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This morning Paul Sheehan quoted Canadian author, Mark Steyn who was over in Europe to see what immigration had done. Canada, of course, has been ruined by immigration – just ask the indigenous population!

However, we’re not talking about Canada here, we’re more interested in a how a Canadian perceives Europe. Apparently early on in his visit there was an a rather nasty incident. Sheehan quoted Steyn:

“I was looking forward to sitting back and enjoying the peace and quiet of Scandinavian First Class. But, just as I took my seat and settled in, a gaggle of ‘refugees’ swarmed in, young bearded men and a smaller number of covered women, the lads shooing away those first-class ticket holders not as nimble in securing their seats…

“They seemed to take it for granted that asylum in Europe should come with complimentary first-class travel … The conductor gave a shrug, the great universal shorthand for there’s-nothing-I-can do.”

Refugees taking it for granted that they should travel first class is outrageous enough, but that first class travellers should have to put with men with beards “swarming” in. Although how Steyn managed to determine that they were refugees and not hipsters, I’m not sure. Perhaps it was the “covered women’, because, after all, this was Scandinavian first class travel and it’s my understanding that everyone’s naked there most of the time, but that could be because I reduce everything to stereotypes.

Of course, the same mental powers of clairvoyance that enabled the writer to tell that they were asylum seekers and to determine exactly what the conductor meant by his shrug, enabled him to see that they both clearly knew that travel comes in classes and that they had an economy class ticket but were choosing to travel first class, out some sense of entitlement. Now, a socialist might suggest that those in first class also had a sense of entitlement but, as we know in Australia, the age of entitlement is over so that socialist would be wrong.

Of course, Paul Sheehan goes on to tell us about how this influx of refugees is causing a lurch to the right and how anti-immigration parties are gaining ground in many European countries. He talks about Germany’s decision causing problems with social cohesion because as he says:

“Too late. More than 500 arson attacks have occurred in Germany this year targeting housing designated for refugees.”

Now, I could go on to quote a lot more of Paul Sheehan’s article but the basic thrust of it seems to be an attempt to make Tony’s “Jesus didn’t know what he was taking about it and I was just so awesome that I stopped the boats speech” seem reasonable. I think you’ve probably got the gist. It takes the view that if people are starting to believe something then it must be true, which makes an interesting contrast to views on climate change where people are just being gullible and going along with a majority.

He goes on using the sort of logic that suggests that Reclaim Australia is the result of the Liberals being too left-wing before concluding with:

“This encapsulates a growing view in Europe from which you may recoil, as it contrasts starkly with the liberal belief that the West has a moral obligation to help the wretched.

I doubt the liberal view will prevail. The dots are starting to connect. They point to a gathering storm, building on millions of small indignities and disappointments which, over time, will add up to something large.”

Yep, once you fail to see the irony in a Canadian complaining about foreigners disturbing his “Scandinavian first class travel”, then it’s a small step to argue that refugees are causing problems with social cohesion because people are attacking them.

But then consistency has always been in short supply when it comes to politics.



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  1. Kaye Lee

    “building on millions of small indignities and disappointments”

    Well gosh, how dare those people whose homes have been bombed, families killed, and country devastated, inflict “small indignities and disappointments” on us. Don’t they realise we are already doing our best to help them by imposing draconian sanctions, overthrowing their governments, and bombing the crap out of their country?

  2. TechinBris

    Just wait for it Kaye. We in little ol’ Awestralia are going to help the world out even more than they would dare to ask for, by helping our other great “friends” to brew up that which gives so much to the growth of world industry and finance, a World War!

  3. mars08

    Because white English men have never behaved like thugs in Europe…

  4. Loz

    We can’t even give a home to a mere 1500. Instead we try and sell them off to some country where there is little hope for a decent future.

  5. diannaart

    Oh I know…. Tones said it best (paraphrased) “We don’t want people seeking a better life”.

  6. mars08

    Sheehan’s logic is flawless…

    Without the recent influx of brown skinned, bearded men into Europe… there would be no NEED for right wing politicians and bigoted media hacks to stir up the fear and hatred.

    Those brown folk bring it on themselves.

  7. king1394

    I can’t believe that Paul Sheehan is still given any respect – after his shameless spruiking of the Unique Water several years ago, I stopped seeing him as a reliable source of information

  8. Anomander

    “More than 500 arson attacks have occurred in Germany this year targeting housing designated for refugees”

    Not only did the West bomb their nation into oblivion and force them to flee, according to Sheehan, right-wing extremists are absolved of any responsibility for fire-bombing refugees because it’s the refugees fault for not staying home and dying the way we expect they should.

    Sheehan is nothing but an oxygen thief. Several months ago he used his SMH column to launch a tirade, over the course of several weeks, simply because one of his friends got booked for double-parking outside an Eastern Suburbs preschool. The implication was that the police were corrupt in wasting time and resources enforcing traffic safety.

  9. Richard

    This article is rubbish. . . . .poorly authored cods-wallop.

  10. Anthony Shorter

    Sheehan, about the time of the magic water article also wrote a piece in the Good Weekend (I think) extolling the culinary delights of the newly introduced Krispy Kreem donut.
    I thought that that,along with the magic water had to be the end of his credibility and his career as a commentator on the world at large.
    Somehow Fairfax and The Drum keep giving him a platform as thier resident right wing fruitcake, I suppose to counter balance the accusations that the ABC and SMH/Age are a nest of latte / Chardonnay sipping lefty Kumaya singing luvvies.
    Along with Gerrard H. and the guy from the Spectator with the permed hair I find poor old Paul and the mute button have a marvellously symbiotic relationship.

  11. Paradoxical Dust

    Steyn vs Rossleigh….no contest

  12. G Jeffs

    You should be careful when taking on Steyn,because whether you love or loathe him, he’s a smart and witty chap, and it’s evident your own satirical abilities are pretty average.
    I agree with very little of what Steyn says, but I do respect his skill with the written word. I note that he’s managed to own you, after the effort you took to write this piece, with a single sentence. Ouch.

  13. 1banjo

    Pretty average? That is an outrageous exaggeration.

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