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God’s lonely man: A complete history of the world ignoring Scott Morrison

By Andrew Wicks

The images of a lonely Scott Morrison at another international summit has proved how deep the antipathy is toward him… and us by extension.

While the most prickly piece of news emerging from the G20 this morning is Emmanuel Macron calling bullshit over the sunk $90bn submarine deal between France and Australia. Per The Guardian, “When asked whether he thought Scott Morrison had lied to him by not revealing Australia’s secret dialogue with the UK and US over the acquisition of nuclear submarines, a dialogue that ultimately became the Aukus pact, Macron was direct in his response. ‘I don’t think, I know,’ he said.”

It’s also worth noting that Macron met a number of leaders at the event in Rome, and Scott Morrison wasn’t one of them.

Now, letting the Prime Minister out without parental supervision usually provokes a response from the populace, as quietly, shamefully disown him just like the toddler running amok at the party. “Whose child is that?”, the world may ask, as we remain silent, disassociating, thinking of our lives without him. Interestingly, the below video clip seems a trifle unfair (and perhaps Scott Morrison is a victim of editing), but it reveals something that happens every time he attends one of these meetings: the leaders of the world like him about as much as we do.



The international view of Scott Morrison oscillates between two polar opposites. Either they don’t know who he is, or they know, and are choosing to ignore him. Recently, Joe Biden (during the announcement of the deal that screwed Macron), famously forgot his name, while looking at him no less, thanking “that fella down under. Thank you very much, pal.”

The 2021 G20 is not an isolated incident, as his trip to the 2019 edition hinted at where our international prestige lay. In the eyes of the world, Morrison is completely out of his depth and has endured the summit as we have at our partner’s work mixer, avoided by all and sundry, forced to retreat to the safe borders of one’s phone.

The loneliness of boredom and the familiarity of being on the outside is wonderfully defined in the image below.


Scott Morrison at the 2019 G20 summit


I realise it’s foolish to draw conclusions from a collection of images, but the alienation of Morrison is fairly obvious, and it is clearly repeating. Something we’ve all done, nomadically travelled to separate conversations we have no station in, those we are politely shut out of before we seek plains anew. He’s clearly the victim of the politest form of denial, the avoidance of eye contact.


Image from thebigsmoke.com.au


Like the chap stranded at a birthday party, he’s clearly hanging in the orbit of the individual he knows best (Donald), although, he’s busy, he’ll hopefully be soon for a chat, and what was that joke about – are you guys laughing at a joke, that Donny is funny, hey? I’m Scott, by the way.


Image from thebigsmoke.com.au


The interesting part of the next image is that his partner is clearly making an effort with Melania Trump, whereas Scott has remained in place, waiting for a look from his mate, hopefully, to signify that it’s finally time to go.


Image from thebigsmoke.com.au


There has been substantial worry that the world will see who we elected, and suddenly think less of us. In Scott’s world (Australia, through the lens of his personal photographer), all is perpetually well. Knowing what we now know, the context that accompanies the below image is spectacularly grim. According to reports, the media at the event were kept in an area away from the leaders as they mingled. Morrison, with his personal photographer in tow (who took the image), allegedly made a bee-line for Macron (and sans mask), interrupted his chat and took the following photograph.

“I said g’day, I said g’day… he was having a chat to someone, I went up and just put my arm on his shoulder and just said ‘g’day, Emmanuel,’ and ‘look forward to catching up over the next couple of days… that’s the way these events tend to work and he was happy to exchange those greetings.”



Clearly, the two versions of the image do not marry, leaving us at a familiar point, where we’re forced to accept his version of the truth. But as Benjamin Law put it: “As embarrassing as it is to see Scott Morrison on the international stage, there’s something relieving about it too—like having a secretly horrible family member making a scene and shitting themselves in public and you finally feeling like you have a witness to your ongoing pain.”




This article was originally published on The Big Smoke.

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  1. Florence Howarth

    The one I love is where the PM is rushing towards what I assume were the press. His keeper, a slim woman in high heels, runs after him, pushing her right arm in front of him, making him change course. Reminding me of my childhood when my father would put his arm out in front of sheep, cattle to make them change direction.

  2. Henry Rodrigues

    Enough said. These pictures say more than a million words and none of them that would make us glad he’s our PM.

    But Murdoch and his maggots are in overdrive, if you’ve seen the front pages of his rags. The enemy is not climate change, its Macron that ‘frog’ and on and on they went, trying to demonise someone who’s got more respect and gravity than the whole federal cabinet put together. Even the Sydney Morning Herald tried in an oblique way, to cast doubt on Macron. Costello the arsewipe must be proud of his team.

    What a way to be seen by the rest of the world, being led by a fuckwit.

  3. BB

    Scott Morrison. Just a “DOG’s” breakfast. That’s a compliment…!!!

  4. Henry Rodrigues

    GL…. Modi’s gesture is very calculated, indeed they are friends of convenience. The idea is to subtly encourage Indian Australians to feel sympathetic to Scummo, at the next elections. Modi is as right wing as this dickhead. Currently Modi is waging a war against his own farmers who are protesting his food supply laws which will hand over control and distribution of grain and produce, and eventually the ownership of the farmers land. And want to know who stands to benefit, Adani and Ambani, both billionaires and both friends of the fat slob from the west.
    Modi is also great admirer of Trump. He campaigned for Trump.

  5. GL


    I had a feeling that there was a lot more to Modi being nice to Scummo but the thought of at least one world leading “feeling sorry” for the Village Idiot was a chance too good to pass up. Modi has a personality cult thing going which The Master of Marketing can only dream of when he’s in his office with his plastic raincoat on and a big supply of tissues.

  6. Carole

    I can imagine some Poms, maybe Liz herself saying « that dreadful colonial « because that is what he is. He personifies the worst of bogan behaviour and there is no excuse. He was not « drug up », he had a good education at a prestigious selective high school that now disowns him.
    He’s a constant embarrassment at home and abroad.
    And it is all his own fault. Self analysis is beyond him. Like most Pentecostals his belief in himself blinds him to his own shortcomings.
    As the Scottish are probably whispering behind his back

    « Oh what a gift the giftie gie you, to see yourself as others see you ».

  7. Michael Taylor

    Carole, Scotland is full of Lefties, with the most fervent ones being in Glasgow (where Doug Cameron is from).

    As soon as they find out Morrison’s a Tory, they’ll be counting the minutes until his departure.

  8. New England Cocky

    I dunno what you are all complaining about. European politicians are an urbane lot and know a low down snake oil Liar from the Shire when they see one … and stay well away in case some of the manure rubs off.

  9. BB

    I hope the Scots give Morrison a proper send off with a Glaswegian kiss or two..
    The French should take a lesson from the Scots about such departure protocol.
    I wish all the other countries at G20 and Cop26 give Morrison a proper send off!

  10. Michael Taylor

    BB, he best stay away from the Highlands. Up there they’d use him as a hammer when practicing their hammer throwing.

    They dinnae like Tories.

  11. Michael Taylor

    NEC, there are some Italian politicians who didn’t take a liking to me. Walking around Rome, lost, I asked two blokes who came out of a stately home where such and such was. They didn’t even acknowledge me. I shouted to Carol – so the two snobs heard – “Maybe they don’t know who I am.” 😂

    Anyway, I said let’s go into the driveway of this stately home, but we were confronted by some officers in uniforms that made them look like peacocks and they were not interest in giving me directions, except to turn around and get out of there.

    “This is the residence of our prime minister,” said one of the peacocks. 😳

  12. BB

    Aye Michael,
    After hammer practice, then practice the caber and toss the shit out of him.
    And finish up by shoving a caber right up his arse as Morrison lacks a spine.
    It ain’t hard to dislike Tories.

  13. Bob

    In the Patrick Gorman tweet above, and at the end of the video one see Vibble Vobble putting his hands behind his back when Morrison approached. So did we get good value when Stuntmo spents hundreds of thousands to get Cormann elected? It appears so and did Vibble Vobble do a double cross on Stuntmo? Mathias Cormann elected next secretary-general of the OECD https://www.smh.com.au › … › Europe › Political leadership 12 Mar 2021 — Cormann’s election is a major strategic coup for the Australian … take the helm at the influential Paris-based economic body on June 1. I think I’ll relish in the notion of a double cross on the climate change issue.

  14. corvusboreus

    I wonder if the fact that ‘scomo’s’ spiritual advisor and WH dinner guest is on trial for charges of concealing serial child rape influenced the other world leaders in conspicuously not gladhanding him.
    Or perhaps they’re all just afraid of coal.

  15. corvusboreus

    Ps for those who dunno wtf I am talking about, google ‘brian houston charges’.

  16. Michael Taylor

    corvus, you can add his QAnon mates as well.

  17. corvusboreus

    Focus is crucial because attention spans are in short supply.
    ‘His Qanon mates’ are not up on charges of concealing (ie being accessories after the fact to) the rape of children.
    His hillsong “spiritual advisor’ is.

  18. Michael Taylor

    True, corvus.

    I still don’t think it’s a good look.

  19. wam

    You were right, Andrew, it was foolish.

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