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Give it up, Scott – they know you are lying

Protected by a self-serving media, ProMo has pushed the line that Australia will meet its emissions reduction targets “in a canter”, something his own government’s figures show is a lie.

When carpeted by the Fijian PM about our inaction on climate change, Morrison lamely paid respect to Mr Bainimarama’s international leadership and passion on climate change and oceans, saying Australia would directly fund projects tackling the impact of climate change. But he said Vanuatu’s leaders had not asked Australia to do more to curb emissions.

Is this guy for real? Give it up, Scott. The rest of the world is onto your lies and this is what they think of us.

Bonn – May 2012

The 2nd place Fossil goes to Australia and New Zealand for not submitting a QELRO carbon budget into the Kyoto Protocol. These countries continue to vacillate on whether they will follow the shameful example of Russia and Japan (and let us not even mention Canada). Our time in Bonn has shown that the international community is growing very impatient as it continues to wait and see if Australia and New Zealand deserve its scorn or its applause.

UN Warsaw Climate Change Conference – November 2013

This year’s Colossal Fossil goes to Australia. The new Australian Government has won its first major international award – the Colossal Fossil. The delegation came here with legislation in its back pocket to repeal the carbon price, failed to take independent advice to increase its carbon pollution reduction target and has been blocking progress in the loss and damage negotiations. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

UN Lima Climate Change Conference – December 2014

This year’s Fossil of the Year Award, goes to Australia who take the Colossal Fossil award for collecting more Fossil awards than any other country here at COP20. From the get-go Australia signalled they were not coming here to make progress towards a comprehensive international climate agreement. This was pretty clear when they sent a climate sceptic Trade Minister Andrew Robb along to “chaperone” Foreign Minister Julie Bishop into a negotiating dead-end. The delegation in Lima has been dragging down loss & damage, flip-flopping on climate finance, and making bizarre comments that reveal a warped perspective on climate action. Shape up Australia, you are making Canada look good!

UN Paris Climate Change Conference – November 2015

Julie Bishop earned Australia the Fossil of the Day Award for a speech in which she said “Barring some technological breakthrough, fossil fuels will remain critical to promoting prosperity, growing economies and alleviating hunger for years to come.”

Marrakech – November 2016

“Our first Fossil of the Day award goes to…Australia for making ugly complaints about dirty baggage. We don’t mean to gossip, but today the Australian Energy and Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg was caught complaining to US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz about American charities standing in solidarity with Australian communities who are fighting to prevent the construction of the largest ever coal mine down under – Adani’s Carmichael mine. Australia ratified the Paris Agreement last Friday, so lobbying for coal expansion at the United Nations climate negotiations is an ugly, ugly thing to be doing. Shape up, Australia.”

And again on Thursday Australia also shared a Fossil of the Day award:

“The Fossil of the Day award goes to…take a deep breath…Turkey, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, France, Japan and Indonesia for duplicity at the UN climate negotiations. While representatives from climate vulnerable countries, cities, business, and civil society are fighting to keep dirty fossil fuels in the ground, as well as preventing the expansion of polluting airports (hat-tip to France), these countries are doing their best to increase their domestic fossil fuel extraction. By doing so, they are quite literally drilling under and undermining everyone’s efforts to keep global warming below the critical threshold of 1.5C degrees. These countries helped forge the Paris Agreement which is now in force, committing them to halt climate change, so they really need to get the left hand and the right hand talking to each other. Big words at the UN don’t mean much when you’ve got big fossil fuel plans back home!”

Bonn – November 2017

CAN said the plans to build a coal mine larger than the city of Paris and ship its coal out through the bleaching Great Barrier Reef highlighted its commitment to fossil fuels and its climate science denials

“As bad neighbours go, Australia is the worst! Providing funding and approval for these mines (Adani isn’t the only one!) would put its already vulnerable neighbours at further risk. You should be striving to protect the Pacific Islands, Australia, not destroy them,” CAN said in a statement.

“Australia can’t sign up to the Paris agreement and then give almost $1 billion to Adani to build the world’s biggest coal mine. It is putting short term profits ahead of the future of entire nations.

“The age of fossil fuels is over. Australia must prove it is serious about limiting warming to 1.5 degrees if it wants to reduce the frequency and severity of natural disasters, from strengthening Pacific cyclones and sea level rise to extended bushfire seasons and bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.”

COP 24 Katowice December 2018

The Aussies are big on transparency and have a robust system of greenhouse gas accounting and report on emissions at home, which is why we know they have had four years of rising emissions after scrapping a successful emissions trading system. So how will they meet their target?

Through carbon credits, of course! While their neighbor, New Zealand, came out this week and announced they will not use Kyoto Assigned Amount Units (AAUs) to meet their Paris Target, Australia has remained silent in transparency and accounting in anticipation of using its hundreds of millions of credits to meet its target in a canter.

Let’s be clear, Australia is not interested in reducing emissions, it saddled up to the Trump sideshow on coal to promote its fossil fuel exports and Carbon Capture and Storage technology and, at home, its Energy Minister is fast tracking plans to use taxpayer dollars to build new coal fired power stations.

So, welcome back, Australia – don’t you think it is finally time to wake up and smell the smog?

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  2. Keith

    The canter is beyond a business as usual scenario; not towards getting emissions down. The LNP are promoting new coal mines and extensions to coal mines; as well as fracking. It might be an accounting device for countries to list emission goals; but, greenhouse gases know no boundaries. The LNP are only fooling themselves in believing that in the main, voters will believe them. Morrison when in Fiji tried to promote himself as a believer in climate change, in Australia he took lumps of coal into Parliament and promoted coal mining. In Poland, at the recent COP 24, Australia presented as a pariah State.

  3. SteveFitz

    Thanks Kay Lee – The countries in disgrace for ignoring global warming in favour of promoting the burning of fossil fuel, as pointed out, are: Turkey (Authoritarian), Russia (Authoritarian), Australia (Right-wing), France (Right-wing), Japan (Right-wing), Indonesia (Authoritarian), Canada (Right-wing), USA (Right-wing) and every country involved in the wars for control of oil and natural gas.

    So basically, Australia with a right-wing elitist government is bundled in with dictators, authoritarians and other self-serving right-wing governments. Collectively, they rule with lies, deceit, fear and propaganda. It is shameful beyond belief that this is Australia in the 21st century. It feels like the dark ages but much worse because ignorance is not an excuse.

    We are the last generation capable of standing up for the rights of humanity and the protection of the natural world. We have a huge responsibility to fight for and, protect that future.

  4. Peter F

    When Morrison said we would reach our emission standards ‘in a canter’ he showed how backward his thinking is. This MIGHT have been reasonable terminology a century ago.

  5. Vikingduk

    Yep, Steve Fitz, your last paragraph says it all.

    And, of course, Kay Lee, who never stops.

    Onward we go into very dangerous times, depressing times, perhaps on occasion hopeless times. We can’t give up, give in, lose all hope, lose the meaning of being a responsible, compassionate human. We can’t let these things masquerading as a government continue to spread their lies, deceit, their effing ignorance, their traitorous ways.

    Our beautiful planet and all it’s life forms depend on us realising we are the caretakers.

    Once again, all who participate in and at AIMN, thank you. Sometimes up here on the Sunshine Coast a person can feel surrounded by destructive, wilfully ignorant arseholes. Though here in Noosa Shire care for the environment prevails, both in residents and council, making it quite easy to celebrate and appreciate the beauty of nature.

  6. Keith

    It will be either a LNP, or Labor government after the next election; perhaps with a few more cross bench politicians. Labor does appear to listen to people more and have been doing so for some years, though the attitude to Adani does not provide too much confidence. With the IPCC Report, a major US Report, and research in relation to Antarctica and Ocean warming; makes promoting of Adani a reckless wish. Two years ago dry lightening strikes caused huge fires in alpine areas of Tasmania. Bushfires are once again causing bush fires in Tasmania through dry lightening strikes. Dry lightening strikes were not happening with such regularity in the past I understand. We have had mangrove forests damaged in the Gulf of Carpentaria, The Great Barrier Reef and coral reefs generally on the way out, and the Murray Darling system at crisis point. The major drought and heatwaves will need to be assessed where they fit in with climate change.

    The part politicians do not understand is the Physics and Chemistry. The choice is allow major fossil fuel companies to continue to make huge profits; or take actions which will lower the possibility of Earth’s population being knocked for a sixer. The resources needed to fund world wars would be needed to fund strategies to ward off the worst of climate change.
    Do we care about young people; those promoting a business as usual approach clearly do not.

  7. Terence Mills

    Oh dear, News corp have started their election campaign for the coalition with a piece of what is probably fake news but what the hell, it gets the ball rolling :

    An Indonesian fisherman who previously smuggled asylum seekers to Australia has revealed his fellow boat captains are ready to resume the trade if Bill Shorten is elected as Prime Minister.

    Amin Tagana told The Weekend Australian smuggling bosses are still active and watching the Australian election in hope a new government will ease the crackdown.

    Mr Tagana, who was paid $5000 to smuggle asylum seekers in 2014, said fisherman in his village of Tablolong were hoping a new leader will weaken borders.

    ‘I am very excited about that. Even though I will be putting my life on the line, for the right opportunity I would do it again,’ he said.
    An Indonesian fisherman who previously smuggled asylum seekers to Australia has revealed his fellow boat captains are ready to resume the trade if Bill Shorten is elected as Prime Minister

    We can expect Peter Dutton to continue with this puff story in the next few days and weeks. It’s going to be a very nasty couple of months until we can finally flush this government in a federal election.

  8. Kaye Lee


    Their playbook is obvious. What of the much vaunted ring of steel?

    Australia’s “largest maritime operation” in peacetime history will involve up to a dozen patrol boats and a supporting naval warship, as well as an offshore patrol vessel from the Australian Border Force (ABF), to create a so-called “ring of steel” to block future people-smuggling ventures.

    Military sources have confirmed to the ABC that six Royal Australian Navy Armidale Class ships are already deployed to the north, and will soon be joined by a major fleet support unit, which could be either an ANZAC-class warship or a guided missile frigate.

    The Royal Australian Air Force is also contributing to the huge operation with surveillance assets such as P3-Orions.

    As well as the substantial military involvement, the ABF is sending up to half a dozen of its Cape Class patrol boats which will be supported by an offshore patrol vessel.

    One source familiar with the operation has confirmed other government agencies, including the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, are involved in the effort.,-abf-ships-sent-off-to-block-people-smugglers/8023636

    Australia will spend $7 billion on a fleet of six long-range unmanned drones to monitor the seas around Australia and feed intelligence to its partners in the Five Eyes alliance.

    “It’s very important for us to know who is operating in our area and therefore be able to respond, if necessary, to any threats,” defence industry minister Christopher Pyne told reporters in Canberra on Tuesday. “We use it for people smugglers, people who want to do environmental damage in our area, illegal fishers – and then we provide that information to the Five Eyes countries like the United States, the UK and so on.”

    If the combined resources of our Navy, Air Force, Border Force and intelligence agencies can’t stop a few fishing boats or monitor people and villages who are saying they are going to set up more voyages, then why the hell are we wasting so much money on them and heaven help us if anyone really wants to invade us.

  9. Keith


    You can add Brazil to your list of pariah nations. The extreme right President is pushing for the Amazon Basin to be logged and dispossess the inhabitants.

    More references provided below than can be provided by skeptical climate scientists in a couple of years. Powell et al suggested … “During 2013 and 2014, only 4 of 69,406 authors of peer-reviewed articles on global warming, 0.0058% or 1 in 17,352, rejected AGW.”

    Guest post: Observations and models agree that the oceans are warming faster

  10. RomeoCharlie29

    The ABC, and presumably other media covering Morrison’s Fiji visit, broadcast his outright lie about Australia meeting its Kyoto targets. I know what he says is bullshit, and shout at the TV, but what of those who (might still) believe their PM? Should there be some clarifying explanation? A fact-check? Or do we just have to count on the viewer/listener ‘knowing’ their unelected, accidental PM is a serial liar?

    In the meantime keep up the good work Kaye Lee

  11. Kaye Lee


    From the latest greenhouse gas inventory….

    “Australia’s emissions for the year to June 2018 were 2.4 per cent below emissions in 2000”

    We promised to be 5% below 2000 levels by 2020. As emissions have been going up every year since the repeal of carbon pricing, it is patently clear that it is only by using carryover from Kyoto 1, which allowed us to INCREASE emissions by 8%, that we will get anywhere near it. Other countries like NZ are not using the carryover. Aside from which, the claimed emissions reduction from land use changes have not been verified for a long time and there is a real risk that they are badly wrong. None of it adds up even for 2020 let alone projections for 2030. And why do we only have figures up to June last year? Why are releases of things like the State of the Forests report being delayed?

  12. Terence Mills

    No sooner does The Weekend Australian write an article about Indonesian fishermen hoping to resume people smuggling if Labor gets in [do they really pay that much attention to Australian politics or does it take Newscorp to point the way ?]

    Right on cue Mr Dutton is ready with his dog-whistling breathlessly reported by Newscorp :

    Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said people smugglers “were praying for a Labor government”……”this is not the first time (people smugglers) have confirmed they will restart boats if Bill Shorten is elected prime minister”.

    I wonder, could the Home Affairs Minister be guilty of undermining our border security by encouraging people smugglers ? The Migration Act does include penalties for anybody supporting or encouraging people smuggling activities : be warned Mr Dutton !

  13. Kaye Lee

    WOW. Kelly O’Dwyer has quit.

  14. David Evans

    Climate Change? Kyoto? Paris Agreements?….No that’s all rubbish, just check Craig Kelly MP Facebook posts. How dinosaurs like kelly are allowed to remain in Parliament, supposedly representing an Australian electorate, in 2019 is beyond any reasonable persons thought processes. If the PM had any leadership abilities, and was even slightly aware of his own obligations to the people of Australia, he could start by apologizing to the people for his own and kellys ignorance, and arrogance. And fumigate your office, morrison, it smells of horse shit. Then just go, and close the door behind you.

  15. Kronomex

    Makes you wonder if she’s jumping the ship of fools because she realises that the LNP is going to be flushed at the next election. It will be interesting to see who Scummo is going to run in her place. Will it be a female or will he continue in trying to resurrect the glory days of the 1950’s?

  16. Paul Davis

    Yes, Kelly O’Toaster has jumped ship allegedly to give her full attention to an attempt to have a third child. Best wishes Toastie, hope you and your partner’s efforts bear fruit. As a former cabinet member she is entitled to a lucrative apres guvmint posting so it will be interesting see what Smirky offers her.

    Dark Sky sorceress Petra the Incredulous may nom for the seat, as there are a few decent restaurants nearby.

  17. SteveFitz

    “In Parliament since 2009 and a cabinet minister since 2015, Minister for Jobs and Industrial Relations since August 2018, the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP, said that the appointments will ensure that the Fair Work Commission (FWC) continues to play a vital role ensuring our workplace relations system operates in a fair and transparent manner and promote a constructive and cooperative environment for Australians in the workplace”.

    Sorry for the diversion Kaye Lee but, this issue really gets my back up and started me on the path to push for a progressive government. That’s a never give up and do everything you can to get rid of the LNP government kinda push.

    I sent the Hon Brendan O’Connor MP, Shadow Minister for Employment & Workplace Relations the following letter on 16th Dec 2018 to follow up with the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP, in relation to a matter in the Fair Work Commission in 2016 when Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash was the minister responsible for the FWC.

    “Dear Hon Brendan O’Connor MP

    Please find attached my representations to Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash in relation to corruption in the Fair Work Commission (FWC). Corruption with evidence on the court record so it can’t be disputed. Not just corruption by one of the FWC commissioners but also a cover-up by the full bench of the FWC.

    I was twice ignored by Senator Cash but not ignored by Transparency International or prominent QC’s from the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). My case, this case, with proof of federal corruption went some way towards the push for a federal corruption watchdog.

    As you are no doubt aware, the Fair Work Commission has been over-run and corrupted by corporates to the detriment of the Australian workforce with the blessing of the LNP government. The decisions made in the FWC impact all of society and to date have been heavily weighted in favour of corporates.

    You need to be aware of how the world works – Corporates lobby politicians for legislation that favours corporates and corporates donate to election funds in return for favours. The LNP go after the big bucks. They govern for themselves and the top end of town for money to throw at cohort main stream media to lie, cheat, deceive, bribe and buy their way into power. They rely heavily on the ignorance vote. The good people of Australia are starting to wake-up.

    As our upcoming minister for Employment & Workplace Relations, I’m suggesting you tear down the FWC and start again. We need a balance that looks out for the best interest of all Australians and Australian society, and not just the financial elite and right-wing politicians.

    I am available to point you directly to the hard evidence of FWC corruption and cover-up, if required. Other than that, forwarded for your information. You have the vote of every thinking and clear minded Australian.”

    Kelly O’Dwyer is also Minister for Women. In light of the above and the way the LNP treat women, if I were Kelly O’Dwyer, I would run screaming as far away from the Morrison government as I could get.

  18. Terence Mills


    We may not have a government by Monday

    Lightweight Liberal senator David Bushby – I’ve never hear of him either – announced today he would retire from the Senate on Monday, with more than three years left on his term.

    He has been offered the job as Australia’s next consul-general in Chicago [seriously] provided he doesn’t spill the beans on the incompetence and mismanagement of the Morrison government – I didn’t know it was meant to be a secret, did you ?

  19. Kaye Lee

    He’s a senator with three years still to run. His vacancy will just be filled by another Liberal.

  20. paul walter

    Yes, but it becomes a bad look when so many rats start jumping the sinking ship at the same time?

  21. Kaye Lee

    Very much so paul.

  22. Matters Not

    Labor could promise to do a Julie Bishop re Steve Bracks and this time with fair warning.

    Ms Bishop said in May that the timing of the appointment was ”inappropriate” because of its proximity to the election, and warned that any decisions would be reviewed.

    She described Labor as ”arrogant” for appointing Mr Bracks without consulting the Coalition.

    Or is hating only allowed for the LNP? The prospect of Opposition is frightening.

  23. Terence Mills

    Anticipate an early election – the government can’t keep hemorrhaging like this without falling further into minority with no mandate to govern.

    Good point MN !

  24. helvityni

    I must have missed that bit of news re Steve Bracks, I always liked the man…

    Some people seem to think that Ms Julie would make a good PM…???

  25. Matters Not

    Terence Mills, no doubt Morrison et al will be looking for a scandal or two that could tempt them to go early. But then again Morrison will be doing his sums re future super entitlements and there’s no doubt he likes the trappings of office.

    Depart with a bang or a whimper – his choice. Hopefully Labor members can keep their political skeletons deep inside their proverbial cupboards.

  26. paul walter

    Indeed Helvi.

    Matters Not has pointed out to devastating effect the absolute paradigm that Julie Bishop actually was, for superficiality.
    What’s more, if Bishop was one of the brighter ones as some brave souls have claimed, contemplation of (many) worse examples becomes akin to a plumbing of the depths of the Marianas Trench abyss; Indelibly breathtaking.

    As for Ms Julie, not since Andrew Peacock have we watched such a souffle deflate so rapidly.

  27. Paul Davis

    Yes, Chicago, the spiritual home of the Liberal Party. David Bushby can take up residence as consul general at 2135 South Michigan Avenue in the South Loop Market building, formerly the Lexington Hotel which was home and headquarters of Al Capone and his merry mob back in the good old days.

  28. helvityni

    …a rapidly deflating soufflé…big LOL for that…

    (My scones come out of oven looking like pancakes..)

  29. paul walter

    Indeed, Helvi

    “Can a souffle rise twice?”
    was the rhetorical question asked of former playboy Liberal leader Andrew Peacock, the Colt from Kooyong, anointed successor to Menzies in the silver tails seat of Kooyong, one-time husband of the hideous socialite Susan Sangster and later sometime escort for American actress Shirley McClaine.

    Paul Keating was moved to ask this in the late 1980’s during a time when John Howard, “The Dessicated Coconut” and Peacock monotonously kept replacing each other as Lib leader during the Hawke Keating ascendancy.

  30. Shaun Newman

    Kaye, yes, Lying seems to be s common trait of religious fanatics these days, they lie about violating children, emissions reality and most other issues as far as I can see. Hypocrisy, especially among the happy clappers seems to be in epidemic proportions as this years federal election draws ever closer.

    I am increasingly hopeful of a change of government, however the latest Essential poll worryingly put the major parties neck and neck and considering how anti-people, pro-corporations this tory government has been for the past 6 years Aussie apathy raises its ugly head again.

    Those of us who are politically aware have to campaign very hard from this time forward if we are going to achieve the change of government that we desire.

  31. Aortic

    Well said Kaye. Just read of the completion of a solar farm near Echuca, despite some local objections to be one of eight. Despite this and other worthy installations the report noted we are still some fifteen years behind Europe. Morrison would probably put it down to the lack of sun here compared to Europe and nothing to do with the ” contributions” coal and other fossils make to the country.

  32. paul walter

    Judging by recent weather in the Riverina and north-east Victoria, I would have thought solar to have a bright future in this region of the country.

  33. Pappinbarra Fox

    Shaun Newman What poll is that? This is the most recent I could find:

    Two Party Preferred: 15 January 2019

    MN: “Morrison et al will be looking for a scandal”, yeah maybe but more likely (after all it worked before) –
    Morrison will be looking for a freighter steaming over the horizon filled with new age terrorist infidels. Or he will be conjuring one up. Note they “steam” over the horizon in a coal driven ship that will always point to Mecca even steaming backwards, tossing babies overboard with gleeful abandon as they go. And their figurehead will be a Prakash with terror eyes of mash and the mast will be a rampant story.

  34. Michael Taylor

    Plenty of panels on our roof, Paul. Plus we’re getting more later in the month. And a battery.

    Our power bills will be a thing of the past, and the battery will pay for itself in six years.

  35. paul walter

    Haven’t forgotten, just not got round to it.

    Marvellous thread the one on MMT, has me boning up at Quiggin, et al. Apparently there ARE problems with it. Still, something that changes a picture and has people looking from a fresh angle can’t be all bad.

  36. SteveFitz

    Yes Paul, we need to try every angle.

    Girls, Girls, Girls and Women. There is a sisterhood of women and, women talk to each other. There’s proof of that. You gave up wearing fur coats to save the natural world and that message spread globally. We need a transition to renewable energy from the sun and wind and, we need to phase out burning fossil fuels to avoid catastrophic climate change.

    The men in power don’t seem to be able to contemplate saving the natural world. They seem to be stuck in no-man’s land when it comes to action on global warming. So, start talking girls, you have the numbers to get rid of the governments who stand against you. Get rid of the governments in climate change denial and, that’s the ones backing fossil fuel.

    Once again, change global thinking to save the natural world and, as a bonus, save us along with it. Clearly, the men in power are not worth saving but, lucky for them, our children are.

  37. paul walter

    It is the pity the mentality is so entrenched in the corridors of power and likely to stay like it. Intransigent and stubbornly immune and unreceptive to change, it is Gulag World for most, apart from atypical places like this where consent is manufactured.

    Bread and circuses do the trick.

  38. SteveFitz

    This is a little off-track Kaye Lee but it backs up something I was saying earlier in this post.

    There’s no excuse for a car crash but they still happen, and we try to understand why? There’s no excuse for domestic violence but it still happens and, it would be prudent to try to understand why?


    When a middle-class, high employment area like Camden recorded an almost 50 per cent spike in domestic violence in the two years to 2018, Pru Goward had to ask the question.

    “I spoke to Camden police, I said, ‘what’s this about’? They said, ‘mortgage stress’.”

    It was a salient lesson for the state’s first ever Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault, that understanding a domestic violence offender was at the heart of prevention. “It’s about what tips a bloke over the edge,” she said.

    Under an elitist right-wing government corporate profits have surged. That brings us back to the Fair Work Commission again, where corporates are dictating our labour laws, with the blessing of the LNP government. The result is driving rampant inequality with the loss of penalty rates, casualisation of the workforce, wage stagnation and financial stress for millions of Australians.

    I know that there are a multitude of reasons for domestic violence and this is just one being pointed out by Pru Goward. What’s relevant, is that this is a problem that can address by taking better care of the workforce rather than exploitation. The damage the LNP are doing runs deep and painful across society.

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