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God I love Australians

We are an apathetic bunch who would rather watch sport than talk politics. We would rather have a barbie than a bi-election. We would rather go to the beach than the polling booth. But push us too far and bear the consequences, as Campbell Newman found out this evening and as Dennis Napthine found out a few weeks ago.

I am 57 years old (same as Tony) and I have always had a passing interest in politics but, until Tony Abbott became LOTO, I was never passionate about it. He changed all that. Tony made me realise that I had to get off my bum and do something to help protect my country from the pillage and plunder that he is proposing.

I am just a middle aged woman in jammies but I cannot sit back and watch my country sold off to the highest bidder. In fact it isn’t even the highest bidder who necessarily gets the nod.

Tony Abbott views our assets as his to distribute to his mates as he pleases. He gives jobs to friends like Christmas presents like offering his close personal friend, The Australian newspaper’s Greg Sheridan, the plum posting of high commissioner to Singapore after the 2013 election despite him having no qualifications or experience to recommend him for the job.

And that same attitude was shown by Campbell Newman who so incensed the people of Queensland that they reversed the biggest election win in the history of the country to say piss off….enough is enough.

It is now up to every one of us to stand up to protect the country we love, to protect our children’s future, to protect the way of life our parents fought hard to provide for us. We can no longer trust politicians (if we ever could) to do what is in our best interests. We have to tell them no, you may not do this. Our common wealth is not yours to dispose of as you please.

To the people of Victoria, and even more so, to you amazing Queenslanders who delivered a result no-one expected, I say thank you. You have stood up in the first line of defence to stop the corporatization of our nation. You have slapped down those who think wealth and power gives them the right to dictate to us, to wring whatever profit they can from us with no thought to the consequences of their greed. I can only hope that the people of NSW show the same courage and determination to stop Mike Baird from destroying our farmland and water and gifting our public land to developers.

And to Tony Abbott, I look forward to your address to the National Press Gallery on Monday with gleeful anticipation.




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  1. Florence nee Fedup

    Kaye, I think you might be a little like me, Those jammies never seem to get to bed, unless you use a lap top.

    I think. I hope today we have seen a watershed in politics.. I hope we have moved on from the nastiness that seem to began with Howard’s device and rule, his scare politics.

    If Labor finally wins, it will not be with big money. No, a woman took her party from seven to a winning margin, by just talking and being nice.

    No stunts. No slogans. No empty promises.

    This week, I hope is the last of Abbott and his cronies. I do hope that back bench goes for the whole cabinet.

    At least it is a start.

  2. Jeffbrad07

    Kaye, well said. The LNP stuck with their leader. I hope the Federal mop follow Tony’s advice and stick with the Captian whose’s doing a fine job.

  3. Margot

    The Australian
    Queensland election 2015: poll result is a disaster for Tony Abbott
    Dennis Shanahan
    It may be a disaster for Australia as well as the electorate dives for the lowest common (and illogical) denominator but it’s the Prime Minister who faces the next wave of wrath from his colleagues and the electorate.
    Whatever happens, and whatever happens is going to be worse than anyone expected, Abbott is going to be blamed.

    The Brisbane Times
    Tony Abbott becoming Liberal wrecking ball
    Tony Abbott has a new title and it sure ain’t a knighthood. He is now the Liberal Party’s wrecking ball, leaving a trail of destruction across the nation.
    After helping to seal Denis Napthine’s fate as the leader of Victoria’s first one-term government in more than half a century, the Prime Minister has helped Campbell Newman make even more inglorious history.

    Sydney Morning Herald
    Tony Abbott reels from triple blow: Mal Brough, Queensland and new poll heap pressure on PM
    Tony Abbott’s leadership has suffered a series of devastating body blows, with a former cabinet minister colleague weighing a leadership tilt, Queensland state government counterparts suffering an electoral bloodbath and a disastrous new poll showing he trails 57-43 in the two-party-preferred vote.

    LNP rout in Queensland ‘catastophic’ and leaves Tony Abbott terminally wounded, federal Coalition MPs say By political editor Chris Uhlmann
    The rout of the Liberal National Party in the Queensland election is being described as “catastrophic” by federal Coalition MPs, with some claiming the Prime Minister is now terminally wounded.
    “All we are talking about now is the timing and method of execution,” one Queensland MP said.

  4. Jexpat

    “….to you amazing Queenslanders who delivered a result no-one expected, I say thank you.”

    Wholeheartedly agreed, except on the point about it not being expected by anyone.

    Let this be something to remember when the Murdoch press, Fairfax and their parrots at the ABC go on and on about their conventional “wisdom.”

    Even at 6:00 pm on Saturday, election night, the ABC “news” feed in NSW was on about a 52-48 LNP lead.

    And lest we forget: Antony Green’s tantrum about HIS numbers (channelling Karl Rove) in the recent WA Senate by-election.

    Bottom line is that we’re in a hostile media environment- neither their executives nor the rank and file who want to please their bosses are fair dinkum, so take what’s said with a big grain of salt, while at the same time, not underestimating their propensity to (mis)frame the issues.

  5. Lyle Upson.

    i am predicting the Abbott will now go into hyper-comedy

  6. stephentardrew

    WE sure stuck it to the Little Worm.

    GetUp was at all booths, yours truly included, advising Labor and Green voters to preference each other and put LNP at the bottom of the list.

    Multiple choice voting to achieve the same outcome. What a great idea. The issue was the reef however the strategy was much deeper. The Injunction failed because of good strategies.

    A lot of thanks should got to the organizers of GetUp for encouraging a rapprochement between Labor and the Greens to kill the Nasty Party.

    You only have to capture a few voters in marginal seats and bingo results are changed.

    GetUp’s greatest means of contact and communication is social media so we can make a difference.

    There ended up being good rapport between GetUp, Labor and Greens who stuck together and had bit of fun.

  7. Jexpat

    ^ This.

  8. deanyz1

    Kaye, I was a little younger than you when I started to try and understand politics. That was when Gough Whitlam was sacked by an alcoholic, 24 hour pissed GG by the name of Kerr. I was meandering through Qld. at the time and loved the lay-back style of those people. Except for their propensity to vote Country Party and Liberal. The people of Queensland have grown wiser since those days.

  9. Dandark

    Great article Kaye
    We who live in this country are so lucky to be blessed with such uniqueness and diversity in country and peoples…
    We are a proud multicultural nation rich in beauty on many facets….

  10. whatismore

    We also have to stand up against the msm who foisted these clowns on us and make them irrelevant.

  11. r. kent

    Loved your article, Kaye. Thank you.

  12. ' george hanson '

    sent an email to a mate in the U.K. regarding the election in qld. ,he used to lecture at U of Q , and later , was a member of ‘the flying pickets ‘. He was quite delighted . Glad i could put a spark into his day .

  13. corvus boreus

    stephentardrew (and many others),
    Thank you profusely for the good work you and so many other good folk put in to counter the deceptive and vindictive tricks the desperate LNP stooges tried to stifle information. You have done the collective future a huge service with your efforts.
    Today I wear maroon.

  14. M-R

    I love reading stuff written from the heart, and this short post of yours is certainly that, Kaye.
    Looks like I’ll have to watch some daytime telly today (ABC only, though !) so as to be able to do some vicarious gloating.

  15. eli nes

    An arrogant man who made promises he didn’t keep but promised to keep them in his second term.
    Do we know of another pollie who said he would be a new man?
    Stephenardrew et al see any value in banned billy’s bbqs, school fetes and presentation evenings.
    Florence ‘assets sales, arrogance and lies’ and ‘Can do but didn’t’ ‘gunna do better’ ‘trust me’ are easy to remember slogans.. See any value in arming the bottom layer of labor with ‘truths’ in slogan form?

  16. CMMC

    Take heed all you naysayers who continually bemoan the IQ of the electorate.

    They are a wised-up bunch of people these days.

  17. Möbius Ecko

    Quietly slipped under the radar was a by-election in Davenport SA.

    The Liberal candidate held his seat, but what was once a Liberal stranglehold has now become a marginal seat thanks to the swing away from the Liberals.

  18. nurses1968

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall at ANY LNP party meeting this week, QLD or in Canberra

    PRIME Minister Tony Abbott would lead the Liberal Party to a historic defeat that would deliver a primary vote of just 36 per cent and terminate the careers of more than 40 Coalition MPs if an election was held today.
    In a poll that will send shock waves through the Coalition party room, support for the Abbott government has plunged to 57-43 on a two party preferred basis, according to a new Galaxy poll.

  19. Terry2

    So many messages from this election.

    Queenslanders have said “don’t lie to us – don’t tell us that a 99 year lease is not really selling assets, we know the difference”

    A message to the Courier Mail and Murdoch : your extreme partisan support for conservatism disgusts us : report the news……..don’t publish crap, it can’t be that hard (good line Julia).

    Don’t go to an election with no clear polices and then say that you have a mandate to do whatever you want…………..looking at you too Abbott.

    Expect a leadership spill at federal level within days.

  20. babyjewels10

    Something amazing has happened in Queensland overnight. The man who believed he had a mandate to run a wrecking ball through people’s lives and the environment, has been shown the door. Queenslanders, who felt so impotent against this megalomaniac, have shown their strength.

    Just shows, you can only run roughshod over people and the environment for so long.

  21. Kerri

    I have teared up reading news this morning. Not for Newman. Or Abbott. But as I realise there is hope!
    As it becomes obvious that social media is telling the real story of what Australians want!
    All those “expert” predictions that
    ” Newman would lose Ashgrove but the LNP would retain government”
    woo hoo Queensland!!! Well bloody done and bring on that Federal election!!
    All those “experts” who dissed Julia for removing Kevin and praised Tony to the moon and back until the sheeple voted him in?? Let’s see your hypocrisy as Abbott is ousted and the LNP retains government.
    Just like Queensland did!!!

  22. John Kelly

    I have a strong feeling that this victory in Queensland was also a victory for social media

  23. Linda

    O what a beautiful morning…..Queensland horrible one day, perfect the next. While I am a Sydneysider, I looked on in horror while that bunch of reprobates plundered their way through the state. This is a win for grassroots campaigning. Congratulations to the Labor Party.

  24. Damo451

    stephentardrew Great to hear of your efforts to go out into the jungle and actively campaign as a member of Getup.
    Well done !!!!
    I am on Getup’s email list and have been for ages.
    Even better to be encouraging an obvious alliance between Labor and the Greens.
    And as your reward ,i hereby nominate you as the person to fly up up Canberra on an all expenses paid trip ,and deliver Tony Abbott his Golden Turd award.
    While there ,you will have dinner with the entire LNP and get to dance on the table while throwing food at them and chanting losers ,and sucked in all night long.

  25. corvus boreus

    I too hope this heralds an awakening.
    Apart from the result, there is the benefit that this campaign vividly highlighted the vacuum of decency and substance in the neo-con agenda.
    The LNP campaign consisted of entirely of slander, obfuscation, cynical censorship and blatant pork-barreling.
    The incumbent, ‘can-do’, refused to talk about the reality of his past actions and only wanted to discuss his future pipe-dreams.
    Now, this tactic of pointing an accusatory finger at others when questioned over your own deceitful conduct has been thoroughly repudiated by the Queensland electorate.
    The attendant slanders of the Murdoch presstitutes seems to have been similarly dismissed for the bilious vomit that it is.

    Meanwhile the paid scribblers on national political affairs still continue to write their own shifting fables based on their own stated fallacies, many now expressing surprise and consternation that the reality of anti-competence shown by Abbott in government does not match their own woven fictions of the ‘bestest and most effectivest opposition leader everer’.
    I do not expect that the political press will show any humility or regret when they reverse their previous endorsements.
    “Australia needs Tony? Sorry Australia, we F*#ked it up!”, though appropriate, is not a Daily Telegraph headline I ever expect to see.
    Ps. I get an added bonus of scadenfreude thinking of the grinding of teeth as Courier Mail hacks type ‘Premier Palaszczuk’, not just because it will hurt them ideologically, but because the stupid phux will find it so hard to spell.

  26. Damo451

    I think you’re right John Kelly ,social media = people power.
    I wonder what the corrupt ,dried up old bag of bones ,aka Mud duck ,will tweet about this morning.

  27. Kerri

    Oooh! Damo451 it would be soooo good to see Murdoch lose it! I hope the old prick goes bankrupt!
    Unlikely I know! But Not only can we hope we can also motivate to boycott his fiefdom!

  28. Kaye Lee


    My oh my, what a wonderful day
    Plenty of sunshine heading my way

    Mister bluebird on my shoulder
    It’s the truth
    It’s actual
    Everything is satisfactual

    Wonderful feeling
    Wonderful day

    Queensland, you have put a smile on my dial 🙂

  29. corvus boreus

    Dutten-de-da-da, da-da, feelin’ groovy. 🙂

  30. Möbius Ecko

    Yet we still have Newman saying what a great job he did and he did it for the good of Queensland and Queenslanders, still lying to the very end. He did no such thing and Queenslanders know it, he governed for the wealthy and big businesses against the interest of Queenslanders.

    Haha Warren Entsch on ABC saying it’s the media’s fault, the ABC, unions and the Greens running a bullshit campaign against the poor LNP who had to stand alone against the onslaught of untruths and and unfounded fear campaign. According to him they outspent the LNP.

    What a joke, Newman raised a record amount in donations and changed the rules to do so, yet Entsch is going on about the spending by Labor and minor parties. And of course how can it not be a Liberal or Liberal supporter without going on about Labor this, Labor that, Labor disaster and on and on.

    Oh and now Queensland is doomed, doomed I tell you. Investment will go and Labor will squander the good that has been done just like they squandered the benefit of the mining boom.

    I hope the Liberals keep this attitude of denial and blame shifting for it will doom them for a long time to come.

  31. Damo451

    He may not go broke Kerri ,but his power ,which he loves so much ,is rapidly diminishing.

  32. Kaye Lee

    If I was Annastacia Palaszczuk my first step would be to chase the billions of dollars investment available in renewable energy. Tony doesn’t want it. Mike Baird doesn’t want it. Put that sunshine and wind to good use and get thousands of jobs as a bonus. Let the coal miners pay for their own infrastructure if they think it is such a money spinner for them but make them employ Australians and use Australian materials and satisfy stringent environmental safeguards. There IS another way.

  33. Kaye Lee

    It would probably be churlish of me to say how happy I will be to not have to watch Lisa Newman’s Public Displays of Affection any longer.

    BTW Insiders is back on this morning – should be an interesting program – Lenore Taylor, Mark Kenny and Dennis Atkins. (on in 10 mins)

  34. FreeThinker

    Why has Rupert taken to tweeting?
    Because like you John Kelly, he has come to recognise the influence of social media in the contemporary world.

    But the twittersphere is serving the people well by flushing out Murdoch’s ideological position, so that he can hide less behind his publications in the twittersphere, where the baldness of his statements neatly matches the leader headlines of his newspapers.

    Despite the near stranglehold Murdoch has on the MSM in Queensland, and the congruence of his worldview with the Campbell Newmans of this world, enough people in that Queensland have not been fooled, and it is sites like this one that have contributed to the stunning result at the ballot box yesterday.

  35. Damo451

    Kaye Lee , will be watching Insiders as well.
    I just wish the likes of Gerard Henderson ,with his sad puppy i just pissed on the carpet look ,and say ,Nikki Savva were on to have their noses rubbed in it !!

  36. wildediana

    Thank you Kaye…your article put into words everything I was feeling last night as I watched the LNPs get trounced on channel 24 in Nsw. I did zap back and forward from tennis ans soccer. Next defeat will be Nsw.

  37. Kyran

    The exuberance is palpable, but I suspect will be short lived. The MSM’s polls (mostly produced by the paragon of virtue, Murdick) weren’t incorrect or misrepresented, heaven forbid. It was merely one of those pesky copy boys who stuffed up. He did it so well, they left him in charge. As for that pesky internetty graffiti thingy, it is unreliable, cause Tones said so.
    And the secret will soon be revealed, it wasn’t an electoral defeat, but an alphabetic defeat. You see, Dennis went first, and fell. Campbell went second, and fell. Baird will be third and, maybe, will fall. The natural progression of this reverse alphabetic purge is the letter “A”. I have it on extremely good authority, Abbott is going to change his name to Xenophobe, just to get as far down the line as he can! Take care

  38. DanDark

    Oh everything will be interesting in politics from now on, the good old days for career politicians and all who enter politics to feather their own nests is a thing of the past….
    I just love Karma, and it came back and hit the Lying libs right between the eyes last night,

    Oh I been working on the railways, ooops wrong song, row row row ya boat gently down, nooo wrong again
    How’s Advance Australia FAIR, and fair it will be the people have spoken once again,
    We need to put the fair back into Australia….:)

  39. Mark Clifford

    And I thought I was the only one who could see through these arrogant, narcissistic, psychopathic Coalition politicians but alas, as you have so succinctly put it, Queenslanders have done us proud by seeing straight through the LNP and the Federal Coalition. I add the Federal Coalition because they are all ‘birds of a feather’. I am contemplating writing to the Vatican to get the habitual liar Tony Abbott excommunicated for continually breaking the 8th & 10th commandments (as the young ones would say, LOL.)

  40. Loz

    Apparently Mal Brough is now in the ring of contenders for the leadership of the LNP. Does anyone in the Liberal party have any sense of reality. Why would anyone want Brough as leader of the LNP with his involvement in the sordid history of the James Ashby affair This involvement resulting in the ongoing pursuit of Peter Slipper whom they destroyed in the process. Good article Kaye

  41. Shelley

    What excites me is the fantastic numbers that the greens got, that’s what has really put the ALP into power!

  42. Michael Taylor

    Does anyone in the Liberal party have any sense of reality.

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: No.

  43. DanDark

    LOL Michael…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO is what the message was to the Liberal party last night
    I am sooo proud to be an Aussie today just for a change….

  44. Anomander

    Bravo Queenslanders – that’s one down.

    NSW election in March and the big message for Mike Baird is that we don’t want our assets sold-off, we don’t want our services privatised and thousands of jobs slashed, we don’t want our environment, land and water destroyed by mining and fracking, and above all – we don’t want a government that is beholden to the corrupt influence of developers, corporations and the miners.

    We are prepared to pay for services, for transport, for education, for police, for health, to protect our environment – as long as EVERYONE pays their fair share.

    Be warned!

  45. stephentardrew

    Social media is here to stay.
    I can’t wipe the smile off of my dial.
    Oh surprise, surprise!
    Oh were all so surprised we need to make excuses.
    Too angry, too righteous.
    No too cruel and too bloody greedy.
    They didn’t explain their policies because they couldn’t.
    Try they are too bloody cruel and ignorant.
    Barely anyone talking about increased unemployment and reduced wages and conditions.
    God what a bunch of desperate loosers.
    It is not just the bloody assets sales.
    Broken promises, broken promises, broken promises.
    Oh dear they are not ready to govern.
    Let’s not be positive and look to a revitalized future.
    Galaxy 57%-43% TPP Whoopee!
    Libs and Nationals will be tearing their hair out doing a lot of knife sticking.
    Oh how we are looking forward to Abbott”s Press Club drivel session – NOT.
    Heads up bum down blame everyone but your self syndrome.
    We didn’t explain ourselves says Erick the troglodyte.
    Damn that logical thinking thing is a bummer hey mate?
    Shorten ‘Voters are not volatile it’s the broken promises and arrogance.
    Spot on.
    Turnbull in the US making excuses the perfect archetype of Tea Party extremism.
    Maybe, just maybe, we don’t want to be a US clone.
    Australian media doesn’t realizes it but they also are in crisis.
    The ABC, especially, need to do some navel gazing.
    Thank’s for the input AIMN.

    Kaye you are absolutely right about renewables.

  46. rossleighbrisbane

    Brough is the decoy. Once he announces the intention to challenge, then the other can start to actively campaign because there’s going to be a spill anyway, so it’s not like they’re disloyally undermining the leader.

  47. Damo451

    Exactly right about the ABC stephentardrew ,mummified Cassidy and the idiot sitting to his right still dont get it.
    We dont like nasty ,shit policies ,and we dont like being lied to and taken for granted.
    we do not change governments like smart phone apps ” dennis watever your insignificant last name is ” we vote out neoliberal garbage ,who are Lying Nasty do you get it !!
    Labor be warned too ,the electorate will no longer be taken for granted and treated like idiots ,who cannot see the unfairness of policies directed at the poor and disadvantaged out of mean spirited ideology .
    It looks like it is a scary time for a politician right now ,and deservedly so,they can now look forward to the same job security ,their decisions have imposed on the rest of us.
    As usual ,the thinking mans pinup girl ,Lenore Taylor ,was the most astute observer on the panel.

  48. Damo451

    I agree Rossleigh ,Brough is clearing a path for Turnbull ,who just gave a speech saying that if you explain a shit policy in a sly and cunning way ,you can still sell it to a stupid and gullible electorate.
    I am paraphrasing a bit there

  49. Kaye Lee

    Go Rosie Batty!!!!

    “A Fairfax Media investigation has uncovered more than 50 different services across Australia that are cutting staff, closing entirely or slashing programs. The groups provide victims of domestic violence with services ranging from applying for intervention orders to obtaining emergency food and medical supplies.

    Ms Batty voiced her concerns directly to the Prime Minister’s office on Friday to say the cuts, worth nearly $300 million, were at odds with the Prime Minister’s public stance on family violence.
    “It is a double standard, it is contradictory and totally undervaluing the part that these workers play in our front line services,” she said.”

    Australians together are standing up to the bullies. Do us proud girl!

  50. stillbeautiful2003

    This has given me hope. I laughed out loud when I heard Abes comment about “electronic graffiti”. I know why he hates it. we are informed now. we can research things. we can join together. I am so over having to refight fights we fought years ago. I am in the same boat as the writer. I am having to get more radical to match the Neocon dinosaurs we are surrounded by. My hope is for the new generation. My gen did a crap job.

  51. Kerri

    Watched Insiders. Read Rosie Batty. Read everything I could this am. ABC Chris O’Brian didn’t get it either??
    Was a bit surprised Lenore Taylor wasn’t more in touch? She is frequently on the mark! Well Social media is all they say it is not! Long live electronic graffiti!

  52. Anomander

    Still disturbed that over 40% of the Queensland population still voted for the LNP, despite the corruption, the cronyism, the slashing of jobs, the sell-offs the privatisations, the curbs upon freedom, the social destruction and environmental devastation.

    Are there really THAT many dumb, ignorant or apathetic people?

  53. gangey1959

    Aussie Aussie Aussie.
    What a night.
    We won Queensland back. Not from the LNP, but from the politicians.
    As the Labor leader said in her speech, “I’ve learned trust is something that cannot be bought. It is something that is earned.”
    TRUST. A word those in power all need to learn.
    Its the same as respect.
    NSW is next.
    Tuesday night’s Press Club presentation will be entertaining. Haha.
    I noticed on Saturday that TA spent the day with cyclists at Geelong and talking to other MAMILs rather than watch our National round-ball boys in Sydney, but we wanted them to win, so that was a wise choice. Maybe Ang told him to stay the F away. 2-1 up in extra time if anyone is interested.

    OY OY OY

  54. townsvilleblog

    Kaye, please also remember that the South Australian’s stopped the rot by re-electing Jay Weatherall’s Labor government, which the Victorian people built upon and now we Queenslanders have resurrected the party of 9 parliamentarians to 43 plus. It seems as though, finally the people most affected by these right wing policies are standing up and saying “no more” and this may also apply to the right wing of the ALP and their policies? People want to be treated as human beings, not numbers on an accountants spread sheet, we can pay debt off as we do mortgages over 20 years, there is no rush, we want to live like civilized human beings in the meantime, neither major party can take anything for granted now, make moves against our best interests and suffer the consequences, as it always should have been. Go the left wing of the ALP !!!

  55. diannaart

    Kaye Lee your (relatively) recent politicisation is doing you proud – keep up the excellent work.

    Also to Get-up, the Greens and that other party, yeah Labor – well done, see what working together can achieve?

    As for me, I feel Australia is still a democracy – only just – much work left to do. NSW is next, leading to a big kick up the arse to the LNP in 2016? Or will the Libs manage to trick too many of us again?

  56. Shane Broomhall

    Another graphic without Tasmania. FFS!!

  57. khtagh

    Yes infuriating isn’t it Shane, we are easy to find when they want to economically or politically beat up on somewhere they think doesn’t matter.

  58. Graham Houghton

    Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year this is going to be. And if I were able to pose a question to terry yabi at the Press Club stammer it would be, ‘Yes, or no, did you renounce your UK citizenship before entering parliament? Yes, or no, yabi?’ ‘If the abuse be enormous, nature will rise up, and claiming her original rights, overturn a corrupt political system’ – Samuel Johnson, 1763. It’s on.

  59. Kaye Lee

    My most humble apologies to Tasmanians. Actually I think it was Bass Strait that has been omitted rather than Tasmania.

  60. Kerri

    Agreed Kaye Lee. Any new government needs to hop on the renewables wagon ASAP!
    The knifing must be complete and the people need a clean future and industry we can rely on.
    No one is going to buy any more coal.
    Leave it in the ground and add the Neo-cons to it!

  61. Damo451

    Well said townsvilleblog.
    After the LNP gets removed from govt everywhere ,the next move is to clean the right wing cesspool from the ALP and purge them forever. That means you too Billy Bunter.
    Only a partnership with the Greens will bring some old fashioned left wing values and integrity to the table

  62. Harquebus

    Labor is likely to form government in QLD. If it continues with the absurd pursuit of infinite growth, it too will be a one term government.

  63. Maidos Laventie

    Leave the coal in the ground to become diamonds and that will be another job for our future generations to come to use.

  64. Michael Taylor

    I fear you’re right, H’bus. I’m also worried that the same thing might happen on the national level.

  65. Harquebus

    @Michael Taylor
    If Bill Shorten, another growth deadhead, becomes P.M. his government “will” be one term only. We have reached the limits. Promises made depend on growth which, our one and only planet Earth can not provide.

  66. paul walter

    Thing is Harquebus, it is not even growth economics in any rational sense.

    “Growth” and “Reform” are levers now employed for cracking open the bone to get at the marrow, for lazy oligarchs who won’t invest in productive ideas. You are very right to hint that what’s gone missing the last twenty years, actually, is rationality and “Sustainable Growth”, based on science and community need as well as just exchange value for trade offs between commodifying, feudalist oligarchs.

  67. Harquebus

    @paul walter
    There is no such thing as “Sustainable Growth”. That is something made up by politicians. Growth is only required by the banks. See Fractional Reserve Banking. For everyone else, it reduces purchasing power and erodes savings through inflation. We need ever more $s just to break even and where to the $s come from? The wizards at the central banks conjure it out of nothing. Brilliant!

  68. Kaye Lee

    There is also no point in fatalistic defeatism. We must deal with what is. Just saying there is no point is even more pointless.

  69. Damo451

    Kaye Lee you might find this titbit interesting regarding your hopes for renewable energy.
    They are divorced but are apparently on speaking terms.
    .” Palaszczuk was to remain single until 2004 when she married Simon Every, then chief of staff for Senator Joe Ludwig. Every is now a director with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation at Brisbane’s Greenbank, and he and Palaszczuk divorced in early 2009.

  70. Kaye Lee

    Very interesting Damo. Hopefully they are on good enough terms to discuss a better way forward that digging up coal and destroying the reef. Save those hundreds of millions that were to be spent on railways to the middle of nowhere and on dredging to be dumped on the reef. If the coal companies want it then they can pay for it (as if). None of the banks will finance these mines because they are not commercially viable so why should the government pay for it.

  71. Shane Broomhall

    Apology accepted Kaye Lee. We will settle for being a chin.

  72. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Like you Kaye, I can’t wait to see how Rabid addresses those pesky questions at the National Press Gallery tomorrow (Monday). 1pm on the ABC, non?

  73. Kaye Lee

    The programme says 12:30 Jennifer

  74. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


  75. Mikki Campbell

    Kaye what a refreshing and honest post……My two daughters were both like you, and quite frankly I understood, I myself was beginning to feel like I had no energy to stand up for our common good. This government has seen them take a real and active part in understanding what is happening in their wider world and I have never felt stronger about social justice…so thank you…we could start a revolution!!! Lol!!

  76. virtualnonsense

    I’m beginning to feel a little bit excited at the thought that our tiny little individual voices are starting to make a difference. Wonderful article Kaye!

  77. Kaye Lee

    Mikki and virtualnonsense,

    A tsunami is but a ripple in the ocean…..until it gets close to the shore. We may not be rich or powerful but there are way more of us than them. Together we can do it 🙂

  78. totaram

    Harquebus: “There is no such thing as “Sustainable Growth”.

    I think you are being a tad dogmatic. Consider that the billions of dollars of value produced by Microsoft (for example) consists of software, and all other intellectual property is similar. It does not require natural resources.

    Further, economic development and accompanying education leads to population control, automatically. That is the evidence from all developing countries. Countries like Japan and South Korea that don’t have much immigration into them, have falling populations. So as development occurs, populations will begin to fall. Will it happen early enough for the planet as a whole? I can’t be sure, but there is a chance that we (humans) might dodge that bullet. Remember, everyone was going to starve according to Malthus.

    But after the Queensland result, Dog, I love Australians too!

  79. Bob Ramsden

    Bring on Tony and Joe Can’t wait to help remove them

  80. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    I am waiting with bated breath for Tony’s address tomorrow, hoping he will realise that falling on his unknighted sword is the honourable thing to do. And please can we appoint a national corruption Commissioner!

  81. Michael Taylor

    Will he have an earpiece tomorrow, hooked up to Peta?

  82. jane

    “Abbott is going to change his name to Xenophobe,”. Too late. ‘scum’s already claimed it.

    Nothing will save Liesalot or his risible mob of Tea Party worshipers and they will remain in the wilderness until they understand that no matter how much ‘splaining they do, we won’t countenance cruel policies which target the disadvantaged while simultaneously subsidising the wealthy through tax cuts and welfare they don’t need.

    We won’t tolerate your cynical non-core promises, your egregious lying, cronyism, rorting and your pathetic blame shifting.

    Nor will we tolerate your criminal treatment of asylum seekers. And we also warn Labor that they must also abandon offshore processing and withholding hope to people who have already been severely traumatised and possibly suffering PTSD.

    Get rid of the anachronistic British Honours you’ve foisted on us and ffs stop awarding knighthoods to members of the royal family!

    Oh and we want Gonski as legislated by the Gillard government, we want you to get your maulers off medicare, NDIS and renewable energy. And step away from the NBN. You can have Fraudband if you want, but we want FTTP.

    If I’ve forgotten anything, I’ll let you know, but JUST. STOP. IT. WITH. THE. LIES!

  83. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    @jane @12.01am

    Speak more on this site, Jane,

    coz you make sense, damn it!

  84. Kaye Lee

    Well said Jane. Stop the lies, stop the marketing and the spin. We are sick of being conned with your stupid misleading graphs (which any year 9 student could pull to pieces), we are sick of things like you saying Labor left you $667 billion in debt when that was a possible debt in ten years’ time under YOUR policies (no carbon tax, no mining tax, gifts to the RBA, using the navy to persecute asylum seekers, buying ridiculous numbers of war toys etc). It makes me furious when I am treated like a fool.

    I thought Bill Shorten spoke well on Insiders but I hope we can start hearing some ideas soon. He did mention the submarines – cancelling Tony’s submarines and 58 fighter jets would save us tens of billions. Let’s start there.

  85. Florence nee Fedup

    We hear so much about the hard decisions this mob is making. We hear Turnbull say public will accept unpopular policies if properly explained. Like when they used the word reform, is seems to be assumed that their actions are all positive, all essential.

    If the policies and so called reforms are based on false and lying evidence, they are wrong, and should not be accepted.

    They do not identify problems, They create straw men, to used as excuse to bring in their neoliberalism policies.

    They claim they are dealing with debt and budget repair. Not the case. They are enforcing their dogma on us. All they are interested in I their agenda, not what is right for the country, or what the voter wants. They lie and cheat to do so.

    It is about the government ditching all government services, people being responsible for their own well being. About lower taxes for business and higher income earners.

    It is about transferring all wealth from those at the bottom, to those at the top.

    Yes, we have good reason to feel cheated and conned.

  86. spiraledi1

    And so say all of us Kay Lee,and so say all of us.

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