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Fun times ahead

The AIMN opened its doors in January 2013. It was an election year and Tony Abbott was Leader of the Opposition, and Tony, bless him, was the gift that kept on giving: So much idiocy and incompetence wrapped up in one small package.

Readers couldn’t get enough of him. In my 15 years in social media I’ve learned that people love reading an article about someone they don’t like. It reinforces their own opinions.

Nobody liked Tony, yet I thank him for providing The AIMN with a wealth of material. They were fun times.

We belonged to the growing number of independent sites doing their darndest to keep him out of The Lodge. But alas, he got the keys and we then spent the next nine years trying to take away the keys from him and his successors.

Tony eventually became a distant memory, yet we got by without him.

After Labor’s victory in the May election I pondered whether our time was up. The battle had been won. What on earth would we do now? It was that “What will we do without Tony” sort of feeling all over again.

It appears though – that despite my gloom – our work is not yet done.

Fun times are ahead and we’ll still have plenty to write about:

  • Scott Morrison as Minister for Everything will attract a wealth of scrutiny.
  • There’s the forthcoming ICAC. That should be a real buzz.
  • The Indigenous Voice to Parliament.
  • Possible leadership challenges if Peter Dutton continues his slumping (un)popularity.
  • Murdoch suing Crikey and the ramifications of it.
  • The Jobs Summit.
  • Someone from the Opposition will do or say something stupid (that’s a 100% guarantee).

… just to name a handful.

Plus, of course, a government needs to be held to account no matter which party it is.

But primarily, we will be repeating our goals from 2013: Doing our best to keep the Coalition in opposition.

And here’s one scary thought to keep in mind …


Though hope is on the horizon …


Fun times ahead.


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  1. Grumpy Geezer

    The Libs and their rube co-conspirators from the Nats are quivering in terror at the prospect of what will now be exposed. Just watch lazy Sussan – she vibrates when she’s interviewed on the telly. They have a whole police line-up who’ll provide material.

  2. Gangey1959

    I wouldn’t sweat on it too much Michael.
    The RW&RNJ’s are the gifts that just keep on giving.
    So voldemurdoch is suing Crikey. It was bound to happen one day I guess.
    Whilst I am prepared to accept, for the next half century or so anyway, that the planet is rupey-centric, because the wrinkled old fart has way more shekels than I have and is always telling morons like blot and aj and cretin what to tell me, am I able to counter-sue him?
    His minions insist that the world is flat, coal is still king, climate change is all in the mind, and that renewable energy is no use because it isn’t available at night, and blows power-lines over in strong winds.
    All of this coming from the bloke who is old enough to have been a deck-hand on Noah’s Ark and who has just traded in his 66 year old wife for a younger model. (Jeez, there is just no pleasing some people)
    With rupey’s latest Australian glove puppet finally chucked into the dumpster, and Australians in general finally getting a glimpse under the doona that was true lnp political wheeling and dealing, it’s no wonder that prune face is looking for a scape-goat. The truth hurts.
    Not as much as nine plus years of concentrated bullshit and slanted media coverage and lies and inuendo distorted justice and…. and….. and…., but it’s close. And someone has to pay. CRIKEY, you’re it.
    How does “Kiss my arse” sound, rupert?
    Go fuck yourself.

    Thank you AMIN. Et al.

    PS. May the sharks not make the NRL gf. Again. Engadine Maccas doesn’t deserve the fallout.

  3. New England Cocky

    Well, Australia was smart (fortunate?) to remove the secretive Scummo from the Lodge before he did any further real damage to the Australian community.

    Looking over the broad aspects of his corrupt reign of inept management, it would be easy to assert that the results of the 21 May 2022 Feral elections prevented the devious formation of the ROYAL AUSTRSALIAN unCHRISTIAN DISCTATORSHIP led by ”The Chosen One” el PRESIDENTE Scummo.


    1). Buying off gg David Hurley with an about $18 MILLION gift to the Australian Future Leaders Foundation Ltd, a ”charity” based in England without any publicly known assets and a reported ability for the Board members to agree to asset strip the entity at unanimous will at any future date. Was Betty Windsor advised of Hurley’s charitable interests?

    2) The stacking of about 700 government legal & administrative positions with the Liarbral faithful, to insure that the Chosen One’s future visions are accomplished with a minimum of opposition.

    3) The secret Ministerial positions granted to Scummo apparently without question, or vice-regal comment or indeed any vice-regal diary record, so that decisions could be made quickly and without bothering to tell himself the justification for any government decisions.

    All this evidence is available in the annals of Australian independent media, like AIMN, Crickey, Independent Australia etc to name but a few. It IS NOT in the mainstream media-ocrity because News Corpse was seemingly part of any conspiracy.

    Perhaps one of our talents authors could take up this important research to question how such a perversion of our government system was able to occur without any commentators waking yup to the situation.

  4. Ron Lee

    Mr. Taylor,
    You along with many of your ilk have failed to allocate adequate praise and thanks to Scummo, Abbott, Johnson and Trump for their mighty services in making a very substantial proportion of the worlds population feel so much better about themselves in that they could say “Well at least I am not as stupid as the PM/President.”

  5. RoadKillCafe

    Yes, Ron Lee, a very valuable public service. Thanks for that comment, a good laugh.

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