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Good governance: we don’t have it, so how can we get it?

By Kathryn

No wonder this gormless, coal-obsessed, elitist and undemocratic Morrison regime love everyone to be quiet, complacent and apathetic! Reason? Because – at every level – the lying, devious and totally inept fascists in the worst, most inept government in Australia’s political history, fail every sniff test as a progressive, effective government.

Outlined is a brief summary of some basic areas of good democratic governance in which the LNP have shown persistent failure, an escalating callous disregard and, increasingly, worrying incompetence. If governments are not held accountable for lies, broken promises and corruption, they will become emboldened to be more dishonest and corrupt – this has been worryingly evident by the LNP over the last six appalling years. If others want to add to this list with factors that they believe should be integral to a responsible, egalitarian government, please be my guest by listing your priorities in your response.

Transparent government which allows full access by all citizens and taxpayers of Australia (ie the employers of any elected government), to all paperwork, documents and reason(s) for any decision(s) impacting on their lives (as citizens) and/or their democratic rights. Such unlimited access has already (supposedly) been enshrined in the “Freedom of Information Act” but time and time again, the devious Howard regime and, later, the undemocratic fascists in the Abbott/Morrison/Dutton regime have withheld, lied or denied such access. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Democratic governance is essential to the rights and freedoms of all Australian citizens. Our elected government must not only be seen to be democratic but must act as a democratic government ready to defend every Civic Right Australian citizen has, in accordance with the Australian Constitution 1901. Democratic governance must permit Australian citizens to practice their basic Constitutional Right to Protest, whether it is in protest marches that may or may not impact or inconvenience others. The LNP have shown themselves to be committed fascists, continuing with their model of autocratic dictatorship by arresting protest marchers, muzzling free speech, prosecuting and jailing whistle blowers and infiltrating, manipulating and controlling the content of what does (or does not) get heard and seen on our national taxpayer-owned media station, the ABC. This cannot be allowed to continue! It is fascism in its purest form!

Effective economic management. Sadly, the LNP has been an abysmal failure in this area going back decades. In fact, the Howard/Costello regime that so many misguided LNP sycophants brag about, was voted the worst, most wasteful, incompetent and short-sighted abusers of our economy by all three of the world’s most renowned financial bodies: the highly respected financial magazine, Euromoney, the International Monetary Fund and the Nobel-prize winning laureate and Economist, Joseph Stiglitz! The sad fact is that the LNP have been proven to be the most inept and criminally wasteful “managers” of our economy going back decades! Remember when the LNP screamed blue murder about the Gillard/Rudd modest deficit of $240 Billion? Well! What do we have now? The current economic vandals in the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison circus have managed to quadruple our national deficit to the never-before reached level of one trillion dollars in less than six short years of epic waste, corruption and incompetence!

The safekeeping of a healthy environment. The catastrophic vandalism of our longest river system – the Murray/Darling River – is just one example of the breathtaking, wilful disregard the LNP have for our environment. Barnaby Joyce’s insane decision to allow the thirsty, greedy cotton growing industry free and unlimited access to the rare, fresh waters in the Murray/Darling River has proven to be an act of such short-sighted lunacy, it will take decades to repair the damage done! Needless to say, the rapacious (foreign-owned) cotton industry took just about all the water, dried up a vast area of the Murray/Darling basin leaving nothing for farmers down river and seriously and negatively impacting the water supply to Adelaide who desperately rely on the Murray for its water supply! In addition, you have the mindless, coal-loving grubs in the LNP going against 90% of the population in their regressive, steadfast and stubborn denial of climate change which has been proven by countless thousands of scientists and environmental experts right around the world! This refusal by the neanderthals in the LNP to be in-step with logic reality, refusing to acknowledge or even discuss such a vital, important issue that is having devastating effect on our nation, our farmers, our water supply and our changing weather patterns right now, shows a criminal disregard for Australia, Australians, the future of our children and leading to the escalating extinction of countless species of native animals.

The fair and egalitarian treatment of all Australian citizens. Let’s face it, egalitarianism has never been a strong point with the elitists in the LNP. Their first priority is, of course, to themselves, where they granted themselves at least three obscene salary increases in less than two years whilst ordinary Australians continue to starve on Newstart or eke out a miserable existence on a pension or some other “government” assistance (which, in reality, is taxpayer-funded assistance) – most of which have been callously defunded since 2013. After themselves, the next priority the LNP closely follow is their obsequious kowtowing to their obscenely wealthy donors in the IPA, the coal- and iron-ore mining industries, the property development industry as well as the LNP’s sick, undemocratic alliance with their Chief Propaganda Minister, the non-Australian, Rupert Murdoch! The toxic relationship the LNP shares with the unelected swill in the IPA and the non-taxpaying billionaires, Rinehart, Forest and the international predators in the Murdoch dynasty (all of whom just happen to be high-ranking members of the IPA), has been so detrimental to our environment and to the fair and egalitarian use of hard-earned taxpayer dollars, it stretches beyond the boundaries of criminal nepotism into the realms of self-serving depravity!

The inhuman treatment of legal asylum seekers looking for refuge from a war that the despicable war criminal, John Howard, helped to create! The intolerable, intolerant and callously inhumane, indefinite incarceration of asylum seekers (and their vulnerable little children) in what amounts to off-shore concentration camps (rumoured to be costing Australian taxpayers millions of dollars per annum), goes against every international law protecting the fair and just treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. Who the hell audits the millions of taxpayer dollars the LNP tell us it is costing to keep asylum seekers (and the four members of the Tamil Biloela family) in incarcerated misery for years on end? The LNP would have us believe that it costs $27 million to lock up four innocent members of a Tamil family! Not only is this a despicable lie, it is a vile act of wanton inhumanity that goes against the wishes of the huge majority of Australians especially the Queensland community of Biloela where the family were loved and respected! The UN have tried to intervene on a number of occasions on this issue, but their pleas have fallen on the deaf ears of the stone-cold psychopath, Peter Dutton!

Preventing ongoing nepotism and ongoing blatant corruption within government. The LNP’s resident attack dog, Peter Dutton, is an unspeakably cruel minister who doesn’t even have the most rudimentary level of human compassion or empathy for anyone but himself. The LNP are corrupt from the top down and rotten from the inside out. Australians must demand a full Royal Commission into the escalating abuse and waste of taxpayer funds – retrospective to 2013 when the unspeakably corrupt, pathological liar, Abbott rose to power on a platform of remorseless lies and broken promises and the level of political entitlement and self-serving corruption has since been “normalised” throughout every level of LNP State and Federal politics.

The elected government must honour all promises made before and after their election. This important ruling is in addition to the above point! If politicians are elected on the basis of promises made before an election, they must be forced to make good those promises! Remember all the promises made – with his hand over his black heart – by Abbott which were immediately dismissed the day after he was elected. Remember how the MorriScum government crawled into power because of the wanton, deliberate lies spewed out by the notorious, self-serving Clive Palmer who should have at least been held to account for misleading those members of the Australian public who were so duped, so Murdoch-manipulated and so stupid as to return the worst government in our history back into fascist power! If governments win elections by proven fraudulent behaviour, lies and broken promises – that election should become null and void.

If politicians are caught in a lie, there must be consequences! Just about every LNP PM has been proven to be a staggering, serial liar both before and after the election. Yes, we all know it goes way, way back to the Year Dot with most politicians (from all parties) but ruthless dishonesty, contemptuous lies, deception and the “manipulation of the truth” have become hallmarks of the LNP/IPA/Murdoch Alliance who are particularly remorseless in this regard. Abbott even had the gall to brag about his lies and it got to the stage that if Abbott ever caught himself out mistakenly telling the truth, he would lie about that just for the sheer joy of it! Morrison is a snake-oil salesman who is so contemptuously arrogant, he actually believes his outrageous lies and character-assassinating, libellous scandal about members of the ALP and the Greens. The level of lying in the LNP goes beyond amoral, it is pathological, deliberate and manipulative.

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  1. Jack Cade

    We don’t have it, and it’s our fault. It’s been offered and spurned, I’m afraid. I’m realistic enough to say that I don’t expect to see good government again in my life

  2. New England Cocky

    I must protest your complaints about the identifying characteristics of every Liarbral Nat$ misgovernment since 1996. But I would observe that Australian voters get the government holding the majority of seats in the House of Representatives and so your whingeing merely reflects the naive indifference of too many Australian voters to the consequences of electing self-serving egotists to Parliament and then unrealistically expecting them to govern for the benefit of ALL Australian voters. tamworth women supporting nat$ support adultery and screw us all.

  3. Shevill Mathers

    We do not look into the background, qualifications, and previous positions held by candidates. Sadly, we elect them based on false promises, spin and often, personality. As a result, we have a government the majority voted for. We need politicians with some understanding of science & technology, given the world we now live in. The Liberals are only in power because they have teamed up with the Nationals to boost their numbers. Donations to the major parties must also influence the outcome and needs to be limited to a certain amount, which is logged on a regular basis and available for public scrutiny before an election. Getting this information a year or more down the track is a waste of time. So, how do we get a good government and not people who want a tick on their bucket list and a free ride on the gravy train during and after their time in politics??

  4. Andrew Smith

    The Oz this week has presented another talking point i.e. anti-semitism is the domain of the left…

    One struggles to recall any evidence for this conspiracy theory when it’s almost always alt right ( including paranoia about Soros) and old conservative WASPs who show antipathy towards Jews?

    Keep repeating…

  5. Matters Not

    Compelling evidence that we get the government we deserve.

  6. Janssen

    Politicians – Federal .State or local ..Dont deserve the huge pay out in pension entitlements !! Political welfare !!! ..The ordinary worker busts his gut , year in , Year out ..till retire ment age ..But gets fark all .. Just an age pension !!! ….while these greedy ass holes ..Have a Monopoly on pension entitlements!!!!! …

    300.000 to 400.000 a year ,till they die .while the rest of us ,,Get the crumbs !!!
    Is it nor High time …For a review into Politician Pensions ?……………

    After all .. It should be a privilage to Serve in Government . Not a luxury !!!

    End this political Rort- now …..Tax payers of Australia !!!…

    Make the pension ..Uniform …So all pensions – are capped at the same level …

    Its a privilage to serve in the Australian Government .Not a Luxury !!!

    Food for extra thought !!….Greedy Bastards and System !!!…….

  7. Jano //

    Condemn Politicians – to work for the mole – And dead start payments for 1 year !!

    Lets see if they can handle living in Poverty and survive ,,,Farking greedy Dogs ..heartless pricks …

    And their excessive pension entitlements ,,what a Farking Rort ..

    wake up !! Tax payers of Australia …Wake up !!!

  8. Bronte ALLAN

    What a great & sadly so very bloody true article Kathryn! And almost all the comments from others are so very bloody true too! This inept, lying COALition so-called “government” is undoubtedly the worst I can recall. Although the Hogwart mob were not much better! Sadly we are stuck with this lot until next Federal elections come around, & if we are not bloody careful, we will be stuck with them for another term! The list of ALL their “wrongdoings”, lies & halftruths etc is so long it would fill a few pages at least. And it seems to get bigger everyday! The biggest “sinner” of the lot is our “lovely” (NOT!!) SloMo, who is a happy clapper who could never be a “religious” person if he tried, after all HE is the one that tells the biggest lies! Not that any of the rest of his rabble are not too far behind in the lie department. Whilst, I think, we expect the occasional untruth/lie to be told by all pollies, this effing liberal/national lot would take the cake in every way. NONE of them seem to have a conscience, any “feelings” etc towards any of the people on Welfare, Pensions or, especially, those poor buggers stuck in unemployment & forced to try & exist on the crappy bloody dole payments, nor have any of them any compassion etc towards the poor buggers they have incarcerated on the Island “detention” centers! I fear for this once great/good country of ours if this COALition lot is anything to go by!

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