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Hanson says Royal Commission into Banks not necessary after visiting South Bank in Queensland

Following her election to the Australian Senate in July 2016, Pauline Hanson said that her very first priority was to call for a Royal Commission into the banking and finance sector – saying:

We have families that are losing their family homes, properties – by the banking sector, which I believe needs a full investigation into because documentation that I have seen clearly shows that signatures have been forged.” (Pauline Hanson, 4 July 2016)

Just over six months later, and Pauline Hanson has apparently been talked out of a Royal Commission into all banks – instead settling for a much smaller Senate Inquiry (chaired by Pauline) into the banks’ lending practices as they relate only to farmers.

In breaking satirical news, Hanson was asked why she had backed down from the full Royal Commission. She is reported to have replied that she and Senator Chicken Roberts had decided to visit South Bank in Queensland to check out first hand whether there actually was a problem with the Banking sector in Australia’s cities, or whether it was just part of the Labor/Green agenda.


After taking a dive at South Bank – Hanson is reported to have said:

“If you actually look at the bankers there – in South Bank, in the middle of Brisbane city – they are in pristine condition. Why would we need a Royal Commission into Banks in the city when Banks like South Bank are clearly doing great?

We need to stop people with agendas telling lies about Banks and focus our energy on Banks that Turnbull has allowed us to look at – I mean that matter – in the rural sector. Places like BallBank in rural NSW and Wattle Bank in Rural Victoria.”

In further breaking satirical news, the Police are currently reviewing Hanson’s actions to see if it was illegal for her to kidnap a banker and drag him into the river.

This article was first published on ProgressiveConversation.


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  1. helvityni

    Poor old Pauline, the Turnbull ‘charm’ has worked on her, say no more…I remember her saying some time ago that she’d spoken to Mal and found him a very nice man…

    (Where does he hide that elusive charm of his…? )

  2. Wayne Turner

    A Liberal stooge in a garbage bag.

  3. Egalitarian

    Well spotted helvityni Now that she’s moving with the folks on the hill. Puppet Pauline will be manipulated all over the place.Still not sure why James Ashby get’s very little press also.

  4. Alistair

    If the consequences of her dreadful brand of politics weren’t so horrible, it’d be oh so simple to just call her a joke and wait until her party implodes – as it surely will….

  5. jim

    Mr Abbott still thinks he’s PM and desperately needs help. Cash’s rant about Bill Shorten enabled the government to look into penalty rates (so he’s fault right), hasn’t Bill moved on since 3yr’s ago, like chess the Lib’s don’t let Labor move.

    The Lib’s attacking the poor pure and simple.

  6. jim

    ” illegal for her to kidnap a banker and drag him into the river”.

    On the contrary loopi is saving the banks (brown paper bags pauli),people like loopi Pauleen need another stint in the big house before she’ll realize the best thing she could do is reopen her fish shop and STFU.

  7. Miriam English

    Don’t bankers live in the river?
    Oh, silly me. I was thinking of sharks. 🙂

  8. jim

    Turnbull’s policy to “look after the very rich” won’t stimulate economic growth.

    “It’s been estimated by Goldman Sachs, Mr Turnbull’s old investment bank, that something like 60% or $30bn of this corporate tax cut will go straight overseas

    Shorten said that scandals in the banking and financial services industry have gutted retirees’ savings, “rorted” families and resulted in life insurance policy holders being denied justice.
    He cited examples including allegations of rate-fixing in the banking sector and insurance policies being denied for “having the wrong type of heart attack”.

    “Despite several inquiries, new powers, new resources, and a financial ombudsman service, the rorts and the rip offs continue.”

    Some disgusting low lives in the banking industry have blood on their hands. I lost all my TPI $200g because of colluding banks / government / and vendor. Gobsmacked and Disgusted.

    Disgusting low lives in thier banking industry have blood on their hands. it wouldn’t be hard to find people in the same boat ,it wouldn’t be hard to find people taking their own lives because of the Banks.

  9. jim

    An expensive and thus far useless commission into trades unions providing the neo-liberals with the opportunity to bash the workers and their opponents , yet nothing similar for banks and financial institutions which do far more harm to families and individuals than any unionist ever could. Hardly a shock result given who the neo-liberals paymasters are!.

    Toni Abbott moved millions from the Child abuse RC and, gave it to the TURC.

  10. Alan Baird

    She tried so hard first time and Abbott pissed on her from a great height and she’s learnt fcuk a… very little. Pauline thinks (perhaps) “Look, I’m all right so probably everybody is. I’m a Liberal stooge and Labor hater so what do I do? The banks’re all right!”
    I hope Labor belabours the banks ALL THE WAY into the next election, making sure to rain quite a few blows in Hanson’s direction, pointing out that they’re AGAINST the average Joe (& Joelene to be all inclusive). If they don’t, they’re not fair dinkum.

  11. David1

    Agree Alan Baird…problem is Abbott didn’t piss with enough volume to shut the stupid red haired tosser up permanently. Mad as with all the associated synonyms doesn’t cover the stupidity of this brain dead idiot and her associates.

  12. michael lacey

    The woman is a conservative at the end of the day she will support conservatives and their policy on crucial matters!

  13. my say

    Hanson is Turnbulls right hand lackie ,she votes with the government ,to keep the rich ,rich and the poor, poor ,she is a danger to Australia with her hate and fear
    Where are her policies ,I really wish the Media would start to ask how she is going to achieve the things to improve the things that she is so dead against
    We havebeen down this road before ,where the public were brain washed by the media with Abbott and Turnbull ,that worked out really well [didn’t it],and now the are doing the same with Hanson,

  14. paulwalter

    I would welcome a royal commission into Pauline Hanson. Also Turnbull, Abbott and several others.

  15. 245179

    “Media” are focused on the turnbull circus, the daily goings on consume all reporters. Hanson is avoiding detailed scrutiny because of it. “Ashby” is keeping a low profile……wonder why. Now that i think about it, all her candidates are hush quiet……mmmmmm

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