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Divine Right to Rule and the Delusion of the Religious Right

By Andrew Klein

In Western tradition there is a concept of kings and queens ruling by divine right, you have to imagine ‘God’ giving his/her imprimatur to the successful bidder for a Throne. Mostly this occurred after bloody battles and political scheming behind the scenes and more often than not involved members of the church. Those familiar with English history would be aware of Henry VIII of the Tudor line who succeeded his father Henry VII who managed to beat Richard III at Bosworth Field during the War of the Roses, much being made to discredit Richard III and bringing an end to the Plantagenet dynasty. Whilst it seems perfectly alright for ‘nobility ‘to raise armies, create alliances with powerful barons and their troops the idea that a ‘commoner’ would challenge a King was considered abhorrent, and in fact, regicide.

England did eventually have a commoner challenge a king when Oliver Cromwell and his Parliamentary Army fought and beat Charles I, leading to the King being decapitated and Puritan Rule under the rule of Cromwell. Anyway, it makes for good reading when you have the time.

My point this morning is the influence of the Church and Religion in the 21st Century on the Secular State. The relatively recent rantings by the ISL (Death Cult) in the Levant and its desire to create a Caliphate is probably about 600 years too late; most religions develop and evolve and religious scholars are more than capable of placing any religion into the context of the times. The evolution of the way that the divine is seen perceived and acted upon is not new.

Surprisingly, there is also a resurgence of fundamentalist thinking in the West, often by those who trawl through the Old Testament and select those passages that allow them to degrade and undermine persons deemed to be less worthy than themselves, and for some bizarre reason, the United States is still able to produce some of the most vitriolic and nasty type of preacher who would have felt much at home during the wars caused by religion willingly carrying verbal faggots and fuel to ‘burn’ and malign those apparently breaching Leviticus. Not a particularly bright move, but in effect sad and hurtful if people take the message of the ‘Christ‘ seriously.

The unknown danger lies in what our elected leaders believe and I expect that most of us, much like me, never took religion or its impact too seriously when voting for a candidate. Yet here is the crux of the matter: Australia has had a Royal Commission into the abuse of Children by Churches and Faith-based organisations which occurred for generations. Rape, sodomy and physical abuse not being uncommon and the more the evidence comes out one – as a reasonable human being – can only feel a sense of revulsion towards those that were both active and complicit in the abuse.

I have to ask myself why our former government moved funds around and away from these inquiries and having read the Submission by the Commonwealth to the Royal Commission I am left shaking my head. We have had a Prime Minister, that almost, daily made it a point to remind us that Islamist Terror via the ISL Death Cult compromises all of us. Sadly this has also been a slur of those in our community that are not only Australian but also Muslim. Yet the very sources of evil that came from a Christian background are ignored, white washed and justice is denied or delayed.

I do not think that religion has any place in a secular State and it is time that those seeking to rule/govern a secular State place their cards well and truly on the table and declare any conflict of interest that may arise. Our former Prime Minister and his more than gentle dealings with Cardinal Pell should be the first. It may be convenient for governments to ignore the plight of what are called the ‘Forgotten Australians‘ but the more evidence is presented there may come a time that distraction and deception fail and the voting public will want some serious answers.


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  1. New England Cocky

    Perhaps a good start to controlling these religiously zealous politicians would be to immediately stop public funding of private schools, used by the borne-to-rule aspirants to build social networks for the future benefit of their off-spring. Presently about $10 BILLION per year is paid by Australian taxpayers to promote self-serving social networking that would better serve Australian voters by being applied to regional& remote mental health facilities & services, social housing or spending on long neglected school building maintenance & renovation.

  2. Henry Rodrigues

    There has never been a more hypocritical piece of shit masquerading as the leader of a democratic country than Scummo, and before him jugears and before him, the rodent of Woolstonecroft. Every one of these pricks used religion or the illusion that they were religious, to gain political mileage. They managed to convince the fairy headed that were the deliverers of virtue and prosperity, but all they ever did was deliver their rich mates illegal fortunes squeezed from the working men and women of Australia.

    Bastards, everyone of them. And of course there is the MSM, led by that stinking old scroat who presided over and manipulated the whole pile of shit.

  3. Kerri

    Our former Prime MinisterS!
    New England Cocky. A religious schools and their churches.

  4. wam

    I don’t care what politicians believe as long as it is not kept secret by preventing questions on their beliefs.
    There are many secret sects who have weird beliefs like god gives boys power over women, including their mother, on their 12th birthday.
    Religious school’s programs, especially, but all school programs, need vetting to ensure religious indoctrination occurs after school has finished.

  5. Fred

    John H provided a glowing reference for Pell.

    …but what a crock. Consider your closest friends. What do you know about their sex lives – favorite positions, predilections, fetishes, etc.? I know nothing about my friends other than whether straight or gay and the “parade of partners”. I wouldn’t know if any were pedophiles!

    Also, do you know if they have ever lied to you, or if they do it on occasions, do you know when they are doing it? I would argue that on probability Pell has lied and on more than one occasion. So has JH (well documented).

    It should not have been given the time of day.

  6. Goog

    In reading a book about Hitler’s German scientists , when Hitler’s cohorts were euthanising people that they considered disabled, mental deficient , not worth keeping alive because of the cost to the Reich ,another group they looked at was the poor , they believed there was something wrong with them so they had to go . I remember being in America when Reagan put a dollar value on every person and just opened the lunatic asylums and put them on the street , the Republican with their low taxes for them and tax advantages is just like the Nazis

  7. Mark Shields

    In polite society, we don’t discuss politics or religion: But thanks to contributors like you; we now can discuss religion/mythology and all those disgusting Religious Biblical beliefs; which have been hampering our discussion for years! WHEN WILL Rational Scientific evidence overcome the ridiculous Mythological beliefs in Spiritual fantasy?!

  8. Mark Shields

    We all need to realise that Religion is just as toxic as Corporate hegemony. Anyone relating to Religion today, is as dumb as the Poor Fish Farmer, ignorant of Social Farming Rules!!
    Farmers will never survive without a social union of sorts!

  9. Mark Shields

    There are no no Real Unions existing for Real Workers! When Australians stop behaving like Alpha Dickheads, then we might have a Union of workers. Until then Union-less Workers are expected to rally and congregate for better conditions?

  10. Fred

    Goog: While a large percentage of the Republicans have joined the lunatic fringe by backing Trump’s “stolen election”, they have a long way to go to reach the lows of the Nazi genocide of the Jews. That the Nazis applied to same treatment to the occasional person with disabilities, or of Polish extraction, etc. doesn’t in any way make it acceptable.

  11. Albos Elbow

    Where would paedophiles be today if it wasn’t for private schools and religion?

  12. Raymond Tinkler

    I would not of cared 2 hoots for what Morrison and those of his ilk that were installed into our Parliament believed if they didn’t contain some of the most dastardly tenets and purposes which we saw the proof of being carried out against the populace e.g. the unlawful bastardry of Robodebt, which drew it’s inspiration from the Gospel of wealthiness, also known as Prosperity Theology. Democracy is founded on the acceptance and practice of openness and transparency so that all of the population can know what their govt is doing on their behalf and in their name. What we saw from Morrison and all of his govt, including those not directly of his “faith”, but in full compliance, was the exact opposite. That the centralisation of decision and policy making was in the hands and under control of him was succinctly described by his best mate “Stewie” Robert, when he said of Morrison, “The Prime Minister giveth and the Prime Minister taketh away. Blessed is the name of the Prime Minister”. And unless you forget, as far as I know, they still all hold the seats they had before.

  13. totaram

    Raymond Tinkler: While your observation is correct, I might point out that the seats they continue to hold are held with ever smaller margins. Even the Dutton seat has a diminished margin. May that be a portend of things to come!

  14. Consume Less

    That sure is a cringeworthy photo of fauxmo !!!

  15. Terence Mills

    I hear that Morrison is saying that it was God’s will that he lose the election just as it was God’s will that he win in 2019.

    He claims that he is just ‘a vessel of the Lord’ : more like a tool I would have thought !

  16. Michael Taylor


    That makes it easier to accept every stroke of misery ever befallen me and others (in no particular order):

    It’s God’s will my football team lost on the weekend (meaning that it’s God’s will that the other team won).

    It’s God’s will that my mother and my little brother died young.

    It’s God’s will that my cat was run over.

    It’s God’s will my ex-wife was a gambling addict.

    It’s God’s will that I often got the cane at school.

    It’s God’s will that a workmate took his own life.

    It’s God’s will I haven’t won Lotto.

    It’s God’s will that Germany invaded Poland.

    It’s God’s will that Indigenous Australians were murdered in their tens of thousands.

    It’s God’s will that the young daughter of a friend was violently raped at 16.

    I’m not too impressed with Morrison and his God, but at least it explains why, when and how everything happened.

  17. GL


    After reading your comment at 8.03 pm all I could think of as a no-believer is, “Shit happens.”

  18. Terence Mills

    Turnbull must be a bit miffed. When he got shafted by Dutton, Morrison and Stuart Robert were reportedly on their knees praying. So it would seem that both God and the Devil were in league to oust Malcolm.

    It gets a bit scary to think these people actually think that a sky-fairy influences Australian politics.

    ‘Hate to think what Dutton, who is not a religious person, thinks got him into the top opposition job : by the way where is Dutton ?
    Sus(s)an Ley seems to be doing all the media lately, and not very well !!

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