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Drug-Safe Campaigner Invites Communities To Get Involved.

Media Release

Residents in Sydney’s West are being asked to assist in the reduction of drug use in local work places by the nation’s leading drug testing organisation, Drug-Safe Communities.

The invitation to the general public is the start of a nationwide operation, explained Founder and Chief Executive, Michael White.

“We have an opportunity for people, starting off here in Sydney, to become Field Testers and to help us create a community of Drug-Safe businesses. Drug-safe for workers, their contractors, customers and visitors.”

Mr White pioneered the drug training and detection service following the tragic death of the business partner from his previous company. He died from a heroin overdose in a Kings Cross alleyway. The tragedy led to the demise of Michael’s business and, with the revelation that hundreds of thousands of dollars had been misappropriated from the business to fund the drug habit, Michael lost everything.

Drug-Safe Australia was launched 16 years ago and that was where Michael first pioneered the Field Tester concept.

“We found the people who enjoyed doing this were looking for a regular income where they can choose their own hours…such as mothers wanting get back into the work force, former nurses, part-timers, trainee nurses. Mothers could easily schedule the tests while the children were at school.”

Last year, Michael made the decision to restructure the enterprise into an Australia wide franchise network so that he and his team can have a much bigger impact and change many more communities across the nation.

“We will organise drug testing bookings on behalf of the Field Testers and all they have to do is turn up and run the tests on-site.”

“We are able to train and provide ASQA certification to Field Testers at our Drug-Safe Academy. They will learn how to do pre-employment drug testing as well as random and blanket screening.”

“Our drug testing is discrete, safe and hygienic. We were the first company of our kind to be accredited by the National Association of Testing Authority.”

Mr White has initially sent the invitation out to the Fairfield, Parramatta, Blacktown and Hills district communities. This is just the beginning, he said.

“We know that 70 per cent of drug users are employed and that many of them top-up during the day. WorkCover reports that 80 per cent of people injured in work place accidents where alcohol or drugs are involved are themselves not involved in drugs. We want work places to be safer.”

“At the same time, the Australian business community loses $16 billion each year in lost productivity because of alcohol and other drugs. So, there is an economic reason as well. With the help of Field Testers we can bring positive change to communities.”

The public can contact Drug-Safe Communities on 1300 378 472.

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  1. Photontrace

    There is really not enough information in this article to weigh up the positives against the negatives. The potential negative impact of drug testing of employees does not appear to be acknowledged in the article and I am concerned it may not be a balanced look at all of the issues and aspects of the matter. For one thing, this process might place an employee in danger of being criminalised, who did no harm to another person. The precautionary principle is an important one but it can itself do harm in some of its applications and there is not enough information here to convince me that this use of it will not do disproportionate harm.

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