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Do ‘Australian’

By Bob Rafto

A spin-off of the Iraqi/Syrian war has been the radicalization of a group of folk here in Australia and who have banded together to Reclaim Australia from the Muslim community; who they fear are taking over Australia. They have grouped in the eastern states and it appears membership is growing and they have taken to the streets with a list of demands.

From Reclaim Australia’s website:

“Australia is a nation of many people groups with the majority being caucasian and Christian. We have successfully embraced multi-ethnicity for decades …Yet, all of a sudden we have to make all these changes to the way we do “Australian” in order to cater to an minority who refuse to integrate anyway.
If Islam can’t cope with how we do “Australian” well then perhaps Islam needs to move along to somewhere where they are not so offended by the locals.
We love Australia, our Values and want our freedom back to be “Australian”.


We Reclaim:

  • Equality and tolerance of all races and religions—which includes Aussies and Christianity, our holidays and celebrations, Christmas and Easter and ANZAC day.
  • Equality at law, no more “cultural considerations”. It is one law for all.
  • Food free of blessings, religious taxes or Islamic Sharia Law Certification (Halal)
  • Freedom of speech—“offence” is a concept derived from Islam and as such is alien to the foundations of our legal system and our practice of democracy and needs removing.
  • Equality of gender—our women are equal. There can be no diminishing of legal rights forced segregation; female genital mutilation (FGM); Sex Trafficking (child brides); Wife beating because they are the ways of Islam. They have no place here in Australia.

What can be gleaned from the demands is that they are advocating the ethnic cleansing of Muslims, ‘They have no place here in Australia’ is their finishing line above.

And there’s the ultimatum: do ‘Australian’ (a code word for Bogan, I would surmise) or ship out.

And what can be made of the demand that ‘offence’ be taken out of the statute of free speech? They are already being ‘highly offensive toward the Muslims and that ‘offence’ is not stopping them.

What about the other freedoms, the freedom to congregate, the freedom to wear what you please, the freedom to worship any deity, these are the freedoms that Reclaim Australian wants to remove from the Muslim faith, the very same freedoms that our diggers gave up their lives to protect.

If the following reporting by Amy Remeikis of the Brisbane demonstration is true it appears Reclaim Australia members are well and truly radicalized.

“What’s the f**king point”, a Reclaim protester declared to a fellow supporter in disgust.

“They’re f**king brainwashed over there. You can’t reason with those who are brain dead”.

This is a classic example of mad people thinking they are sane.

In this era what do Aussie’s perceive as do ‘Australian’? Reclaim Australia does not provide details and I can only ponder that they are maybe clinging to the ‘Bazza McKenzie’ icon of Ozzie Ockerism who would now make any intelligent Aussie cringe.

Perhaps do ‘Australian’ is to be a bronzed Aussie hitting the waves, taking the family to the beach for a barby, watching the footy and getting pissed while eating a meat pie. Going to the pokies and hitching one’s pocket to a machine to have one’s money hoovered out of their pockets, taking drugs, killing a spouse on a weekly basis and bashing one up every other day. And we do indeed love our sports, and Warnie too.

Elenie Poulos on the Australian way of life (TAWOL) says . . .

When I look around at TAWOL here are some of the other things I see:

  • the continued abuse by governments of the human rights of Indigenous Australians;
  • overflowing prisons because it’s apparently better to be “tough on crime” than it is to be focused on rehabilitation and social inclusion;
  • an addiction to gambling that sees us lose $18 billion a year;
  • ANZAC Day as an occasion when young people around the country pay their respects to Australians who have lost their lives in wars by getting blind drunk (I know this as fact because I live in a suburb that has two pubs on every block);

. . . plus a lot more here on ‘What is the Australian way of life?

There is no doubt that our mentality has changed since 9/11, if our government is supposed to represent the people they serve we can now be seen as refugee torturers for the incarceration of refugees on Manus and Nauru, we have also developed a mean spirit to the battlers, once there was a war on poverty, now there is a war on the poor and a war on the Muslim community.

I believe that we can do ‘Australian’ better than what we have become since 9/11 if only we can unpick the fear and hatred that Howard, Abbott and Murdoch’s News instilled into the Australian community.



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  1. silkworm

    “Stop forcing us to eat halal food.”


  2. oldfart

    FGM is not and never has been an Islamic practice. It is something practiced in tribal Africa
    Nobody forces you to go to maccas or KFC to buy food, yet you probably survive on it.

    Australian women equal? so all the campaigns for equal opportunity are a fairy tale are they.
    Wife beating a purely Islamic practice? don’t think so a lot of Australians commence the practice at “girlfriend stage” of the relationship.
    All your demands and comments just serve to demonstrate a lack of education and understanding.

    Yes Muslims are different to bogans, but you said the same of Greeks, Italians, Vietnamese and any other new arrival here. and several hundred years ago you said the same of the people who were here before you. So nothing has changed, the white Anglo Saxon hate machine is still alive and kicking. in 10 years time middle eastern peoples will be your best friend and the next wave of new arrivals will be coping “you have to be Ashtraylian if you want to live here”. This is all so predictable

  3. keerti

    jeez, myte it’s sich a wunerful cuontry! we mudder two women evry wik, abuse our keds (evin the doolin chirches ged in on that wun). We abuse wummin who’ve cum hir as rfuges lukkin’ fu’ refuge, we demonise the victims at evry turn (iv she didn’t wear that short skirt, she wudint uv gut raped!…. it’s the unemployed’s falt they can’t ged a job!…(it has nutin’ to do wiv’ govmint policy!..refugees are responsible for Iraq terrorism… (it was us and the other members of the coalition of the willing!… willing to lie, cheat and murder…) We’re happy to keep on stuffin’ the environmint, just as long as we kin keep on drivin’ a gas guzzler. ..Perhaps it’s just that we’re scrared of ladies who are educated and can speak the language we so badly butcher, just because the choose to not flaunt their bodies in public?

  4. Clean living

    Interesting views of “Reclaim”. Also interesting that these issues did not surface prior to you “white fellas” arriving!

  5. Kerri

    Good article. Well said. A bunch of hopeless thugs. Let them have their political party. It will fail.

  6. jimhaz

    [What can be gleaned from the demands is that they are advocating the ethnic cleansing of Muslims, ‘They have no place here in Australia’ is their finishing line above]

    Umm, talk about taking things out of context. No point reading the remainder after this.

  7. bobrafto

    What is your take on ‘They have no place here in Australia’?

  8. Michael Taylor

    Kerri, I suspect they’d get a lot of votes, given the large amount of rednecks in the electorate. The good thing about this is that they’d only be taking votes off the Coalition. Turnbull would have to do a Howard (who distanced himself from Hanson) and put a wedge between them and the government.

  9. Michael Taylor

    Bob, jimhaz doesn’t like anything that’s published on The AIMN. Don’t even bother him/her with a question. It might create another worthless rant.

  10. mars08

    If I was tempted to ‘do Australian’ in the Reclaim style… I’d need a bit more information. More guidance…

    Ford or Holden? Tooheys or VB? NRL or AFL? Rose Tattoo or AC/DC? So many questions!

    Surely, to ‘do Australian’ correctly… in the most Aussie oi oi oi way possible… there can only be ONE right answer to those questions. Don’t try to tell me that Tooheys and VB are equally straayn. There can only be one winner.

    Now… Benson & Hedges or Winfield?

    There’s so much at stake here! The future of the nation! We can’t make any mistakes!

  11. John Lord

    At two and a half per cent of the population Muslims represent the same proportion as Budists and our indigenous folk. To suggest they are taking over the country…………..well only those without the capacity to comprehend maths would suggest it.

  12. mars08

    Those without the capacity for reason and empathy…

  13. Mercurial

    Some of those tenets don’t even make sense.

    “Freedom of speech—“offence” is a concept derived from Islam and as such is alien to the foundations of our legal system and our practice of democracy and needs removing.”

    Just what is it they want to remove the word ‘offence’ from? Makes me think the whole deal is something not worth worrying about if they can’t even get their shit together to make a coherent sentence.

  14. LOVO

    One wonders how many ‘first Australians’ are members ❓
    Muslim people first settled in my town 130yrs ago…… we have one of the oldest Mosques in Australia……. and the funny thing is they ‘do Australian’ ..because they are Australians.
    Everytime I see one of these Reclaim pieces of filth wrapped in an Aussie flag it makes me sick. They are about as un-Australian as one can get 😡
    Poor fella my country 🙁

  15. Roswell

    Well said, LOVO. You always were a man of common sense. You haven’t changed, I see.

  16. mars08

    @LOVO… an Australian bloke I once worked with had a saying he loved to repeat… “Just because you’re born in a stable, that doesn’t make you a horse”

    Which was strange given that his parents were German and Lithuanian.

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