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Dutton Dressed as Lamb: Dissecting The Image

You may have noticed over the last week or so that Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has received quite the image makeover from the propaganda rags in the media. He is trying to present a kinder, gentler image of himself, as well he might. The problem, however, is that his record in government is both recent and extensive. I want to look at an extensive press conference he gave, and specifically at the transcript presented in the Financial Review.

The Press Conference: The Apology, Part One

When asked why he walked out of the Apology to the Stolen Generations, Mr. Dutton offered this in response

I made a mistake in relation to the apology, and largely that was because of my own background and experience.

Many of you have lived out in regional areas and many of you haven’t.

I worked in Townsville. I remember going to many domestic violence instances, particularly involving Indigenous communities, and for me at the time I believed that the apology should be given when the problems were resolved, and the problems are not resolved.

Is he seriously suggesting that he ignored the apology because Indigenous communities still experience problems? The idea that you do not apologise until the problem is fixed is absurd. Indeed, an apology is the first step in solving a problem since it acknowledges that there is one. Also, if your experience and background compels you to walk out on an Apology to generations of mistreated people, you need help.

The Press Conference: The Apology, Part Two

This might cost me a friend or two, but Dutton actually gets close to a point when he says

Going to a meeting here in Canberra and giving 10 acknowledgments to country, that’s fine, and I don’t say that in a disparaging way.

I want to know how it is we’re going to support those kids and how it is we’re going to get higher health outcomes and mortality rates, more kids through university, just to finish primary school and secondary school to start with. That’s the perspective that I bring to it.

He is surprisingly close to the mark when he says that doing Acknowledgements of Country without actually having practical solutions to the problems that exist is hollow. Now of course he had three terms in government to implement those practical solutions, so his criticism itself rings somewhat hollow. But I see his point: Welcome to Country while leaving the underlying problems unaddressed is tokenism. This still does not excuse him from walking out on what was a national acknowledgement of a problem. Shame.

The Press Conference, Part Three: The Teals and The New Government

Asked if the LNP would abandon any of the seats that the Independents won, Dutton gave this amazing response

I’m not giving up on any seat, but I do want to send a very clear message to those in the suburbs, particularly those in seats where there has been a swing against the Labor Party on their primary vote, in many parts of the country.

Dutton is delusional. He does not mention the broader trouncing his party took. Nor does he mention the six LNP seats the Teals won. He has to shift to the Labor party’s decreased primary vote. Your own primary vote also dropped to record lows, but you do not mention that, do you? Hack.

When asked about the new government, the new Opposition Leader said this

There is huge hesitation around Anthony Albanese and whether he is up to the job. People will give him a go, rightly – they voted for him and there will be a honeymoon period, the media will give him that…but people had big doubt about whether they would vote for him and in some cases…the[ir] primary vote went down.

This hesitation around Mr Albanese of which you speak; where did that come from? I cannot put my finger on it. Could it be from you jokers and your media enablers? Talk about manufacturing your own success. You smear your opponent, the media picks it up and then you claim that what was reported in the media is true.

Second, the idea of a ‘honeymoon period’, specifically with the media, is crap. Have you seen the coverage of the new government? Finally, you keep harping on about the ALP’s primary vote dropping. This is not unique to the ALP. Drop this point, Sir, you will lose it!

The Press Conference, Part Four: China and His Own Credentials

Dutton’s response to a question on China was as arrogant as one might expect

I will support policies which help to defend our country, decisions made by the new government in relation to rolling out AUKUS, which was an incredible achievement of the Morrison government, and other policies which will help keep us safe.

So you will support the new government as long as they continue your policies? That is essentially what he said. The phrase ‘policies which help keep us safe’ is best translated as ‘Liberal policies’. While I am not asking him to abandon his party’s policies (as much as I despise them), it is the height of hubris to say ‘we expect the new government to implement our policies despite the people voting against them’. Garbage. You also cannot stop stoking fear, can you? Australia is quite safe, thank you.

The tone-deafness continues when he cites John Howard’s endorsement (from Dutton’s first term) as some sort of credential. That man campaigned for his party in many seats that the party wound up losing. His opinion is not held in high regard. This press conference is a trainwreck so far.

The Press Conference, Part Five: Big Business and Superannuation

When asked about the LNP’s relationship with big business, Dutton came out with this howler

We will have a cordial relationship with big business, and we will work on that, but I think, frankly, a lot of CEOs now are closer to the other parties than the Liberal Party, that is the modern reality.

Priceless. You have a symbiotic and sycophantic relationship with big business you mean. Delusional. But he saved the best for last: CEOs are closer to the other parties than the Liberal Party!? It is actually impressive that he was able to say that with a straight face. You are not the party of the little guy, Spud. You service the big end of town. The gall to claim that CEOs are more aligned with the party of the workers or the more openly redistributive party is gargantuan. Get that garbage outta here!

On using superannuation to buy property, which would sabotage many people’s retirement and bring about a reverse-mortgage policy, Dutton said this

I think on home ownership, if we’d allowed people to access their super five years ago or 15 years ago, 25 years ago – when you see what property prices have done in our country – they’d be sitting on a fortune.

A pathetic post-hoc rationalisation. No more need be said

The Press Conference, Part Six: The Integrity Commission

The deflection and just total crap continues when Mr Dutton was asked about the integrity commission

I believe very much in the transparency. The reason I think it’s more important than ever is that under this Labour government, under the Albanese government, we are going to have a continuation of this unholy alliance with the CFMEU, the ETU, the MUA and the Labor Party.

Mr Dutton does not seem to realise that the federal integrity commission is a non-partisan body. Its purpose is not, like its state counterpart in NSW was originally, to be an LNP dirt unit on the Labor Party. Rather than simply yell at him to ‘SHUT UP’ as I did when I first read that ridiculous statement, focus instead on the utter lack of self-awareness.

You know it used to be said that the LNP was not built for opposition. I disagree completely. The ability to spin a federal body that will, if done correctly, decimate your own party, into something about the government is actually impressive. He is delusional once again, of course, but the mental gymnastics on display here would make professional gymnasts blush.

The Press Conference, Part Seven: The Biloela Family

Asked about calling the Biloela family ‘anchor babies’, a phrase ripped directly from US right-wing immigration rhetoric, Dutton responded with this

There are hundreds of cases where I acted on grounds of compassion in relation to migration policies. The minister of immigration is one of the most difficult jobs in the government…

So, I wish the family well, I have no gripe against the family, and as I said I acted compassionately in hundreds of cases which were not in the media.

A total and complete red-herring. You were not asked about cases where you ‘acted on grounds of compassion’. You were asked specifically about calling those children ‘anchor babies’. But you did not want to answer that question, did you?

On your complaint about Immigration Minister being a tough job, I have two questions. First, if it was so tough, why did you take it on? You could easily have told your leader ‘I do not want this job’ or refused it in some other way. Second, why does ‘strength’ have to manifest as cruelty? Why does being ‘strong’ have to result in just being a d*ck? You do not know what the word compassion means, and you now expect to be taken seriously when you speak about it? Be quiet.

Finally, you acted compassionately in hundreds of cases that were not in the media? So it is the media’s fault that people view you as an anti-immigrant sociopath. Good to know. But there is hypocrisy here that is noteworthy. Does the phrase ‘white South African farmers’ ring a bell? You wanted expedited visas for those people because they experienced violence and persecution. While this is a good idea, it was not applied consistently, and race played a part in why. Get that garbage outta here!

Conclusion: Dutton Dressed as Lamb

I hope that this article has shone some light on the sheer crap that is the media’s attempt to rehabilitate The Dark Lord. As I said in the opening paragraph, his record in government is too recent and too well documented for this to work, but I thought I would add my voice to the chorus of detractors. No matter how much the media tries to create and run with this new Dutton, the people know who he really is. His recent (and central) role in a government so thoroughly rejected in the polls should be too much to overcome, but with our press, one can never be sure.


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  1. Ross

    I agree the main stream media have lost touch with whatever reality they once possessed.
    They assume Spud will be there to lead the Liberals to victory at the next election.
    This is very naïve. The Murdoch muckrakers and almost the entire Australian main stream media, plus the ABC, couldn’t stop the electoral rout metered out to the Liberals. So what chance do they have with the publicly and politically toxic un-electable Dutton?
    This bloke is a constant reminder to suburban women voters why they turned on the Liberals.
    That being said let us all hope ‘Spud’ is Liberal party leader at the next election.

  2. Phil Pryor

    I doubt that fistfondling Dutton will be much more than a Nelson, (a half nelson?) and will be expended as soon as some homework is completed. While there, Peter Duckwit-Futton is a big black hole of political negativity, a hun in hun’s clothing and a nevereverchanging primitive idiot in civilised terms. Look in the obituaries for your favourite fantasy..,

  3. Kaye Lee

    He wants Aboriginal kids to go to school to learn how this country is based on Western civilisation and Christianity. More truancy officers has been their only contribution towards improving attendance. Threaten to take away welfare. Take kids from their families. Send them to boarding school. Lock up the naughty ones – pepper spray, spit hoods, solitary confinement, hose them when bound on the ground. Impose income management on the family.

    That should get them on the right path. They should be thanking Peter for caring so much about people who he obviously believes are all criminals.

  4. Harry Lime

    I must have missed something..did Dutton’s mob not get their arses kicked into near oblivion?He has learned absolutely nothing, and if he thinks the same bullshit is going to work with him,this one dimensional nutter is headed for an almighty crash.Devoid of imagination,a surfeit of misplaced ego,he is the Liar 2.0 without the shithouse rat cunning.The only thing keeping this turd afloat are the usual brainless turd bobbers in the garbage media. He should be treated with the respect he deserves,which is to say,none.Anywhere South of Dickson he is more despised than even the despicable Morrison.

  5. New England Cocky

    Leopards do not change their spots. Tigers do NOT change their stripes. Voldemort Duddo will always be self-centred Voldemort Duddo the bullying, self-serving dishonourable piece of wet cow manure.

  6. Kerri

    The LNP and “super raiders” brigade never mention what forfeiting your super does for you in old age?
    How many people, whose work life was before compulsory super, are currently on the pension?
    How many more do the Dutton mob think we should support in their old age rather than them having the funds to support themselves?
    The answer to that is easy!
    None. Had the morally corrupt government stayed in power, the pension would have been whittled down well below the poverty line, and those in need forced into nursing homes both poorly funded and poorly managed by the newly rejected government, to die from the latest strain of COVID.

  7. Stephengb

    John Lord, that is one of your best.

    I am inclined to encourage the Dutton delusions !

  8. leefe

    ” … higher health outcomes and mortality rates … ”

    As Freudian a slip as ever was.

    No-one is buying it, Dutts. Once a bully, always a bully.

  9. Kathryn

    Make no mistake about it, there is nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – kind, compassionate, sincere, honest or credible about that shrieking, totally corrupt, stone cold, callously inhumane megalomaniacal psychopath, Dutton! If you scaled the universe looking for the worst, most terrifying, totally heartless, absolutely depraved, savage sociopath you could drag up from the depths of hell, you would STILL have Dutton standing there with the worst of the absolute worst the depraved, inept, child-torturing bastards in the LNP could vomit up!

    If the conniving, lying parasites in the Murdoch press manage to fool the most gullible puppets in the nation and this monstrous aberration rises to become our NEXT LNP Crime Minister, if there is a God, God help us all! Dutton was a mediocre ex-QLD cop who was even despised by his own colleagues in the police force. Sadly, like Abbott, Morrison and so many other many LNP politicians who failed to maintain a hard-working job out in the REAL world, he decided to suck off the bleeding wound of the taxpayer and become a thoroughly useless CAREER politician. Dutton’s wife runs a series of child care centres but the thought of putting a young child in the hands of this notorious family should make every hair on the back of your neck stand up on end – especially after the brutal way the sadistic Dutton treated those poor little Tamil children from Biloela!

    This is a robotic, passionless, unspeakably cruel individual who has been reported as having acquired a personal fortune of more than $300 Million but refuses to disclose how he attained it! Some say it is from under-the-table dealings with Serco but we may never find out because the ONLY things worse than Dutton’s callous disregard for humanity, complete lack of integrity and zero credibility, is his sinister malevolent secrecy and REFUSAL to be questioned, interrogated or justifiably challenged!

    The FIRST case ICAC needs to thoroughly investigate is Peter Dutton’s incredible, mysterious and sudden acquisition of appalling wealth! Just about every member of the outgoing LNP regime are now multi-millionaires and every single one of these smug, smirking elitists MUST be made accountable! The ICAC investigation of these criminally corrupt miscreants in the Abbott/Morrison regimes need to be intensely and RETROSPECTIVELY investigated and, if found errant, charged and jailed!

  10. New England Cocky

    Perhaps this is the answer to Duddo Spuddo:


  11. Albos Elbow

    Commander Voldemort Potato Head hasn’t changed one little bit.

    He’s spent his first week as Opposition Leader bagging Labor, saying he will clean up their mess in 2025 when he becomes PM. Hahahahahaha.
    COAL-NP also have no clue about how to fix Australia’s major problems including climate change and has offered the usual COAL-NP do nothing approach.

    What a waste of space he and COAL-NP are.
    They have become a great big political joke and it will only get more laughable.

  12. totaram

    The deep pockets of their enablers, ensure that if you are not vigilant, they will triumph. Fortunately, as we saw in this election, the 100m spent by Clive Palmer did not get him even a single seat. I salute the “Australian Voter” for this. They (the voters) have wised up to the games that people with money play to make them vote against their own interests. But new tricks can be devised by the likes of “Crosby-Textor” and other suchlike grifters, whose only aim is to get their hirers into political power so that they may once again hire these crooks for further gains. Constant vigilance against these operatives is required, so that their latest techniques can be nipped in the bud.

  13. wam

    We are built on god and we didn’t pray hard enough so god punished us by giving us labor. Do not despair, he will make them fail and see us returned in 2025. liberal handbook second edition (the first excluded micks and scummo’s mob were ?). I love the fact that the pricks dumped their leader to win 2016 and 2019 but stuck with scummo. the first since howard to still be leader for two elections. Unless Albo makes a blunder with the extremists, like the previous, previous, previous labor leader and doesn’t smack the rorters, sitting in the opposition benches, with an integrity charge. He will win the next two.
    ps Albo, don’t worry about torpid tanya the electorate wont be ready for a second woman for this decade. So get her to start the water ‘gates’ and back into education at the Spring shuffle

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