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Gutless wonders

Yesterday we were subjected to a disgusting abuse of parliamentary privilege by a man who feels his actions should be beyond scrutiny.

Peter Dutton, outraged at what he calls a “personal smear campaign” against him, stood up in parliament and had what could only be described as a hissy fit, launching a cowardly and very personal attack on witnesses providing evidence to a Senate committee.

He also carried with him, every time he stood up, two large folders very obviously labelled with the names Chris Bowen and Tony Burke – the implication being ‘come for me and I will go for you’.

Asked to explain the rationale behind granting some people visas whilst rejecting others, his role in securing jobs for mates, and a possible conflict of interest regarding his businesses, he went into head-kicking mode.

All of the questions asked of Mr Dutton related to his actions as a Minister and his eligibility to sit in parliament. None of those are personal smears. They are legitimate questions.

Unfortunately, our Minister for Home Affairs does not think he should be held accountable and views any questioning as a personal affront. If he has done nothing untoward, why is he so angry? Why does he feel the need to impugn others?

Then, despite allegations of intimidation from several Liberal MPs during the leadership spill, all of a sudden, we are told it never happened. No-one was bullied. No complaints have been made. Move on.

Considering how the Coalition mercilessly pursued Emma Husar over bullying allegations, their insistence that eligibility issues of Labor MPs be tested in the High Court, and their hounding of Sam Dastyari re his connection to donors, it is apparent that the government believes they should operate under different rules to everyone else.

Bullying, workplace harassment, cronyism, misuse of office, conflicts of interest, will all be swept under the carpet. No need for a federal corruption watchdog, Cormann assures us.

But if you cover up a cancer with make-up, it will continue to eat away at the body of the party. Until people are held to account for their actions, the abuse will continue. Until they are made to realise that they are answerable to us, not just to faceless backroom men or radio shock jocks, they will continue to lie, obfuscate, and use their position for the benefit of their mates.

These gutless wonders, and I include the women who are now apparently too afraid to tell the truth about the intimidation they were subjected to, are treating us with contempt. While they refuse to be held accountable, they are not fit to govern.


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  1. Ricardo29

    Another spot-on piece Kaye Lee. Dutton’s parliamentary performance demonstrates yet again that he is a liar and a bully. The pathetic, childish tactic of carrying the files with Labor names (didn’t Abbot pull that stunt too) is pathetically childish, sort of “nyah nyah I’ll show you”. Of course he won’t table them it’s just part of the bully pulpit theatre and everything he does and says digs his grave deeper. Bring on the election.

  2. Matters Not

    Seems like the Opposition are trying to bully Peter Dutton. And it’s been going on for days under parliamentary privilege.

  3. Kaye Lee

    When Kelly O’Dwyer went on 7:30 report, she said “I’ve had conversations with many members of parliament, both male and female, and it is clear to me that people were subject to threats and intimidation and bullying” and that it was not acceptable.

    Then Morrison goes on and says Lucy Gichuhi “told me very plainly that she was not bullied by anybody here in Canberra” during the leadership contest, that politics was a very “torrid” business and his inquiries to date had not yielded evidence of “gender-specific actions” in relation to what some people would characterise as “very intense lobbying which is fairly normal in the political process, albeit not edifying”.

    So the women have been bullied into silence. Job done!

  4. Adrianne Haddow

    Well done Kaye Lee. (Isn’t it tiring, trying to hold these grifters to account? Especially when you know there’s going to be another shit storm just around the corner)

    This LNP government has treated us with contempt from day one.

    No abuse of “entitlements’, travel expenses, contempt for the justice system, appointments of lobby group members to parliamentary positions, nepotism for friends, relatives and the IPA, the ‘buying’ of the ‘independents’ votes in order to pass dodgy policy, creation of social division through shock jock interviews,has resulted in any call for accountability.

    The grossest personal slurs cast by these ‘infants in suits’ toward opponents have been managed with the lines ” I apologise IF I offended anyone”.

    I liked Roman Quadvlieg’s response to Dutton’s hissy fit, consequence-free, under parliamentary privilege

    “It is extraordinary behaviour from a cabinet minister to pre-emptively impugn the character and reputation of a witness attempting to engage properly in a parliamentary process which ostensibly affords the same privilege to that witness that he, Mr Dutton, comfortably shielded under today to accuse me of the criminal offence of sexual grooming.”

  5. Kronomex

    Good piece Kaye Lee. Pastor Morrison won’t do anything because he’s scared witless of J. Egotist (Edgar) Dutton and his, no doubt, hefty dirt and muck files hidden away somewhere.

  6. Terence Mills

    I imagine Barnaby was fuming when Dutton referred to an older man ‘grooming’ a younger woman : the question is, will he speak out ?

  7. John O'Callaghan

    We should not have religious loony tunes running the country, these people believe in the “Rapture ” they really do,and that the Earth is only 6000 years old.
    The PMs own Pastor said that God woke him up at 4.30 AM last Saturday and told him that unless we all vote for Morrie The Messiah darkness will descend upon the Earth and only the Christians will be saved and the rest of us can and will go to you know where!

  8. Diannaart

    Among the many bullies in the LNP, Dutton stands out as particularly vicious.

    Obviously considering himself above question, WTF is Dutton like behind the scenes? Not someone you’d want to encounter alone, anywhere, if you had stood up to him. While many bullies are gutless, some are vindictive. No wonder there is silence from those who dared to stick their heads above the apparent code for women and a few men, to be seen and not heard. Well not heard saying anything apart from LNP-speak.

    This gutless freak, Peter Dutton has to go. Bring on the election.

    And Bill Shorten? Bring on federal ICAC when you take the job of PM. Prove you are not above accountability.

  9. Kaye Lee


    I have a feeling that Dutton alone would be too cowardly to present any threat. He ain’t that bright. He needs backup, just like Abbott did in our Uni days, wandering around with his pack of gormless bovver boys. They try to intimidate in packs, egging each other on. Dutton’s pack caused him to make a fool of himself when they couldn’t bully enough people into supporting him. I think that is the real reason he is so pissed off. He will be gone next election.

  10. Diannaart

    Hoping you are correct. I find Dutton particularly disturbing.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Don’t get me wrong. In a position of power, inadequate men like Dutton are very dangerous. But his power is dependent on his position. Personally, he has none. What has been gifted to him can be taken away.

  12. Terence Mills

    It would seem that Dutton has at a minimum mislead the parliament as Grooming is a crime and applies to children under 16. Whilst we don’t expect Dutton to know anyhting about the Queensland Criminal Code, after all he was a copper, he could have checked with somebody in his department :

    218B Grooming children under 16.

    (1) Any adult who engages in any conduct in relation to a person
    under the age of 16 years, or a person the adult believes is
    under the age of 16 years, with intent to—

    (a) facilitate the procurement of the person to engage in a
    sexual act, either in Queensland or elsewhere; or
    (b) expose, without legitimate reason, the person to any
    indecent matter, either in Queensland or elsewhere;
    commits a crime.

    What are the odds on an apology today during Question Time ?

  13. New England Cocky

    “Bullying, workplace harassment, cronyism, misuse of office, conflicts of interest, will all be swept under the carpet. No need for a federal corruption watchdog, Cormann assures us.

    But if you cover up a cancer with make-up, it will continue to eat away at the body of the party. Until people are held to account for their actions, the abuse will continue. Until they are made to realise that they are answerable to us, not just to faceless backroom men or radio shock jocks, they will continue to lie, obfuscate, and use their position for the benefit of their mates.”

    Yep … definitely not fit to govern!!

    Why should a former Queensland policeman with a shady police history in the drug squad among others, and a fortune reported as exceeding $20 MILLION, and in recipe of Commonwealth moneys contrary to s44, be given such privilege to defame a former employee?

    ANSWER: Because he can under Parliamentary rules.

    Bring on the 2018 Federal election so that we may dispatch this LP misgovernment to the WPBof Australian political history.

    @MN: Your posts read very much like trolling IMHO.

    @Terry Mills: You know that National$ prefer Adulterers and until “Women supporting Adulterers support National$” wake up and demand better, there will be no change.

  14. Kaye Lee

    Statement of Pecuniary Interest shows new Assistant Minister for Roads and Transport Scott Buchholz and his spouse were directors and held shares in two courier companies, Central Queensland Express Holdings and Toowoomba Express Couriers, and were the beneficiary of family trusts with interests in “transport logistics and freight”. He specifically lists it under conflict of interest.

    The ABC contacted Mr Buchholz two weeks ago, the day after he was sworn in, to ask whether he had divested his interests in the businesses, given his new role.

    His office said he had, but did not provide the date when he did. Yesterday the office said it was on August 28, the day he was sworn in yet, as of Tuesday night, the register hadn’t been changed.

  15. Zathras

    To borrow one of his expressions, once again Dutton has displayed why “he is dead to me”.

    To think how close he came to hijacking the position of Prime Minister and with considerable and influential supporters propping him up is an indication of how low the neo-conservatives have fallen and how low they are still prepared to go.

    The Libs are already at the bottom of the barrel so why to they keep on digging deeper?

    Like the typical bully, the poor petal loves to dish it out but can’t take it and like their other former one-time besties James Ashby and Kathy Jackson, Quadvlieg is backfiring on them.

  16. John Lord

    Well said Kaye. Just another gutless wonder.

  17. Glenn Barry

    LNP coalition accountability – I’m not sure if I should regard that in jest or potential heresy

  18. Kerri

    I have zero faith that Gichuhi has any intention of naming people. she got in on the section 44 drama as a Family First senator then declared herself an independent then sold out to the libs. Her only interest is self interest. She is seeking attention as she knows she will need help to retain her position.
    As for Dutton, we all know that if it smears it must be shit. Seriously whst more could we expect from a Queensland walloper.

  19. Judith W

    So that leaves Julie Bishop out on her own then…

  20. king1394

    I wondered if Sarah Henderson and Susan Ley were bullied into voting to continue the live animal exports that they previously denounced?

  21. SteveFitz

    Kaye Lee – Once again your clear vision prevails and as pointed out previously, Peter Dutton is a personality type. What goes with that personality is vicious attack when you have no defence.

    As the bullying, harassment, diversion and smoke screen meter goes up the level of disenable intellect plummets proportionally. On that equation, Dutton is telegraphing to the world that he is thick as two planks and subsequently, a danger to those around him and a danger to federal politics.

    It is plainly obvious, to those looking in, that Dutton is helping to dissolve the Liberal Party from the inside. Looking at the big picture, there is a concerted effort to dispatch Dutton, not only within his own party but also from MSM. Lets hope the attack, from all angles, sends him completely ferrel and he chews his own arse off.

    If he had any calibre, at all, he would fade quietly into the night. But, he’s too self absorbed and way too dumb for that. If anyone from the Liberal Party is reading this, “GET RID OF DUTTON” He is a danger to our two party preferred political system. It’s not perfect but, it’s the best there is and worth protecting. Don’t let morons like Dutton, and the rest of the idiots in there, destabilise federal government for their own self gratification.

    In case you have forgotten, there is a country to run.

  22. paul walter

    Intemperate Dutton may have gained a little vicarious satisfaction from aiming an ill-tempered kick at the watchdog, but it will just confirm a poor impression many have gained of a nasty government of nasty individuals over recent months.

    Isn’t it a bit like a Kyrgios or Serena dummy spit? The guy is now wounded likely seriously, career-wise.

  23. Kaye Lee

    Scott’s new ministerial code of conduct….

    Do whatever you like and we’ll either say it didn’t happen, or we’ll say you were “frustrated” or, cutting to the chase, we’ll tell them to “get over it”.

    Scott’s new workplace rules….

    Don’t dob.

  24. Kaye Lee

    On 23 August – the day before Malcolm Turnbull lost his job – Reynolds told the Senate she was “distressed and disturbed” by backroom behaviour that she said had “no place in my party or this chamber”.

    Reynolds also told Sky News that after the leadership ballot she hoped that “bullying and intimidation” would be “brought to account”.

    Reynolds was then promoted by Morrison to assistant minister for home affairs.

    Lo and behold……

    “Clearly there are issues we need to address and I’m now dealing with them internally in the party in the processes the prime minister and the whips have set up because Australians are heartily sick of us digesting and speaking publicly about these things,” Linda Reynolds told Sky News.

  25. paul walter

    And now Morrison says, “get over it”.

    How DARE these buckets carry on like this?

  26. Terence Mills

    Interesting that both Reynolds and Gichuhi have decided not to name names : have they been bullied ?

    Noticed today that when Shorten called on the government to table the Ruddock Review on Religious Freedoms – delivered to Turnbull in May – the government refused to do so…………..why is that ?

  27. Kronomex

    I hope that Labor keeps pushing Dutton, and continues questioning Morrison about Turnbull’s removal, because both them have very thin skins and will explode messily sooner or later thus exposing their true nastiness for all to see.
    Look at 2.05 pm and 2.15 pm.

  28. Kyran

    Soooo, wait a minute. The women of the IPA/LNP were bullied. But, in the space of a few days, they can no longer recall their tormentors or the nature of the torment. For the women of Australia, I heartily suggest you do not hold your breath waiting for Kelly O’Dwyer’s ‘women’s mini-budget’ due in September, but more likely to be released in October or November. Probably timed for Morrison’s Hallelujah Chorus on religious freedoms.

    “Kelly O’Dwyer has confirmed that Tuesday’s budget will set aside funding for a women’s economic security statement to be delivered in September.
    On Monday the minister for revenue and women said there would be “a lot in the budget for millions of Australian women” but the Coalition would further address issues including workforce participation, pay equity and superannuation with a separate package.”

    If this is the muppet show, Miss Piggy has outed herself. The other contenders, Ms Bishop and Ms Reynolds, are busily looking for more lipstick, for another policy pig. Meanwhile, out in the real world, another family has been slaughtered in WA, a likely outcome of ‘DV’. As long as these imbeciles, these muppets, want to belittle women and the incredibly important role they play, get ready for more slaughters. Of course, they are not related.
    As for this ‘thing’, Dutton, the most gormless feckwit to have ever been dumped in, or on, parliament, you started on the right footing;
    “He ain’t that bright. He needs backup, just like Abbott did in our Uni days, wandering around with his pack of gormless bovver boys.”
    If brains were dynamite, this ‘thing’ couldn’t blow his nose. There is only one thing worse than a brainless git. That’s a lazy, brainless git. Remember, this is the git who got voted worst ever health miniature.

    “The Australian Doctor article quotes Tasmanian GP Dr Donald Rose as saying: “Dutton will be remembered as the dullest, least innovative and most gullible for swallowing the reforms from his thinktank … Although I am glad he has been demoted, it would have been good if he was still around to take responsibility for the current chaos he has caused.””

    His ‘demotion’ to border protection, the most powerful government agency ever known in Aus, was gifted to him as a result of his monumentally moronic, imbecilic capacity.
    This tough guy, this imbecile, now wants to crash around the shop declaring he’s being picked on. Poor little dear. Poor little flower. There are kids on Nauru likely to die in the next few days. There are men on Manus likely to die in the next few days. Let’s all feel sorry for the ‘thing’ that can stop those deaths in a heartbeat, because he’s being bullied. It appears he let some au pairs into the country, he’s got vested business interests, his personal fortune accumulates through negative gearing. Poor little dear. Poor little petal. We should feel sorry for him.
    Yeah. I feel sorry for him. If you stepped in a pile of this ‘thing’, you wouldn’t try to clean your shoes. You’d throw them out.
    “These gutless wonders, and I include the women who are now apparently too afraid to tell the truth about the intimidation they were subjected to, are treating us with contempt. While they refuse to be held accountable, they are not fit to govern.”
    About an hour ago, Linda Reynolds addressed the senate.

    “When it has been public, Senator Cameron, we have discussed it publicly but we have not brought it into this chamber. I firmly believe that, in politics in this chamber and in any organisation in Australia, if we are truly to deal with the issues faced by many women in the workplace, cheapening them through theatrical politics here in question time doesn’t assist the women in my party, doesn’t assist the women in this chamber and it certainly does not assist the women in any workplace in this country. This is the last time I will be discussing this publicly. I want to make it very clear that it is not because I am giving up the fight; it is because I believe the appropriate way to do that, to get meaningful change, is within my party. Those opposite, I would ask and I would plead: if you want to see a better future for women in this chamber, stop politicising it and making it even harder for us on this side to deal with it.”

    Poor little dears. Poor little flowers, sans petals. Yeah. I feel sorry for them. As for this week’s weak muppet and ministerial standards, here you go.

    Morrison puts stamp on new Ministerial Standards

    Where the bloody hell are they?
    Thank you Ms Lee and commenters. Take care.
    PS. This is offered without rancour, malice or anger. This is offered with disgust, revulsion and contempt. Ms Rollison proposed Solidarity Sunday. Does anybody know what a national strike looks like? Our last PM had a national strike just before he f*cked off. When the politicians, on $200k minimum pa, decided they couldn’t work on the few days they were required to, they shut down parliament. It’s not fashionable, but if it’s good for the goose, …..

  29. Matters Not

    So Dutton stayed in Cabinet when while taxpayer subsidies for childcare centres were discussed. Perhaps a case of an undisclosed conflict of interest? Then there’s the case of Turnbull promoting significant tax cuts for business, which benefit international corporations and those whose tax residence(s) are in places like the Cayman Islands. Another case of a conflict of interest?

    Determining where the appropriate boundary sits will always be problematic. A Cabinet Minister who agrees to a significant pay increase for teachers might be compromised if her husband was so employed. The hypotheticals are many and varied. But the point is – when should a conflict of interest declaration be made and is it good enough to simply absent oneself from the decision making process? Should there be a (transparent) public record? If not – then why not?

    Just imagine how many current Cabinet Ministers might have to absent themselves if negative gearing came up for review. Perhaps a Cabinet decision of one? Perhaps another task for the NIC?

  30. Kaye Lee

    My comment on Linda Reynolds’ facebook page…..

    My m-in-law is a staunch Catholic. When she was to attend an international conference about the role of women in the Catholic Church back in the 80s, a papal legate flew out to threaten them that they would be excommunicated if they aired their views publicly. She chose to remain in the church in the hope of changing things internally. Good luck with that. Silence is what causes the problem and emboldens the abusers to carry on. When the reputation of the organisation means more than making individuals face the consequences of their actions, people suffer. And you wonder why you have a woman problem when you enable abusers..

  31. Kaye Lee

    Rural advocate Catherine Marriott, who lodged a complaint against the former National party leader Barnaby Joyce, will speak publicly against sexual harassment in an event organised by an influential rural network.

    Marriott will share the stage with journalist and campaigner Tracey Spicer at #UsToo, in an event billed as “Lessons from the leaders in Australia’s crusade against sexual harassment” and organised by the Rural, Regional, Remote Women’s Network of Western Australian.

    Marriott took to Twitter to suggest change was happening when it came to sexual harassment in Australia.

    “Rural women, rural men, town women, town men, city women, city men are all fed up with this sort of behaviour,” she said on Twitter. “It’s lovely to be part of the change that is so desperately needed for the future of Australia.

    “Change is happening and it involves all people, men, women, political parties, private and public sector to take ownership and say enough. ‘The standard you walk past is the standard you accept’ #ustoo #metoo.”

  32. paul walter

    I like that comment from MN.

  33. Cedric

    The door to The Preacher’s confeshional is getting a bit of use. Sounds like threatened punishment is working. Don’t give in Lucy, he can’t hurt you any more, in spite of what he says God will do.

  34. Patagonian

    Well said Kaye Lee! And now we have another three-word slogan – “Get over it”. Advice that could be directed at quite a few on the Coalition ‘team.

    Abbott – Australia comprehensively rejected you as PM. Get over it.

    Ferravanti-Welles – the SSM debate is over . You lost. Bigtime. Get over it.

    Julie Bishop – you got hit by the same glass ceiling you denied existed. Get over it.

    Please feel free to add more.

  35. wam

    wont be swept if little billy and torpid tanya hit the morning shows with questions that will excite karl baby or simple sam into asking them?
    Dutton as a gutless wonder??? Don’t think a gutless wonder would be able to do what this nasty man has done.But who cares the lnp women are exceptional as they have a process to help and guide women through the pre-selection process so positive discrimination is not needed, especially in labor held seats. Men, of course, are not afforded such positive action.
    With such a rigorous preparation women cannot be bullied or coerced.
    In case there was some strong tactics the minister for women has been assigned the task and I believe she originally thought there was bullying (7:30 sept 3 and 4) but now the son of a small car says he is not aware and has not been told of bullies. Wasn’t gichuhi going to name the bullyboys? Perhaps, the minister fpr women had a quiet word in a non-bullying manner?

  36. Patagonian

    And while the new Minister for Women wept in parliament over the latest mass murder here in Perth and talked about how the killing of women and children is incomprehensible, she may wish to ponder the following from Fairfax

    Ten people have been killed in so called terrorist incidents in Australia in the last 20 years and at least four of the ten people killed were the perpetrators. There were almost no cases where a terrorist group claimed responsibility and most of the perpetrators had a history of violence against women.

    Over two thousand women were killed in the last 20 years, the overwhelming majority of them killed by male partners and family members.

    The federal government allocated around $18 million to family violence in 2018 and just under $300 million to counter terrorism.

    That’s around $8,000 for every woman killed by male violence and just under $50 million for every person killed by so-called terrorism over the last 20 years. THAT’S WHAT MAKES ME WEEP.

    And what do we get while all this butchery is occurring unchecked and barely remarked upon? A melee of aggressive, schlong-swinging men playing My Dick is Bigger than Yours as they knock off their latest leader. Described by Morris Minor as a ‘Muppet Show” , it was more like that appalling cabaret show Puppetry of the Penis which was popular a few years back.

    Meanwhile in New York, “I did it my way” Turnbull is texting Morris Minor and others about Dutton’s s44 eligibility:

    The point I have made to @ScottMorrisonMP and other colleagues is that given the uncertainty around Peter Dutton’s eligibility, acknowledged by the Solicitor General, he should be referred to the High Court, as Barnaby was, to clarify the matter.

    It looks like it will be some time before good government starts, and even longer before anything will be done on domestic violence.

  37. Diannaart


    Well said.

  38. Terence Mills

    I have been briefed with very little factual information

    The Solicitor General made these comments when advising on Dutton’s constitutional situation relative to his childcare centres and the provisions under section 44 (v).

    The SG gave a heavily qualified opinion and it is quite appropriate, as Turnbull has noted, that the matter be referred to the High Court for clarification. That is the only way that this matter can be resolved and the longer Morrison holds off the worse it will be for him.

    We can’t expect Dutton to refer himself because that’s not in his nature so this will be the first test of Morrison’s leadership.

  39. SteveFitz

    @Patagonian – I’ll add to that…

    Any dropkick who uses the three words “Get over it” does not have the emotional or intellectual capacity to deal with the issues they are faced with or the issues they have created themselves. If your brain-dead it’s the easy way out and it’s a cover-up.

    As an example: A dear friend was targeted by a blow-in from England here for the gold rush handed up on a silver platter by the Family Law Court. She had a child with this good man, with one intention, to use that child as a weapon to steel his life’s work. Through this beautiful innocent child’s river of tears the best the mother could come up with was to tell that dear little 5 year old girl to: “Get over it”

    Once again, it’s a personality type and any-one who uses those three pathetic words is telegraphing to the entire world what a brainless, despicable, heartless, mercenary, low-life they truly are. They are not human, and they need to be flushed away, expelled, cast-out, rejected, tared and feathered and spat on. And yes I’m wound up – It makes my blood boil.

  40. johno

    Patagonian…. well said on your last two comments.

  41. Kaye Lee

    Morrison responded to Turnbull’s tweet… “as the prime minister now, I’ll make the decisions that I believe are in the best interests of the nation.”

    Ummmm…..isn’t that up to the high court?

  42. Kronomex

    Kaye Lee, there’s Pastor Morrison and then god. The rest is just incidental.

  43. Rhonda

    Ha! But Kaye, Morrison believes he has the ear of a higher arbitrator – The big Dog in the sky!

  44. helvityni

    “I think people have had enough of the lawyer’s picnics on these sort of issues,” Mr Morrison said…

    Now, let’s have some PM’s picnics!!!

    What kind of unsavoury issues do we have to avoid….?Why, what’s good for Pauline’s party…

  45. helvityni

    When our dictum is: Different strokes for different folks, then of course little people, little sinners like Emma and Sam pay dearly for minor misdemours, and big dirt-file carrying boys and girls are the winners….

    What do we want…?

  46. paul walter

    Different strokes. So tue if you accept that the situation with the Iraqi asylum seeker booted out today a week off his appeal, is the way the hard right operates.

  47. Terence Mills

    It seems that the Morrison prime ministership is to be known for its efforts to sweep everything it doesn’t like, under the carpet.

    First it was the bullying and the women were shut down, then it was Dutton’s use of his ministerial discretion to help out mates, shut down. Then when it comes to Dutton’d commercial dealings with the commonwealth again they try to shut it down.

    Is there anything that Morrison will actually confront ?

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