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Dutton for PM – no thanks

If the conservative ideologues get their way, Peter Dutton could be Prime Minister within a few months. If Dutton became Prime Minister, he would be the eighth person to be Prime Minister with double letters in his last name. For the record, if you get asked the question at a trivia night, the others are (in order) Cook, Scullin, Fadden, Rudd, Gillard, Abbott and Turnbull. The history of the last four is well known and in all cases their terms as Prime Minister are remembered more for the politics of gaining or losing power, associated with poor opinion polls, party infighting and a general sense of unease within the community, than their achievements.

So, were the first three any better? Apparently not.

According to the National Museum Australia website, Cook

… became Prime Minister following the general election on 31 May 1913. He led the Liberal Party to victory with a one-seat majority in the House of Representatives but he failed to win control of the Senate. He took up office as Prime Minister on 24 June 1913, and also served as Minister for Home Affairs from this date.

On 8 June 1914 Cook sought and obtained a double dissolution of parliament from Governor-General RC Munro-Ferguson, after the Senate had twice refused to pass the Government Preference Prohibition Bill. Before the election was held (on 5 August 1914), the UK declared war and over the next five years the First World War and its aftermath were the all-consuming political issues in Australian politics. The general election held on 5 September 1914 resulted in a strong win for Labor, which gained control of both Houses of federal parliament. Cook’s term as Prime Minister ended formally on 17 September when Andrew Fisher took office.

Post the 1914 election, Cook supported the government of the day’s war policies, and his Liberal Party was merged with Prime Minister Hughes’ National Labor group to become the Nationalist Party after the Conscription Referendum in 1916. He was the Australian High Commissioner to the UK from 1921 until 1927, then he retired. Cook died in 1947.

Scullin to some extent was a victim of circumstances as well as poor political judgement. He became ALP leader in 1928 and won an additional eight seats at the election held in November of that year, despite disunity and a long running and violent waterside workers strike. In October 1929, Scullin led the ALP to victory in a general election caused by the fall of the Bruce-Page Government. Unfortunately, the US stock market crash happened a few weeks later; causing the ‘great depression’. Scullin, who didn’t have a majority in the Senate, was also the External Affairs and Industry Minister.

When his Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister, EG Theodore, stood down in July 1930 after being implicated for defrauding the government in the Mungana mines affair, Scullin also took on the role of Treasurer. During a seven-month period in this role, Scullin presented his government’s first budget to parliament on 9 July 1930. Scullin’s budget planned for increased expenditure to be met through increased income tax and postal charges and the introduction of a sales tax.

As a result of the government’s difficulty in meeting interest payments on overseas debts, Scullin agreed to invite to Australia a Bank of England delegation led by Sir Otto Niemeyer. Niemeyer formed a poor impression of Scullin’s grasp of economic issues. Scullin, however, was well read in conventional economics and had been horrified by the state of the economy he had taken over – with its high level of debt, falling export commodity prices and rising unemployment.

The Bank of England delegation met with Scullin and state premiers at a special premiers’ conference in Melbourne during August 1930. On Niemeyer’s advice, the conference agreed to a heavily deflationary package of measures (known as the Melbourne Agreement) for tackling the Depression. This involved balancing budgets, ceasing overseas borrowing until all external debts were paid, confining internal borrowing to income producing schemes, reducing government expenditure (including spending on social services) and cutting wages.

Scullin left Australia soon afterwards for four and a half months to attend an ‘Imperial Conference’ with the heads of government of other dominions of the British Empire. While he was away

… the ALP caucus was deeply divided over the implementation of the Melbourne Agreement. The Acting Prime Minister, JE Fenton, and Acting Treasurer, JA Lyons, supported by the absent Scullin, adhered to the Agreement. Opposing them were ‘inflationists’ (the group supporting Theodore’s views) and ‘Langites’ (the group supporting the New South Wales Premier’s position).

A ‘soap opera’ of events happened when Scullin returned to Australia, including the reappointment of Theodore to the Treasury, causing some to leave the ALP and align themselves with the Opposition members of Parliament. In addition, the head of the Commonwealth Bank refused the Government’s request for funding until Scullin cut pensions, leading to a second Premiers Conference in 1931 where an agreement was hammered out and subsequently passed in Parliament (albeit with 50% of Scullin’s ALP voting against it). This led to the eventual demise of Scullin’s Government late in 1931 with Scullin rejecting calls for an inquiry into allegations of corrupt distribution of unemployment relief by Theodore, causing the ‘Langite’ Labor members siding with the Opposition to pass a no confidence motion in the Government.

Scullin resigned the ALP leadership in 1935, to be replaced by John Curtin. He acted as a mentor for both Curtin and Chifley during their Prime Ministerships and retired from Parliament in the 1949 election. He died in January 1953 and the funeral service was conducted by Archbishop Daniel Mannix.

Fadden is the only member of the Country (now National) Party who was appointed Prime Minister in a permanent rather than acting capacity. Having said that, it didn’t last too long. His term was 29 August until 7 October 1941. A year earlier, Fadden was a compromise choice as Country Party leader, being appointed as ‘Acting Leader’ in October 1940. He was confirmed in the Leadership role in March 1941 and retained the role for 17 years.

Fadden served as Minister Assisting the Treasurer and Minister for Supply and Development in the Robert Gordon Menzies United Australia Party-Country Party coalition from March-August 1940, then as Minister for Air and Minister for Civil Aviation from August-October 1940, and finally as Treasurer from October 1940-August 1941. He was a member of the war cabinet and economic cabinet from 1940 to 1941.

In January 1941 Fadden became Deputy Prime Minister for four months while RG Menzies was overseas. After increasing dissension within the UAP-CP coalition, Menzies resigned as Prime Minister on 28 August 1941 in favour of Fadden.

Fadden served as Prime Minister from 29 August until 7 October 1941. By October, he had lost support of two Independents who voted with Labor to defeat his government in the House, thus making way for John Curtin’s Labor government.

Except for the periods in office of three caretaker Prime Ministers (Earle Page, Francis (Frank) Forde and John McEwen), Fadden’s 40 days as Prime Minister was the shortest of any Prime Minister in the twentieth century.

Fadden went on to serve as Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer in the 1949 and subsequent Menzies’ Governments, retiring in 1958. He died in Brisbane in 1973.

They aren’t particularly awe-inspiring, are they? While it could be argued that politics is full of well – politics – it seems that all the Prime Ministers with double letters have come to prominence under atypical circumstances. Rudd, Gillard, Abbott and Turnbull all came to power by manufacturing a party room coup and ensuring they had ‘the numbers’ to succeed. Some of the problems they had in government were due to their concentration on foiling the attempts of others doing to them as they did to their predecessor. Dutton is being touted openly by some conservatives as a potential Prime Minister when Turnbull falls or is pushed onto his sword (whichever happens first), probably to see how much public support there is for the concept. As a result, Turnbull is apparently finding it difficult to distract his colleagues from navel gazing to actually deliver policy and legislation that is wanted by the majority of Australians, such as marriage equality, while being assured of retaining his current position.

Dutton has certainly shown he has the heart of stone necessary to forcibly inflict obscene and unusual punishment on people who have attempted to apply for refugee status in Australia. US President Trump liked how the Australian Government has managed the ‘refugee problem’ so much that he commented during that now infamous phone call

TRUMP: That is a good idea. We should do that too. You are worse than I am.

Turnbull went on to boast the only reason people were under Australian custody on Manus Island and Nauru

TURNBULL: Let me explain. We know exactly who they are. They have been on Nauru or Manus for over three years and the only reason we cannot let them into Australia is because of our commitment to not allow people to come by boat. Otherwise we would have let them in. If they had arrived by airplane and with a tourist visa then they would be here.

TRUMP: Malcolm, but they are arrived on a boat?

TURNBULL: Correct, we have stopped the boats.

Turnbull is too busy checking his back for knives from the conservatives in his party and media to run an effective and equitable government. If Dutton comes to be the LNP Leader by the same path as Rudd, Gillard, Abbott and Turnbull – will he be too busy checking his back for knives from the progressives in his party?

Regardless of the political party the Prime Minister comes from, they are supposed to govern for all Australians. In the 21st Century, we expect our politicians to act honestly and demonstrate equality for all. Neither Abbott or Turnbull have appeared to understand the concept of equality in recent history. Various surveys, including the one referred to in this Sydney Morning Herald report show

The divide between rich and poor is growing in Australia, according to a new national survey which found more than a quarter of households have experienced a drop in income.

We have also touched on marriage equality. Let’s just add that Howard (the Prime Minister who inserted the ‘man and woman’ clause in the Marriage Act) didn’t need a plebiscite, secret vote or any other delaying tactic to do so – so why can’t Turnbull remove it the same way? Probably because the conservatives, including Dutton, will mutiny if he does.

We keep people in inhumane conditions across the Pacific because they tried to get here by boat and claim refugee status (which is legal according to the UN Refugee Convention of 1951 – signed by PM Menzies) rather than arrive by plane and overstay their tourist or study visa (which is illegal). Dutton is the enforcer of this process.

Dutton got his wish for a postal ballot on the proposed changes to the Marriage Act (a device that will require the Australian Bureau of Statistics to oversee a ’statistical survey’ that comprises a ‘yes/no’ answer, is not binding on Parliamentarians and costs Australia $122million) and he administers an overseas refugee policy which Turnbull admits to be selective, vindictive and driven solely by politics in his call with President Trump. If either Dutton or Turnbull have ethics and morals, clearly, they are subservient to what they believe to be winning politics.

Clearly, there is no evidence to suggest that Dutton, if he was to become Prime Minister, would be any better than the motley collection of those with double letters that preceded him. To retain the ’top job’, he would have to concentrate on the politics, hatred and spite rather than equity, equality, morals, ethics, compassion or betterment for all Australians. We are better off without him.

What do you think?

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  1. Matters Not

    I think the long term future would be well served if Peter Dutton became Prime Minister. Albeit for a short time.

    He could eliminate divisions by wiping out the Separation of Powers. No need for Judges or Legislators. Think of the money to be saved. We would have our very own Dear Leader.

  2. Ceridwen66

    Such a scenario would also expedite the onset of an Australian revolution and the money saved could fund several large guillotines.

  3. madeleinekingston

    Thanks AIM Team for an informative article about past and present leaders.

    I especially appreciate the comment that:

    “Dutton has certainly shown he has the heart of stone necessary to forcibly inflict obscene and unusual punishment on people who have attempted to apply for refugee status in Australia.”

    Dutton’s heart of stone is not the only concern. We have all observed his performance as Minister for Immigration and most of us are appalled. He seems to be self-obsessed, power-hungry, manipulative greedy and even less intelligent that he looks. Unfortunately his particular faction within the LNP is already being led by him in harmony with the disgruntled former PM Tony Abbott, Master of Negativism, Spite and Bigotry, with a little encouragement from the Trump administration.

    Dutton, courtesy of the current spineless PM Malcolm Turnbull has risen through the ranks at the speed of lightening and has now become so intoxicated by his newly-conferred powers that despite his obvious weaknesses, he is positively dangerous, as he will stop at nothing at all to maintain that power and to keep Australia in the Dark Ages indefinitely from a political viewpoint.

    If the idea that Dutton may in fact become the next PM under a Coalition Government were completely out of the question, we could all sit back and laugh. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility though given the way things have been going.
    May I be the first to join you in opposing this proportion – NO THANKS is exactly the way I feel.



  4. pierre wilkinson

    I think history will paint Gillard as the best of that whole sad bunch.
    Dutton as PM would unleash a world of pain on the general electorate.
    He has no empathy, appears to enjoy fascism and jokes about climate change drowning several nations at the Pacific Conference.
    His jackbooted “Border Force” is implicated in crime and corruption, he willfully ignores Human Rights violations in his prison camps and he has an ambition far exceeding his capabilities as a person and a human being.

  5. Olivia Manor

    Dutton is already defacto PM. The postal vote plebiscite was his idea, The Border Farce conglomeration giving him total powers, his idea.Passing the buck to PNG for all the woes besetting asylum seekers, his call. Changes to citizenship rules and expecting an IELTS level 6 to be even considered, his idea. Where is Turnbull in all this? Dotton says “jump” and Turnbull asks ” how high?”
    This is the man whom doctors described as the most incompetent Health Minister ever. I guess health requires some degree of empathy. Torturing other human beings must give this sociopath, immense satisfaction

  6. helvityni

    Agree with Madeleine, Olivia and pierre wilkinson; devil Dutton as PM would be an absolute disaster, unthinkable, unwanted…there would be a mass exodus of people FROM Australia, by boat, by plane, by any which way…

  7. Kronomex

    To quote a somewhat violent visit to the porcelain palace after eating something that makes you ill upon hearing that Il Duttonuci could be the next PM: “Raappllhh! Hhuugghhiiee!”

    If that excuse for a human being takes over it will pretty well guarantee that the LNP will be visiting the opposition bench for quite some time after the next election. So in a way it might be worth it.

  8. madeleinekingston

    Thanks Helvityni

    I had not thought about the prospect of mass exodus FROM Australia by boat, dinghy, cargo container, air or even wearing flippers, but your post has given me food for thought and reminded me that I need to make contingency plans in case the Duttons of this world take further charge. He is already running the country by default with a few Dark Ages cronies on his side. Disgraceful.

    The whole shambles makes me quiver when I think about what has become of democracy, fairness, transparency, accountability and respect for decency, human and civil rights and the fundamental right of people to make their own choices in their personal lives. Good luck with the campaign.

    Most people with a shred of decency will be backing the YES outcome if the ridiculous voluntary non-binding opinion poll is implemented. I certainly will be as previously indicated. It is not an option for me to boycott since this would play into the hands of the naysayers, who already have enough of a say.

    PS @kronomex we are in agreement over Duttonuci. I share your sentiments about his unsuitability.

    PPS Have responded also to Barry Tucker’s article on Poor Old Malcolm and how he has been Cornered

    Cheers Madeleine

  9. Murray Thomas

    At least our compulsory voting system keeps the Trumps away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. economicreform

    Dutton as PM would be political suicide for the coalition, and a landslide win for the opposition. However it might be that they have a secret death wish?

  11. Freetasman

    I agree with you economicreform, but at the same time he is capable of doing an irreversible damage.

  12. Shutterbug

    Regarding Know-Nutton Dutton, once a pig, always a pig.

  13. Phil

    Since you asked the question 2353NM – I think Dutton as PM would merely continue his political life as the most vile minister to have ever set foot in our parliament. I say bring it on so we can end this interminable idiocy that is the Coalition government.

  14. havanaliedown

    I had the pleasure of another chat with Peter recently. I don’t view him as “leader”, but as a very prominent part of the leadership group once Turnbull is ditched. Peter is a strong team player, and has a lot going for him – plus a solid background in the QLD Police drug squad and locking up sex offenders.

  15. Dot Goulding

    No problem because Dutton will lose his seat at the next election – even if the Libs try to change the boundaries. Even better if he’s PM when that happens… I remember my absolute joy when Howard lost his seat to Maxine McHugh.

  16. crypt0

    I had hoped we had reached the bottom of the barrel with Mista rabbott …
    Until Fizza came along. Surely that is as low as we can go ?
    And now you tell me dutton could be next in line !
    Oh well … surely that MUST be the bottom of the barrel?
    Or … could the little aussie voters outdo themselves ?
    Yet again ??

  17. 2353

    madeleinekingston – thanks for the compliment.

    pierre wilkinson – I reckon you’re right, Gillard is the best one listed in the piece (not that there is much competition).

    Dot Goulding – I hope you’re right. In some way, it wold be poetic justice to all those that Dutton has persecuted.

  18. Matters Not

    Dutton as PM would unleash a world of pain on the general electorate.

    Yep! Dutton for PM. Experiencing pain can be an unequalled learning experience.

    Dutton is already defacto PM.

    Indeed he is. But not all know that. Expose the Shogun. Make him PM.

    Dutton as PM would be political suicide for the coalition, and a landslide win for the opposition

    Yep! That’s why he should become PM. (Think strategically.) A Daniel come to judgement … .

    When Abbott lost his position as PM, I was horrified – because I figured that the more acceptable face of Turnbull would probably win the LNP another term. It came to pass. Same shithouse policies as Abbott but with a more attractive veneer. That win caused the regression to continue.

    I hope Dutton displaces Turnbull. And soon. Because he lacks the wit, wisdom, charm, intelligence … and so on to present an acceptable face.

    Dutton as PM will over reach big time. Give him that opportunity. Same with Hanson. Look at her trending poll numbers. (Thanks Cassidy.) Give them every chance to vomit.

  19. madeleinekingston

    @phil; @shutterbug @havealiedown and @Dot Goulding @crypto; @Matters Not @anonymous or pseudo
    I have already posts long posts today so hesitate to tax posters.

    Here’s a short post for a change, or shortish for me. There is nothing personal in it for the posters, but just a slight difference of opinion. I hope you don’t mind.

    @havealiedown – your satirical inputs have already been noted, both in this context and in another article more focussed on the performance of former PM Tony Abbott (Kaye Lee AIMN Freedom of Speech 11/8. Detail on the substantive issues would be preferred but your style and message are not entirely lost on me. This man needs to go. If you do not agree, I wish you well in supporting and admiring this person thought to be odious.

    @ shutterbug – I agree with your views about the nature of the beast. His excuse may be that his approach and attributes were God-given. I do not accept that excuse. God if he exists is not at all interested in secular matters. SSM is a secular matter. What is more. God, whoever He may be, has never been concerned either about day-to-day politics or anything else happening on Earth.

    @phil and @DotGolding in response to 2353NM apparently aka @rossleigh re your invitation to “bring it on” comments
    There is nothing that would please me better than to see Dutton shut out of any chance of becoming PM even for the shortest time or shut out of politics altogether. Everybody knows what I think of this man’s unsuitability at any level; many appear to agree with this perception; but I accept we live in a democracy and he was voted in, so thems the breaks.
    The thing that concerns me is our invitation to “bring it on.”

    Our point of difference here is that we cannot possibly guarantee that this incompetent and believed to be a misguided nincompoop, if you will excuse my French, is that nothing is as guaranteed as it appears to be. Therefore we should not be too complacent about any outcomes. I think I get the gist of your post, which I think means that Dutton as PM, were he to be elected would simply continue as he appears to be programmed to do. He has given us plenty of indication of his attitudes, biases and controlling behaviours. If the predication is that it would make no difference whether he is PM or merely a Queensland Minister with Federal increasing responsibilities with an elevated opinion of his worth. I could go on and I will if there is much tolerance left for detail.

    @crypto If you think the bottom of the barrel has yet been reached you are mistaken. I am conceptually on your side.

    @Matters Not as you were the first to respond, you deserve more than a group response. Suffice to say my concerns run deep. It simply won’ do to be complacent on any side of politics, but DUTTON?

    To the anonymous poster who appreciated my compliment, you are most welcome.

    I reckon I have already exceeded my word-count limits. Mainstream media can’t cope and neither than 140 character limits. My cross to bear. My nature of the beast. A bit tamer than DUTTON, don’t you think?

    That’s my shortest post given the responses I felt I needed to make to more recent posts in an economical way. You do support economy of posts don’t you?

    Cheers, Madeleine

  20. Matters Not

    madeleinekingston, there’s much that goes somewhat above your head.

    But don’t concern yourself.

  21. madeleinekingston

    I assume that everyone has heard of trolls. Keep away from trolls. They are bad news. Protect yourselves. Do not give them air-space. That is my considered advice. Keep your cool. Do not allow yourself to be provoked. Keep your cool. Never resort to aggressive measures. Take stock and consider. There is never any hurry to respond to low-life provocation. Please believe me. Please trust me. As a normal rule I just cruise along and take my own quiet time; not being in too much of a hurry to prove a point. Opportunities come and go. Fact of life. Every now and again such opportunities recur. There is no hurry.

    Life may be ‘buggered up’ by Trolls (if you will excuse my French and not that is my usual idiom; since I would rather be more refined in my expressionism). And by the way; may I please encourage you; whenever you can to adopt more refined language than I have just indulged in.

    I’ll tell you straight; being a human voter (not a rat who are not voters) we humans have to put up with all sorts of experiments. There of course certain ethical guidelines as to what may be appropriate in the administration of experimentation in the context of human experimentation. I would be most happy to provide citations upon request when time permits.

    When you just try to live your normal lives and access your fundamental human rights and must rely without hesitation and may I tentatively suggest; with complete reliance upon your natural and enshrined rights within common law principles; assuming the principles still either you have rights or you do not; and then again; I regret to say; on paper; some sorts of alleged undeliverable protections are simply not deliverable. Wait for me. If you have the patience

    Cheers, Madeleine

  22. madeleinekingston

    My Dears

    If you have the slightest doubt that something smells; follow you instincts. As a general rule one’s instincts are reliable.

    But even if you doubt those instincts; at all times may I suggest rely upon them. Trust yourself. Start from the fundamentals.

    It you don’t trust yourself; you cannot trust others. Even those on your side.

    Learn to trust yourself. The rest will follow.

    Do it


  23. Zathras

    Dutton as PM would make the racist and intolerant sentiment of the conservative parties official and the appointment seen as a reward for services rendered.

    No more argument, no more debate or discussion- just plain for all to see, all the way from Howard to Abbott and then via Turnbull who did nothing to reverse that philosophy but reinforced it.

  24. madeleinekingston

    So are travelling with me or not?

    Absolutely. Never a problem @Matters Not So are you a Troll or not? If you are Troll I must assume My Dear Chap these matters are more important you and your idle companions but nothing else to do? Please everyone right now take a right royal bow to all the trolls in the whole world. And kindly resist their idle and vacuous manipulations. But n case their fancy themselves as reverse psychology experts.

    If would just give me a moment to reflect on musical influences that have inspired me

    Must think I have fallen from the the trees then. I may still respond further

    Cheers My Dear Chaps


  25. madeleinekingston

    Well I was almost asleep at the desk, given the late hour, and given I am still awake like the Dormouse or Lewis Carroll fame: in case of interest for the youngsters:


    Thank you very much. I agree with you. Kindly don’t say Sheesh, I beg you. It would be just too much for me.
    I see you are concerned about “racist and “intolerant sentiment” emphasise. I agree.

    But then we have the prospect of manipulative distortions. Bleating off own bat without justification, This is a worry. Justification for ‘bleating-off’ must surely the first avenue of inquiry. This is the thing about blind acceptance is that it tends to blind. This is a worry. The last thing I would wish to do is to influence how you make your decisions. But there are one or two things that may usefully considered.

    I was young once, Now, I am growing old. But I have not forgotten. I am grateful for lessons I have learned. I would not me the person I but for life experiences. Trust me please. Please do not consider me to be a mere machine. I am no machine. I have my frailties. I have made my mistakes,

    What I want to say to you and your friends is that I admire what you are doing to support civil and human rights. This is such a very important issue. Every young and old person should be engaged in this debate.

    Equality includes supporting the right of same-sex relationships and also the right to supporting endorsement of the right of same-sex partners to claim the right to the formal status of marriage partners. Would you please join me without hesitation (even though we are strangers) in supporting formal recognition of same sex marriage and take the trouble please to formally vote YES for SAME SEX MARRIAGE when the survey papers come out 12 September 2017 onwards). Please would you support civil and human rights?

    I would not have wanted to leave out serious participants in this important and crucial debate regarding the entrenched philosophical positioning. The reverse psychology game is a universally employed gaming strategy. Ignore it if convenient; engage if not. But beware of Trolls. Relentless Bastards; if you would please excuse my French. I certainly don’t mean to be me mean. Blame it on Contemporary Language. I could digress; but I restrained myself already; and in any case; my digressions in any event may have surprised; since my reflections would have relied upon discussion of broader parameters than under current discussion; hence my restraint. Not that I shy. Never have been.

    If you agree with the position I have publicly taken kinds of public arenas over many years would you please support fundamental civil and/or human rights and moral by way of also publicly endorsing those rights by lodging a YES vote during September 20017; whether or not you are directly impacted. This a moral issue of universal impact on human and/or civil rights. Cost of a stamp. Please support human and civil rights. Thanks so much.

    I hope you don’t mind a musical inspiration.

    Thanks heaps, Trying hard to inspire.


  26. Vikingduk

    Also, matters not, Benito dutton represents a genetic miracle. Now, not many know this, but this thing called dutton was conceived from the scrapings from a slops bucket and the excretions of a gangrenous pig.

    This mix was then incubated between the arse cheeks of bronny bishop and Amanda vanstone, shit out one cold winters night and animated by various incantations by the phony Tony.

    Yes, Matters Not, a perfect specimen to represent the orstraya peoples, whom I am sure will go on to be the greatest bestest LNP prime monster ever.

  27. havanaliedown

    How are you Phill? Whenever I listen to Gary Moore I think of your good self.

  28. Vikingduk

    Havana, I know Roswell asked a while ago, who is Phill, besides your rather vomit inducing comment of a pleasant chat with the dutton thing, you quite often enquire after phill. Anyone know? Phill me up and f*ck off? Phill me up and roll me over? Perhaps someone named after footwear with such a creepy look, any thoughts on trying a hipster look, Havana ? Has a phill tic, just bursts out, much like a cocky requesting a scratch or a turd requiring a flush. Ah, the mysteries of life.

  29. helvityni

    Thank you Madeleine for Ibrahim Ferrier, Cesaria Evora and Compay Secundo; love them all dearly…. have plenty music by Cesaria and Buena Vista Social Club…exelente…!

  30. helvityni

    …after seeing Dutton on TV, I need to listen to Ibrahim or Cesaria to soothe my tortured soul….

  31. Zathras

    Thanks for your encouragement but I should point out that I’m also “old” – a self-funded retiree in fact.
    I think we’ve both seen a lot of things that some others may have not and also no longer take things for granted as many seem to do.

    We’ve both seen the world as a far different place and probably dreamed the same dreams about a better future.

    I’m really hoping the current generation can free itself from the cultural baggage of the current one and fix the broken situation we have helped create for them. The “Peace/Love” Woodstock generation – despite all it’s aspirations – has really messed up.

    I’m also definitely a YES supporter and also congratulate you on your excellent musical taste.
    I’m a fan of both but never heard them together.

    Thanks again, and see at the voting booth!

  32. Ceridwen66

    So Labor has voted with the LNP against Greens Senator Rachel Siewert’s bill to increase Newstart and Youth Allowance.

    Says so much for Bill Shorten’s very public comments regarding a much needed reduction in inequality and social disparity.

    Surprised? No, not really. Disappointed? Yes. No matter how hard his strategists spin it, he is not a quarter the politician or human being Gough was.

    What a horrible shame.

  33. helvityni

    Vikingduk, Havana sees Phill everywhere, he/she thinks you are Phill, he/she is in love with Phill, what an honour…he/she was a pest on Ellis Table and was banned many times but kept coming back. He/she must like the haircut of my youthful days to copy it for his/her gravatar……

    Best is to ignore this persistent troll….

  34. Vikingduk

    Phill-anthropist? Phill-osopher? Phill-et of fish? Dolphinately none of these nor any other phill-‘er-up phill-anderer. Yes, helvityni, best to ignore, though the more perverse side of me finds him very creepy. Brings out the smart arse. Though the idea that this goblin has romance in mind, is infatuated leaves me with few options~~praise the lord and check the ammunition? AVO? Make more phill-acious comments?

    And for any whale fans–they have begun their journey south, this morning seeing the largest whale we have ever seen, Moby Dick, eat ya heart out. The brute easily propelled 95% of himself out of the water followed by several of his mates demonstrating their breaching abilities. Beautiful.

  35. helvityni

    My Brisbane brother -in- law is keen a whale watcher ,he would understand and join in your excitement, Vikingduk… 🙂 🙂

  36. Madeleine Kingston

    Thanks helvityni

    Glad you liked the music links. Ibrahim Ferrier was a legend. He spent most of his life in abject poverty and died on 6 August 2005. Orphaned aged 12 he had started his first band at the age of 13. It was only in his twilight years that he managed to escape some of the sadness that he had endured. He played with the Grammy Award winning Buena Vista Social Club and the Afro-Cuban All-Stars. Ferrier became a sensation at 70. He will always be remembered with warmth and affection by his fans. The Buena Vista Social Club tradition lives on and continues to inspire.

    Perhaps Ikira Baru will soothe your nerves as you prepare for the SSM fight ahead. Her music is lyrical and of a different style.

    Good luck


  37. Johno

    Vikingduk.. Go the whales. Saw some down in south oz recently. Beautiful, no breaching though, just cruising around.

  38. Madeleine Kingston

    Thanks Zathras for sharing.

    The political scene has become increasingly ugly. It is my belief that we need to remain vigilant and not take for granted what the outcomes will be with the current SSM debate. This issue is central issue to fundamental human and civil rights as it highlights equality issues that affect minorities who have been regarded as second class citizens for far too long. Keep up the good work. Your commitment to this issue in terms of fighting for equality is commendable.

    So glad you enjoyed Ibrahim Ferrier and Cesaria Evora. Legendary. Ferrier worked with Ry Cooder who produced the wild commercial success Buena Vista Social Club (1997).

    Cheers, Madeleine

  39. havanaliedown

    For the record Phill, it was the “cheese and kisses”. Dead giveaway.

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