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Governments need to listen to community groups on climate change

By Keith Antonysen

Profit is of far more importance than the wellbeing of individuals, communities and countries it would seem, displayed by ignoring the need to transition away from existing fossil fuel mines and no new fossil fuel mines should be developed. We are constantly seeing extreme conditions amplified by greenhouse gases. Both major political parties are involved with not doing enough to ward off climate change. The LNP did little, the Labor government has sought to decrease national emissions but creates a huge carbon footprint through exporting large amounts of fossil fuels. The reason being cosy International agreements. Those agreements fit in nicely with the wishes of fossil fuel corporations.

Extinction Rebellion has been instrumental in the formation of a group of scientists taking the same kind of actions as Extinction Rebellion take. Other scientists have suggested that scientists go on strike by not involving themselves in the next IPCC Report. A number of scientists are extremely disappointed with what politicians are doing in relation to climate change policy; and so, are willing to place their positions on the line. Governments have acted by criminalising activists gluing themselves to buildings or chaining themselves to equipment. It provides a paradox; it’s not ok to be a nuisance but it is fine to support industries which cause death to humans and the biosphere along with other significant nasty occurrences which affect millions of people worldwide.

CAN-West, as with many other groups seeks to provide information about climate change. Councils have been contacted along with State and Federal politicians. CAN-West has been involved with stalls at community functions. A few years ago, CAN-West was involved with an information session organised in relation to a micro hydro plant. Some communities are centred around renewable energy obtained from micro hydro plants and solar energy.

Many Municipal Councils have policies in relation to climate change though how stringently those policies are enacted is open to question. But there have been some projects such as safeguarding shore lines that have displayed strong action. It depends on how much action is taken to reduce greenhouse gases which will determine the success or otherwise of policies and projects developed in slowing down climate change damage.

The greenhouse gases already expelled into the atmosphere do not dissipate for a number of decades in the case of methane, and many centuries in the case of CO2. Some CO2 is taken up by Oceans, though as Oceans warm the ability to take up CO2 is reduced. Deforestation is another factor which reduces the amount of CO2 stored.

Many citizens in communities are involved with practical enterprises such as community gardens, or micro hydro or solar schemes; other people are involved with promoting science; others are operating as political activists; some people might take on most of those activities. Within these groups there is a wide demographic distribution.

Keith Antonysen has been researching climate change for decades. Apart from reading about climate science, Keith also views pseudo-science presented by contrarians. It seems that the material referenced by contrarians is continually recycled. Immense problems will be created unless real efforts are made to thwart the worst climate can throw at us. Nature bats last.

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  1. Mark Shields

    Oh FFS what does it take to tell the Human Society that our
    Environment is more important than our Culture!!

  2. Mark Shields

    When the Internet is swamped with Drill Rappers wanting to see Anarchy prevail over our Democratic Society: We Holders of Democracy have a huge (anti-violent) Fight in front of ourselves!

    It is so sad to see Dumb, uneducated Fucktards willing to fight for a Party they have no knowledge of!

  3. Keith


    Scientists tell us that there is no doubt that anthropogenic climate change is happening. Every major apex global science group agrees that climate is change through greenhouse gases is occurring. Also, paleo-climatology shows the influence of greenhouse gases on climate in past epochs.
    Even in the case of young people vs the LNP Environment Minister Susan Ley, lawyers working for the LNP government agreed whole heartedly that the science was correct. The lawyers argued that the Federal government had “No Duty of Care” for young people. An evil concept in my view.

    World wide the misinformation promoted by fossil fuel corporations and the “think tanks” they employed are now coming home to bite us. They have been lying to us, now much greater effort and costs are incurred. Yesterday an article from the US ABC News suggests that by the end of 2022 it can be expected that 100 billion in costs for extreme events can be expected in the USA alone.

  4. B Sullivan

    Scientists should be given a voice to Parliament enshrined in the constitution. They need to be heard. We need parliamentarians to face up to truth and reality and listen to statements from the brain.

    Mark Shields,
    Anarchy is not incompatible with democracy. Anarchy means no leader just as monarchy means one leader. It doesn’t mean chaos and it doesn’t mean disorder. It just means no leader is empowered with the privilege of sole personal authority to impose orders that everyone else is obliged to follow even if they are contrary to the accepted rules of society. Anarchists follow rules not leaders.

    If Australia had been an Anarchic Republic at the time, then John Howard would not have had the power to single-handedly lead Australia to commit an unprovoked murderous war crime by illegally invading Iraq in the face of seemingly overwhelming public opposition that the full parliament was more inclined to respect. The resolution of the ‘mob’ to remain orderly and obey the rules of international law, was thwarted by a leader’s power to turn the ‘mob’ just like a shepherd controlling a flock of sheep, and led to massive chaos and disorder to millions of innocent people.

  5. Gav

    The only way the gov noddy-heads of the day will listen to scientists, or doctors for that matter, is if they parrot the narrative of the day. I watched part 7:30 Report last night on ‘Methane – the unspoken threat to global warming’ and found it pretty uninspiring. However, if the LNP achieved one good thing during its 2 terms it was not signing onto a pledge at last years COP26, where “more than 100 countries signed up to a global pledge to collectively cut methane emissions by 30 per cent by the end of the decade”. Now if the geniuses in Labor could find the courage to drop their agreements with the WHO, WEF and UN we might have a chance.

  6. Keith


    Awhile back there was an article about methane leaking from coal mines in the Bowen Basin, the article suggested that the amount of methane leakage was equivalent to a mid sized European country. Around pre-Industrial times around 770 ppb of methane were being being voided into the atmosphere, it is now around 2000 ppb at Barrow, in Alaska. While methane has a shorter life than CO2 in the atmosphere it is far more damaging.

    Lakes are forming in permafrost areas due to ice thawing releasing methane.
    Permafrost holds more greenhouse gases than is held in the atmosphere.

  7. Phil Pryor

    What is a Gav? Is it a sty dropping? A devious dunce? A delirious dickhead? An empty ego searching for notice? A fart escaping noisily? All of ths. The other comment this Gav made elsewhere here Meloni, the egotistical loudmouthed nothing who has never worked, never succeeded, never been honest, the unmarried christian mother of professional whining. We found out up to 1945 that the only good fascist or nazi was a dead one, very dead, so as to save civilisation. Greed, stupiddity, ego, pose, image, superstition, fascist policies, signifying nothing.

  8. Fred

    Keith: No argument, but please be aware CO2 and Methane (CH4) do not “dissipate”. Methane in the atmosphere is “oxidised” in a series of steps over time (circa 9 years). There are other mechanisms. CO2 is part of the environmental carbon cycle, i.e. dissolved in oceans, present in the atmosphere (the concentration being problematic), used by plants, etc.

    My reference to the “french experiment” was to highlight that “normal citizens” can come up with practical solutions to climate change that politicians appear duty bound to change after listening to “vested interests”. I like the idea of CEOs being held responsible for “ecocide” – a pity it didn’t get a jersey.

  9. Gav

    Keith, true, increasing methane release, especially from perma-frost areas, is doing us no great favors in terms of keeping temps stable..
    One point, unless all factors that affect the weather are considered, authorities could end up barking up the wrong CO2 converting tree.
    I ran across the argument recently that CO2 & methane are insignificant inputs in terms of infrared absorption drivers of global warming. That global warming prize goes to water vapor which is, in the main, a function of the relative number of aircraft and shipping exhausts. H2O vapor makes up some 70% of infrared heat being stored in the atmosphere, greenhouse gases the rest.
    Meanwhile, over the ditch, the NZ govt is clutching at straws, blaming cattle farts: a kind of ‘Look over there, not up there’ propaganda technique.
    Good luck with that you idiots. If they want people to eat less meat they will need to come up with a better argument than that.

  10. Phil Pryor

    Gav, the battered sav, probably a serial knob polisher as well as the only clear liar here, should try education and research. It can work, but not on resistant idiots who fail to look over anywhere. Good luck with the (essential) treatment for inflation of the ego…

  11. Keith


    The amount of water vapour is in direct relationship with atmospheric temperature. The temperature of the atmosphere is increased or lowered by the amount of greenhouse gases. There is no dispute about water vapour being a strong contender in warming the atmosphere, but it must first be created through a warming atmosphere. When placing cold water in a kettle you do not expect immediate steam until you flick the on button and wait for the water to begin warming. There is a normal water cycle occurring constantly which has been happening for eons, that is extended through global warming.

    Experimentation was done in the 1850s by Eunice Foote and John Tyndall displaying how greenhouse gases operate.
    You are right in saying that water vapour is an important greenhouse gas; but do not understand how it was created, or misunderstood the source.

    In relation to methane from livestock in Australia, the Federal government says they are not going to take action on that account.

    What about water vapour?

  12. gav

    Keith, you are right up to the point that you assume water vapor is a constant in terms of its natural constitution (H2O). If only the only thing in clouds was H2O. One of the keys to getting temps down is for the airline industry to revisit what goes into their av-gas fuels. If they want to help, they could remove those additives that are accelerating the increase in man-made cirrus clouds. On top of that, the sheer volume of 24/7 aircraft-caused high-altitude cirrus clouds (IR heat blanket) means the planet never gets a chance to radiate excess heat out.

    Slowly, slowly, man-made cirrus clouds fill the sky. I’ve a memory of moon-shadows as being quite sharp 50 years ago, these days not so much.
    It has taken 100s of years of intense agricultural clearing and burning up petroleum products to get here. And now those who lauded that activity want to bring it to a grinding halt in 7 years with Zero Carbon, all the while conveniently overlooking all causes and exempting themselves from any real restrictions – Exhibit A – the Royals.

  13. Phil Pryor

    …much better offering from Gav, with less abrasive assertion and a more informed observation…worth considering.

  14. Roswell

    Phil, I too have noticed that.

  15. Phil Pryor

    “Good luck with that, you idiots…” did not do well. I’m ready to be polite and congratulatory…if…and this site deserves positive efforts.

  16. Roswell

    My first thoughts on reading that were that he was addressing us, which left me none too impressed. But on re-reading I think he was talking about our friends across the Tasman.

    I gave him the benefit of the doubt (but my eyes and ears remain wide open).

  17. Gav

    Correct Roswell, the reference to ‘you idiots’ was aimed at the NZ gov, lead by Jacinda Aderne, not at anyone here. It’s no surprise Jacinda, graduate of the WEF Young Leaders program, is all onboard with ‘sustainable development’ at the cost of other’s livelihood.
    As long as she and her minions are exempt, it’s all good in the hood.
    For a wider perspective on factors not covered by the mainstream, I recommend a 17 minute video on Bit Shute ‘Is the crazy weather being played up?’ kla/tv 23640 17/09/2022. Another interesting video hosted by kla-tv, a video that should be of particular interest to posters here if you want to continue to have the right to express your views freely, is ‘Use the Pivotal Moment, Stop the Digital Vaccine Pass NOW’.

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