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Do we deserve to become extinct?

What follows is a letter to the Editor of the NT News which they will probably publish:

My apologies for failing to keep my regular 2-hour vigil on the last 2 Wednesdays outside Parliament House.

On Tuesday 13 December, the day before my first absence, I tested positive for Covid, so I was in isolation.

The following day I started a course of antivirals, which, added to 4 vaccinations, meant I tested negative the following Tuesday.

I played safe and cancelled the following week’s vigil, but at no time did I feel unwell.

(I hasten to add that everyone’s experience with Covid is different and I was extremely lucky.)

So – weather permitting – I shall be back next week and thereafter.

I promised myself that I would keep my weekly 2-hour appointments until governments in Australia takes serious action against using fossil fuels.

In England, from 1939 until the mid-late 1950s, we had distinctly limiting restrictions, with rationing and shortages while we concentrated on fighting WWII and began to recover.

We need to do the same now!!!

We have ignored all the scientific information on global warming for well over 50 years, and our descendants will be paying a stiff price in consequence.

Remember tobacco????

I grew up in a Christian household, in a Christian country and retain respect for the ethics of Christianity – selflessness, caring for others, doing as you would be done by – have you ever read Kingsley’s The Water Babies?

I now fully support Stephen Fry’s denial of a “good” god, but regret the desperate lack of ethics which drives our governments and corporations.

The rate at which inequality is growing is deplorable and mankind probably deserves to become extinct!


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  1. Kerri

    OMG! I read that book as a child and I am pretty sure it was that printing!
    I remember the cover.

  2. Kerri

    And, well said Rosemaryj36.

  3. Canguro

    Not sure that I’d agree with the proposition that we deserve to become extinct, but all the same, we may well do so, such is the inexorable outcome potentially derived from our deep devotion to, and exploitation of the benefits of discovering the extractable energies available for utilitarian purposes via fossil fuels; oil, gas & coal. Smart we are. Dumb we also are. Prescient we are not. Despite a few outliers, canaries in coal mines, harbingers, oracles, forecasters, we seem to have taken very little notice of the signs & symptoms of the unfolding climatic disaster, and thus, to be ruthlessly honest, we might assert we will reap our just desserts.

    So be it. Or otherwise, it is what it is. There are laws that operate outside of the mundane levels of human-derived jurisprudence; natural laws, laws of physics, of chemistry, biology, mathematics; inviolable, pitiless, inevitable. We face these consequences, despite the negations of the naysayers, the blind, illusioned, the denialists, those whose scales are so thick that opacity obscures their vision and clouds their comprehension.

    Do we deserve to become extinct? Possibly. Who can mount an argument to the contrary?

  4. Fred

    Canguro: Of the entire planet, if you take those with an IQ of 90 and above and consider the proportion that are: paradoxically stupid at times (Elon, Mark etc.), religious, judgemental, nasty, bigoted, liars, dishonest, intolerant, racist, climate change deniers, murderers, criminals, conspiracy theorists, irrational, autocrats, “born-to-rule”, terrorists, war mongers, arms manufacturers, people that vote without thinking, sadists, greedy, narcissistic, misogynistic, a federal Nat, arseholes, arrogant, demeaning, “gas-lighters”, etc. etc. etc. you will likely come to conclusion that the world has a lot of not “nice people” that we can do without. The cruelty man inflicts on man is breathtaking. Child poverty could be eliminated if one of the fossil fuel companies paid tax. Extinction is deserved.

  5. Ted Turner

    Too much hype? Wo-Mankind will not become extinct, or even close. Exhibit A: the Georgia Guidestones – blown up in July this year. That means the plan to reduce the population by 90% has been halted. Nothing to see, move along. Question, what are the chance The Water Babies book is on Scomos home library bookshelf as its author was a moralistic Reverend.

  6. andy56

    Fred, “The cruelty man inflicts on man is breathtaking.” Thats not unusual in the animal kingdom. We are only animals too.

    Humans will not become extinct, we are the new cockroaches. Sure billions will perish but just like an ants nest, there is no shortage. Even Putin understands this, lol.

    I would like to think i am doing my bit to make human existence more tolerable, but i also understand there are lots of arseholes about who want to do the opposite.

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