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Goodbye, Mr Murdoch

By Matty Clarke

After Trump is impeached, it would be a sweet follow-up if Rupert Murdoch was to be arrested for actively deceiving the world – and some would say “endangering the world” – through his cancerous media empire?

I grew up watching what Rupert Murdoch did (and still does) to Australia, to Great Britain, and what he is now doing to the United States of America. Australia even made a movie on it that Murdoch buried.

I saw him corrupt parliaments, “buy” or threaten politicians (including prime ministers), and subvert or even change the laws through lobbying to his advantage.

He destroyed Australian journalism as well as the world’s, caused the famous writers strike through greed in the UK two decades ago. He and his family’s empire have been manipulating world events for profit for a very long time. In fact, as long as I can remember. Most of my life has been about exposing him and the biggest help has been the digital age that has given me a platform to take on his media empire.

For a decade I have worked in the background, fighting to expose him in the build/up to modern events. I will never work in journalism in Australia because of my anti-Murdoch stance and over two decades of raising awareness and fighting his empire will mean I never will be able to so.

Murdoch – if not working with Putin (or Trump and Netanyahu and …) – seems to be working in tandem with him as Putin’s Pet Trolls work in Murdoch’s favour as well. The Western World must come together to put an end to his games and create laws that limit the influence of corporations before they restrict the net so much that we will no longer have the platform we do now to fight back against this world domination by global elites.

We must secure the future for our children and ensure this never happens again, and restore democracy to the world instead of this one global system of Duopoly they are trying to create.

Never, ever underestimate the danger this man is to the free world and to our efforts to mitigate the dangers of climate change.

Apart from war-mongering world leaders (who he more than likely owns), I can think of no-one more dangerous.

Matty “The Fighting Roo” Clarke.


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  1. Jaquix

    Its my aim to outlive Murdoch. I want to be here the day he dies. Better still would be if some other event put an end to his tentacles, but with the sons to continue, and the empire having branched out into TV, Im not optimistic that would happen. That would be a truly wonderful day. So many people oblivious to the damage Murdoch has done to Australia. He didnt ever bother with New Zealand – and you can see the stark difference in their mindset, society and politics.

  2. jimhaz

    Some think, with reason, his sons re far more inclined to the left – but that doesn’t mean they will be once daddy goes (to hell).

  3. Nicholas Smurthwaite

    We live in hope but to many are disinterested and far to open to right-wing fear mongering. I fear we cannot really on the majority ever waking up. Living in a nice bubble, where the real world is kept at bay, is too alluring to many. My only real hope is those who do care get better organised and bring in the needed reforms despite the apathy of the majority.

  4. Joseph Carli

    F#uckin’ Murdoch!..I remember standing on the Morphett St. bridge in Adelaide back in the sixties watching the old News Ltd. building on North Terrace go up in a blaze of glory!..Many suspected Rupert of organising that one for the insurance…But I reckon if one were to troll through the archives of The Bangkok Post or the South China Morning Post for Rupert’s comings and goings in that area during the Vietnam War in the mid 60’s…after all, we all know how he loves the “younger women”..and those R&R cities in Asia were renown for supplying “anything” in the way of “comfort” for those with enough of the folding greens to pay for it!
    The title of “Dirty Digger” could have more than one origin.

  5. Jack Arnold

    Well Matty, i think you have a forlorn hope. Murdoch set his path to his present status back in 1963 when he and The Australian editor, Zel Rabin, attended an exclusive interview with President Kennedy (JFK). Kennedy expressed concern about the world politics of the time; the Cuba missile crisis, the US NE military industrial complex push to invade Vietnam, the dubious Domino Theory. JFK had seen war service and could not justify to himself the loss of life such actions would cause. Ultimately, Cuba would be resolved by direct negotiation between JFK & Kruschev removing the Russian missiles from Cuba and setting up US missile facilities in Turkey, leading to the Greco-Turkish Cypriot War and ultimately US backing for Turkey to enter the EU.

    When the Australians were leaving Washington airport, a White House official requested that they NOT publish any content from their interview with JFK. Murdoch said that he would think about it. At the Hawaii stop-over, a group of US government officials made the same request, receiving the same answer. At Sydney airport they were met by the US Ambassador and entourage with the same, now urgent, request.

    Murdoch reluctantly agreed and the Americans were happy.

    Now for over 50 years The Australian newspaper has never made a taxable profit, the Murdoch empire has received favourable interest rates on loan monies from US banks, Murdoch & family have become US citizens to facilitate purchase of US publications as well as interests in the UK. Murdoch had become one of the “Insiders”, that group of US citizens above the law who control politics and the NE military-inductrial complex against the world.

    The source for this disclosure was Murdoch himself in an Australian ABC news bulletin.

  6. Glenn Barry

    The one beautiful consoling fact is that no-one lives forever, though I’d like to see Murdoch lose his mind before his departure, I think many would enjoy witnessing his decline

  7. Graeme Henchel

    I have a special bottle of red set aside to celebrate the demise of Murdoch. I think we should start organising celebration events now.

  8. Lainie La e

    I hoped Jerry might finish him off

  9. Spindoctor

    Rupert could be here for at least another decade through medicine, longevity science and his $$$millions . The Murdoch structure remains intact even when he passes so its influence and power against our democracy, political structure, communities and human rights will continue with the like minded yes men and women (NoTW Ms Brooks etc, ) he employs as his CEO’s, editors and mouthpieces. We need a royal commission to nullify his influence and dismantle his empire. For that to happen the Poms and yanks must find him engaged in dodgy business activities. The apathetic Aussie population has to unite behind the ALP/greens and independents with overwhelming support for his demise as a power broker in the nations affairs. How a Labor government does that in the face of a tidal wave of united opposition from the LIbs, Nats, IPA, minerals and business councils and vested billionaire interests has never been attempted or done before here. But I think Labor fully realises it is now or never to pull his claws. Just how remains a mystery.

  10. kerri

    Hear hear!

  11. johno

    Goodbye or Good riddance ??

  12. Adrianne Haddow

    I hope I live long enough to see the end of this parasite and purveyor of propaganda. May his brand die with him.
    Lainie, sadly, if Wendy couldn’t finish him off I doubt Jerry can.

  13. Cool Pete

    Well, his boofhead son had dinner with Botty and Goebbels Wannabe the other night, so I don’t hold hope there.

  14. ace Jones

    sorry to be a wet blanket, its better you know in advance Rupert is odds-on to be the first human to be successfully cloned
    hand-feeding hugely successful Korean biotech research … the new reborn Rupert is in the test tube already, there will be no tomorrow without the Murdoch doctrine

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