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George Pell ‘Devil Incarnate’ is dead

In what she shamelessly and deliberately calls her ‘Obitchuary’ of Cardinal George Pell, guest columnist Tess Lawrence, longtime advocate for sex abuse victims who has spent decades investigating the crimes of the Catholic Church and George Pell shares inside intelligence on ‘Big George’ that will shock you more than any of Prince Harry’s tame scribblings. She has written fearlessly about Pell and the Catholic Church, famously exposing Pell’s lie that he was exonerated by a church appointed so-called ‘independent’ Queens Counsel from sexually abusing a boy. She has worked for the Christian Brothers and advises readers to keep a sick bag at the ready and to have a cleansing shower after reading this article.

Content warning: this article discusses rape, sexual abuse and violence.
* Support phone numbers at end of this article. Reach out, please.

George Pell ‘Devil Incarnate’ is dead

May he rot in the same living hell he personally facilitated and enabled for the tens of thousands of clergy child sex abuse victims in Australia alone.

Ashes to ashes. Dust to bulldust.

The earthly hell that Pell commandeered, nurtured and oversaw in his various leadership roles, was ordained by him, his cronies and perpetrators to restrain and silence powerless and vulnerable children.

The brutalism he and the church fostered, the wholesale industrial strength pedophilia, merciless cruelty, salacious, venal and carnal pursuits are so prolific in number that they surely must impact upon the collective psyche of this country alone.

Victim says Pell is ‘Devil Incarnate’

Upon hearing of Pell’s death, a dear friend of mine, a sex abuse survivor, said of Pell:

“… he was the devil incarnate…

“I can’t feel any sympathy – I’m just thinking of my schoolmates who killed themselves (because they were sexually abused by Catholic clergy), or who died from an overdose, who died a little bit, day by day.

“As far as I’m concerned it was murder. Murder by degree. Murder by stealth, a slow death, a painful death. The dicks those bastards raped my mates with, me, might as well have been a knife. Those dicks are a murder weapon.

“I’m lucky that I’m still standing; even if it is just standing at times. But I can’t promise what I might do to myself tomorrow because of those cunts and people like Pell who protected them.”

Pell died at Rome’s private Salvator Mundi International Hospital.

Writing for the Vatican’s website, journalist Salvatore Cernuzio confirmed:

“Australian Cardinal George Pell, prefect emeritus of the Secretariat for the Economy, died Tuesday evening, around 9 pm, in Rome. He was 81 years old. The Cardinal died following heart complications that arose after a long-planned hip operation. A few days ago he had concelebrated Benedict XVI’s funeral in St Peter’s Square.”

George Pell, ashes to ashes. Dust to bulldust

Injustice lurks like a malevolent bacterium wherever two or more profess to gather in His sullied name.

Many young victims of sex abuse by clergy have grown into wounded, broken and fragile adults who for decades have fought for justice. They still fight for justice.

But how can they fight God? Mammon? The Holy See? Jesus raping you? For that is what it is when a priest rapes you and you are a child.

Theirs is often a living hell of suicides, suicide attempts, self-harm and ritual mutilation, drug and alcohol addiction, crime, homelessness, fractured relationships with family and friends, an inability to sustain sexual and intimate liaisons. To feel joy. Happiness. Unable to imagine the future. Without ambition. Without aspiration. Without hope.

Victims of Pell’s church emotionally ringbarked for life

They are sometimes unable even to love. Imagine that.

Sometimes they feel unloved. Sometimes they seem unloveable, feel unworthy of love.

Sometimes they/we/us are unable to trust individuals, institutions, authority. Fearful of motives, suspicious, emotionally ringbarked throughout life, feeling diseased with stunted personal growth, sometimes they are unable to hold down jobs and feel discarded by the rest of us.

These are just some of the feelings ’they’ have told me in the many hours of conversations. But they are us. We are one. You. Me. We. Ours. They. Us.

These are just some of the feelings ’they’ have told me in the many hours of conversations. But they are us. We are one. You. Me. We. Ours. They. Us.

Victims deemed guilty

Everything is a hard slog for them. Nothing comes easy. So many obstacles are placed on the dirt path of justice. Endless paperwork. Endless questions. Few answers.

More is stacked against alleged victims than alleged perpetrators. Victims seem to be deemed guilty until proven otherwise.

Pell’s church says it has changed its ways. It hasn’t. We know this. Lawyers know this. The judiciary knows it. Governments know it. Institutions know it.

‘Big George’ Pell noted for the size of his penis

Big George was noted for his formidable presence as well as for the size of his penis.

That was the real reason for his nickname ‘big George.’ He was also known as ‘the big fella.’ Same reason.

Obviously proud of his manhood, he was a habitual exhibitionist in the shower locker/change rooms whilst a schoolboy, adolescent and trainee priest.

He was later ‘sprung’ as a grown man in a well-documented, notorious incident revealed in July 2016 on ABC television’s 7.30 program (since removed from the ABC website).

Pell exposed himself to boys at Torquay Life Saving Club – told to “piss off” by club member

Club member Les Tyack, who had kids at the club, claimed Pell exposed his genitals to a group of young boys at the Torquay Life Saving Club in the 1980s.

Tyack claims he confronted Pell:

“I said; ‘I know what you’re up to.

Get dressed and piss off, and don’t come back to the surf club.
If I see you here again, I’ll call the police.”

Of course, Pell denied Tyack’s public testimony. He has always denied any and all sexual allegations. His cock crowed more than thrice with such denials, I’ve no doubt. Even St Peter’s tally is no match. Both men betrayed Jesus.

Pell was a big boy in more ways than one and he grew into a hulking adult.

He took up a lot of room in restaurants, theatres, even first-class airline seats. In churches, cathedrals, auditoria, behind the pulpit, on the altar and in the media Big George always loomed large. He was theatrical.

Pell and his disciples held lavish supper parties. Dressed in full regalia. Called themselves ‘The Spice Girls’

He presided over lavish supper parties with his adoring disciples. They dressed up in full regalia and were commonly known as ‘The Spice Girls.’ I’m not the only one who wrote about it.

He vacuumed up space with his regal presence and aura of elite entitlement. He scared people. There was reason to be scared.

He gorged on the fear and intimidation he provoked in underlings and those who opposed his far-right ultra-conservatism. Likewise, he enjoyed the adoration and sycophancy of acolytes.

Pell was a power slut and a media whore. The latter was to prove his undoing in public fora over which he had no control.

Pell ruled with arrogance, iron will – and his fists

He ruled with an arrogance and iron will and on occasion, his fists. Stay with me.

Whether he held dominion over a team, a school, a parish, a diocese, archdiocese, cardinalate or curia, Catholic canon was replaced with Pell’s intransigent dogma.

With Pell it was his way, not the Appian Way.

He presided not only over his patch in the church of Rome but lorded over The Church of Pell. A church within a church, almost.

He was adept at poisoning the wells of human kindness and social justice. Time and again he and his propagandists and legal henchmen put the kibosh on attempts to conclude compensation settlements; squeezing stone out of blood.

His misogyny too was palpable. He loathed strong women in particular. He was frightened of us, if he couldn’t order us about. He could not tolerate being challenged in particular by women.

Pell thought vaginas were dirty

He thought vaginas were dirty and claimed he had no interest in a conjugal relationship with a woman/women. How do I know? Because I know several people who were in his inner circle. He was once heard saying one of the reasons he did not find celibacy difficult or a temptation, was because vaginas were unhygienic.

His fear and loathing of vaginas was also one of the reasons why Pell couldn’t fathom why some priests might wish to marry; women that is.

Seemingly sticking your penis in a vagina was dirty whereas sticking it in the anus of a child was presumably acceptable.

Pell had a foul mouth and temper to match.

He was intransigent when it came to homosexuality, same sex/all sex marriage, the ordination of women, married clergy and abortion rights. He was a fundamentalist, and his religious views were more akin to the Taliban than progressive Catholicism.

Listening to and watching footage of him comment about homosexuality, his sheer hypocrisy and attempts to display naivete about it, is galling and irritating. Pathetic.

As were his constant assertions that he/the church didn’t know that technically, raping children was a crime, trying to promulgate the view that sexually abusing children was regarded more as succumbing to temptations of the flesh and breaking the vow of celibacy. Why was the Catholic Church allowed to get away with such lies for so long? The church constantly lied about knowing that sexual abuse was taking place.

The Vatican was rightly proud of the beautiful voices of their Castrati, never mind that the children were sexually mutilated to achieve the higher notes of that heavenly the chorus.

Wikipedia has an excellent report on this not so ancient practice.

Pell answered to a higher authority – himself

We so often saw for ourselves during the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, court appearances, parliamentary and other inquiries, how Pell often blamed others for his own failings and grew impatient and even angry when questioned.

Clearly, he was a man used to answering only to a higher authority: himself.

He courted the rich, the powerful, political leaders, diplomats and the influential. In truth some of them courted him. He was after all, religious royalty. A Prince. God’s man. A man god.

He enjoyed the good life, luxury, top shelf wines and spirits, accommodation, travel, clothes, vestments, shoes and a bespoke form of Catholicism that he tailored himself.

He presided not over the Church of Rome but lorded over The Church of Pell, a cult of his own making. In his own image and likeness.

Pell’s weekly expenditure greater than Pope Francis

His extravagance belied his vows and role as Vatican financial watchdog.

His venality and hypocrisy incurred both wrath and ridicule not only in Australia but also in Rome and elsewhere.

At one stage, his weekly expenditure was reputed to be greater than that of Pope Francis.

He fancied himself as Australia’s first Pope. So did others.

Pell: If Francis resigned he’d throw Zucchetto into ring

Vatican sources told The AIM Network that even as the late emeritus Pope Benedict XVI lay drawing his last breath the other week, Pell openly discussed the possibility that if Pope Francis did a Ratzinger and resigned because of ill health, Pell would throw his zucchetto into the ring.

When asked about his sex abuse conviction ultimately quashed by the High Court possibly being an impediment for a papal candidate, our source says Pell dismissed such a notion, claiming that the court’s decision was proof positive of his innocence and thus he was a proven “cleanskin.” Really?

From Whence did notion of Pell’s great intellect spring? From Pell himself, his acolytes and propagandists! Simples!

Said to be an intellectual heavyweight in fact his public appearances suggest otherwise. The notion is laughable. Who can forget his embarrassing infantile exchange with evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins on ABC television’s QandA program in April, 2012, then hosted by Tony Jones.

Here’s an excerpt from the transcript to prove the case:

TONY JONES: George Pell, can I just come back to you on this question of the existence of God. Why would God randomly decide to provide proof of his existence to a small group of Jews 2,000 years ago and not subsequently provide any proof after that?

GEORGE PELL: Well, I don’t think there’s ever been any scientific proof.

I don’t believe God does anything randomly, although he might set up, he might set up a system which works, apparently through, you know, through chance, through random, but if you want something done, you’ve got to ask somebody.

It’s no good, say, my asking everyone in the congregation will you would do something.

Normally you go to a busy person because you know they’ll do it and so for some extraordinary reason God chose the Jews. They weren’t intellectually the equal of either the Egyptians or the…

TONY JONES: Intellectually?

GEORGE PELL: Intellectually, morally…

TONY JONES: How can you know intellectually?

GEORGE PELL: Because you see the fruits of their civilisation. Egypt was the great power for thousands of years before Christianity. Persia was a great power, Caldia.

The poor – the little Jewish people – they were originally shepherds. They were stuck.

They’re still stuck between these great powers.

TONY JONES: But that’s not a reflection of your intellectual capacity, is it, whether or not you’re a shepherd?

GEORGE PELL: Well, no it’s not but it is a recognition it is a reflection of your intellectual development, be it like many, many people are very, very clever and not highly intellectual but my point is…

TONY JONES: I’m sorry, can I just interrupt? Are you including Jesus in that, who was obviously Jewish and was of that community?


TONY JONES: So intellectually not up to it?

GEORGE PELL: Well, that’s a nice try, Tony.

The people, in terms of sophistication, the psalms are remarkable in terms of their buildings and that sort of thing. They don’t compare with the great powers.

But Jesus came not as a philosopher to the elite. He came to the poor and the battlers and for some reason he choose a very difficult but actually they are now an intellectually elite because over the centuries they have been pushed out of every other form of work.

They’re a – I mean Jesus, I think, is the greatest the son of God but, leaving that aside, the greatest man that ever lived so I’ve got a great admiration for the Jews but we don’t need to exaggerate their contribution in their early days.

And for your enjoyment, here is the program entire:



Sadly, the church of Pell was not recognizable to the general laity and clergy, nor a friend to justice, equity, love, humanity and humanism. Nor was it the church of the cherubim, or a church that is servant to the poor and disenfranchised, the marginalized, the sick, the hungry, the homeless.

Tony Abbott says Pell is saint and has been crucified. Pass the vomit bucket!

There is a miasma of hagiography that continues to fester around Pell’s death.

Nonsense and bilge that spills from the mouths of the likes of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is enough to curdle the milk of human kindness if read out aloud.

Abbott preposterously describes Pell as “…a saint for our times” going so far as to ludicrously state that Pell’s incarceration was “…a modern form of crucifixion.”

Don’t forget that the spineless Abbott ensured he was out of the chamber when the votes were counted on same sex marriage.

He didn’t have the courage to display his conviction in front of the Australian people. He ran away. It’s difficult to have respect for such a political and moral coward. Why on earth would one consider the tripe he’s written about Pell?

How many Pell hagiographers have mentioned victims?

There is little, if anything other than a cursory aside, about those victims who were crucified by what was indisputably an international gang of clergy pedophiles; a catholic mafia, almost a cult, a sect, a religion of another kind founded in international rampant, systemic and endemic pedophilia.

We haven’t even touched on child pornography trafficked amongst clergy, along with the liturgy of the day. It is all too overwhelming at times. If it is thus for those of us who merely write about, how horrible and catastrophic it must be for those who have suffered it and continue to endure it all.

What is more, the sexual abuse was commonly known in Australia and internationally. For years.

Let me tell you about the other Adam

One victim I interviewed whom I shall call Adam, had been an altar boy in regional Victoria. His parents were devout Catholics and close friends with the local parish priest.

Adam told me how a consecrated host was shoved up his anus by the priest and pushed in further by the priest’s fingers – the same fingers that earlier were placing holy hosts into the unwitting mouths of the congregation receiving Holy Communion, including Adam’s parents.

Remember, that in the miraculous sacrament of the eucharistic mass, Catholics believe that the host (hostia, a circular thin wafer, that tastes a bit like the thin wrapping around nougat) and the altar wine is transformed into the actual body and blood of Christ. Get that? Neither the host nor the wine are metaphors for Christ’s flesh and blood. They are the real deal.

Well, this priest shoved the holy host into this kid’s bum

The priest, who was naked from the waist down in this particular attack on Adam then “sort of sucked out broken pieces of the host using his tongue.”

In his article in The Catholic Weekly headlined Fragments of the host in Mass, Father John Flader reminds the reader that even minute particles of the host is part of the body of Jesus:

“Every particle of the host and every drop of the Precious Blood, no matter how small, is equally Jesus Christ.”

(* Remember, the criminal calumny of child sex abuse by clergy has unquestionably been enabled by the Catholic church and its ecclesiastical heirarchy, including George Pell).

The priest first anally raped Adam with his penis, then with his crucifix, the sodomy completing the blasphemy and unholy communion, leaving the boy torn and bleeding. Forever torn. Forever bleeding. Even unto this day.

For ever and ever. Amen.

This is my body. This is my blood.

Such sexual abuse has been a gross rite of anal passage, not just for Adam, but for so many boys, girls too and the vulnerable as well, who have been groomed and harvested by priests, brothers and lay people connected with the Catholic church.

The psychosexual violence implications of such behavior is surely important in the unfinished business of redress.

The rapes in Adam’s case invariably took place on the altar, sometimes in the sacristy. Sometimes elsewhere.

Adam, like so many other kids, held hostage by priest

Adam, who had to stay back after mass to ‘help’ the priest, like so many others in similar circumstances, was held hostage to the serial rapist priest.

Adam says from the first time he was “initiated” as the priest called it, he started to die a slow death. He didn’t see it then, but he sees it now.

“I could feel something inside me die that day. Mum and Dad were such good friends with the priest…after he finished with me, he used to drive me home and more often than not he would stay at our place for lunch.

“I tried to tell them (parents) quite a few times, but as soon as I mentioned his name, off they’d go, saying what a top bloke he was. They were very proud of the fact that he (the priest) used to visit our place for lunch and come around for drinks. Like, it was an honour. It made Mum and Dad feel important, like they were pillars of the community.”

Adam told Mum, who told Dad and Adam got a belting

“Finally, one day I just blurted it all out to Mum and she was just so angry and disgusted with me and told me I was a liar. She sent me to my room. When Dad got home she told him what I said and he came in and gave me a belting.

“He really knocked me about. After he’d finished he told me if I ever mentioned the subject again, he would knock the living daylights out of me. But he’d already done that.

“My Dad broke my heart that night. I reckon that hurt even more than what the priest had done to me.”

Years ago, Adam approached the Catholic Church for help – not money. “I got knocked back. They didn’t wan’t a bar of me, like me Mum and Dad. I just didn’t have it in me to fight them.

George Pell knew what the priest had done to me

“But I can tell you this, Tess, George Pell knew everything about the priest and what he’d done to me, his name, the church, everything. How do I know that? Because I phoned him and spoke with him. And after that I sent him a letter. And another letter. And another letter. I never got one back, because I didn’t have a bloody lawyer, did I? But I still have copies of those letters!”

I am certainly not the only journalist advocate who has taken such testimony.

There is a propensity for some priest abusers to deliberately defile the sanctity of the church. They get their rocks off raping kids in the House of the Lord.

For some priests, raping children on altar is like fucking Jesus

Some forensic psychologists believe that priests get heightened sexual pleasure and excitement by raping children in a church, on the altar. And using a crucifix to rape a child is certainly not unknown. For some priests, it’s like they are fucking Jesus.

Victims have told me how priests would place the host in their mouths and then force them to suck their penises or masturbate the priest so that he comes in the victim’s mouth on top of Jesus; in fact, mounting Jesus and jerking off on him. Plain and simple. Let us not beat about the burning bush.

Consider the homo erotica associated with religious statues, icons and artifacts and the perpetual violent image of the crucified near naked Christ, his bloody body pierced by a sword and nails, dripping blood from the crown of thorns.

But still today, so-called true believers in the catholic faith do not believe what they consider to be unbelievable testimony from victims, survivors, families and friends.

Child within old Adam trapped like embryo of dead twin

Adam is now a torn and broken old man who has never recovered from being repeatedly raped by this priest and other priests.

The child within his wrinkled outer shell is still trapped inside him, a kind of living corpse, like the remnants of an embryo of a never vanishing twin; a cadaver within a cadaver, mummified in a time warp whose umbilical cord is forever pegged to his horrible childhood abuse.

He crawls, literally sometimes on all fours, through a darkened tunnel of a daily hell.

There is no light at the end of Adam’s tunnel. An alcoholic addicted to hard drugs, he is resigned to dying alone and considers himself a “worthless piece of shit.”

He says no-one will lament his passing. Not his estranged children, partners nor his longtime alienated siblings. His parents have since died. But they still live in Adam’s other world. The world of the voiceless and the unbelieved. He has a series of criminal convictions and been imprisoned for them.

We meet and talk every now and again for a cuppa or a drink if he’s really edgy. Or I am.

Of course, I’ve got his blessing to write about his circumstances, without identifying him. He’s kind and compassionate. He knows about some sadness in my life.

“The buggers have made my life hell,” says Adam. “Not a hell like in the bible, I could cop that. Nah, mate, this is worse. They wouldn’t believe me. They treated me like dirt. They made my life hell. Right here on earth. I was a happy little kid, until that bloody fuckin’ bastard raped me.”

Big dick priests, big dick gods, big dick Catholic Church

Adam lives in a mortal hell, fashioned by heavenly big dick priestly creatures, preachers of the Gospels, messengers of their biggest dick God, who proclaim themselves created in His own image and likeness.

When I first met Adam, years ago, I wrote to then Archbishop Pell on his behalf.

All Adam wanted was to talk with Pell face to face. To be heard. To be treated as an equal. To have a voice. To be believed.

George Pell was a thug and a liar

Pell was a thug and a liar. Several years ago I published an article about one of Pell’s more blatant oft repeated lies.

Time and again, Pell would lie to the media and claim that he’d been “exonerated” from particular child sex abuse allegations.

It was a load of bollocks.

He was never exonerated. At a given point, I’d had a gut full of Pell dismissing sex abuse allegations against him by falsely claiming that the findings of a so-called ‘independent’ report by AJ Southwell QC had exonerated him of sex abuse allegations.

Pell said he was exonerated of particular sex abuse charges – bt he wasn’t and we have proof he was lying

There were two lies at least in Pell’s protestations. Pell and his propagandists knew it. I knew it. Firstly, Southwell was appointed by the catholic church to conduct the report, so it was an inside appointment and most certainly not independent.

Secondly, Southwell did not exonerate Pell. It now became a matter of speaking truth to power. And make no mistake, Pell was among Australia’s more powerful men.

Moreover, he was protected and feted by an elite army of praetorian guards that consisted not only of some of Australia’s rich, powerful and influential – but also their counterparts on the international stage.

For me there was no other choice but to call out Pell and his lies.

I knew only too well that Pell was a corrupt and corrupting figure who by any measure was a religious fraud, a sociopath and narcissist, drunk on power and a man who enjoyed intimidating people with his imposing presence and physique.

But I was and am able to draw strength not from the powerful and rich, but from the unadulterated courage and honesty of victims/survivors, their families, friends, supporters and advocates, legal and otherwise.

There is power in the truth. And sometimes there is justice. Especially if we band together and help and support one another.

We disgorged the truth in my exclusive article published in the brave Independent Australia on February 29, 2016 headlined, Southwell Report: The truth about the so-called ‘exoneration’ of George Pell.

Cardinal George Pell was not “exonerated” of claims of child sexual abuse, as has been claimed, by an independent investigation, writes contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence. Here, Independent Australia, republishes the Southwell Report in full.

CARDINAL GEORGE PELL WAS NOT “EXONERATED” of sex abuse allegations in the 2002 report by AJ Southwell QC.

If Pell and the Catholic Church had enough moral and legal fortitude or any sense of justice and fair play, it would immediately repost Southwell’s findings in full.

But some time ago, Southwell’s report was surreptitiously removed from various church websites.


Even the Wikipedia link to the report is dead.

Listen up, brethren.

Nowhere did Southwell’s report state that Pell had been “exonerated”.

Yet Pell himself and his 24/7 spin machine continue to force feed the media with a pate de faux gross claiming he was exonerated.

He was not.

What part of he was not exonerated, doesn’t the Pell propaganda unit and the Vatican get?

There was clearly a campaign by Pell to rid the world and internet of the Southwell Report. And here’s a shoutout to the diligent Broken Rites Australia team from the article:

“Fortunately, the support group Broken Rites Australia, known for its conscientious research and archival postings, published most of Southwell’s report and we republish that text in full to counteract the sophisticated planting of disinformation and redacting by Camp Pell’s “black ops” division and also to facilitate access to the wider community.

Southwell Report: The truth about the so-called ‘exoneration’ of George Pell, by Tess Lawrence.independentaustralia.net

Southwell Report: The truth about the so-called ‘exoneration’ of George Pell.

Cardinal George Pell was not ‘exonerated’ of claims of child sexual abuse, as has been claimed, by an independent investigation, writes Tess Lawrence.”

Is it gross to speak ill of the dead? Speaking the truth does not constitute speaking ill.

Pell is alive and thriving in the evil he has done. Pellinism is trending, even as I write. Moreover, although Pell’s corpse is still warm, my journalism portfolio will attest that I did not wait until Pell’s death to criticize him or call him out. I have called him out for years.

George Pell a thug, just ask warrior Mum, Eileen Piper

I described Pell as a thug. I was being polite. He had a foul mouth and a foul temper.

Just ask the indomitable warrior mother, Eileen Piper, who celebrates her 98th birthday this Tuesday, January 17th.

As Fate would have it, Eileen’s birthday is just two days before the 29th anniversary of the suicide of her beloved daughter Stephanie, who gassed herself in her car after years of being repeatedly raped, harassed, kidnapped and tortured, mentally and physically by Pallottine priest Father Gerard Joseph Mulvale.

Church slut-shamed Eileen’s daughter Stephanie

Throughout, the Catholic church slut-shamed Stephanie, spreading vile rumours, that she was promiscuous, begging for it, spread her legs for anyone, for drinks, for drugs – all the usual filth that those of us who have experience of the tactics of these creeps can attest.

The Pallottines Order has, I recall, the dubious distinction of being the fourth most prolific gang of sex abusers within the Catholic church in Australia.

Eileen endured full-frontal assault by Catholic Church

In her protracted fight for justice for Stephanie, Eileen found herself under a full-frontal assault by the Catholic church.

She was treated with disrespect, as if she were a stupid old woman. As if she were delusional. As if she had no rights.

Her dealings with the church were protracted and again the path to justice was littered with legal mines to delay due process and fuel their notorious obfuscation.

Church obfuscated, hoping Eileen would die in the meantime

They strung things out, hoping she would die in the meantime and thus they wouldn’t have to pay compensation.

This is a common legal tactic of course and one that the Catholic church, bulging with wealth, shamelessly adopts. There are more money men in their temples today than ever there were in the New Testament. And there is no Jesus to turf them out.

But you don’t mess with Eileen Piper. Forget about her age. Like the justice she seeks, she is ageless. She is a champion. A warrior woman. If I had a quarter of Eileen’s spunk and courage, I would lay down my pen and do something useful.

She is a mentor and a marvel. And not just to me. Luckily, in crusading lawyer Judy Courtin, Eileen found an indefatigable compatriot. Together they took on the Pallottines and the catholic mafia. And in the end they won their case.

Pell was a bully and a coward

But there is unfinished business for Eileen. And that unfinished business is George Pell. And it involves his thuggery. His bullying. And his cowardice.

Pell went to Kevin’s house whilst Eileen was there, and shoved her brother, the much loved and respected Monsignor Kevin Toomey against the wall, thumping him in the chest time and again, poking him in the chest time again until finally, Monsignor Toomey slid to the ground, defeated and hurt. Defeated physically.

Big George might as well have been a Mafia don

Big George might as well have been a mafia Don. He warned Eileen’s brother not to give evidence against the church or support Eileen in her fight against her daughter’s rapist, Father Gerard Mulvale and the Pallottines Order, to seek justice for her daughter, Stephanie.

Pell had phoned Kevin and told him he was on his way to see him. Pell phoned from (they think) a phone box to say he was minutes away. Monsignor Toomey then warned Eileen that the ‘Big fella’ was on his way.

Eileen knew what that meant. Pell barged his way uninvited into the house – there was no ringing of the doorbell.

Pell, who clearly held Eileen in utter contempt, gesticulated to her to get out of the room. Eileen retreated to the bathroom, but remained not only in earshot but importantly, had a full view of what went on. What she saw that day continues to traumatise her.

Pell attacked Eileen’s brother, Monsignor Kevin Toomy warning him not to support her in court as she fought for justice for her daughter Stephanie – his niece – who had been repeatedly raped by Fr Gerard Mulvale

It scars her to this day and she has constant flashbacks of Pell’s attack on her brother.

Kevin was a loyal Monsignor to the church but he was also a loyal brother to Eileen and was loyal to the truth. After the assault by Pell he assured Eileen he would not desert her and that he would continue to support her, in court and everywhere else.

Pell had underestimated them both.

Eileen had already intended taking out a new action against Pell and the Catholic Church over this assault and the awful legacy it left upon her and her close sibling. She discussed this with me weeks ago.

Eileen Piper to sue Catholic Church over Pell attack

Despite Pell’s death, Eileen told The AIMN she still intends taking action against the Catholic Church over the traumatic incident. Clearly.

The episode was an indicator of the lengths that Pell was prepared to go to enforce his will and protect the church and his mates.

(* Who can forget Pell supporting his former Ballarat flatmate and serial rapist Father Gerald Ridsdale to court? It is believed that Ridsdale blackmailed Pell into supporting him in public, otherwise he would reveal that Pell has witness him (Ridsdale) raping a child in his (Ridsdale’s) bedroom. For more information, please click onto The *uck stops with Cardinal George Pell.

Of course, it was an ugly unambiguous warning to Eileen. It also reflected Pell’s sense of absolute power, that he could do anything he wanted with church members and get away with it.

On April 6, 2020, I published an exclusive story in Independent Australia about Pell’s physical assault on Monsignor Toomey.

(Here, I must acknowledge the courage of Independent Australia’s founder, the then Managing Editor, David Donovan).

There was no doubt in my mind that Eileen Piper was telling the truth. I trust her and I knew Pell was both a liar and a coward. Eileen was also prepared to testify in court on my behalf to confirm the Pell assault should he serve me with a writ. She is a formidable witness.

Moreover, I had taken statements from others about Pell’s thuggery and his penchant for physical violence.

If other journalists knew of Pell’s attack upon Monsignor Toomey, they did not dare to publish details.

From my article I acknowledged that:

“Whilst an incident has been referred to in Louise Milligan’s compelling book, Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of George Pell, there is no mention of an assault.”

Here is the pertinent extract:

“At that time, Pell was based in Mentone, about half an hour from her brother’s home, but she says he seemed to arrive very quickly at Toomey’s door. “And I saw George Pell beckon with his hand, to tell me to go out, to get out of the room.”

Eileen did what she was told.

“I sort of skittled into the bathroom, which was the adjoining room.” She was shocked by what happened next. “I heard George Pell say to my brother, ‘Don’t you dare have anything to do with your sister’s case, now that’s an order’.”

I thought it disappointing when told that Milligan asserted we could not claim an exclusive about Pell’s attack, because she’d already written about it in her book.

As you can see from her book extract that we actually published in Independent Australia to back our exclusive, she had not.

Here are more quotes from my/IA article:


Piper told me that in fact, Pell had her brother Kevin against the wall, had grabbed him by the shoulders, repeatedly slamming him against the wall, thumping him and poking him in the chest, Kevin’s head banging against the wall.

She said it was a terrible sight, made her sick in the stomach and made her cry uncontrollably. It also made her feel guilty that her beloved brother, who died in 1999, was bearing the brute force and unambiguous threat manifest in Pell’s visit. Eileen had always known what she had been up against insofar as the church’s intransigence to admit liability for their crimes perpetrated upon her daughter, but Pell’s conduct shook her to the core.


This was the Catholic church at its worst best; no less. This was the Catholic mafia at play. This was George Pell as the equivalent and more of both a bikie gang’s sergeant-at-arms and enforcer.

Pell may not have tattoos, but he bears the stigmata of a Jesus he crucified and he believes in a vengeful god, that is clear.

Earlier today, I spoke with a lifelong family friend of Eileen’s who saw her soon after the Pell attack. “She was so very distraught and upset – the church protected these bastards and just moved them on when they were found out.”

When I spoke with Eileen shortly after Pell’s death was announced, she made it clear that his demise would not deter her from seeking justice from the Catholic Church for the Pell attack.

She had always wanted a personal apology from him.

She assured me she would not give up on now getting an apology from the church for what Pell did. Not now. Not ever.

If God indeed made Woman in her own image and likeness, then her name is Eileen Piper.

Hallowed be her name.


Please reach out, you are not alone.

Broken Rites
Phone: Broken Rites Australia national hotline: (03) 9457 4999
Mail: Broken Rites (Australia) Collective Inc. PO Box 163, ROSANNA, Victoria 3084, Australia
Email: brokenritesaustralia@hotmail.com

Royal Commission
Phone: 1800 Respect or 1800 737 732
Website: 1800respect.org.au
Contact: childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au/contact

Phone: 13 11 14
Website: www.lifeline.org.au

Blue Knot Foundation
Counselling and support for survivors.
Phone: 1300 657 380

Bravehearts Inc
Counselling and support for survivors, child protection advocacy.
Phone: 1800 272 831

Care Leavers Australasia Network
Support and advocacy for Forgotten Australians.
Phone: 1800 008 774

Child Migrants Trust
Social work services for Former Child Migrants, including counselling and support for family reunions.
Phone: 1800 040 509

Child Wise
The Trauma-informed telephone and online counselling for childhood abuse. Training and organisational capacity building on child abuse prevention.
Phone: 1800 991 099

Children and Young People with Disability Australia
The national peak body for children and young people with disability. Provides information and systemic representation
Phone: 1800 222 660 / 03 9417 1025

The Healing Foundation
Service to help build the capacity of Indigenous organisations and support the development of the Link Up network.
There is no phone number to contact the Healing Council — please contact using their website: healingfoundation.org.au

In Good Faith Foundation
Independent advocacy, casework, referral and support to aid recovery for survivors, their families and communities responding to religious institutional abuses.
Phone: 03 9326 1190

MensLine Australia
National telephone and online support, information and referral service for men with family and relationship concerns.
Phone: 1300 78 99

Sexual Assault Counselling Australia

National telephone counselling service for people who have experienced abuse. Face-to-face counselling is available in New South Wales

Phone: 1800 211 028

Advocacy, referrals and support services to people who have experienced religious/clergy abuse, with a focus on the Jewish community
Phone: 1300 893 335
Website: www.lifeline.org.au

Blue Knot Foundation
Counselling and support for survivors
Phone: 1300 657 380

Bravehearts Inc
Counselling and support for survivors, child protection advocacy
Phone: 1800 272 831

Care Leavers Australasia Network
Support and advocacy for Forgotten Australians
Phone: 1800 008 774

Child Migrants Trust
Social work services for Former Child Migrants, including counselling and support for family reunions
Phone: 1800 040 509

Child Wise
The Trauma-informed telephone and online counselling for childhood abuse. Training and organisational capacity building on child abuse prevention
Phone: 1800 991 099

Children and Young People with Disability Australia
The national peak body for children and young people with disability. Provides information and systemic representation
Phone: 1800 222 660 / 03 9417 1025

The Healing Foundation
Service to help build the capacity of Indigenous organisations and support the development of the Link Up network
There is no phone number to contact the Healing Council — please contact using their website: healingfoundation.org.au

In Good Faith Foundation
Independent advocacy, casework, referral and support to aid recovery for survivors, their families and communities responding to religious institutional abuses.
Phone: 03 9326 1190

MensLine Australia
National telephone and online support, information and referral service for men with family and relationship concerns
Phone: 1300 78 99 78

People with Disability Australia
The national telephone line to provide information and referrals to people with disabilities
Phone: 1800 422 015 / TTY: 1800 422 016

Tess Lawrence is Contributing editor-at-large for Independent Australia and her most recent article is The night Porter and allegation of rape.






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  1. Kerri

    A gut wrenching read. Thank you Tess Lawrence for putting victim/survivors and non-survivors ahead of the institution of abuse.

  2. Keitha Granville

    no words.

    thank you for keeping on.

  3. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Kerri, thank you so very much for your words of support. It was gut wrenching to write. Please share and distribute the article to all, to help give voice to the voiceless.tess

  4. Al

    I don’t have the words to describe how awful, how despicable, how utterly vile and disgusting is the whole business of Pell, the Church, ritualized abuse. This was a hard article to read, but I am very grateful for it. So many lives lost in anguish and despair, and the Church (Pell) responding by victim-shaming and protecting his priests. As the great Jewish writer Isaac Bashevis Singer said of Hitler: “May his name vanish!”

  5. paul walter

    I think this is an angry piece of writing and franl;y I am all the way with it.

    There was a lot of eyewash last week about Pell before it turned up that he offered up an anonymous tabloid style attack on the pope, who has seemed a much better person by far. tThe Pope, his supposed teamate,hated thepope as “woke” I

    I thought it over and thought on, what about “thou shalt not bear false witness…”. Thought about it a little more, recalled Abbott’s nonsenses and then Alan Jones and Murdoch’s fascism, thought of the harm these folk have caused over a very long time in getting this smug country into the twentieth century, let alone the twenty first.

    I Thought about some folk I know who remained very toubled after so many years from abuse and then people like Rijsdale, a monster Pell defended to the last. Defending creeps like that demanded a jail sentence even if he had never physically touched a kid.

  6. Roswell

    Tess, you really brought it home. You made it sound personal for all of us, which I embrace.

    We seem to have an attitude that bad things happen to someone else. You’ve dispelled that myth. Well done.

    As an aside, didn’t John Howard provide a personal endorsement of Pell?

  7. Cireal

    Good work by the author and I hope she has success.
    A couple of points to round out the picture.
    Pell fitted into the power structure like a glove, his removal isn’t going to change much.
    Religion to a large degree is self-centered and sociopathic and at the extremes truly perverted. Look at the central Vatican clan: lovers of wealth, prestige and rituals. Unless a whole of society concept is adopted to clean up all sectors driven by self-interest, what hope? Media is in general deceptive, science has been reduced to a meme in the last 3 years – as in ‘the science is settled’ circa 1632 Galileo, finance is an upside down debt pyramid close to inflationary collapse and the West’s jewel in the crown Common Law is under threat due to legislative over-reach.
    Pell was symptomatic of a dystopic society. Without wider self-awareness we’re walking in circles ruled by sociopaths & psychopaths.

  8. Stephen S

    I hoped, sooner or later, someone would publish a full-on obit. AIMN, and Tess, is the first I’ve seen. Not often do you see in print, this sex-crime-gang’s weird pathology. Sex with adult women was dubious – but little boys were fair game.

    The coming holy interment at St Marys is yet another gigantic four-fingered up-yours to the many thousands of victims. And yet, if they were to push back, Rome Inc will just play the victim card, all over again.

  9. Terence Mills

    The fact that Pell would author an article on his perceptions of the failings of Pope Francis and then have it published anonymously tells you a lot about the man Pell was.

    He feigned friendship with Francis but behind his back he called ” this pontificate is a disaster in many or most respects; a catastrophe”.

    He is critical of the Pope for not speaking out on matters he considers sinful and sacrilegious, he notes that ” The German synod speaks on homosexuality, women priests, communion for the divorced. The Papacy is silent”.

    Whilst I’m sure that we all acknowledge his right to express his views, surely publishing anonymously is the work of a scoundrel.


  10. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Keltha, thank you so very much. We all have to, I reckon,, those that can, for as long as we can. Please share the article with all you know.

  11. Kenneth A Robinson

    Pell was a member of a large worldwide podophile organisation posing as a religious organisation that Preyed on the most vulnerable of the population, our children whose voices he suppressed by threats and intimidation with the blessing of his church, Tess you tell it factually and honestly as it should be, its a sad fact that our political and justice systems failed those who needed help the most, we must never let this shameful situation occur again, let us show our disgust at the ballot box next election and punish those who condone sexual and other forms of abuse of our children.

  12. paul walter

    Terence Mills, you saw it aso.

    Tells a monumental lot about the person’s character. He is offended at homosexuality but is comfortable with child abuse and denying victims justice as to the Cjhurch?

    Like so many reactionary modernists, wrapped himself in bellowish contempt prior to investigation and too lazy to ever think seriously about the contextual backgrounds of so many fraught issues.

  13. tess lawrence

    Dear Al, thank you for what you’ve writte and I appreciate that it is a hard article to read. It was a difficult article to write. The courage of victims/survivors, inspires me to get on with it, to break through the emotional pain barrier that sometimes overwhelms me in such writings. Please share the article with the world and help to keep the voices of people i the public domain.

    Special thanks must be paid to Michael Taylor and AIM Network for having the courage to publish the article and supporting independent writers and writing – ad giving voice to the voiceless.

  14. Canguro

    What an ugly miasma festers as legacy while the Devil Incarnate lies entombed, his corpse now rotting, his soul in limbo prior to its transition to the underworld, and a stench of his corrupt and duplicitous term on this earth lingering like a swamp gas that won’t go away.

    Newspaper headlines like “Sexual abuse victims know the truth. George Pell allowed lives to be destroyed to protect himself and the Catholic church” and “A school principal gave up everything to blow the whistle on a paedophile priest. George Pell hung up on him” don’t even begin to touch the depths of tragedy left in the wake of this malicious narcissist. The church he represented has long been covered in ordure as a function of the globe-wide network of abusive paedophiles it protected is incrementally uncovered, rock spiders exposed to the harsh light of truth-telling and consequent judicial process.

    And yet it resists, its inertial hubris such that it prefers to see these incidents as outliers, unfortunate, but not reflective of an institution that is argued as hallowed but is in fact so deeply corrupted and malevolent that nothing short of burning it to the ground and walking away would suffice as appropriate compensation for the suffering it has brought into the lives of children and their parents and other supporters across at least six of the planet’s continents…. in the name of God, for Chrissake! Excuse me while I reach for the retch bucket.

    Here in Australia, locally, we see the usual cabal of useful idiots rush to protect their sainted one; Abbott, the mad monk, one of our worst retrograde public figures in recent history, a complete incompetent, Bolt, the conservative fabulist. a man with his head so far up his arse it’s a wonder he can make it to the office for another day’s spin of the fantasy wheel, the unindicted war criminal John Howard, the current leader of the opposition at the federal level, Peter Dutton, a man who never lets an opportunity slip by to make a fool of himself through being totally inappropriate on any matter whatever, along with a slew of lesser identities within the hierarchical institution who no doubt felt it their duty to show solidarity to the propagandist narrative that the Cardinal was a deeply misunderstood man who’d been unfairly maligned by bitter individuals. [retch bucket, please, again.]

    He’s dead, and not before time, but his legacy lingers like swamp gas, that foul miasma arising from the marshes from wherein he and his paedophilic brethren dwelt that poisons the atmosphere, ensuring that the suffering of those he and his ilk abused, along with their families and defenders, will continue.

    I hope someone, somewhere, has the courage to plunge a wooden stake through this wretch’s heart whilst murmuring the prayer of Christ, ‘Suffer [the] little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.’

    Thank you, Tess Lawrence, for your most worthy contribution and exposé of this hubristic deeply embedded and protected but nevertheless, dangerous and malevolent criminal.

  15. GL

    So going by the catlick church; it was dog’s predestined plan for me when I was 2 years old to be snatched from the family front yard and found four days later and then a few months later to almost die from a King Brown snake bite?

    Hard to say anything without extreme use of swear words. Has that had an effect on me? Yes, and I’ll leave it at that.

  16. Al

    Dear Tess, I feel I wasn’t quite as effusive in my praise as I might have been. Although I have read a number of articles excoriating Pell, very few have the inexorable crescendo of intensity and horrors as yours. At the end of it I was almost breathless. I have read some of the summary of the Grand Jury investigation into Church abuse in Pennsylvania – and yours is equal to it in its cumulative power. I think it was the American theologian Reinhold Neibuhr who said that religion “makes good people better and bad people worse.” Pell was definitely in the second category, as vile and disgusting a specimen of humanity as ever walked the corridors of power. He is now dead, but there are plenty to take his place, and the Catholic Church seems to provide a fecund breeding ground for monsters like him.

  17. leefe

    This is the sort of obituary of that scum I’ve been wanting to see. Thank you for writing it, Tess.

    It’s going to take a while to digest it sufficiently to really say anything. I’m still trying to get around “The Spice Girls”. It sounds as though “big George”: was very much Scary Spice …

  18. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Paul Spot on. I am angry. There are thousands of us who are angry about the sex abuse by clergy. But being angry is not enough. We have to translate that into being effective in bringing about reparation and change and reform on behalf of the abused and their families and friends in relation to the crimes perpetrated upon them. Thank you so much for your comment and views.

  19. paul walter

    Hi, Tess. I do not understand how people like Tess Lawrtence and other relatively normal people here can empathise with victims, weep for them, bleed for them yet Pell and his friends ( Morrison is another example, for a strange outlook, as ROBOdebt alone showed) seem to derive so much satisfaction from the observation or infliction of suffering and humiliation on others.

    And the individual was thus promoted thru many ranks to Cardinal?

    I’ll just say, I knew virtually nothing of how rife abuse was as a kid. Even the old boy, who sometimes hit me hard for my pains never raped me. When I was a kid, it was going on in my suburb, but it took decades for iit to sink in, including the impact of such behaviours on victims. I can’t think of any person I know who was abused who has not had the rest of their lives badly damaged thru ongoing trauma post event.. The way it is? No, there must be many things people can do to thwart the evil..

    Perhaps there is a parallel with Covid. The cultural atmosphere has been here as long as the species, thru to the last couple of centuries where forces have tended to reinforce authoritarianism.. should it be ignored and covered up in despair, or simple acts instigated to cut the harms, as many qualified professionals suggest with Covid? I’d feel chuffed if I rescued someone from drowning, why not the pain of a lifetime, for a simple act of concern?

  20. Lin

    Imagine if some politicians continued the work of Bill Heffernan. His 2015 exposure of pedos in the judiciary has stalled. Who placed a suppression order on the story in the first place and who in the LNP, Labor, Greens etc are now standing by doing nothing? You will get justice if the justice system is functional and at the moment their are lots of dark corners being covered up by media, political hacks and judicial trickery.

  21. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Roswell, thank you so much for your supportive words and I share your other views. You are right in what you said about Howard. Please share the article with your cobbers and contacts – the world really !!!! There is a very one-sided discussion going on in the media about Pell.

  22. Andrew Collins

    Pell could have stayed in Rome. The legal advice that we had was that he was considered to be able to claim diplomatic immunity should he wish to claim it, or just could have stayed in Rome, as we have no extradition treaty with the Vatican. But he thought that he would never be convicted.
    Sexual abuse is a personal crime, with rarely any witnesses. There is a power imbalance that never changes. So it becomes one word against another. A Cardinal against a broken man who was a child and of course nobody would beleive him.
    If you have the money, you can afford the best legal team to go over every sentence and word and find something to appeal against. Pell must have spend tens of millions on his legal team.
    (nb im a survivor and from ballarat, and was a witness at the RC)

  23. tess lawrence

    Dearest Andrew Collins, it means the world to us to hear and welcome your voice here at the AIM Network. I am not alone in thanking you for your profound advocacy work and bearing witness for others as well as the abuse perpetrated on you. I salute you and others who stepped forward from the shadows to recount your stories and experiences before the Royal Commission.Your courage in the face of such criminal and predatory onslaught is so inspirational.

    Please share the article Andrew. The rampant hagiography of Pell is repugnant and offensive to those of us, like yourself, who are aware of the truth about Pell and the Catholic Church in relation to sex abuse.

    One of Pell’s closest acolytes said to me once ( in relation to the exposing and sex abuse in Australia ) that ” this could never happen in Ireland. Some years later, the smugness was wiped off his face. I said to him ” Father, you have over estimated your Church and underestimated the people.”

  24. Ashley Geelan

    Thank you Tess. Great journalism. Have you heard what is happening to a man who stood up 4 and helped CSA victims against his own Church? Father Robert “Bob” Maguire OAM appears to have been moved to respite centre, his dog taken, no visitors, limited calls. Please see @geelanmedia, @Sal_Of_Lourdes and Maureen Doyle on Twitter.

  25. Michael Taylor

    I’m in awe of all these wonderful comments. Thank you, to all.

  26. Annette

    Thank goodness the oxygen thief is gone

  27. Perry

    If I saw Pell’s hearse I would turn my back on him. I wish the entire city would.

  28. GL

    I see the Lib right wing are considering the CEO of Catholic Schools NSW as a replacement for Molan and that dingbat Deves is interested as well. As is usual for the NSW Libs it looks like there will be the same tired old petty little children in a sand pit fighting and squabbling over who will get the position.

  29. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Cireal, thanks so much for your contribution to this ongoing discussion. These chats between us all are frightfully important. And personally, I learn so much. Actually, I rather feel our discussions are an extension of the article and it’s about you having your say, too.

    A big shoutout again to Michael and AIM Network for publishing the article.

    Please share the article with the world!!!!

  30. Max Gross

    The vacuous inanity of Pell’s responses in that qanda video actualy surprised me. He really was just a lighweight.

  31. Claudio Pompili

    Thank you Tess…a tough read…courage to all victim’s of sexual abuse

  32. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Stephen, thank you for your comment – yes, next week’s service is going to be very interesting.
    Please help to share this article with the world, Stephen.

  33. PY

    Hi Tess,

    Just when you think the horror can’t get any worse along comes yet another article detailing the depraved and brutal abuse inflicted on yet another innocent babe, worse than you could ever have imagined. A staggering article and enough to make you weep. I feel deeply for the victims, their families and their communities.

    Please let “Adam” know that there are hundreds of thousands of us who DO care, who DO consider him worthy, important and loved and who grieve for him now and will also do so when he departs.

    I am sorriest for the missed opportunity, that a person could be entrusted with so much power to effect so much good for others, but use it malevolently. It seems to be a worldwide virus that attacks the powerful.

    Thank you Tess for shining the light and to all those who are brave enough to speak the truth, to play a part in effecting change and to all those thousands of victims for managing to get up in the morning and keeping on going.

  34. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Terence, I get what you’re saying. Couldn’t help but notice, that there wasn’t exactly a thronging crowd paying their ‘respect’ to Pell when he lay in state in Rome and yes, it’s going to be really interesting in Sydney on the 1st and 2nd of February in particular. Thanks for the link too, as well as your comment.

  35. wam

    A facebook comment: ‘Pell, a man taken too late’. It is beyond me to understand how women can worship a male god who, not only, forgives men who murder women and children but also provides them with a penis.

  36. tess lawrence

    Dear Kenneth, thank you for your salient comment. You are right about this awful aspect of the Church and the facts are now well established that you//me/we are justified in describing it as a club for pedophiles. It was just so widespread. And those who were not sexual abusers must have known about what was going on. The endless practice of moving them on, once they were discovered, is just sickening. Thank you so much for your support Kenneth and reminding us of the ballot box and the difference it can make to our lives.
    Please share the article. We may be only a small voice but together we can make a mighty roar !

  37. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Canguro ( love your nommie de plummie ) what a wrap of the situation you’ve written. It’s all that wheels within wheels stuff isn’t it. Your support is so inspiring and once again I salute Michael Taylor. It’s going to be interesting, seeing who is going to attend Pell’s body laying in state – and the funeral service. I think it is great that the Victorian and NSW governments have both resisted the very strong pressure to give Pell a state funeral.

    Please share the article with the world and help spread an alternative obitchuary about this creep, who was a traitor to the basic tenets of the church and its worshipers, and of paramount importance, those who were sexually abused in the name of Christ.

  38. tess lawrence

    Dear GL, what a start to your young life, and clearly both events loom large on you as an older person. Thank you for telling us part of your personal journey and please consider contacting one of the support groups we’ve listed below. It can really help. It would be beaut if you could help to share this article too, GL.

  39. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Max, good to see your name and comment. Yes, Pell’s performance was horribly embarrassing.. He was so inane. I think Richard Dawkins was aghast at Pell’s responses, let alone extremely impatient. Please share the article, Max.

  40. tess lawrence

    Dear Claudio, thank you. It was tough to write too. What kept me going was knowing how courageous are the victims/survivors, including family members who have lost loved ones through suicide. Please help us to share the article, Claudio.

  41. tess lawrence

    G’day Dear Ashley, thank you for your kind words. I am shocked to hear this about Father Bob.. Where is he ? How is he ? Can you please leave another comment with as much detail as possible for us to read. Do you regularly see him in person ? Please pass on my love. Let’s see what we can all do. Who is looking after his pooch ? Is the Catholic Church doing anything for him ? Pell hated Father Bob’s guts. And he hated Father Bob’s public profile.

  42. tess lawrence

    G’day again Andrew, please feel free to leave any info about any protests/marches/gatherings in Melbourne and Sydney re services for Pell and his laying in State.

  43. tess lawrence

    Dear Al,your second comment has moved me to tears.

  44. Canguro

    I know it’s only a few days to go before he’s finally done with, but if they keep this corpse on display for much longer they’re going to have to rename the unlamented dead cardinal to Smelly Pelly. Almost three weeks since his death! What is it about this perverse ritual of keeping a dead body on show for others to gawk at and mumble their superstitious religious mumbo-jumbo about who knows what?

    The Islamic get their dead in the ground immediately, no frills or fancy ceremonies. And the Buddhists & Hindus and other Asian religions don’t muck about either. Nor does Judaism. But Christianity seems to believe there’s value to be found in hanging on to a corpse while it rots, in order to allow others to goo gah and indulge in primitivistic & ignorant murmurings. Weird.

  45. tess lawrence


    A Ballarat survivor of child sexual abuse has said the repeated removal of ribbons from St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney won’t deter him from putting a spotlight on clergy abuse endured by innocent people.
    Key points:

    The ribbons of solidarity for sexual assault victims have been removed four times in the past 48 hours

    The ribbons are being tied to the fence surrounding St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney


    St Mary's Cathedral will be the final resting place of Cardinal George Pell

    Paul Auchettl is among a group of survivors and supporters who are tying ribbons to the church’s fence ahead of Cardinal George Pell’s funeral on Thursday.

  46. Canguro

    As George Pell departs, every ribbon tells a story the church tried to silence.

    The sheer scale of the numbers of ribbons tied to the fence alongside St Mary’s Cathedral is graphic testament to a modern-day tragedy, that of the existence of a Catholic paedophile priesthood insistent on prosecuting their perversions and shedding their semen on and within the bodies of young children, innocents, who by the disastrous conjunction of their being within the orbit of these deranged and godless deviants would find themselves raped and dismembered, physically and psychically, to suffer for eternity as a consequence of being used as semen receptacles by men who betrayed the vows they took to be faithful and obedient servants of a loving God, a suffering that in essence destroyed the lives of these children, many of whom in their suffering took their own lives when the burden of shame and distress reached its intolerable limit.

    That the church for so long denied, protected its accused, used its vast financial and legal resources to minimise culpability, deny guilt, bury the facticity of being at the heart of the rot, victimise the victims, is almost enough to mount the case for burning the whole rotten edifice to the ground, this vestigial cancer within global society that operates solely on the basis of its historical past but in terms of the sins its commits, which surely outweigh any good it might actually deliver, wouldn’t be a minute too late when the time comes.

    To be honest, I hate these people with their humbug, hypocrisy and false piety. To hell with them, and damn them all.

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