of thousands (privately insured or not). If the patient lives, they may not bounce back to full working vigour.

So cuts and late detection make treatment messier, slower, costlier. Cuts can also reduce the chance of ever returning to full speed.

I am tempted to tell LNP voters who invest their faith private health, “It’s your funeral”. But actually, it’s mine, too. And my children and I really resent that.


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  1. nexusxyz

    The LNP are thoroughly loathsome along with the IPA. They don’t care how many of us they harm as long as their degenerate mates make some more profit. Private healthcare is not superior to a single payer system and the only reason you would do it is to create an artificial market where profit can extracted – out of others misery. Any such market, like in the US, would only be viable through subsidy – crony capitalism. Cut back on the dumb weapons purchases and fund health, education, etc. These mental midgets think they are clever to make the 1% richer via Neoliberalism but it is not sustainable and will collapse society.

  2. DisablednDesperate

    Even with private health my SIL had to pay almost $2000 above what the private health paid for surgery and he pays the highest. Going back to pre Medicare breaks my heart.

  3. Deidre Zanker

    LNP destroying medicare to transfer wealth from workers to their coporate donors

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