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Democracy or Dictatorship?

I wonder if you have read this interview with The Honourable Justice Margaret White AO in which she excoriates the Coalition government for ignoring Parliament?

Morrison has rejected her criticism by essentially ignoring its substance.

In doing so he has clearly indicated that while Justice White deserves the title ‘Honourable’, he does not!

A cursory glance at the government’s recent activities leaves a clear – and unsavoury – impression that the Coalition is intent on ignoring any immediate need to make rapid steps to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Quite the contrary.

They are avoiding listening to any dissenting voices, by excluding any involvement, other than by manufacturing and fossil fuel magnates, in the COVID-19 Commission.

They are also ignoring the needs and interests of a significant proportion of the population by only involving in the Commission a limited range of expertise – coming from people with a significant interest in promoting their own area of concern.

They are denying Parliament any involvement in oversight and discussion on the plans being developed – and please remember that we are still paying our Parliamentarians to represent us, as well as handsomely reimbursing the efforts of the members of the Commission.

This smacks of government by Prime Ministerial fiat.

This is not democracy.

This is not good governance.

This is not acceptable!

I end as always – this is my 2020 New Year Resolution:

“I will do everything in my power to enable Australia to be restored to responsible government.”

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  1. Mark Shields

    Yet again a very lucid and pertinent article RosemaryJ36. Thank you for taking the time to elucidate, so many of the intricacies which go to making our mixed human society. However, I fear as Richard Franklin recently accurately portrayed on TND, the actual depth of this political obfuscation has more to do with wide-eyed religion than stupid politics: We all know that USA is probably the most zealous of ignorant, Christian Biblical Literalist’s on the planet. But what we do not fully understand, is the extent that eschatological dispensationalism is still determining the upper echelons of political and corporate influence, today. It is an imperative for all Judeo/Christian/Islamic religions (who all believe in Biblical Prophecies) that ignorance must overpower scientific knowledge, if there is to be a real Judgement/Apocalypse/Armageddon/Salvation. AND UNFORTUNATELY, IGNORANCE IS NOW NOT ONLY BLISS BUT MANDATORY.

  2. Jack Cade

    I would actually welcome a firm but fair dictator. Not necessarily benign but not malicious and vindictive.
    We actually have a dictatorship in Australia, because the bulk of the electorates mind is made up for it by Murdoch the Malignant.
    And the USA has a de facto multi- dictatorship because the government is dictated to by the same oligarchical clutch regardless of the name of the party that has the numbers.

  3. pierre wilkinson

    roll out the tumbrels

  4. ajogrady

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Australians have voted in 3 L/NP governments in 7 years and the country continues to fail or fall behind other similar countries in our economy, education, health, communication and many other quantifying markers. In particular Scott Morrison, the delusional leader, believes that success is the ability to go from one total failure to another taxpayer funder rort with no loss of enthusiasm or any sign of a conscience. If there is a battle between good and evil then the evidence surely points to evil is winning. Who votes for these corrupt charlatans and shysters always on the look out for the next rort or corrupt kickback or payday.
    Australia is definitely a bona fide lunatic asylum.
    Banana republic dictatorships are now using the L/NP governance as a model and guidebook.
    What is corporate welfare but a mutual obligation between the L/NP and their corporate donors. Nothing changes with these corrupt criminals. The sole purpose of the L/NP winning government is to funnel taxpayers monies into the pockets of their criminally corrupt donors so as to keep the L/NP in power that enables the L/NP to then award them corruptly attained lucrative government contracts or stimulus packages that benefit those who do not need it.
    Note to Sotty and his Pentecostal mates.
    For some, religion is the cloak they wear to disguise their evil and corrupt behavior.

  5. New England Cocky

    Oh dear Rosemary, I think you may have committed a mortal sin in this article by insinuating that Scummo Sacked from Marketing is anything other than DoGs git to mankind to lead Australia to the promised land as the worst third world export economy in the OECD, a country where leaders kow-tow to everything foreign and mediocre while ignoring local excellence and achievement.

    Infrastructure development creating further economic development opportunities are beyond the abilities of the Mess in the Shire so the mere peasant Australian voters also obviously cannot see beyond the end of their respective noses that mineral and energy resources create wealth where the extraction, refining and product development occurs.

    Rather, the important endeavours in Australia are the rivalries between football codes, the weekend football results and the necessary beers after the football match to refresh the throats of spectators ….. to both football and life.

    Well may Australia be “the Lucky Country” because nothing will save Australian voters from the self-serving, short-aighted, unimaginative lack of policies of the Parliamentary puppets betraying the best interests of our kids by dancing to the beck and call of foreign banks and multinational corporations owned by shareholders living overseas..

  6. RosemaryJ36

    NEC – one of my pleasures during the last few months has been the absence of sports broadcasting! I suspect that makes me very un-Australian but I have never been interested in sport, to play or to watch, apart, perhaps, for sailing. I also grew up in a teetotal (UK) household and now prefer wine to beer, but only with a meal and company. So even a glass of wine is a rare event these days!
    As for ScoMo – #Scomogo

  7. B Sullivan

    Let the PM have his “gas-fired recovery”. Just make sure that the gas is hydrogen produced from green renewable energy. Hydrogen is cleaner to use and can be extracted from water with electricity generated by solar power. And it doesn’t matter if the power supply is intermittent. Every hour the sun shines hydrogen will be collected. The amount of hydrogen collected is limited only by the number of solar panels that are deployed. Without fracking or risk of damage to the water table. No batteries are required. Storage is no longer an issue. Why fuel the proposed gas fired turbines with one-time use only fossil gas, when renewable and more efficient hydrogen gas can be burned instead. The emission produced by burning hydrogen is water, which can be recycled to extract more renewable hydrogen.

    So instead of spending money mining, refining and piping gas that will only grow more expensive as it is used up over Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s ridiculous proposal of a thirty year transition period to a hydrogen economy, the money that is spent could deliver a renewable hydrogen economy in a fraction of the time and at an ever dwindling cost. Australia’s potential to supply the world with clean hydrogen could so easily be realised. Our empty universities could become centres of research and development of the new technologies possible with hydrogen. The CFMMMMEU would be kept happy with plenty of work developing the infrastructure of such a power system. The perpetually drought affected farmers would be given the opportunity to avoid bankruptcy in return for use of their over cleared land to locate the solar/hydrogen farms. Maybe we could have a hydrogen car industry, Everything envisioned as achievable with a fossil gas recovery can be achieved with hydrogen.

    The Coalition will try to argue that electricity produced by fossil gas is more economical than electricity produced from solar power but it isn’t a sustainable argument and they will just look like conmen acting on behalf of private mining interests, i.e. they will look like they are corrupt (not that that seems to bother them much). Or they will argue that it requires funding from the private sector instead of one of their massive stimulus packages. I don’t think future generations would begrudge lending us the money to provide them with a clean green future. Besides, Australia can become a hydrogen exporter and pay off the costs that way. If the private sector doesn’t want to invest, fine, why should we be forced to depend on them for something that is overwhelmingly good for the public, for the planet and the future?

    We should use the government’s enthusiasm for a gas-fired recovery to get what the public wants and needs – a renewable energy policy that addresses the threat of climate change. Hoist them with their own petard.

  8. Kronomex

    The word “democracy” stopped having any real meaning years ago and is now just a buzzword used by political parties (mostly the LNP).

  9. Phil Pryor

    Because of the Great Unwiped Yankee Foreign Media Maggot and Anus Mudoch, this country has slid back and down to remain under the turd’s control, thus, we get lower forms of life, utter shitskulls of the Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison continuum of conservative crooks, cowards, con men, to operate on behalf of mostly foreign corporate profiteering through a rigged rorty system; fascist filth.

  10. TuffGuy

    My question is WHY? At every interview opportunity WHY are the press not asking this very question – when is parliament resuming, when do we get democracy back in Australia??????????

  11. Allan

    ScumO has brought new meaning to the word “ Scum” when he gave a $883M ( $US500M ):tax deduction to Rupert Murdoch while not illegal it’s sure smacks of “ immorality “!
    Also The LNP took a $A55M Bribe … sorry “ donation “ from Clive Palmer for a Huge Coal Mine west of Mackay and Coal Fired Power Station some where near TownsvilleI suspect.
    It could be argued democracy “ was bought during the last election …when a scare campaign wasrun against Labor talking of taxing franking credits associated with company dividends (which scared older people ) …and that the LNP would be better “ Economic Managers “… where they sell off public assets to fill their budget holes…tell you electricity will be cheaper because of this … and instead electricity is much dearer.
    The liberals have demonstrated incompetence at many levels…especially with their love of all things coal “ that is truely fracked “ !… if you want to know more just ask.

  12. Mrs Wobbly

    This fascists LNP governance is Australia’s demise, with no vision for the future of Australia or Australians citizens well being, or Into future or of the next generations to come, what type of planet if any will they have to live on, when we’re all dead. The only thing that motivated these LNP fascist is cover ups and corruption at any cost, for self interest and financial benefits, wealth generated off the back of the dying fossil fuel industry, and findIng excuses in a fictional character of a so called “God”. The “Great Odious Dollar”, is the only “thing” the fascists LNP worship, this fictional “God” character that can’t be prove real or not real, in my opinion is it’s con job on the people, at the expense of the planet and human existence. In a sane world of leadership who could be lead by visionary’s seeing the fossil fuels wrongs and move towards a renewables energy sources. While the fascists LNP propaganda machine that lies daily to the Australian people and spends Australians tax payer funds to undermine the people’s democratic rights, for those who they are supposed to governing for and are also generously paid by the Australian tax payers. It’s insanity to have allowed these fascists LNP and others to have destroyed our democracy and remove our rights, as we once new them, all for self interest, power and wealth . The majority of Australian voters whom voted for this injustice upon themselves (and others of different opinions) do believe the fascists hymn sheets of propaganda fed to them, by hand picked RWNJ Spooling propaganda and stacked into journalistic positions of so called creditable msm Journalism, that is over saturates In our Australia’s media, with only one opinionated bias propaganda sheet of masters Murdoch’s. Democracy is Dead in Australia thanks to our non democratic greed driven and self interest of gutless politicians of all persuasions, who have helped this to happen over many years, by saying nothing and not doing the job of which they were appointed to do on behalf of the Australian people to govern for the benefit of all Australians not just for the minority of wealthy masters. With no opposition to stand up for Australians people’s democratic rights or to demand accountability on our behalf, in our parliament, “its game set and match” for the masters LNP in Australia, it has become a dictatorship stacked with lying fascists, singing from the hymn sheets of propaganda provide by master Murdoch’s. for his own agenda not Australians. Australia’s is no longer known as the lucky country and that’s so very sad indeed. the fascist and fascism are the new Australian normal.

  13. whale oil beef hooked

    Ive noticed a number of posts stating, Democracy is dead and or dying.
    Well dear reader I would like to point out that there has never been Democracy in Australia in the first place.
    Democracy is a system devoid of a hierarchical, pyramidal power structure(Parties). The people are the only power structure.
    Democracy is of ,by ,for the people and not of political cabals, by politicians, for vested interest. Our so called “Democracy” is in reality an “Electoral dictatorship” where servants(Politicians) are made masters and masters(The people) made servants/slaves. Our so called Democracy is the complete antithesis to Democracy. Politicians having power is an oxy-moron. They must remain servants, because if they, politicians have power, or are in power, then Democracy is lost.
    Further dear reader a political parties only function is to usurp Democracy, to eclipse Democracy, to take the power vested in the people and only the people, for themselves in their self serving ideologically fascist cabals known as parties. To disenfranchise the people while the people pay for theses criminal cabal to operate.
    We literally pay for our own poverty, oppression and subjection which is in excess of slavery.
    To pose the question of whether Australia is a Democracy is a moot point, as we are clearly not a Democracy.
    We, the people need to make political parties illegal, introduce the rule of Law and bring about a system where people vote on issues directly, that is after all the essence of Democracy. PS don’t tell me it can’t be done you nay Sayers out there!!!!!!!!

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