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Dutton could be next, so God help us!

By Kathryn

This depraved, unspeakably callous monster, Dutton, is using inhumanity, hatred, fear, division and breathtaking sadistic mistreatment of desperate asylum seekers to cater to the decreasing number of his putrid rabble of xenophobic racist supporters in the red-neck haven of far northern Queensland and other areas of Bogan Australia!

What is really worrying, is that this demonic creature has been salivating after the PM job for years and now that MorriScum has chosen to abandon Australia, race over to Hawaii (in order to hand over $150K of taxpayer funds to his mentor, Brian Houston of Hillsong notoriety), it looks like SlowMo has committed professional suicide with Dutton waiting in the wings like some enormous, demonic Grim Reaper!

In the Lying Nazi Party, the psuedo-leaders, bible-thumping hypocrites and sociopathic sadists just seem to get worse and worse! We all thought that we couldn’t possibly do worse that the snivelling, pathological liar and alleged war criminal, John Howard, eh? Then, along came Phony Abbott – a swaggering, misogynistic, raw-onion-eating bogan who had the foresight and intelligence of a telegraph pole! Tony Grabbit proved to be such an unconscionable serial liar, he almost made Howard look honest by comparison! Abbott even bragged about lying – who else could wear dishonesty and deceit like a badge of honour?

To make matters even more intolerable, Abbott revealed himself to be so corrupt, his blatant nepotism in handing over plumb government jobs to his “mates” became a frequent and disreputable hallmark of his short career as the worst PM on record … this included handing all three of his daughters high-paying plum jobs (none of whom – it is arguable – had one iota of training for those positions).

Abbott, always the crawling, obsequious imperialist, then thought handing over a knighthood to the Duke of Edinburgh would be a good idea! Phil is a condescending member of the Royal Family whose lack of tact rivals Abbott and who is known to despise Australia and Australians with fervour. Abbott’s decision to reward Phil’s bad behaviour (not surprisingly) proved to be a very unpopular idea and Phony Tony soon realised that his breathtaking lack of good judgement (that embarrassed our nation on the world stage) would spell the end to a brief political parasitic career that was littered with non-achievement, lies, corruption and internationally embarrassing faux pas! Next!

Then we had the supercilious Turnbull. After Abbott was unceremoniously kicked to the kerb, I think we all felt that Turnbull would have to be an improvement, eh? I mean, really? After all, wasn’t this the man who headed our Republican movement? Wasn’t this the man who cheered on the ALP version of the progressive NBN – the Labor-backed system that was supposed to be operated by optic fibre instead of antiquated copper? Nope! Nope! Nope! Instead of that man, we got the gutless version of the capitalistic hero to neoliberalism who kowtowed to the shrieking hysteria and paranoia of the far-right extremists rising from the depths of the increasingly soulless and self-serving LNP like a cancerous growth. Instead of that man, we got a lily-livered version of Turnbull who folded faster than a paper tent in a gale! We got the cheaper, slower version of the NBN that made Australia go from hero to zero as a nation with one of the world’s worst, most regressive national network systems. We all hoped Turnbull would soften the LNP’s cruel, hard-lined approach to its illegal detention of asylum seekers – but it wasn’t to be! Turnbull’s short tenure as PM was littered with disappointment, a total lack of initiative, zero foresight, a total lack of courage against the ravaging extreme right-wing and devastating policies that further targeted the poor to feed the rich. It wasn’t long before the Grim Reapers within the LNP started sharpening their knives and, in the end, Turnbull had so many blades in his back, he looked like one of Edith Head’s pin cushions! Next!

My God, what happened next was, perhaps, the worst cut of all! The insufferable, bible-thumping Pentecostal hypocrite, Scott Morrison – aka the Liar from the Shire! WOW! This bastard is beyond words! Sanctimoniously preaching, waving a bible on one hand whilst destroying and selling off everything taxpayers own, vandalising our environment and maintaining an unspeakably cruel stance on illegally detained asylum seekers with the other!

Here is a depraved individual who is so arrogant, so smug, he can barely hide his condescending contempt for us mere mortals, we ordinary Australians who pay his huge, undeserved salary (a salary he had the gall to increase no less than three times whilst our wages have been stagnated for years). Now that Morrison is one of the highest paid leaders in the OECD world – earning a salary higher than his hero, the recently impeached President Trump; higher than the revered Angela Merkel; higher than the bumbling clown, Boris Johnson – Australians would have every right to expect this megalomaniacal narcissist (Morrison) to get off his ample behind and do a bit of hard yakka, right? Nope! Nope! Nope!

After doing six months of delegated destruction and turning our country to shit in record time, MorriScum decided he had had enough of doing nothing to benefit the lives of ordinary Australians, pack his bags and get his family as far away from the catastrophic fires and smoke-filled pollution as he could and take a taxpayer-funded first class flight to Hawaii for a “much-deserved” rest from doing zip!

Morrison’s government has barely sat in parliament for 14 weeks of his short reign as the newly appointed worst PM in living memory! This is the man who defunded State schools to the tune of millions whilst pouring countless millions into the religious hysteria of Pentecostal religious schools throughout the nation! This is the man who (like Howard, Abbott and Turnbull before him) kowtowed to the unelected swill in the IPA, following their notorious neoliberal agenda to the letter in defunding the ABC into oblivion, the last taxpayer-owned form of media which is (mostly) outside of Murdoch’s manipulative reign of influence constantly spouting the politically-biased propaganda of the LNP and character-assassinating attacks on anyone opposed to the callous inhumanity, rising fascism and lack of transparency of the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance!

This is the tyrannical dictator who refuses to be questioned, refuses to be challenged, who cowardly runs away from interrogation and whose smug superiority is becoming so insufferably intolerable, the growing amount of simpering rage in Australia is almost tangible. This is the snake-oil salesman who’s fake pretence at being “one of the boys”, a football-loving-bogan of the Insular Peninsular cannot hide his hatred and loathing of our egalitarian life.

Morrison went on and on tearing down our democracy, piece by piece: shutting down free speech by infiltrating our taxpayer-owned ABC by parachuting a variety of IPA representatives and LNP/Murdoch sycophants onto the Board of the ABC to ensure that its LNP-bias is complete; arresting journalists, prosecuting whistle blowers and, now, attempting to obstruct, charge and prosecuting citizens of our nation who dare to practise their democratic right to protest against the LNP’s climate-change-denying lunacy, its ongoing horrendous waste of taxpayer funds, its short-sighted ineptitude, callous inhumanity which is now receiving international condemnation and its rising, very worrying, level of horrendous fascism! This is a man who believes the sadistic, soulless, child-torturing grub, Peter Dutton, is doing a great job as the terrifying SS Guard to our borders! Morrison, clearly, is a man too stupid, too lacking in good judgement and/or insight to realise that it is Dutton who is waiting, scythe in hand, to remove SlowMo at the first opportunity so that he (Dutton) is next! God help us!

Make sure none of these grubs are “Next!” – kick them all out at the next federal election! There is not one person in the whole cabinet of the LNP who has a single redeeming feature – not one! Albanese may not be everyone’s cup of tea but, at least, he has a cabinet of competent, compassionate and hard-working people behind him.

This article was originally published as a comment on; That’s another Fine Mess you’ve gotten us into, Spud!

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  1. Tim

    Smirko the Smokey is the face of Australia’s continued demise. He is Horny the Trumpet. He is Boris the Bozo.
    All LNP governments everywhere are self serving rancid wombat shits.
    Do you want the climate to heal?
    Do you want the poor to live?
    Do you want everybody fed, clothed and housed?
    Do you want the bastards held to account?
    Vote Green, Green, Green, at every level of government…….

  2. wam

    wow what anger, kathryn, right up there with boobby”s caravan.
    If any labor women could muster 10% of your malice albo might have a sniff of government.
    Dutton, like himmler, is very good at his job in laying the base fear that the conservatives need to scare enough workers, welfare and pensioners to win government.

  3. Phil Pryor

    Our own Heydrich, Dutton, a bucket of moral and ethical filth, is just the squirt of shit to challenge the Head Moron. Two rival dills and duds, each lower than a worm’s willy, infesting the Australian political scene like pox ruining a penis, or violating a vulva. We have not had it so bad in over century of federal politics, a government of conservative stools, supported by media maggots and radio ratbags.

  4. Charlotte

    Kathryn! Brilliant. I reposted this by saying:
    This is possibly the best written piece of political journalism I’ve read in my whole life… it nails, in beautiful English, the past decade of Australian politics and political leadership. I urge you to sit down with a nice glass of wine and read…

  5. Cool Pete

    If the evil Dutton became PM, Jacinda Ardern will face a huge number of us seeking asylum in NZ. Dutton is an evil, filthy bastard who deserves the same fate as Hans Frank.

  6. Ian

    Here you go again we the people are not stupid persist with this line of attack and you will be utterly routed in the next federal election.

  7. Helen Holmes

    Since when was Dickson ‘far northern Queensland’? It’s an outer suburb of Brisbane!!! I totally agree with the article, but your geography skills are seriously lacking!!

  8. Concerned

    This article is not helpful to any sort of national unity and will breed more hate and division between us.
    Whatever our views; and I am much more likely to side with the author than with Dutton, the choice to attack just adds fuel to the fire and hatred on both sides….

    I get that you’re angry but there are far better ways to channel that anger productively than attacking and vilifying your political opponents.

  9. Max Gross

    Welcome to Monstralia

  10. wam

    spot ‘on concerned’!!!
    Shorten, Beasley, Haydeb Calwell and Evatt in my time all attest to your plan. So do some shithouse liberal prime ministers.
    ps where does Crean and latham fit???

  11. Cool Pete

    Well, the rules in the Liberal Party have changed, so Dutton cannot challenge ScoMo for the leadership. And yes, Dickson is outer northern Brisbane, not far North Queensland.

  12. johno

    And now his hero has a space force (sigh) Will Scotty now think oz should have one to keep up, Dutton probably would. More money down the drain.
    Helen,.. could not see anywhere where Kathryn actually said that Dickson was in FNQ.

  13. Anthony Richardson

    Go dutto, scomo what a sour piece of bullshit article if ive ever read one, you ought to be ashamed of your self you vile mental unaustralian alien, go live somewhere else, and let good people get on with their duly elected job, people like you do nothing for a countrys unity. Go adani

  14. New England Cocky

    @Ian: A thoughtful post. Perhaps this outrage is the first stage in recovery from the anguish of losing the 2019 election.

    Don’t get angry, get even ….. by getting organised and prepared for at least 2.5 years of political face to face activity selling the benefits of egalitarianism. There is no question that Australian egalitarianism will not return to our nation without an active grass roots movement on the scale of the anti-Vietnam Movement.

    The Lazy Nasty People misgovernment under chief crawler Little Johnnie Howard, the Deputy Dawg for the USA (United States of Apartheid) have almost unlimited funds available for the foreign owned multinational corporations infesting our country. The irony is that much of those funds are obtained Australian taxation concessions, rebates and loop-holes that allow legal tax minimisation of profits earned in a peaceful country with a stable democratic (mis)government that is exploited for free, gratis and for nothing, with no financial returns to the Australian voters.

    The Vietnamese People were suppressed under similar circumstances, as were the Indians before them and out local Aboriginal people. Imperialism in its many forms is a pernicious social disorder that does little for the “native” inhabitants except ensure that the benefits of our society flow into the coffers of the imperialists at no cost.

  15. Robin Alexander

    Spot on .kathryn! Been watching all this gradually seeping into all we hold to our way of life! We have PM devoid of empathy for anyone anything! Claiming Christian faith but his faith far from it! Christian faith care for the unfortunate where PM Faith worship only EXTREMELY wealthy believe all others are of devils making not to be cared for! He certainly is carrying out this dogma with relish! The outrageous happening last days in parliament where gov. Attempted to push to bills through site unseen by opposition?it descended into utter chaos never seen in house!as ALBO saying in uproar this is the act of TOTALITARIAN government! PORTER Refused repeatedly Labor to say.One word! exactly where this gov is heading? Refuse answer questions!PM turns his back walks away if he doesnt like questions! He fancies himself a DICTATOR not to be questioned & in sole control! Hates sitting in parliament 10 weeks 2019! 92 days 2020! CORMAN week or so ago stated media statement “We don’t really need a parliament” I find this,alarming statement from Finance minister? He wasn’t questioned even? Myself I think 2020 they intend introducing more very restrictive restrictions to life as we know it! God forbid it passes but was announced May 2019 by Paul Fletcher All payments will be made by INDUE CADHLESS CARD INCLUDING AGED & VETERAN.PENSIONS? Already changeing understand wording PENSION TO WELFARE? Why? Because it is illigal to do this? On introduction PENSION decades ago stated in PARLIAMENT PENSIONS NEVERVTO BE CALLED WELFARE! BOB MENZIES oppodition.leader then stood utterly agreed NEVER TO BE CALLED WELFARE this is on Hansard therefore LAW! To enable their wishes the Bill. Before Psrliament when presented will be All Welfare Payments! Hidden under Welfare will be aged &, Veteran pensions! They are snesky slimy government intent having their way! Imagine confusion to 80/90yr olds plus comprehending the restrictive uses of this evil card! Outrageous atrocity on oldest of population! WELCOME TO OUR FUTURE!

  16. Kathryn

    Helen and Cool Pete, I know where Dickson is but if you have ever travelled to FNQ (which I have), you would soon realise that the number of people up there that believe Dutton is like the Second Coming of Christ, is a very worrying indication that – should he be made leader of the LNP – he may get a fist load of votes from that area. Needless to say, FNQ is not the ONLY bastion of Dutton “admiration”, there are many pockets of areas in urban Sydney and Melbourne containing people whose prejudice and intolerance of others have caused a close bond with Dutton’s pathological xenophobia.

    Concerned, I guess you can choose to sit and say nothing instead of going on the attack and that would make you one of Morrison’s favoured “Quiet Australians”. Yes, I am angry at what the LNP has done to ravage our country. I am old enough to remember a far better Australia, a far more tolerant Australia, a country (under Whitlam and Gillard) that was progressive and much admired overseas for our egalitarianism, our deep concern for our environment, our passion for politics (in the 1970’s) that went against complacency and do-nothing apathy, our laid back tolerance of other cultures, our welcoming nature to people visiting our shores. How far we have come from those halcyon days. Australia is now a country who’s apathy has become so inherent, there is a huge majority of people out there who choose to sit by, say nothing, do nothing whilst the worst excesses of fascism are being perpetrated by a soulless government filled with miscreants who don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves and their wealthy donors in the Top 1% – sadly, Quiet Australians are not the solution, they are a BIG part of the problem.

    On a recent trip to Europe, the worsening nature of Australia’s international reputation was brought home to me. When a group of young Scandinavians I was chatting to smiled and asked if I was from New Zealand, I replied “No, I was from Australia”. There was a painful, dead silence for an uncomfortable length of time which was followed by a rather icy “Oh!”. Of course, I explained that Australians, in general, cannot be BLAMED for what our government does …. but the fact that we (as a nation) voted for this government TWICE was left hanging in the air. My only response to this embarrassing exchange was my assurance that I didn’t vote for the internationally despised LNP and have NEVER voted for them! Quite a few Europeans I have met have mentioned that they are very concerned about the increasing rise of intolerance, hatred and division caused by a rise in ultra-conservatism around the world – I agree with them and Australia, the UK, Brazil and the USA are prime examples of this.

    I am not one to just shout from the sidelines, I have signed a thousand petitions, donated funds to countless anti-governmental causes, marched in dozens of protest marches alongside some absolutely wonderful people who believe that our nation could do so much better and could BE so much more. Yes, I am angry at what has happened to Australia but it is an anger shared by many concerned citizens I have met and borne from frustration and a feeling of helplessness because, it seems, that no matter how many petitions one signs, how many marches you attend – this government is so self-obsessed, so myopic about its OWN agenda, it just REFUSES to listen to the wishes of the people who are paying their obscene salaries, does NOT care about making long-term decisions to positively impact on the lives of ordinary people and is ONLY focused on their own neoliberal agenda which continues to enrich and empower the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor. Therefore, I make no apology at all for my anger because, I believe, it is completely justified.

  17. Ian

    What a load of tripe

  18. Alan Nosworthy

    Duttons electorate of Dixon is actually in far SOUTH Queensland, much closer to the Sydney base of the last three catastrophic failures of Prime Ministership, and of the ghastly Howard before that, than to the far north which has comically produced creatures such as Entsch and Katter. Who, whilst being implacable foes of flying foxes are not especially predisposed to cruelty towards asylum seekers, or indeed their indigenous constituents.
    I would suggest that in seeking a “putrid rabble of xenophobic, rascist supporters” the writer explores under the rocks of her own backyard more thoroughly.

  19. Neil Anderson

    I hope you don’t believe that the seat of Dickson is in far North Queensland, and as far as Peter Dutton and Scot Morrison are concerned we should be thankful that we have them and not some other left wing Fabian, like we have had in the past

  20. Leep

    Kathryn u must have spent hours digesting dictionary and thesaurus to get the superlatives to describe the the nature of mr potato head and other sycophantic members of the LNP unfortunately though I think it will fall on deaf ears although it will feel good to get it out of your system it just doesn’t change the fact we lost the election and no doubt a lot of the the blame goes toward the greens for arrogant demonstration there is no doubt the one thing that is uppermost in the minds of central Qld is a good stable job which was offered by the pie to sky mining company and our centrist running labor party was poor second choice. there is no argument and the mining company was offering jobs jobs jobs and if we are going to offer an alternative we have sell the alternative over and over till it becomes ingrained in their psyche that there is no alternative that there is a new alternative then the mining company or any other company with out of dare ideas will win all the time. all the time.

  21. Jose Silva

    What a lot of garbage,putrid garbage.
    Rotten soul you are.
    Every pore on your skin exudes psychopathic hatred.
    Pretty much like those who hate Trump,or those who hate Boris.
    I suppose that you would,without any hesitation, obliterate countries like Czech Republic,Poland,Hungary just because they are ,right now,defending their nations identity by exercising THEIR RIGHT to repel unwanted globalism and bullying from EU.
    Compassion? Yes,but don’t invite the snake into your home.
    Capitalism vs Socialism ? You are nothing without capital,free enterprise and investment. And you are nothing in a socialist system. History will tell you so :the Soviet block, Central America, in the past and now are proof of the failure of what you seem to adore so much.
    Open doors in Australia? Never.
    Socialism in Australia? Never.
    This is the Lucky Country, and will remain so simply because the good people, the silent majority, will maintain the pillars.
    And that includes P. Dutton.
    Get a life. A real life.
    J S.

  22. Wendy Tubman

    I guess you feel better by having sprayed this out Kathryn, but I really don’t know how it contributes. As a north Queenslander dedicating my life to stopping Adani and slowing climate change, you lost me in the first para.

  23. New England Cocky

    @Ian 8:45AM. One day when you grow up to become an adult you will have the opportunity to “rule” what remains of Australia after the foreign owned multinational corporations facilitated by their Lazy Nasty People minions have turned Austria into the worst third world export economy for a few pieces of silver to benefit the unelected political hacks who control pre-selection in those parties.

    @Neil Anderson: If Scummo and Duddo are the best politicians that the Liarbral nat$ have going for them then Australia is already over its proverbial eye brows in bovine manure.

  24. Anon E Mouse

    Is it time yet?
    Time to question if the electoral commission has enough funding and political independence to do its job properly.

    Dutton used some tricky tactics that the AEC said they couldn’t act on. Hmmmm.

  25. Alex Crunn

    What can I say, this country is run by political dictatorship. We are forced to vote for some dickhead we don’t know and they in turn do as they like believing that we voted for them. I just pray that the next asteroid smashes into parliament house and scatters the cow manure all over the country side.

  26. Danny

    You are surely one very unstable, hate-filled individual. I hope your rant makes you feel a little better but your column adds zero to the political debate. I shouldn’t, but I actually feel sorry for you.

  27. Kathryn

    Ian, Neil and Jose and to the rest of the appalling, uneducated, Dutton-supporting lunatic right-wing out there, perhaps you could spend five minutes and make a feeble attempt at educating yourself to the FACTS of just how inept and dangerous the Morrison/Dutton regime really are! Outlined below is an ever-growing list of non-‘achievements’ of the current LNP so-called government, all 775 of them (and still counting):

    Mind you, there are three sure ways of sending right-wing lunatics screaming into the hills, and that is to present them with FACTS, REASON and a good dose of LOGIC! Don’t forget to shut the door on your way out, eh?

  28. O

    Kathryn,you wrote the truth,beautifully done,high degee of will attract the negatives from the real australian cancer,the shallow fools of liberal fascism.dickson,home to many dangerous species,evidenced by their support for ex copper dutton,a dangerous individual,a threat to australian freedoms.avoid dickson like the plague,sadists.more power to your pen kathryn,aim well,cheers.geoff TGA.

  29. Lawrence S. Roberts

    “Albanese may not be everyone’s cup of tea but, at least, he has a cabinet of competent, compassionate and hard-working people behind him.”

    They didn’t see “The right hook” coming at the last election? They still like coal.
    That there would be no nepotism in a Labor administration. That they are even more out of touch than The Greens?

    No, we are on our own. The Canberra Bubble has them enclosed.
    Do some grassroots neighborhood campaigning.

  30. Phil

    Dutton or Porter will move on Morrison in the new year. My money is on Porter. Even the most devout right wingers in the Lying Nasty Party know Dutton is a Nazi. Morrison is now poison and either Dutton or Porter want their picture in parliament house before the next election. Anyone want to set up a joint bank account with me I’ll take bets. Morrison is finished.

  31. Barry the bushie

    Just had the best belly laugh in years, loved the language it just proved the simple fact let the loony left speak and sane Australia will have a government that actually puts Australians first instead of a united nations socialist agenda of a world government.

  32. hennops

    I agree with policy if you don’t do the right thing seeking asylum, then you should not stay in Australia. Many of us had to do long hard yards to get to Australia and if we thought getting on a boat and just paying someone to dump us here was the easy and right thing to do, we would have done it. However our moral and ethical compass say it is not right of fair to anyone else to take short cuts. And the country shopping is definitely a no go, why pass many other democratic countries that could take them and take on an ocean crossing as dangerous to Australia. Maybe Australia should stop giving asylum seekers financial aid after 2 years in which they must learn English and seek employment. That will deter a lot of them coming to ride on the backs of tax paying Australians. I can go to a few hotels that the government rent to accommodate asylum seeker that get more than our homeless and Veterans from the government. Since when is that okay??? We have a homeless epidemic, Veterans committing suicide and living on the street, children and elderly living on the streets and parents with their kids living in cars because they cannot afford a place to stay, but we can spend millions on asylum seekers who pass viable countries to camp in hotels in Australia???? Come now folks, when is enough, enough and we look after the people of Australia, solve those problems then try to help others???? Doing the right thing takes guts and a good moral compass, excuses are the other alternative for doing the wrong thing….

  33. Michael Taylor

    What hotels would they be?

  34. Phil

    What hotels would they be?

    The hotels in his mind. The Horror, the horror.

    A government looking after us legals ha ha that would be a fine thing. Jesus Michael you’re letting these numpties sneak in here with the humans. Btw Happy Hogmanay.

  35. Michael Taylor

    That’s it, Phil. You’ve done it now. I need a whisky. 😀

  36. Phil

    ‘ That’s it, Phil. You’ve done it now. I need a whisky. 😀’

    I am about to have a wee dram with the old duck.. She’s 91 and can drink me under the table.

    Her maiden name is Burns No shite.

    On a serious note, we are headed into uncharted waters this year, there is trouble coming down the pike I can taste it.

    A mate of mine has a degree in economics from Sydney Uni he was an adviser to the Commonwealth Bank now retired ,we are muso mates. He told me to put the little life savings I have in a mattress. He reckons 2020/21 is going to be worse than the crash in 20/s and 30’s? I see they are currently pumping billions into the banks to keep the stock market alive to try and elect that imbecile Trump again. The shit is about to hit the fan. Cheers Michael hope you and the family have a good year.

  37. Michael Taylor

    You’re driving me to drink, Phil, you really are.

    Reckon I might have to open my last bottle of Stroma tomorrow, which I’d intended on saving … until tomorrow. 😁 🥃

    And a happy New Year to you, the family, and the old duck.

    Remember: Freedom and whisky gang thegither.

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  39. Alpo

    The “assassination” of ScuMo by Dutton, and a Dutton prime ministership leading the Coalition to the next federal election, would be an extremely appropriate end to this Coalition cycle started by Howard in 1996. Dutton PM would lead the Coalition to electoral annihilation and hopefully a period in opposition of about 5 terms… that’s what we will need to erase Neoliberalism and transform Australia into a proper Social Democratic country.

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