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Holy shite!

It’s the smirk; that perpetual, condescending, self-satisfied smirk. It’s a creepy display of the arrogance of a smug holy-roller who literally believes he has a red carpet awaiting his ascent to join the celestial choir come the rapture while we undeserving outsiders are to be condemned to eternal torment, both in this life and in the firey beyond.

“My personal faith in Jesus Christ is not a political agenda” said FauxMo the god-shopper who sought out his preferred version of Jesus and found it in the Pentacostal Retail Therapy franchise.

His Prime Ministership, facilitated by prayer and regular monthly payments, is his Armageddon dress rehearsal – a dry run for the end of the world. It explains so much about a patronising elitist whose superstitions, despite his denials, are a core part of who he his and how he shapes and sells his political agenda.

* * * * *

Religion is an escape – it’s a comfort blanket, a crutch, a denial of the harsh realities of our transient existence on a tiny blue dot in an immense, timeless cosmos. It’s Santa Claus for adults – where an old bearded guy maintains a list of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. I happily went along with the jolly, florid fatman myth for my kids at Christmas when they were little, and I don’t challenge the religious notions of the elderly who, staring imminent oblivion in the eye, seek out comfort in the notion of eternal repose by an astral spa where the sun lounges have not all been reserved by Germans. Religion in that context is harmless.

But throughout history religion has otherwise manifested itself in the demonisation and persecution of the others, those not of the “true faith”, while providing fortune and favour for the cults’ CEOs and their bag carriers. Does that not line up nicely with FauxMo’s words and deeds?

Who could watch Morrison’s shouty, spittled hectoring in Parliament and not be reminded of a revivalist preacher haranguing a congregation with confected outrage at hell-bound scapegoats and promising that salvation requires deference to he who has a special relationship with an almighty?

This is a bloke who ignores science; who credits his IVF daughters to a god-given miracle but not to the science that enabled it. More ominously Brother Scotty also attributes his election win to another miracle – one that the Big Guy signed off on after a prayer session. Divine intervention! If Jesus is OK with his Machieavelian back-stabbing then perhaps he sees himself as a legitimate inheritor of the doctrine of the divine right of kings – subject to no earthly authority. The arrogance, the hubris, the disdain for scrutiny and accountability, the appeal to his “quiet Australians” as obedient, unquestioning supplicants to his authority; it all fits the profile of a bloke who cannot separate his paternalistic religion from his day job.

Most, if not all, of those who attain high political office are egotists, many are in it for the power and self-enrichment, some are despots, some are standard-issue nutters and weirdos (g’day Tony) and others are fully-fledged, orange-tinted loon-ponders. Of the current shop of horrors – Putin, Kim, Xi, Trump, Johnson, Farrage, Bolsanaro, Duterte, Orban, Al Assad, Netanyahu et al only Morrison is an overt religionist. That does not let religion off the hook – it simply makes Scooter somewhat of an exception, believing he’s there by divine providence and not just political artiface which just makes him a more zealous threat to our fairness and freedoms.

With his exclusionary god on his side FauxMo can demonise and punish all undeserving outsiders with a clear conscience. The unemployed, the underemployed, the poor, the indigenous, the homeless, asylum seekers, environmentalists and vegan activists are all fair game. Dissent and scrutiny are to be outlawed – GetUp!, whistle-blowers and unions are to be persecuted. Expertise that diverges from the scripture of Brother Scotty, whether scientists, the public service or our institutions like the CSIRO and ABC, is to be silenced or ignored.

With the rapture pending he does not care a jot for the health of the planet – why should he, it’s all going to end soon. He’s King Cnut; trying to hold back the progressive tides until Armageddon. Unluckily for him it’s the unfolding climate disasters and a tanking economy that will see his acolytes start to abandon the pews. Morrison has a messiah complex, but despite his mushroom politics he cannot hide the incompetence and graft, his spin has spun and in the battle of ideas he’s left holding the beers. Without his religion he’s got nothing but a smirk.

It won’t be too long before the dak shatter goes terminal and the hairless Hitler, Spud-Dutton, seizes his chance. Heaven help us!

Image from Labor Party Supporters of the Beaches the Lower NorthShore and North Sydney Facebook page

This article was originally published on The Grumpy Geezer.

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  1. Anarchy rules

    In a ever increasing secular society how is it that religious people overly represent us in our parliaments ? is it their zealotry and dogmatic indoctrination that propels them to seek the highest positions of power so that they can control every aspect of our life’s and thus reaffirm that their superstitions . if so is this not a sign of insecurity that in order to reaffirm their own beliefs they must be in a position of power so that they can force them on everyone else . Famous quote “never trust a preacher who tells you how to vote or a politician who tells you how to pray .

  2. Bert

    In the name King Cnut, I think you got the “n” and “u” the wrong way round……Just saying.

  3. Baby Jewels

    Anarchy rules. Worse, they call us “the most successful multicultural country in the world.” (Another lie.) Chock full of weird and wonderful religions, Christians seek to rule over the lot, give themselves special dispensations and determine the laws that suit them. It’s getting that bad, we need legislation to protect us from Christians.

  4. whatever

    Scotty got his groove on with the Hillsong crowd because he recognized that they were a large, conservative voter base and nobody else was taking advantage of this political potential.
    He is as sincere about religion as he is about any other political gimmick he employs. Its just another sham for this flakey mediocrity.

  5. New England Cocky

    Excellent analysis and well argued discussion. Thank you. It appears the the Roman Catholic Inquisition is about to be imposed by the Scummo Liarbral Nat$ misgovernment. Still THAT is the government which Australian voters elected.

  6. totaram

    “THAT is the government which Australian voters elected”, given all the false information that they were very conveniently provided with by the MSM and the advertising, which the AEC tells us can consist of outright lies, and it did indeed.

    I think we need to nail the problem correctly. It’s no longer “one person one vote”, but “one dollar one vote” where you need to factor in all the dollars required to buy up the media companies, as well as the ads. So any discussion by Labor of “policies to take to the election” is completely pointless, until this problem is somehow solved.

  7. Grumpy Geezer


    My take on it is that FauxMo found in Pentacostalism what he was seeking – the almighty’s approval to be wealthy and to do over the less forunate and any outsiders (i.e. us).

  8. Phil Pryor

    He’s a liar, supercharged with self focussed salvation, righteousness, arrogance, supremacist rubbish. Morrison cannot ever produce a god of any kind before the UNO or the Australian High Court as living proof, final and ultimate authenticity. They live their lies and embrace them for supremacy, for righteous elevation, salvation, triumph over evil, heathens, non believers, women, cows, everything. I’ve seen a few gods, of metal, stone, wood, etc. and they don’t empower a turd like Morrison to lie and exaggerate and fill the air with malicious propaganda. This nation has had a run of idiot romanists who bleed forgiveness dry, and now a pentecostalist who inflates his ego like a giant willy. It is sickeningly distorted, this view of life, unreasonable, unscientific, indecent, unforgivable. It should be illegal to appear in public life leaning on lies, myths, inventions. But the superstitious fools are a tight bunch. (consider the refuse from Riverview. )

  9. Joseph Carli

    It does seem amazing that those blokes who admit to having a “one-on-one” familiarity with the King o’ Kings, in so many cases can’t get the old man to give them their hair back!….I mean..rarely is the balding male ever really taken that seriously…you’d think that while they were on their knees praying for a treasury full of gold, they could slip in a request for a thickening of the locks?….: “Oh..and Jesus….one more thing while I’ve got your attention . . . ”

    I remember a pentecostal I used to regularly piss off on the work site by threatening his cult with ..: “You better just watch it, while your mob may hold a franchise of the faith, the Vatican holds letter to the Pope from me and your mob are gone!”

  10. Winifred Jeavons

    King Canute , or Knut, gets a bad press, he was actually proving to the sycophants that although king, he was still a man, without godlike powers. Scotty on the other hand , thinks he speaks for God. I think God has other ideas. Religion is often a manmade construct, to exploit man’s search fot higher truth and meaning. Christianity, for me, is a demanding life path, with compassion and altruism as its most basic requirements. Scotty, does not even begin to understand ” love your neighbour as yourself “, let alone Jesus’ demand that a rich would be follower surrender his wealth , as clearly many wealthy put their possessions ahead of any sense of neighbourly obligation.

  11. David Bruce

    Your mention of the Germans reminds me that ScuMo has many behaviours similar to Herr Hitler haranguing bigger and bigger political rallies. His henchmen also appear similar in many ways to Herr Himmler, Goebbels and Goering etc

    Now Australia is friendless in the big wide world and Canberra has painted a big red target on the country.

    Australia is also now recognized as the next largest source of rare earth elements (after China). The trade war will create supply problems for USA, who want those rare earths for military weapons and smart phone communications use. Maybe lnp will get lucky with another mining boom over rare earth elements. Another miracle in the making?

    PS the God of Abraham does want you to be wealthy!

  12. Mr Bruce

    Of ALL.bad men ……. religious ones are the WOR$T…

  13. Kaye Lee

    The mention of Germans hogging the sun lounges made me laugh. I’ve been to Pattaya – I know what you mean.

    The rest of it expresses exactly how I feel. For me, honesty and integrity and respect and compassion are very important. So what do we get? An ad man. Fck me Australia, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  14. Phil

    Joseph Carli.

    Interesting praying for hair. You know I believe in the power of prayer. I prayed to God to give me a larger penis and about twice a week my prayers come true. If the cheese and kisses is in the mood it gets larger about three times. The power of prayer it truly is a miracle.

  15. Zathras

    Ah the old wishing routine…

    “I used to pray for God to give me a bike. I waited and waited but nothing happened, so I stole one instead and asked God to forgive me”.

    I used to think it was just a joke but some (very prominent) people use it as a belief and a way of life.

  16. Joseph Carli

    Phil….. 🙂 …but be careful..there are those on this site who can cast spells!

  17. wam

    The tragedy is that freedom of religion is freedom from responsibility for your actions by the protection of secrecy.of your beliefs
    For example I would ask:
    christian women whether priests who abuse children should be given absolution on earth or only by god in heaven?
    muslim women do you think god should provide virgins for men who kill women, children and themselves?
    For men like joyce and scummo, I would ask if god aborts children?
    I did ask an Aboriginal ex-student where are her people who died before christ and mohammed???
    Her reply was they were heathen and wont be in heaven.
    muslims, christians and jews believe that we can bonk in heaven. That is a good one for mormons,

    but who cares till women realise that a male god is a figment of men’s imagination and religion is social control by men for men. We will have twits in charge.
    thanks booby

  18. Grumpy Geezer

    Some may consider that as unfair stereotyping of Germans, Kaye Lee. But I have found in Thailand and Greece that it is true. One of their number gets up early, heads to the pool and puts all of their towels over the best positioned sun lounges. We’ve seen it several times in several places.

    (Don’t say a word but one on occasion a few of their towels somehow ended up in the pool. Shhh.)

  19. Kaye Lee


    Not only did they head out first thing to place towels on “their” lounge, they also thought they could hold another lounge or two in reserve for when the sun moved. We had a “chat” about that. I magnanimously gave them first dibs on ONE lounge but be fcked if I was going to let them reserve three. Angry Aussie woman meets arrogant Aryan.

  20. wam

    Last century, I used to walk the pool in bali and singapore, early and almost always alone, so I would collect the towels and put them in the used towel box. But they were as often Aussie as german.

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