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Is it DD Day?

From The Australian Greens comes this breaking news:

The Australian Greens along with communities around Australia are celebrating the survival of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which Tony Abbott has now twice failed to abolish through the Parliament.

“The Senate won’t stand for Tony Abbott’s head-in-the-sand approach on global warming, and we’re not afraid of a double dissolution election over renewable energy,” said Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne.

“It’s time for Mr Abbott to give up. The CEFC is an excellent institution that should stay.

To which they add:

… Prime Minister Tony Abbott does not have the courage to call a double-dissolution election in order to scrap the carbon tax before next July.

Meanwhile, and crucially, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that:

Labor and the Greens have challenged the government to call a double dissolution election after the Senate defeated a bill to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation for a second time.

The Senate voted down the bill on Wednesday 35 votes to 28, with the opposition, Greens and Independent senator Nick Xenophon all opposed to the scrapping of the profitable $10 billion corporation, which invests in renewable energy technology.

Rejection of the bill for a second time sets up the government’s first trigger for a double-dissolution election.

So Tony Abbott has his trigger to call a double-dissolution election. He went to the last election promising to call one if he didn’t get his own way.

He hasn’t got his own way. But do you think he has the courage and conviction to keep his word?

Over to you.

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Just a quick question; has the line been crossed?


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  1. trevor

    Now let us see if Tony the mongrel will pull the trigger on his own demise!

    What Abbott wants to dismantle actually makes money, see what sort of an ecenomic nitwit is this dickhead PM.

    Export Abbott not Refugees

  2. Bernard Browne

    Suppose Fony will have to ask Muckdoch what he thinks he should do??

  3. geoffreyengland

    Then there’s also Peta to consult….gosh the list is endless.

  4. Yvonne D'Arcy

    Abbott does NOT have the guts to call a DD

  5. Anomander

    Go hard Christine! Stand firm. We’re behind you 100%. Let’s see if Tony’s pugilism and inability to negotiate will help him when it comes to the threat of a DD.

    Abbott realises how bad his position is and he won’t dare call a DD, but rest assured they will launch a massive blitz with the help of the Merde-och press accusing the greens of being extremists and trying to destroy the economy.

    Bring it on.

  6. Stephen Tardrew

    Little sooky boy fraidy pants is all piffle, wind and lies.
    Power is power matey. I got the goose that lays the golden egg and you don’t so nah, nahney, nah, nah.
    Tote that barge lift that bail and do not wail plebs cause I am the child of Smelly Pelly and all things egregious to the low income and the impoverished. Bunch of squeelin sooky little serfs.
    DD = Dribbley Dumb progressive wishful thinking.
    Haven’t you learned yet a lie is a truth hidden behind an obfuscation wrapped in contortions of deceit and willful ignorance.
    Gotcha there Mr Lefty Michaleocov communist-lover, socialist, progressive dill.
    I wanna double dissolution; I wanna double dissolution; I wanna double dissolution; I wanna double dissolution; blah, blah, blah to infinity.
    Haven’t you learned yet Mr Lefty Dummy I am the God of damn truth and any poxy criticism is a blight on God’s word.
    There ya are got it out at last.
    I’d do the fishy loavy thing if you lot deserved it but no you won’t suffer for me without winging and blubbering so up yours.
    Fish to the fish market and bread to Coles and Woolies. Gotta think of the markets after all.
    Thanks for the drooling mush but you need to take personal responsibility and be born rich and privileged otherwise go away and suffer your lack of free will and choice.
    Do I have to teach you morons everything.
    Anyway have a nice day and don’t come winging to me when we reach or goal of third world inequality.
    After all you asked for it by wanting justice, equality and democracy.
    Which planet are you livin on cause its not the one I own?

  7. Diannaart

    Tones keeps on claiming he has a mandate – if so why does he not hold the balance of power in the senate? Seems Tones thinks being PM everyone will just bend over for him – gotten PM mixed up with dictator.

  8. OzFenric

    When Tony Abbott and co. initially threatened a double dissolution, I’m sure he meant it seriously. Back then, they were riding high. The Coalition had convinced themselves that Labor was unelectable for generations, that a double dissolution could only help their cause. They failed to note that for a lot of swing voters, it was the assumed “dysfunction” of Labor that lost them the election (and it wasn’t as one-sided a competition as the Coalition has been pretending, in the first place). That dysfunction is no longer the issue it was and the Coalition no longer has the position of power, nor with their recent budget do they retain any moral superiority.

    Of course Tony Abbott won’t pull the DD trigger. We’re in for another three years of “election-now!” and “we’re committed to going full term”. If a DD can only be called by the government, it will never happen unless they think they’re going to improve their position.

  9. abbienoiraude

    That is the first reading in the Senate? Can it then go back to the Reps for ‘tweeking’? Then has to be put again…three times?
    I am not sure, just checking in about how it works.
    I know it can only be up to the PM to call a DD. I don’t think he will ever use it…but I would like someone to keep count on how many triggers are put up before him which he ignores because of this budget.

    Is Abbott wanting so much change so he can ‘negotiate’ those he really truly wants? Is that their plan? I do not trust Hockey (he is very slow in mind) nor that little flat face Mattie, Finance minister. He has an aim all his own I suspect. Maybe wants the PMship himself…first one with a foreign accent?

    Either way, I think the DD will not eventuate. The lies have to be said more often so that the little people will just tick the “LNP” box without thinking come the next election.

    I also wonder; The vilification of the asylum seekers ( only by boat mind you) is a ‘practise’ for the vilification of those closer to home; aka the disabled, carers and fixed income aged pensioners. That is how psychology works and I am sure Ms Peta has her finger over the blow hole so she can release the fury of hatred as and when required for her and her boss’ own ends.

    No wonder I despair.

  10. Lee

    Of course not. Abbott is a pathological liar. It’s obvious that he never had any intention of honoring pre-election promises so why would the threat of a DD election be any different?

  11. Dan Rowden

    Two weeks from now Christine Milne won’t matter half as much as Clive Palmer.

  12. Keith

    The chance of a DD being called by Tones is buckleys and none. His patrons would realise he can do much more harm in while continuing to run a “no surprise” guvment.

  13. Venetta

    DiannaartJune 18, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    Tones keeps on claiming he has a mandate – if so why does he not hold the balance of power in the senate? Seems Tones thinks being PM everyone will just bend over for him – gotten PM mixed up with dictator.

    They stagger the senate start date against the Upper House start date. The senate he is currently dealing with is from the election before (the one he lost) and the Greens/labor hold the majority seats, the new senate (from the this election) will start sitting in the new financial year and then the Palmer united Party will hold the balance of power.

  14. Margaret-Rose Stringer

    Don’t be ridiculous. It would take courage to go for a DD; and everyone knows that courage is not the hallmark of the coalition.

  15. Carolyn Janson

    No. Once a bully always a coward. What we want we must force on him.

  16. S

    Palmers stay in politics will be as short as abbotts ,if he votes against the clean energy fund,
    does anyone know his email address so we can let him know exactly what we the voting public want

  17. Lost2

    Just another in the long list of broken lies and promises, he will now say he never said he would call a DD, just like he never said he wouldn’t raise taxes, or touch pensions, health, welfare, schools or medicare, or just like he promised workchoices was dead and buried, or that he was on a unity ticket with some of labors changes, all the while Abbottnocio’s wooden nose keeps growing and he keeps wishing he was a Prime Minister, rather than the wooden puppet he is to the IPA.

  18. jagman48

    It appears the Senator representing the Motoring Party looks like he may have flown the coop. Not going to Clives open day and reserving his right to vote on climate change and mining tax. So the senate will be very interesting from July. Won’t it ? 😀

  19. leighton8

    The best news for quite a few weeks. Yes, would love to see a double dissolution election.

  20. Dan Rowden

    I can’t think of a single reason the Government would consider a DD. Not one. I don’t even know why we’re talking about it. It self-evidently isn’t going to happen.

  21. jason

    from what I can tell the carbon tax was an international franking tax system there was no way to bury it as much as I dislike it the tax the reality is ot has to happen..

    as for tony and Co I would say we’ve been at state of dd election since they took office given the bullshit cycling out of both tony and malcolm’s collective mouth’s their at the stage of being put in gaol for lying to the parliament aswell as the public before and after taking office…

  22. Sir ScotchMistery

    Recently, it was suggested that Tony needs a mandate.

    Can I recommend…

    Just come as you usually are and bring Kwithtopher with you. He’ll love it.

  23. Ian

    Call a DD election if he doens’t get his own way? Oh, come on, that was just a lie like all the rest of them!

  24. Dennis Bauer

    Yes he will, he will be told to when they think the time is right, soon, with a big media blitz, advertising,
    shock jocks, the right wing journalist in the ABC and untold other dirty tricks, and they will win.

  25. Ian

    Denis, do you think the electorate is stupid enough to do it again?

  26. Pamelad

    This is the worst I have ever seen a PM act in my lifetime. He is just a liar.

  27. Pamelad

    He is a liar

  28. Stephen Tardrew

    Rope a dope: yep but not if we can help it.

  29. Marion Rosetzky

    If anyone wants to contact PUP

    Palmer United Party

    Phone: (07) 3233 0888

    Fax: (07) 3036 6666

    Street Address: 380 Queen Street Brisbane QLD 4000

    Postal: GPO Box 3138 Brisbane QLD 4001

    Email: Admin@PalmerUnited.com

  30. Andrew Richards

    Everyone needs to take a step back and wake up to what is really happening – remembering that there’s no such thing as an honest politician. This has nothing to do with the common good of the Australian people, but rather the hegemonic political class maintinaing their triopoly.

    Remember, this is the same Greens Party and ALP who colluded with the Coalition to triple the membership requirements of registered political parties for the sole purpose of driving out as many alternative parties as possible.

    Remember, in 12 days the balance of power shifts away from the 3 parties to the PUP, the most successful of the independent minor parties. The fact is that an independent political party who has that much clout and isn’t afraid to take on the banks, is a major threat to the political establishment and their bankster puppet-masters. A double disolution election at this point, would quite likely, result in a move away from the minor parties and back to the big 3 – at least that’s what appears to be the political strategy of this alliance in pushing for a double disolution election.

    The best thing we can all do to thwart that plan however, is if a double disolution election is called, is to research what the candidates and parties stand for and determine our own order of preferences.

    We have had 30 years of this bastardised ALP, 70 years of the Coalition and 26 years of the Greens- in that time, they have all proven themselves to be puppets for the banking class and entirely interested in self-interest rather than the interests of the common good.

    The only way that can change is if we reduce their levels of power and control and make this country for the people again, rather than for the money power.

  31. Kim

    Lets watch the heat be put on Iraq…deflection will be the strategy

  32. Matters Not

    I can’t think of a single reason the Government would consider a DD. Not one.

    I can. They might believe, they can just win (their arrogance knows no bounds). After all, they are only 6 to 8% behind and all they have to do is remind the punters about Labor’s ‘debt and deficit disaster’. Further, they can boast about ‘stopping the boats’.

    But I hope they try. I think they’ve ‘over reached’. At least, I hope so.

  33. Lee

    @ Ian

    Yes i think the electorate is stupid enough to do it again. Despite all the information around to the contrary, there are still lots of people who believe the falsely inflated deficited figure and who think we have a budget crisis. There are also plenty of people who want to stop the boats.

    People have very short memories anyway. Under a Liberal government the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. But they never remember this at election time. If people bothered to read the Liberal party policies on their website, they would have recognised most of the pre-election lies.

    We’re seeing the same level of ignorance with the electorate’s assessment of Clive Palmer. He comes out with a few statements that align with the left and look how many people are singing his praises. Yet the PUP party policies are clearly very conservative. Recently Clive was quoted and his statements were inconsistent with some of the things he has previously said. Now he is beginning to sound like the conservative that he really is. People are expecting him to vote against the LNP on several issues but I suspect he won’t.

  34. corvus boreus

    I’m with Lee’s lack of confidence in the discerning abilities of Australian homonids regarding their voting choices.
    There seems to be a wide faith in the patently absurd promises of shiny boxes, glossy pamphlets and free DVDs, so long as the sentences are short, and the words simple, and large printed or slow spoken.
    Clive will save us? Clive is an elected conflict of interest personified. His enterprises flout the law by leaking toxic tailings onto our barrier reef, for fark’s sake.
    Cursory examination of his past reveals a consistent record of dodgy dealings and loopy statements and schemes. He will happily vote to his direct benefit in “government things”.
    Expect little honesty or transparency, and consistent ethically dubious political bargaining based on self-interest.
    Labor, listen to the electorate, reform your party to loosen the hold of union cronies and faction stooges, and help shine a spotlight on the foulness infecting policy by supporting calls for a federal ICAC.
    We need a valid alternative as never before.

  35. Terry2

    Well, the coalition, in opposition, taunted Kevin Rudd to go to a DD when the Senate twice rejected his CPRS : Rudd was called all sorts of names and said to be lacking in conviction and courage because he didn’t go to the Governor General.

    Now the boot is on the other foot and, for the sake of the nation, Abbott needs to do the right thing and call for a Double Dissolution of both houses.

  36. Dan Rowden

    Matters Not,

    After all, they are only 6 to 8% behind and all they have to do is remind the punters about Labor’s ‘debt and deficit disaster’. Further, they can boast about ‘stopping the boats’.

    I feel those are reasons why Labor should not force the issue, rather than the Coalition run with it, which they can’t do anyway unless Labor and the Greens force the issue. Even that is irrelevant now with the change of Senate looming The risks to either side of politics are far too great for anyone to seriously consider the DD notion. I hardly think think Labor can erect a solid policy platform in the space of a month and the electorate isn’t going to accept it if it doesn’t have one, however shitty we may feel this Government is. Personally I think this talk of a DD is silly, but I suppose politics can be weird.

    Oh, on another matter, did you see that James Ashby has dropped his sexual harassment case against Slipper? I’d put good money on there being being political pressure behind it. Now that this bunch are the Government and Mal Brough is part of it, they can’t afford to have people like Brough and Karen Doane being called to a witness stand. I’d also put good money on Ashby turning up in some cushy job somewhere in the next few weeks, if not in the Liberal Party itself (but not anywhere in “government”) then in some company with connections. I expect a story about to be posted at IA any minute now …

  37. Lee

    “Now the boot is on the other foot and, for the sake of the nation, Abbott needs to do the right thing and call for a Double Dissolution of both houses.”

    The right thing to do is wait a couple of weeks for a change in the balance of power in the Senate. Abbott knows his goose is cooked if he goes to an election now.

  38. Matters Not

    Yes Dan I agree that the LNP wouldn’t want Ashby anywhere near a court at this time or in the longer term as well. He served his purpose but his ambition to be further involved in the political process is also dead and buried.

  39. Mike Wilkinson

    Abbott told so many lies before the election, why should the DD promise be truth. He won’t do it, just talking like a tough guy and lying through his teeth!

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