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Dutton does defence

After spending 9 years as a Queensland copper, Peter Dutton was elected to Federal parliament at the age of 30 and he has been bumbling around pissing people off ever since.

He refused to attend the apology to the Stolen Generations, saying he “regarded it as something which was not going to deliver tangible outcomes to kids who are being raped and tortured in communities in the 21st century.”

He also refuses to support an Indigenous Voice to parliament, erroneously characterising it as a Third Chamber.

He had to apologise after being caught on camera making a joke with Tony Abbott about rising sea levels threatening low-lying Pacific Islands.



Another apology was required for calling journalist Samantha Maiden a “mad f***ing witch” in a text message that he meant to send to disgraced colleague Jamie Briggs but accidentally sent to Maiden.

P Duddy has a particular penchant for white Christians.

He once said allowing Lebanese Muslim refugees into Australia in the 1970s was a “mistake” accusing them of being responsible for higher crime rates in Western Sydney.

In 2018, he said Melburnians were “scared to go out to restaurants” because of ‘African gang’ violence.

Dutton really annoyed the South African government when he wanted to offer special visas to “persecuted” white South African farmers who “need help from a civilised country like ours.”

Speaking of persecution, Dutton’s treatment of refugees and asylum seekers has been particularly cruel.

In response to a Greens proposal to boost Australia’s refugee intake, he once said “illiterate and innumerate” asylum seekers would take local jobs or languish on the dole.

So bad has the treatment of refugees been, the government settled a class action by Manus Island detainees for $70 million rather than let the matter go to trial where the court would have heard evidence from detainees detailing deaths inside the detention centre, allegations of systemic sexual and physical abuse, and allegations of inadequate medical treatment leading to injury and death – all of which had been routinely dismissed by Dutton as “false allegations in an attempt to get to Australia”.

As Health Minister, Dutton was voted the worst ever by doctors.

As Home Affairs Minister, there were countless scathing reports about poor outcomes, poor administration, poor morale, poor oversight and poor leadership.

Even his colleagues didn’t want him as their leader when he staged his failed coup.

So, in this time of heightened global tension where diplomacy and cultural awareness and building relationships is so important, what does ScoMo do?

Gives this moron Defence just to keep him happy.

And what does P Duddy do?

Pisses off the French and Chinese by changing his mind about subs, throwing a whole workforce into unemployment, endangering free trade negotiations with Europe, poking our largest export market, and scaring the whole region that we are escalating an arms race. And, just to underline how inept this government is, no-one thought to mention it to the French.

In his maiden speech, Dutton said “I have seen the sickening behaviour displayed by people who, frankly, barely justify their existence in our sometimes over tolerant society.”

Having watched Dutton enhance his personal fortune for twenty years, I have seen nothing to justify his existence in our parliament or the support of his over tolerant constituents and colleagues.



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  1. Ken

    Those two YouTube videos clearly show what sort of political idiots we have.

  2. New England Cocky

    iT’S TIME ….. again!!!

  3. Bryony Fearn

    According to his wife, “he is not a monster”.
    I’d love to hear her definition of a monster.

  4. Alasdair

    Dutton is possibly the worst current front-bench Lib, and he’s up against some pretty stiff competition. His cruelty, inhumanity, and vindictive nastiness have been centre-stage all his working life. The fact that he has whole-hearted support of the LNP tells you pretty much every you need to know about the bottom-feeding scum who are unnacountably in power.

  5. Terence Mills

    Not to mention P Duddy’s amazing adventure in Cambodia where he and BFF Morrison did one of their deals. In this case to resettle refugees from Nauru and PNG in Cambodia. They gifted the Cambodian dictator Hun Sen $40m in aid, with an extra $15.5m for resettlement and integration services for the refugees.

    In the event only four refugees went to Cambodia and two of those left as soon as they could .

    Spud is a very costly package that we really cannot afford.

    There will be much sabre rattling and cold war rhetoric from Spud and talk of keeping Australia safe in the runup to the election – I’m already getting a headache !

  6. DrakeN

    Peter Dutton is a representative to Parliament elected by a majority of the people in his constituency – which says an awful lot about the nature of the Australian mindset.

  7. David Evans

    Surely there must be some means, other than to wait for far too distant elections, or “announced and photo opp’d” federal corruption commissions, or assassinations to rid the Parliament of unqualified parasites that form “government” in Australia? Just a thought, Why can’t the likes of morrison, dutton, mckenzie, joyce, laming, porter, frydenberg, liu, robert, cormann, hockey, kelly, abbott and all the other no-hopers in this “government” be referred to, and investigated by, the State Corruption Commissions, even Royal Commissions, in the State that they are elected to represent, and/or in the State where offences occur,?….It didn’t take long to form the covid National Cabinet. The level of ineptitude within coalition “government” made that absolutely imperative, It’s obvious there will be no Commonwealth ICAC until there is a change of Government, by that time these clowns will be able to kick back and live happily ever after on taxpayer funds, promised corporation jobs, allowances, and other ill-gotten gains. It apparently took porter and morrison a couple of years to find the spelling of integrity, leave alone what the word actually means. It is not good enough to vote fools out, there has to be some means of recovering and repairing the damage they do WHILE IN POWER.

  8. Consume Less

    Pretty please Australia, vote Shitmo, Duddo and the rest of the Lying Nasty Parents out at the next election.

  9. Phil Pryor

    You know that the USA has become a hopeless, brainwashed, consumerist, submissive social sewer because enough voters elected a stupendous liar and lazy lout in Trump. Similarly, Australia has dived low, with the simple, lazy, indifferent, unaware and “cautious” electing conservative liars and logs afloat, with policies and behaviour lower than the lice below the low level of a bug’s balls. Further below that is the level of loudmouth, pushy, demanding egofixated fools of no known merit or effort, such as Dutton, Morrison, Joyce, too many others. We need some policy, planning, progressivism, from people with character, decency, foresight, not these shitskulls of Merde Dog’s little fiefdom of lapdog limited larceny, lies and loutishness.

  10. Kaye Lee

    At the last Federal election, it was only in WA and Qld that the Coalition won more seats than Labor.

    If we leave out just Qld, Labor won 62 seats to the Coalition 54 seats.

    Queenslanders gave us this lot and Queensland can save us from them. It’s not right that one state should make the rest of us suffer.

  11. Jack sprat

    There are a lot of white South African emigrants in Dutton’s electorate of Dickson,hence his declaration that white South African farmers get special visas . Dickson used to be a marginal seat until Dutton kept playing the race card as it was previously held by Cherly Kernot for the Labor party. In a closely contested seat like Dickson, if you appeal to the prejudices of a minority it’s enough for you to win the seat .

  12. Flogga

    DrakeN – he only got a majority in his electorate after preferences were distributed – has never cracked 50% on his own.

  13. DrakeN

    @ Jack sprat,

    “…if you appeal to the prejudices of a minority it’s enough for you to win the seat .”

    …and it’s an altogether too large a minority.

    @ Flogga,

    How many members of the House of Reps actually get a ‘first past the post” win?
    Though I don’t have the figures, I would surmise that it is not many.
    That Dickson used to be marginal speaks badly of the population in general.

    @ Kaye Lee

    I have a slight hope that more of the WA people will have woken up to the buckets of bullshit which the likes of the disgraceful Mr. Porter have dumped on them.
    Zeus only knows where we would be if the WA Libs had been in control when the Covid thing spread from the Ruby Princess and subsequently when they demanded that the borders not be closed.
    A legacy of poor Health services provisions and infrastructures could have wiped out many of the remote aboriginal communities and seriously disrupted their “Lifestyle choices”, as the Mad Abbott put it.
    And even in Perth and other large towns, the Ambulance “ramping” outside Emergency entrances had become a nightmare well before the pandemic.
    My own regional MP – Rick Wilson(Lib) is one of the “Quiet Australians” sitting on the back benches and always voting along Party lines without question: So quiet, in fact, that most of the constituents in his seat of O’Connor don’t even know that he exists.

  14. Cool Pete

    I hope that at least one of dutton’s kids come to despise him as much as Niklas Frank did his father, Hans. One thing I would have dearly loved to have seen, had the case gone to court with the refugees, would have been for one of Potty’s kids to react the same way as Norman and Michael Frank did to pictures in a German newspaper, in November, 1945, and had Mrs Potty have the same expression as Brigette Frank and say, “If this is true, it does not bode well for your father.” And then, to have his kids sitting at The Hague and speak to him through a layer of wood with holes in it and have him say, “We’ll be getting ready for Christmas, soon.” Only to have a judge say to him, “Stand up, Potty! You have been found guilty on Counts A, B, C, X, Y, Z of crimes against humanity and this court hearby sentences you to life imprisonment with no hope of parole.” And his arms are seized by two guards, his wrists manacled and the judge says, “Say good-bye to your father. You cannot visit him in prison.” And hopefully, Mrs Potty will respond the same way as Mrs Tojo did to her husband’s death sentence and the way, he wanted her to. She sat silently.

  15. leefe

    ‘ In his maiden speech, Dutton said “I have seen the sickening behaviour displayed by people who, frankly, barely justify their existence in our sometimes over tolerant society.” ”

    Well, yeah, but unfortunately we can’t revoke your citizenship and deport you even under the rules you’ve brought in.

  16. George Theodoridis

    The most satanic Trinity.
    Isn’t Abbott’s laugh evil, though ey?


    Somehow the very image of this ex-copper mingling with educated cultivated diplomats makes me cower in shame. This is what the coalition had condemned us to, everlasting cringe everytime this thug is seen overseas ‘negotiating’ crucial agreements which affect all our lives. It time to get rid of these creeps alongwith their benefactor Murdoch and his maggots.

  18. Michael Taylor

    Whenever I search Google for photos of Peter Dutton I am surprised at the stark contrasts that the search turns up.

    Older photos show a smiling young man with a young family, and he looks like one of the nicest blokes in politics.

    Newer photos show what he’s really like: an evil, heartless beast.

    What happened to him?

  19. Michael Taylor

    Do we have a Minister for War yet?

    Dutton would be the man.

    It’s ironic that Morrison’s attack dog is actually our Minister for Defence. He’s a walking, talking oxymoron.

    Actually, he’s a walking, talking moron. Forget the oxy bit.

  20. wam

    Someone showed him how to get rich, Michael. His love of money and the mental and physical activities in chasing it, plus the strain of lying his arse off, caused the changes in his features.
    A few years ago I was wondering how a retired copper had amassed $5m. According to a search engine, he now has a fortune of $300m. He makes Porter and pauper?
    Hahaha he is a carbonatemoron?

  21. Kerri

    There’s an old saying!
    When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
    In Dutton’s case,
    He was once a copper, so everyone looks like a crim.

  22. Brozza

    I heard that when he was a copper, some of his colleagues used to leave cans of dog-food on his desk.

  23. Kaye Lee

    This is another video of Peter Dutton that shows just how weird he is. Note the excited smirk as he stands up to speak…..

  24. Terence Mills

    It’s not a coincidence that the French submarine contract went pear shaped as soon as Dutton became Defence Minister and brought his peculiar brand of incompetence, inexperience and sloth to the negotiations.
    Even the hardheads at the Pentagon are surprised that the French were not placed on notice even when the new arrangements on AUKUS were quite advanced.

    The penalties we will have to pay the French for walking away in this manner – and that includes the possible loss of a free trade deal with the European Community – will go on Dutton’s tab and we will pay as we have for all his other blunders.

    As always Dutton is not available for media scrutiny although he may do a cameo for SKY.

  25. BB

    Indeed Kaye,

    The video clip is just confused blathering by an idiotic potato head. Everyone in the background is trying to smile, if it can be called that, but their boredom showing through is unmistakable. They’re all squirming on their seats hoping he shuts up.
    Ha ha ha, banana boy is trying hard but just ends up mostly squinting, looks obviously hung over, what a joke.
    I watched it again with the sound muted, quite revealing, and far more entertaining.
    Dutton shuffling back and forth, one hand in a pocket, rather like when someone needs to go for a piss, but can’t..

    The old saying of “It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt” is spot on!

  26. GL

    We, the leadership committee, representing all Solanum tuberosum, of The Pduddy Potatoes Protest Party hereby demand that you stop portraying Peter Dutton as a potato. We find this to be highly unpleasant and casts us in a very bad light.

    Instead, consider him as a Brussel sprout: small, hard, and bitter and looks like something that comes out of a constipated cabbage.



  27. Kaye Lee

  28. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, is that a potato salad? 😜

  29. George Theodoridis

    I have a feeling that Dutton was not happy with his aupair girls!

  30. BB

    Michael, it looks much more like Sour kraut… 😉

  31. George Theodoridis

    GL: That did make me laugh!

    ‘Brussel sprout: small, hard, and bitter and looks like something that comes out of a constipated cabbage.”

    I shall never forget this simile.

  32. Terence Mills

    Dutton has explained why the French contract could not proceed. It was all about the acronym.

    A focus group came up with FUKAUS but that was knocked back by cabinet so the French had to go and AUKUS was adopted.

    Clearly they put a lot more thought into this than we initially gave them credit for !

  33. Kaye Lee

    I hear they are negotiating a SubSeeker payment for France now that SubKeeper has finished and SubMaker never got close. Apparently, SubTrainer will allow everyone who was working on the French design and manufacture and maintenance and infrastructure to hey presto be able to fill the same job on an entirely different design. No problemo. Except, since we had to go back to start, they won’t know anything about what they might have to learn to do or make for years and years while they nut out an agreement (which we have clearly seen means nothing anyway).

    Suboptimal performance from subpar politicians who make subjective decisions based on the subordinate position in which they place themselves to those who still see us as subjects and those who wish to subjugate the world.

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