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By Ad astra

This piece won’t take you long to read. Its message is clear, precise, and uncomplicated. The social media abounds with descriptors of the Morrison Government. Few are complimentary. Many are rude, even obscene. Many emanate from an adversarial viewpoint. There are few restraints on those seeking to denigrate; it’s easy to be critical when contrary views are limited. So let’s skip those, and find a descriptor that is accurate, even polite.

We need only to reflect for a moment on recent events to arrive at a conclusion.

Among the many possibilities, it seemed to me that ‘disarray’ was an apt descriptor for the contemporary Morrison Government. A Google search for the meaning of this word says: “Combine the prefix ‘dis’ meaning ‘lack of’ with array which derives from the Old French word areer (‘to put in order’), and you’ve got a mess on your hands – or a lack of order. That’s disarray.

Here’s how the Merriman-Webster Dictionary defines ‘disarray’: “lack of order or sequence”. The meaning of the word is not obscure!

How applicable then is the noun ‘disarray’ when summing up the Morrison Government?

Reflect on its actions and performance.

Take its handling of the COVID vaccine arrangements. On again, off again; confusion about which one is most suitable; uncertainty about contraindications; confusion about when and where the vaccines will be available, to whom and for whom; lack of certainty about the continuity of supplies, their sources, their arrival times, even their efficacy; lack of clarity about who will administer them and where; uncertainty about the legal responsibilities of suppliers and those administering the vaccine, a worrying aspect for general practitioners.

As The Conversation puts it: The vaccine rollout – which remember, started stubbornly late – is in disarray. A promised four million inoculations by the end of March and completion by the end of October proved wildly unrealistic. On another front, reflect on Morrison’s handling of his recent political problems: the Laming saga detailed in sordid detail under ‘Controversies’ in Wikipedia, the Christian Porter scandal, the Craig Kelly schemossle, and now the Holgate affair, which has exposed his propensity for bullying behaviour for all to see.

Need I continue? What more evidence do you need to confirm that the Morrison Government is in a state of disarray, perpetuated by a confused, conflicted, con man, who sadly is also our Prime Minister?

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  1. Kenneth A Robinson

    I agree this bloke is name proof because god appointed him we sinners are really in for a rough ride, hopefully the country will survive his incompetence.

  2. Henry Rodrigues

    The instinctive gut reaction of a criminal is to distract, denigrate, implicate, target, anyone or any group who might attract the native racism in the certain sections of the public, and to start a conversation, focusing on the target and not on his own willful incompetance.

    True to form. Trump, and now Scummo.

  3. Canguro

    Disarray? Many examples, indeed, a field ripe for the pickings!

    All overseas citizens home by Christmas? Check.

    Jobseeker and Jobless support? Check.

    Managing the relationship with our largest trading partner? Check?

    And from the above, acting responsibly towards the thousands of businesses, large and small, affected by his irresponsibility re. the China relationship? Check.

    Dealing responsibly with the challenges of a heating planet & its consequences? Check.

    Acting appropriately towards distressed women who’ve been subjected to sexual abuse, both within his workplace and the greater community? Check.

    Acting as a voice of reason and unification for ALL Australians? Check.

    Acting as a voice of moderation towards the more unhinged of his political équipe de collègues? Check.

    Acting in an appropriate manner when out on the hustings amid fellow citizens in distress, whether from fire or flood or other misadventure? Check.

    I’m sure there’s more…. but hey, God’s given him a free pass to do as he will, but not as the big fella would. Thus, as always, the dangers of personal interpretation of being touched by the hand of the deity. Echoes of Hanrahan lap at my ears…

  4. Phil Pryor

    We have never had a larger, more odious, skinful of shit in politics here, and this sausage of shit is P M, a Putrid Mess!! Totally unreliable, a convinced liar, a chronic backstabbing political pervert, a complete (incomplete) idiot, a superstiton drenched fantasy fist frigging fornicator of his fondlepole, Morrison is a hopeless distorter of reality living in a world that never existed, that has elastic rules bent to the dreams of a dogmatic dickhead, but, one saved, blessed, anointed, preferred, chosen and Up THERE. We are stuffed…

  5. pierre wilkinson

    but wait, there’s more…
    stumbling from one fiasco to the next, rampaging corruption, blatant misogyny, bullying, pork barrelling on a massive unapologetic scale, failures in all fields, incompetence at all levels yet still managing to hold a lead in the polls due to the nefarious work of the murdochracy
    and the fact that like goldfish, the collective concentration simply cannot cope
    oh look, China is sabre rattling
    oh look another sex scandal
    hey wait, there is a sporting event to report
    a daggy hat and even daggier activity
    nothing to see here
    and oh, by the way, the fiscal fortunes are already improving, there is no debt and deficit disaster
    the government is performing well, the best economy in the world and of course we will meet our commitments in a canter

  6. Bronte D G ALLAN

    Sadly for ALL Australians this no-hoper bunch of lying, mysoginist, happy clapping, fuck wits the COALition mob have no ideas no, conscience, no ideas for all Australians, no compassion for anyone not an obscenely wealthy person! What else can we expect of them? And the list of wrongs they all do grows larger everyday! Nice article Ad Astra!

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