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He really is off his rocker. Or he’s a nut case.

Who else but a leader of dubious mental capacity would say something like this?

“This government doesn’t get enough credit, Australia doesn’t get enough credit, for the emissions reduction work that we have already done’’.

A statement like this is hardly plausible in light of the fact that there is not one economist who has come out in support of Direct Action. No one with any expertise in the field thinks it will work even for a 5% emissions cut let alone for a higher percent to be submitted for the Paris agreement.

The independent Climate Change Authority has urged Australia to adopt an emissions reduction target of 30 per cent on 2000 levels by 2025, equating to a 36 per cent reduction on 2005 levels. Following on from his ludicrous comparison of groceries with the Greek debt crisis our Prime Minister for undoing comes up with another captain’s call calculated to offend anyone who believes in the science of climate change.

And as a storm raged over the government’s directive to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to no longer back wind energy projects, it emerged that it has also put a stop to solar investments other than the largest industrial-scale projects.

“Oh no”, I thought. “It’s not just wind turbines”. The Abbott government has opened up another front in its war on renewable energy by pulling the plug on investments in the most common form of alternative energy, rooftop and small-scale solar.

What Luddites they really are. They say they believe in the science of Global Warming but their every action is contrary to that belief. It seems the combined advancement in battery and solar technology has escaped them.

And now the Prime Minister for Coal Mining says that our emissions target for Paris won’t be revealed until after a party room debate. The fact is it will only be as high as the hard-right conservatives in his party will let it be.

Honestly the luddite who gives Turnbull credit for inventing the internet is a fool of the highest order.

He has to come up with a figure high enough to satisfy Paris against a revolt from his backbench, let alone reveal to the Australian public how he intends to pay for it within a budget framework that is already under extreme pressure.

Good luck with that. Do I need to remind you that the Carbon Tax was already doing the job?

We are under pressure internationally to pull our weight because concerns have been expressed about the Abbott’s government’s domestic climate policies.

In other words, they don’t trust him. But then again who does?

Turnbull En


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  1. babyjewels10

    Sadly, I don’t agree he’s stupid. I think he does have limited mental capacities, but he’s extremely cunning and has an evil plan – which he’s so far been very successful in a very short time, at putting into action. I think he enjoys thumbing his nose at his detractors and is willing to do outrageous things, sometimes at any cost, in revenge. For example, making himself Minister of Women, I believe was thumbing his nose at Julia Gillard who he hates with a burning hatred. Then saying things like “No doesn’t always mean No.” etc. etc. etc.

  2. babyjewels10

    I should add, I believe he has an agenda of division, his goal a place where the have nots support the haves and everything he’s doing is another step towards that goal, aided by corporations of course. I believe he’s in the pocket of miners, banks, pharmaceutical companies and many more and the signing of the TPP will put things into concrete for him. I believe he’s the most dangerous man in Australia and has already done untold, undo-able harm.

  3. Dizzy

    Got it one, babyjewels10.
    He is working down the IPA List very successfully.
    Does anyone remember issues not addressed as yet? I guess they will surface in some bizarre way soon.

  4. Keith

    My mother taught me years ago (when politicians didn’t lie so profusely) that actions speak louder than words. Abbott fully fulfills this homely; he simply cannot be trusted. Not only has the short term economy been damaged but the longer term economy is also being damaged by the inept ideologically driven Abbott gang.

  5. patsy

    babyjewels10…you have read the minds of nearly all austraians….shame not all think like us……evil is too good a word for this creature from another planet…..god help us if he gets in another term….

  6. Keitha Granville

    The really hard work that has to be done folks, is for each and every person who declares these facts -that TA and his ganag are dangerous and irreparably damaging our country – to go out and convince at least 10 others before the next election. IF we can do that we have a chance, just a chance, of voting them out.
    Otherwise the very rat cunning described above will win over the fools in the electorate who voted for him in the first place.

  7. Lee

    His actions are not really surprising. Climate change will increase the gap between rich and poor. The poor will be hit hardest. That’s all Tony cares about.

  8. Lee

    “My mother taught me years ago (when politicians didn’t lie so profusely) that actions speak louder than words. Abbott fully fulfills this homely; he simply cannot be trusted.”

    @Keith – Your mother was a smart woman. I keep telling people we will know them by their actions. Don’t take any notice of what they say. Yet so many people are willing to believe everything they are told without a shred of critical thought. Sigh…….

  9. John Kelly

    “We are under pressure internationally to pull our weight because concerns have been expressed about the Abbott’s government’s domestic climate policies.”

    Concerns are also being expressed Internationally about the Abbott government’s mental capacity to run a country.

  10. jagman48

    And then they have the temerity to attack Labor for a motion the LEAN are taking to the 47th conference next week. The motion proposed by LEAN will try get emissions down by I believe over 30%. This is what was supposed to be leaked. It has been around Labor Branches to vote on for over a year. Big leak I reckon. Bloody fools all of them the COALition.

  11. mars08

    Utterly shameless…

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  13. John Ward

    Hi John,

    The object of this Act is to establish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to facilitate increased flows of finance into the clean energy sector.

    – SECT 65

    Limits on Investment Mandate
    The responsible Ministers must not give a direction under subsection 64(1):

    (a) that has the purpose, or has or is likely to have the effect, of directly or indirectly requiring the Board to, or not to, make a particular investment; or

    (b) that is inconsistent with this Act (including the object of this Act).

    The drafting of this Act fore- saw Hockey’s trick coming.
    He is snookered by the Act until he changes the Act in Parliament. Now that is unlikely.

    As far as meeting those targets. Don’t forget that a 5% target was set if no other nation was doing anything to limit Global warming and Co2 ppm. But, if the major countries begin to address climate change, then our target goes up as far as a 30% target. Abbott never mentions this inconvenient truth.
    John Ward

  14. eli nes

    Not crazy but he is amoral and therefore untouchable.
    The Labor carbon price leak(an irresponsible monkey??) has given labor a chance to highlight the difference between a price and a tax. Apart from a short two weeks in 2013 gillard et al let the rabbutt away with carbon tax and despite the word TAX being applicable to ‘direct action’ and not to ‘carbon price’ Labor’s slackness, was a major factor in the loss.
    Has little billy the bottle to challenge the rabbutt on tax? I wouldn’t bet my $550 from the repeal on it.

  15. Florence nee Fedup

    Abbott demanding credit for what was achieved by others. Worse he dismantled CEF suite of leglisation that was working. CEFC is the last remnants that leglisation.

    Carbon emissions increasing as result his actions.

    The fool doesn’t believe CC will be bac on agenda next election. Be lives he can wedge Shorten as he did Gillard.

    Listening to Labor last few weeks, they are ready for Abbott.

    Lead up to and duration Labor Federal conference will be launching pad. I suspect the waiting game is over.

    Listen to some Hockey today. Babbling on about GET. Asked some serious thought out questions. Look on his face told one he couldn’t answer. Straight into blaming Labor. Question ignored.

    Abbott was actually gloating about labor and new taxes. Not just one this t ime but many.

    Love way MSM , along with ABC trying to prevent release discussion paper as someone out to get Shorten. Would say, it was planned released. Fits in with speeches Shorten has been making lately.

    Abbott will have a almighty fight on his hands. Wil need to defend DA. Impossible to do. GREEN AR MY not even planting trees. Nothing more than work for dole for school leavers.

  16. John L Ward (@johnlward010)

    Remember this. When something lands on the deck with a loud clatter, it is usually a distraction while the sneak in something ‘shitty’
    over in the opposite direction.

  17. Florence nee Fedup

    I believe abbott’s hatred of Shorten is greater than that of Gillard. That is saying something.

    Shorten managed as union secretary gets some outstanding deals for union members, along with cooperation of employers, in the time of Work Choices.

    Work Choices was supposed to destroy unions,. Didn’t happen. In fact the unions reaction was to bring his government down.

    That is what Abbott can’t accept. Accept he and Howard were wrong. Unions are not hatred by most. In fact few only have dealings with them most understand, even if not a member, working conditions would disappear without them

    Sometimes I suspect Abbott has hatred for the common man. Sadly he is not part of the upper class he seems to yearn for. Never will be. They will use him and spit him out.

    He could be envious of the fact, Shorten because of his mother, and by marriage can move in the level society he yearns to be part of

  18. Florence nee Fedup

    Mr hockey has just said the Greece economy after 5 years, is a salient lesson. He is crying tears for the poor, who are paying the price.

    Mr Hockey, you are correct yes, I agree, after five years of austerity, is tie to say, it doesn’t work.

    Not sure that is what you meant, as you are re omen ring more of the same.

    I also think you said, our economy relies on personal consumption., ta king money from older people is self defeating.

    One again, I agree. Not for tour reasons I bet.

    When people retire mm no longer working, bur playing important part in the economy. Yes we spend the pension we receive, keeping people in employment, business growing. Most ends up back in government revenues.

  19. Florence nee Fedup

    Last time Abbott went abroad, he was treated with respect that is given to new leadera. Will not be so next time, will be treated with the contempt he deserves. The USA Ambassador to Singapore treatment of Abbot gives some insight into the welcome he will receive,

  20. Florence nee Fedup

    Jagman, many so called labor supporters have not been listening either. Not only in branches but what Labor has been saying publicity for weeks.

  21. abbienoiraude

    There is a difference (imho) between ‘stupid’ and ‘fool’ and ‘idiot’. A ‘stupid’ person can be educated away from his stupidity and made knowledgeable and curious.
    A ‘fool’ is someone who may have an idea what is possible but makes decisions that in the end will either be their own undoing or does great harm to others.
    An ‘idiot’ is someone born without the ability to think for themselves and has no aptitude to learn very much let alone advanced concepts for problem solving. They are simplistic and self interested in all situations

    There is something seriously wrong with Aust PM but more than that there is something lacking in those who prop him up in politics and those who vote for him. It is glaringly obvious to me they all lack Emotional Intelligence however Abbott himself has a complex personality disorder that is so ingrained he has no impression he is destroying a potentially great Nation.

    Wish we had the sharp verbal intellect of a Rudd or the popularity of a Gillard to smack this enemy of the Aust people to the curb.

  22. stephentardrew

    I din’t say what I should have said because what I said was for the reason of not saying anything that contradicts what I did say but is not what I said the day before the day after of what might be the truth of lies or the lie of truths.

    See how it works now?

    Feel better swill.

    Damn I love that logic thing you taught me Joe the media eat it up.

  23. randalstella/randalstella


  24. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    Our biggest problem is apathy. The people who are middle of the road and do not analyse what is doing on..
    In my humble opinion there are two basically evil people affecting ‘western’ civilisation.
    At the global level is Netanyahu and at the more local level is Abbott.
    Their blinkered views of events and their lust for power is nauseating.

  25. Annie B

    @ John Lord …. re “They say they believe in the science of Global Warming but their every action is contrary to that belief.”

    Problem is, that ‘they’ do not say anything of the sort – in fact they continually deny the science of global warming outright , and anything else they can get their nasty mouths around in denial … and they follow up all those denials with action, or threatened action, or tabled action ( as you have pointed out ). !!

    Other than this wee beef of mine, your article is spot on, and thank you for it. ….. It’s past time we called them out, on what they say, what they do, and the lies they perpetrate – overall. …. I do think Bill Shorten might still be capable of doing this ( maybe, hopefully ? ) … and frankly, if he has to ‘leak’ information – or do whatever, which might be regarded as ‘sneaky or underhanded’ … then so be it. …

    ” if ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em ” … an old saying, but one that might hold a bit of hope in these dark days. …. Shorten, ( or someone from the Labor – or Greens – camp ) has to play this creep at his own game … nasty as that might be … but then, there has never EVER been anything ‘nice’ about politics.


    The looming Paris conference …. will prove to be rather interesting. … Hopefully, THIS is when this abbutt creep will be called out – on all accounts, even if he wimps out and sends Julie Bishop to represent him. … She will be obliged to obey the brief she is given to present … because ‘he’ will say so. … I can only hope she stands up to him – before, during and after the conference. … especially during and after !!! 😉


  26. Annie B

    @ babyjewels10 …. agree with all you have said — this pee-em IS a cunning manipulator, with little or no conscience, except for what he perceives to be his own personal end goal. ( whatever that might be in a mind so very twisted ).


    Yes, John Ward … the CEFC Act itself ( Sect 65 ), jiggers up his current ‘threat’ … he would be and is, against the law on this, and the law cannot be changed, despite his possible protestations to the contrary and his bully-boy dictatorial tactics ( again ). …. This too, shall find him out.


    @ Florence nee FedUp …. ( re – your post – July 15, 2015 at 2:32 pm )

    I couldn’t agree more. This ‘ current leader ‘ is beset by his own demons, many of which are vengeful and full of hate for anyone ( be it the political opposition, the Australian people, or even members of his own party ) who oppose him. … He sees himself, I believe, as some kind of demi-god. … This often comes from a sense of deep incompetence, deeper insecurity, and mental aberrations too numerous to mention. …. Which makes him VERY dangerous.


    p.s. …. it is alarming to see a person with such ‘dead’ eyes — cover the remainder of the face with your hand, and look just at the eyes – whether smiling, grimacing, being stern or being ‘hail-fella-well-met’ … the eyes hold nothing – they are simply ‘dead’. …. NOT a good thing.

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  28. wayne117700

    the lnp has never been any good at taking care of the enviorment and as of today it still hasnt changed

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