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Downfall. Bunker Boy starts his run for the big house.

No grace, no dignity, no humility, no magnanimity, no class, no morals, no empathy, no soul.

He has no friends, not even a dog.

His wife can’t bear his touch, his daughter can’t avoid it.

Devoid of humour he doesn’t make jokes, he doesn’t laugh. Not ever. An occasional dismal rictus, a necrotic gash in his ochre-lacquered face-bladder signifies nothing more than his satisfaction in transacting another con.

He’s a loathsome coagulation of every human failing with no compensating virtues.

A craven coward.

A sociopath.

A serial rapist.

A racist.

A quisling.

An opportunistic grifter.

An inveterate cheat.

A deceitful toad.

A chronic liar.

A shameless braggart.

An ignoramus who lacks curiosity. He doesn’t read, he doesn’t care.

Trump is a ridiculous, combed-over cartoon villain, a deranged clown with a face sprayed the colour of hang-over piss and toilet paper stuck to his shoe whose wits are defeated by an open umbrella. Rake the forests, nuke the hurricanes, inject the bleach, waterbomb Notre Dame cathedral, trade Greenland for Puerto Rico. Trump’s pompous idiocies are exceeded only by his appalling ignorance.

Crediting the British with the foresight to build airstrips in the war of independence 110 years before the Wright Brothers first took flight, revealing the hitherto unknown Himalayan countries of Nipple and Button, accusing Baltic leaders of starting Balkans wars! This clueless buffoon brags that he was able to keep the crayon inside the lines on his dementia test. Accusing Trump of a lack of self-awareness is like accusing Myra Hindley of poor child care standards.

The Grand Fubar of dysfunction, the maestro of petty vindictiveness, of malice and resentful belligerence is testing coup options yet America flatters itself as being “the world’s greatest democracy” much to the bemusement of observers here in Oz. It’s beyond our imagining that we’d ever have a bloated braggart, a liar, a hypocrite, a lazy shirker, a crony-stacking blame shifter at the helm filtering Murdoch’s kidney stones through his teeth while monetising a pandemic for the benefit of rich mates. Oh… what?

Trump, if he’d had the imagination, would’ve considered handing out small-pox infected blankets in Democrat-leaning districts but it’s too late now. A majority of Americans have said enough is enough. After 4 years of what-the-fuck-has-he-done-now, 46,123 tweets and 20,000 documented lies while in office to 9th July 2020 he’s been reduced to pathetic whimperings from his puckered-sphincter pout, playing his invisible accordion to an audience of gormless dullards, fellow hucksters and his retinue of fawning toadies, thralls, invertebrate lickspittles and hangers-on whose fealty is demanded but never reciprocated and who had neither the self-respect nor the courage to call out the capture of the US by an amoral, moronic lunatic.

We cannot know what tipped the scales against Trump.

No lie has been too outrageous, bragging about sexual assault was just locker-room talk, five bankruptcies are apparently indicative of an astute businessman, stealing from a children’s cancer charity is fake news. Being laughed at by foreign leaders – meh, because y’all – “Merica!” Throwing meat to Boogaloos, Proud Boys, Klansmen and Call Of Duty cos-players was addressing his base. Perhaps it was inciting violence from uniformed goon squads sooled onto lawful BLM protesters that crossed the line. Perhaps it was the denigration of war dead and veterans as losers and suckers by a draft-dodging, yellow, mangy dog that did it.

More likely it was 11 million Covid-infected Americans, a quarter of a million who died while the orange blobulator ignored it, denied it, played it down, finger-pointed and then looked for ways to exploit it for his own advantage.

There is no excusing Trump, there is no sympathy that should be wasted on this pathetic parasite. History should not record him as some sort of tragic King Lear but as an effluvium, a discharge from the bowels of a diseased system; a funk that has now been sharted.

He had always exhibited the narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders of a lack of empathy, grandiosity, lying and deceit, indifference to conventional laws or rules or morality that characterise a despot. But he possessed none of the cunning, artifice, commitment to a cause beyond himself, the political skills of a Stalin or the oratory of a Mussolini. He had no ambition beyond the grift and the trappings – palaces awash with potentate kitsch, a yearning for military parades, a pneumatic wife and his narcissistic cult of personality. He has no talent beyond the con, he’s a schmuck with the dumb luck to be born into wealth that mestasised B-grade celebrity into A-grade larceny.

Fittingly, he’s spending his last days shaping his own humiliation. It’s an Armando Iannucci script playing out in real life. If Trump was to be found drooling in a pool of his own piss ala Stalin or dragged Sadam-like from his bolt-hole it would be the most metaphorically noteworthy achievement of his time in office.

Gone too will be his dreadful spawn. Ivanka’s in-it-up-to-her-nose-job reputation may limit her future career prospects to hand-job supervisor at a New York sperm bank while Uday and Qusay* could end up in Ryker’s Island trading sexual favours for lines. Jared Kushner may get a gig at a Madame Tussaud exhibit of automatronic rent boys. Melania, no doubt, would enjoy the embrace of a Justin Trudeau look-alike cabana boy, chuckling at the thought that Trump has only Rudi Guiliani left to go through the pre-nup looking for loopholes.

The end of America’s nightmare is near. However it plays out over the next two months Trump is finished.

The irrelevant man.

A loser.


*Nod to Marina Hyde in the UK Guardian



This article was originally published on Grumpy Geezer.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    It saves us all plenty of ink and hard aches and thoughts, for, this has the germ of truth, but not all the details of a nightmare of many years degradation of civilisation, the pain of which will gradually ooze and spread out, for years…

  2. John Hanna

    Nice summation of a drongera

  3. Kathryn

    It looks like they are going to have to DRAG the megalomaniacal, delusional narcissist, Trump, out of the White House by his blood-stained finger nails, kicking and screaming the whole way – actually, I think a LOT of people – within and outside of America – would pay BIG money to see it!

    If the diabolical fool REFUSES to leave the White House by the deadline in January, there should be SERIOUS moves made to IMPEACH him! There can be no doubt at all that Trump was the absolute worst, most devious, totally corrupt, divisive, racist, misogynistic and dangerous POTUS in American history – even surpassing the war criminal, George W Bush and the serial liar, the notorious shifty Richard Nixon and God knows, they were bad enough! It seems that every single repugant POTUS the Republican Party vomit up, get progressively worse!

  4. leefe

    What tipped the balance was not anything the Trumpster did to alienate his supporters. It was the people (predominantly WOC) who mobilised and motivated Biden voters.

  5. Kronomex


    The only problem with “It looks like they are going to have to DRAG the megalomaniacal, delusional narcissist, Trump, out of the White House by his blood-stained finger nails, kicking and screaming the whole way – actually, I think a LOT of people – within and outside of America – would pay BIG money to see it!” is that it could have the potential to bring out some of the more maniacal followers to arm themselves and go out and start killing the “enemies” of their hero. We can only but wait and see.

    I would be happy to read that he packed his KFC and other assorted junk food and scuttled out the back door like the craven coward he is a couple of days or so before the 21st of January.

  6. Harry Lime

    Excellent summary, Grumpy.You can expect to be called as a character witness in many of his forthcoming trials.For a fat fee, of course,no need to change anything.

  7. RosemaryJ36

    Sadly, there is too little to choose between the major USA political parties and too many people tuned in to reality TV and popularity votes. If you are used to being ignored, you are less likely to recognise lies when someone offers to help you. The establishment has created fertile ground for mountebanks to flourish.

  8. Roswell

    You impress me, Grumpy. Top marks.

  9. Michael Anderson

    Given the fact that our problems here in the U.S. are systemic, bought and paid for by the same neoliberal order & oligarchs that are looking at you folks for plunder too, with climate disaster & Fundagelical Mammon-worship Fascism staring us in the face—this was still a damn good takedown!

  10. pierre wilkinson

    succinct, as usual, grumpy

  11. wam

    You obviously don’t play golf, grumpy, or watch the morning shows or see the commercial channels’ news or read the papers or listen to the radio or have rabbottian friends and family?
    Today I joked at the club that when he is at golf biden should get the security to change the locks.
    The consensus was he is not defeated and they will find cheating by the left. I said 4 million cheats? but the joke time had been subsumed and the topic went to tomorrow’s run throw and fall over.
    As ad astra showed the man is mad but his supporters are as bad they together will lay waste making biden unable to govern. For example oconnell suggest fauci be be headed and trump prevents fauci from helping biden???

  12. Kerri

    May I suggest, GG, if you have not already discovered them, OLBERMANN VS TRUMP and THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD by Keith Olbermann on YouTube.
    They are a series of videos that are well worth watching for the insults alone.

  13. Henry Rodrigues

    Grumpy, this one denouement of the fool they call POTUS, is enough to win you the admiration and plaudits of the whole world. If there was a Nobel prize for put downs, Grumpy, the verdict would be unanimous. Keep it coming!!!!!

  14. New England Cocky

    Aw geez GG, once again I have to agree with all the other posters here that you have accurately described the Trumpery POTUS (Perfectly Otherwise Totally Useless Scumbag) in the USA (United States of Apartheid) with the respect reserved only for truly vile and despicable persons. A wannabe aspiring to the heights of international fame achieved by ”enlightened” political megalomaniacs like Stalin, Hitler, plus his ”mates” Kim Jong Un and Putin.

    Americans removed this millstone crushing their democracy and now in Australia we have to return to competent government for Australian voters rather than foreign owned multinational corporations by Voting for Anyone But Nat$!!

  15. Consume Less

    Arrivederci, Bunker Boy !! (not soon enough)

  16. Murray Thomas

    Bronzer , ripper , ridgididge , bloody oath ,!!!! A proper top shelf take down GG!!!!! Love ❤️ your stuff mucho !

  17. Sandi

    This is pretty much brilliant. As a DC resident who has had to endure his mania for four years, I wish this could actually be printed in Time magazine. Sadly, the biggest problem we have is the 70 million cult members who worship that nazi.

  18. Roswell

    Sandi, as an ex-pat I’m with you 100% ✊ 🌊

  19. Arthur Garry King

    Nail on head, gave me a few laughs, there have been precious few in the last 4 years. Learned a new name for him: Drongera, thank you John Hanna, I’ll have to see if I can look that one up later!.An English friend gave me another: Odious Oik, and I can’t print here what all my Irish relations say about him. I have a title for when I share this on Facebook: His Legacy is 20,000 documented Lies. You have a mellifluous way with words, Grumpy Geezer, I like them. And I sent a few bucks to AIMN. You gave me a jolly start to the day!

  20. Arthur Garry King

    P.S. Grumpy Geezer — you are a Saucy Aussie!

  21. DrakeN

    You called him a nazi, Sandi, but I see his behaviours closer to those of Stalin, Kim, Mao and Pol Pot.

  22. Henry Rodrigues

    The one thing that is really gets me is where are all those supposed checks and balances that are inbuilt into the system that prevents a megalomaniac from doing just what he is doing at the moment. America might just as well be Russia or N.Korea, Belarus, Democratic Republic of Congo. Can no one or institution or legal set of rules or traditions, curb this guys inner most destructive tendencies ? Are the American people, the congress and senate just going to sit by and watch him, and wring their hands in despair while he goes about destroying the whole place ? Does he have to start a civil war and watch as America burns, before someone reins him in ?

    It truly is godsmacking that a nation so politically mature and technically advanced, can let itself be held hostage to a criminal. This only happens in the movies, not real life.

  23. DrakeN

    Henry, the smacking of gods is not a usual activity as I see it 😉

    More seriously, though, maturity in a society is largely governed by the educational and informational services provided to the whole community.
    In general, the USA has fared poorly on both counts.
    That is not accidental, but largely contrived by the avaricious and power-hungry members of society who gain advantage from the lack of awareness and accurate information in the general population.
    There is a deeply ingrained fear that a well informed, confident hoi polloi would not be subservient to them and might reduce their capacity for furthering their ambitions for even more wealth and priviledge.

    As for “technically advanced”, much greater progress, technically and communually, would have been achieved if not for the determination of holders of existing commercial assets to protect them against innovation and improvement from outside interests.
    Corporate interests have stifled so much advancement where they see a diminution of their own advantage.

  24. Jack Cade

    I saw a good cartoon the other day – Trump saying he didn’t want to lose face and a minion saying ‘It’s come off on your towel!’

  25. Henry Rodrigues

    DrakeN…God is not for smacking, just ask Scummo. Ha ha.

    The situation could be likened to a general dumbing down of the population, kept in the dark and fed BS. Earlier I wrote that the billionaires, and the rich, and the people with the most money, were the ones in charge and politicians like Trump are part of the conspiracy, though in this case Trump has subverted and forced all them to bow down to his will. And those 72m voters who revere him are just the foot soldiers of this criminal. Sad and quite dangerous, for America and the rest of the world. Maybe he’ll start a conflict somewhere in the world which will spiral out of control. Shades of Hitler !!!!!

    You’re right about the stifling of innovation, getting rid of fossil fuels would be best for a new generation of technological achievments.

  26. Michael Taylor

    Hi Jack,

    The web team just upped our server settings a bit. Have another try.

  27. Jack Cade

    Michael Taylor

    Not so far. It COULD be a problem at my end, but I can’t fathom what it might be.

  28. Michael Taylor

    We’ll still keep looking into it anyway, Jack.

    Some other issues have popped up so it could be at our end, but our web guys couldn’t come up with an explanation of why you’re having the issue you are.

  29. mark delmege

    Typical sort of rubbish you can expect in here comments are no better. Wrong on so many levels but that is where identity politics is these days. Funny strange they let this drivel pass yet censored my comment for calling Biden a war criminal.
    Ramin wrote this and its probably closer to the mark not that you will understand.

    Both US parties in disarray after stunning elections
    Thursday, 19 November 2020 10:28 AM [ Last Update: Thursday, 19 November 2020 10:28 AM ]

    Ramin Mazaheri
    Press TV, Chicago

    Both mainstream parties in the United States have been profoundly shaken by the election results from November 3rd.
    While the Democrats may prevail in the still-disputed presidential election, their so-called “Blue Wave” has been universally described as an “abject disaster”. Despite unprecedented mainstream media support, widespread leftist-based protests and record fund-raising they failed to retake the Senate, lost seats in the House, lost one governorship and failed to flip a single state legislature.
    Because this is a census year Republicans will control drawing up most of the decade’s new electoral maps, causing many to say the election was a disastrous setback for progressive causes.
    Massive infighting among the party elite is being reported. Older and moderate Democrats blame newly-popular progressive causes for the losses, but the Democratic Socialists of America – the left-wing of the Democratic Party – won 70% of the races and ballot initiatives they endorsed.
    The election results were widely expected to be a repudiation of so-called “Trumpism”, but analysts say they actually cemented the unprecedented political uprising unexpectedly led by Donald Trump. So-called “Trumpian Republicans” are now expected to reshape the conservative party.
    There seems to be unanimous agreement that regardless of the final outcome of the presidential election Trump and his family will have increased, not decreased, control over the Republican Party.
    A pre-election poll asked Republicans and Republican-leaning independents if they considered themselves a supporter of Trump or a supporter of the Republican Party – 60% picked Trump.
    Which ever presidential candidate is eventually inaugurated, it seems certain that America has undergone a dramatic political shift which very few people predicted and which many are struggling to understand and accept.

  30. Grumpy Geezer


    We got one.


  31. Sandy

    The great thing about Donald’s reign is that he will supply the world endless archive footage of what mental Illness looks and sounds like. So that’s a positive.

  32. Michael Taylor

    That was an easy one, Grumpy.

  33. Paul

    Wow, a rant with substance!
    the world never ceases to amaze…

  34. Michael Taylor

    Over 253,000 deaths in the USA. Yesterday there were 2,000 deaths and 187,000 new cases.

    But Trump’s interests lay elsewhere…

    Yesterday he was tweeting about Fox News ratings.

    He disgusts me.

  35. Michael Taylor

    Breaking news: Donald Trump Jnr has tested positive for COVID-19.

  36. Henry Rodrigues

    The orange boofhead gets his oxygen from those braindead protestors on the streets demanding a recount. He getting so emboldened, he’s now canvassing the republican reps in Michigan to vote all their electoral college votes in his favour even though he lost there by more than 140,000 .

    And still there is a deafening silence from the Grand ole National Socialist Party of America, similar to that found in a cemetery.

    Traitors and criminals.

  37. Michael Taylor

    And with Guiliani’s son testing posting positive for COVID-19 old Rudi now has begun a 14-day lockdown. There goes Trump’s cases, I hope.

  38. Grumpy Geezer

    Have read some interesting takes on why Trump is digging in.

    Destroying evidence.
    Planting landmines for Biden.
    Keeping the base fired up to keep the donations coming in and with an eye on the two pending Senate seat votes.
    Sheer desperation because he faces so many legal cases.

    Probably a mix of all of these.

  39. Moni Clare

    Hi Grumpy xxx you have saved my sanity xxx love your whole take on the trumpet trump. I shall be looking out for more of your oh so great take off of the trump years. I think , my mex the tipping point came when I personally could not take one more nightmarish day of the soulless poisonous b. Look out for your soul mate in kind called Shower Cap. Both yourself and Shower Cap could make a fortune writing scripts together that would be eaten up by the media.

  40. Carolee

    Yep. Yep. And yep.

  41. Carolee

    Grumpy: A+++++++

  42. Ginger

    From the USA.
    You are being entirely to easy on him.

  43. Maria

    GG, You silver-tongued devil, I want to marry you. Thank you for letting it fly.

  44. Grumpy Geezer


    Gosh! She Who Must Be Obeyed* is willing to trade. What ya got? Think along the lines of a DVD collection of maudlin chick flicks, return tickets to Paris** for her and her 2 travel chums (post-vaccine), a framed portrait of Harrison Ford stripped to the waist + a new Moroccan tagine (she may go second hand here just FYI).


    *Rumpole Of The Bailey.
    ** She’s aware she’s not in a strong bargaining position here so will settle for economy class

  45. Maria

    Hi GG,
    Wouldn’t dream of disobeying She. My mistake for assuming that a Grumpy Geezer was also a cloistered monk. My question is, when can we look forward to the sequel to your Bunker Boy eulogy? There are so very many worthy candidates for your dissecting expertise.

  46. Grumpy Geezer


    I have some initial insults ready – just forming the words to wrap them in.

    Are you an Aussie?


  47. Roswell

    Maria couldn’t possibly be an Aussie, GG. Every woman in Australia knows you’re already taken. 😜

  48. Grumpy Geezer

    Old, skinny, wrinkled naked motorbicyclists is a niche market Roswell.

  49. Roswell

    Mine is a different niche, GG.

    I belong to the one (and there’s not many of us) for 6’4” blokes with rippled muscles and killer good looks who are into mountain climbing, canoeing and jungle-exploring.

    And alien hunting.

  50. Maria

    No, I’m in beautiful SoCAL, sadly living in a disturbingly red county. Neighbors all around still have the Loser in Chief’s Political signs up.

  51. Michael Taylor

    They must be die-hards, Maria. And rotten luck being in a red county in a blue state.

    Btw, I have a zillion relatives in California. Unfortunately we gradually lost contact after my mother died young in 1977.

  52. Terence Mills

    Very impressed so far with Biden’s senior appointments : they appear to be adults !

    Still a bit worried about the way Pompeo is flying around the Middle east creating problems for the incoming administration. The recognition by the US that the Golan Heights are no longer occupied territory but are now considered as Israeli territory is a worry as is the fact that Pompeo and Bibi Netanyahu flew down to Saudi Arabia on a secret mission to get the Saudis on side for what could be a parting shot at Iran, or worse.

    I hear from a relative in the US that there are many in the Republican party who haven’t been happy with the way the GOP has been taken over by the Trumpers and they want their party back.

    Trump was never a committed Republican. His political party affiliation has changed numerous times. He registered as a Republican in Manhattan in 1987, switched to the Reform Party in 1999, the Democratic Party in 2001, and back to the Republican Party in 2009.

  53. mark delmege

    So what you are saying Terence Mills is that you were happy with the Democrats running operations with the Muslim Brotherhood and their fellow travellers and that you had no problem with arming militants (jihadists) with weapons and providing political support and whatever else it took to destroy sovereign nations. Just be honest – I’d really like to know – because this was part of what Obama did and the staff he used and now part of Team Biden and according to you adults are now in the room.

  54. Kronomex

    The Donald ego first.
    The Trump image second.
    The Donald Trump greed third.
    Everything not The Donald can take a flying leap.

  55. Roswell

    Ignore him, Terence. He’s a freakin’ idiot.

  56. e bulutt

    Once was invited to Studio 54 in the 1970’s..a very upscale club..I’m sitting by a table and who walks in with 2 drop dead gorgeous girls?….You guessed it…..Was married to Ivana at the time and divorced very soon after that and she hit him up for millions in the settlement and then he married Marla Maples who put him through a big settlement as well and left him pretty drained,financially. It looks like Melania is next in line when he steps down out of office for real. That’s why he don’t want to concede.cause he knows what’s awaiting him…the IRS has a comfortable room for him next as he owes 450.000.000 $ in back taxes now and from years ago.

  57. Terence Mills

    Mark, your silly comment makes no sense.

    My relative in Ca. says that it’s like a new dawn with people peeking out from under the covers saying, “has he gone yet ”

    Others are saying that it’s like coming out of an abusive relationship ; you have a few bruises but you have learned a lot of lessons for the future.

    USA, good to see you back !

  58. Maria Dales

    GG, I am nominating for your next target to lampoon (unless you could possibly harpoon?) Turtleneck Mitch M. What a complete waste of skin he He is obstructing justice at every single turn and enabling the toddler in the WH. Refuses to put forward any of the House-approved legislation to the Senate. It’s just piled up on his desk. Sadly, he was re-elected in spite of his corruption.

  59. mark delmege

    I dont care what Americans do to each other – its their problem.
    Its how they deal with other countries that concerns me.
    It appears you are also blind to the ways and means of imperialism but do tell …what were my silly comments?
    – you did raise the Golan heights so I thought maybe you had some clues . It supplies a significant percentage of Israel water supply and will not give it back.

  60. Michael Taylor

    Maria, what the hell is wrong with Kentuckians that compels them to keep voting for McConnell?

  61. Maria Dales

    Ignorance. Greed. White Entitlement. Same diseases that make people keep voting for Graham. It defies logic that these creeps are so revered by their base. Thankfully, I live on the Left Coast. I am horrified by what goes on in the South.

  62. Michael Taylor

    Ignorance is off the charts, Maria. Moscow Mitch is holding up their COVID relief payments and they still worship the bastard.

    By the way, it’s good to see you here. ✊

  63. Lyle Randolph

    GG really gets it right here.

    People just do not get the way Trump has torn this country to bits.

    It has impacted me personally.

    I left my church (Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod) because they became a cheering section for the Republican Party and looked the other way at his egregious conduct…after all, he was “pro-life.”

    My girlfriend and I broke up two days ago because she wanted to “keep her head up her a**” about Trump and I just coild not live in the dark while he turned this country into a fascist state.

    I am a veteran on Social Security Disability and gasped in horror as he announced plans to gut the income tak that funds SS.

    My own health has gone down massively and my depression ratcheted up during the four years of this evil madman.

    As a progressive I have no great love for Biden but “voted blue” (for a “blue wave” that never came) to get Trump out.

    I can only pray that Biden will not be like his “nice,” “bipartisan” colleagues and just decide to give Trump and his criminal family a pass in the name of “unity” and “healing.”

    Sadly, I do not see Trump willingly leaving the White House he has turned into a fortress. I also fully believe that his nutjob cult will “defend” him and try to keep him in his “rightful place.”

  64. Michael Taylor

    Lyle, your last sentence is chilling. But I think we’re all expecting it. 😢

  65. Michael Anderson

    The situation here in the U.S. is roughly analogous to the years 1856-1860, just before the Civil War. White slave-owners in the South were trying to preserve chattel slavery, while businesses in the North were more interested in the the new English approach, wage slavery (Now Amazon, Uber, the “gig” economy). Trump is an Authoritarian, a part of both worlds, as is the oligarchy everywhere in varying degrees.

    It also appears that a significant portion of the American population, due to dumbing down through media since WW1 and perceived economic hardship, are Authoritarian also. The ‘burbs elected Trump…people who have something, but also know they have a lot to lose.

    The oligarchy (this includes Biden) knows the game is up for them, because conditions for accumulation are going away, used up (rentier finance & fake Monopoly money “ledger entries” are all that’s left), and end-stage Capitalism is Fascism. Didn’t work out well for a couple of European countries mid-20th century. The next few weeks will see if it blows us all clean to perdition this time, because of a madman & his well-paid followers in the Military-Industrial Complex, or if cooler heads prevail. Israel is on alert status.

  66. mark delmege

    Take note Terence Mills. Roswell etc
    Flynn was pardoned yesterday by Trump. He was an early casualty in the establishments war against Trump. You might recall Obama sacked him years earlier because he was against Obamas policy of military support for islamic insurgents/mercenaries.
    Obama loyalists like many in here have no interest in understanding just how rotten his foreign policies were – policies Biden supported and policies that were put in place by the same people Biden has just re hired. All those who in here regularly tell me to ‘fuck off’ just cant understand actually dont want to understand that their side is as bad as the other side and on many issues even worse.

    Rise of Islamic State was ‘a willful decision’: Former DIA Chief Michael Flynn

  67. DrakeN

    mark delmege, your determination to contort the opinions expressed by the majority of commenters here does you no favours; in fact it brings into question your ability to recognise the contexts in which they are made.
    Occasionally I wonder if you actually read the articles under which they are posted and if, in fact, you are not reacting to material which you have read elsewhere.
    With few exceptions we are well aware of the inherent weaknesses in political processes, domestically and foreign, in every country’s administrations and systems; the USA being no exception.
    Purity in politics in a pathway to failure since the myriad of needs, wants, pressures and influences have to be blended to create effective government in a representative democracy.
    Putting all the blame/kudos on a single entity such as the POTUS, a Prime Minister or a State Premier is a popular fallacy promoted by the MSM as a means to simplifying and journalising complex matters for editorial expediency.
    Too much information confuses the general public such that they withdraw from discourse and debate, preferring instead to hold to unsubstantiated opinion from those who they choose to believe, as exemplified by another of today’s topics discussing the ‘Cult of Trump’.

  68. mark delmege

    Drake I see little point in parroting what the MSM or others think and say. The point is to challenge perceptions. Biden is not the messiah – he’s just another slave owner another cowboy just another front man for the oppressor class. ‘The end of America’s nightmare is near’ said the author – I’d say curb your enthusiasm, its going to get worse.

  69. Roswell

    Take note Terence Mills. Roswell etc

    Sorry, but I don’t take note of anything you say. It’s fake news.

    And for your information I don’t take any notice of what the MSM says, either.

  70. Socrates.

    You are all forgetting that it is Mitch McConnell who has bee the REAL problem over there for a decade.

  71. Terence Mills


    Joe Biden has been in the Senate since 1972, McConnell since 1985. They’ve been sparring together across the aisle for over thirty years.

    In that sort of time span you get to know a person pretty well and Biden will be a lot better able to deal with the Senate – if the Dems. are in minority – with that sort of prior tenure.

    As Mark Delmege might say( in a lucid moment), Joe Biden is a man for the times.

    I suggested in a post earlier that …..Pompeo and Bibi Netanyahu flew down to Saudi Arabia on a secret mission to get the Saudis on side for what could be a parting shot at Iran, or worse. Well it looks as though the plan was to have the Israelis do a hit job on the Iranian scientist and if the Iranians are silly enough to retaliate they will be bombed back to the stone-age before the orange man has left office – his legacy.

    Watch this space !

  72. Michael Taylor

    Gotta admit I’m getting tired of right-wingers calling Biden a warmonger. Every US president since 2001, every British prime minister since 2001, and every Australian prime minister since 2001 have sent troops into war or deployed them in a war zone. Why then is Biden being singled out?

  73. mark delmege

    Terence you mean like Yuri Andropov only more corrupt? (ie an old party hack before the inevitable collapse – a right winger from a right wing party)
    Michael you have a point there but you must admit Trump did try to end collusion with the al qaeda types in the M.E. but never made the break from the nazi used by Obama and Biden in Ukraine.

  74. DrakeN

    Michael Taylor, perhaps it is a knee-jerk reaction to the ill informed and gullible people who think that the nightmare of planetary politicking will end with his achieving the POTUS.

    That Biden is no less a warmonger than his predecessors at home and across the industrialised world does not diminish the fact that he is one of them.

    “The scum on the septic tank always rises to the top.” while the good quietly continue their work and the thick settle to the bottom.

  75. jack

    No good communist trump is Evil and dangerous. You supporters of him have your face so far up his ass that you will never see the TRUTH.

  76. Consume Less

    OMG, Trump sure is going out with a bang. Looking forward to seeing his sorry ass leave the White House.

  77. Shahid Mahmud

    No grace, no dignity, no humility, no magnanimity, no class, no morals, no empathy, no soul. That pretty much sums up a typical looney leftist.

    Facts hate them that is why they are in eternal love with epithets. Of course, President Trump was a polarizing figure; his methods drove the barking dogs out of their dens.

    What I find amusing – though not at all befuddling, that they think they are more civilized, more educated, more sensible. Talk about delusions. Just hear them blab for a few minutes and you know you are talking to uncivilized retards.

    I have tried taking them on for a debate. Either they refuse, or they run away after a brief exchange. Their low-information repertoire of talking points runs out of steam.

  78. Kaye Lee

    Just wondering… “looney leftist” and “uncivilized retards” qualify as epithets?

    And I’m a bit unsure about who are the barking dogs. Was the guy wearing the fur and horns and carrying a spear one of the dogs or one of the sensible educated Trump followers?

  79. Michael Taylor

    According to his lawyer he’s a fine bloke. Top guy, actually.

  80. Consume Less

    As a self labelled looney leftist retard I thought I had better look up the meaning of epithet. At least Shahid didn’t bang on about Bobs caravan being the downfall of labors fragile world.

  81. Carina McNaughton

    I am happy to be a loony leftist.We do have morals, empathy, souls, humanity, grace and compassion for our fellow human and the world in which we live. Anyway just why are we loony? Is it because we are independent thinkers who can see a better more inclusive way for everyone. To care for our world. To stand up for injustices.

  82. Consume Less

    Anyway just why are we loony? Actually not sure, maybe a backlash to right wing nutjob.

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