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“Envisioning a United Australia: Your Role in Shaping a Compassionate Future”

By Denis Hay

Imagine a better Australia, a nation where every decision and policy is infused with kindness, love, compassion, and respect. Science has long proven our interconnectedness, reminding us that our actions today shape the world we leave for our children and grandchildren. What legacy do you wish to pass on?

In a world often marred by division and environmental challenges, the power of collective action and positive change cannot be overstated. Every choice we make, and every stance we take, influences the fabric of our society and the health of our planet. It’s a ripple effect that extends far beyond our immediate surroundings.

The call to action is clear: engage passionately with politics. Understanding how our election system functions, how laws are made, and the workings of parliament is not just a civic duty but a powerful tool for change. Knowledge empowers us to advocate for policies that uphold human dignity, protect our environment, and promote global peace.

We live in an era of unprecedented connectivity, offering us unique opportunities to collaborate and address the flaws in our political system. Your choices, your voice, and your vote matter. They have the potential to influence lives around you and shape the future of our nation.

Ask yourself, what can you do to foster positive change in our political landscape? How can you contribute to a vision of Australia that prioritizes unity, respect, and social justice?


A stick person pointing at light bulbs. Discovering a bright idea.


Remember, refusing to hold our political leaders accountable is an abdication of responsibility. We must demand that they act in our best interests and in the name of what is just and right. It’s time to reimagine Australia from a connected perspective and build a legacy of compassion and unity for generations to come.

What steps will you take to be a responsible voter and advocate for a better Australia? Share your thoughts and actions with us.

Call to Action: Join a movement for a united and just Australia. Educate yourself, vote responsibly, and hold your leaders accountable. Your voice matters in shaping a compassionate future.

#UnitedAustralia #PoliticalChange #SocialJustice #FutureGenerations


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Activism and Social Change, Jude Irwin, Emeritus Professor of Social Work and Social Justice, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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Accountable governance requires effective FOI, Law Council of Australia.

Denis Hay: At 82 years young, I stand as a testament to the enduring power of dedication and belief in social justice. My journey has been shaped by a deep conviction that every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and that equal opportunities for thriving should be a universal right.

My beliefs are not just ideals; they are the driving force behind my active engagement in advocating for change. I am deeply concerned about the pressing issue of climate change, recognizing its urgency and the need for immediate, collective action. This is not just a matter of policy for me, but a moral imperative to safeguard our planet for the generations to come.

As an administrator of several Facebook pages, I use my platform to challenge the prevailing neoliberal ideology, which I see as a destructive force against our society and environment. My goal is to foster a political system that truly serves the people, ensuring access to essential needs like decent housing, secure and well-paid jobs, education, and healthcare for all.

In this chapter of my life, my mission is clear: to leave behind a world that is better and more just for my grandchildren and future generations. It is a commitment that guides my every action, a legacy of compassion and advocacy that I hope will inspire others to join the cause.

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  1. Roswell

    The country needs more people like you, Denis.

  2. Phil Pryor

    With Roswell, I say let us read this declamatory statement and feel the need to be positive and active still. We have a hesitant government, a repulsive oppositional grouping led by as yet unpunished crooks and creeps, and a reekingofstyshit media, with Merde Dog’s maggots too loud and strong in their propaganda and hypocrisy. An intelligent, active, positive, outlook is needed, caring.

  3. P creswick

    I agree with you Denis, please let me know which Facebook pages you administer

  4. New England Cocky

    Politics is a participation sport where the prizes can be very rewarding. Just look at the misfits pre-selected by the COALition and you will understand that no matter how poor your education, no matter how corrupt your thinking, no matter how uncaring you are for other persons, there is a place for everyone in politics.

    Your choice is between established parties like the NOtional$, a gang of self-serving rural socialists intent on passing each & every living cost onto somebody else …. where adultery, alcoholism, and misogyny are considered positive attributes for any males planning a 19th century future.

    The LIARBRAL$ pride themselves with being totally uncaring and irresponsible with national finances and natural resources. If it helps a mate it must be the correct choice …. and think of the nice little corporate earner after departing politics. No experience needed, just blind faith in the unelected political hacks who control pre-selections and demand total loyalty to themselves rather than the best interest of Australian voters.

    Any persons concerned about re-establishing the egalitarian Australian society possibly belongs in the LABOR party that presently is controlled by metro cellar-dwellers who rarely see the light of day due to the smog, diesel particulates and nitrogen oxides pollution in their cities. These concerned citizens are contented with being jammed into ”little boxes” like sardines in a can while they ignore the happenings in the real world outside the smog haze.

    The LABOR party is considered to have forgotten their worker background as they rush to sell off Australian sovereignty for some now redundant, out–dated secondhand USUKA subs for a quick $368 BILLION that properly should have been spent in Australia on transport infrastructure, hospital services and other public infrastructure in regional & remote Australia.

    Original policies or anything that may correct the past unfortunate decisions, or hold politicians to public accountability where crimes may have allegedly been committed by COALition pollies during the past nine (9) years of misgovernment are conveniently overlooked in the race to become the 51st state of the USA (United States of Apartheid).

    Perhaps the saving grace are the INDEPENDENTS, good souls responsible to their communities for improving the best interest of those electorates.

  5. Clakka

    Hear hear,

    And thanks AIMN for the FB links

  6. wam

    Superbus est?? How old are your children? How old are their children? How many times did we “get drenched to the bone” and “sink like a stone”?
    Sorry old fellow, do your best as a follower.
    For this chapter “iacta alea est”?

  7. New England Cocky

    @ wam: OK, I have enough trouble with the English language, so guessing at Latin (we had Latin classes in my state high school, but I did technical courses being considered ”not too bright”) is not one of my best skills.

    Be a goods chap and explain to the ignorant like myself, what does ”iacta alea est” mean in the Australian English language?

  8. wam

    sorry NEC, These are Caesar’s words when he crossed the rubicon,
    ‘thrown the die is’
    indicating it is too late.
    I am suggesting we should have done something with dylan’s words. If we have armed the thoughts of our children and grandchildren adequately we should lend a hand but the time is their’s.
    We have left them, poor as it is, their inheritance and, now, they can do as they will with it.

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